November 16th, 2012

Benghazi: Petraeus testifies once again

Reports are that Petraeus has testified that yes, the CIA knew quite early on that the Benghazi attack was probably terrorism, and no, the CIA wasn’t responsible for Susan Rice’s final talking points, the ones from which that information had been mysteriously expunged.

Petraeus had to thread another fine-eyed needle today, since he himself had blamed the attack on the video in previous testimony. Here’s how Petraeus dealt with that problem:

The other thing he’s claiming is that while he initially briefed Congressmen that there was some “evidence” for the Administration’s story (the spontaneous protest), this was “disproved over time” — in other words, “I didn’t perjure myself, because even though what I said was wrong, I didn’t know it was wrong when I said it.”

So, who took the references to terrorists out of Rice’s message, and who chose her to be the spokesperson when (as Obama admitted) she knew absolutely nothing about Benghazi? My guess is that it was someone quite high up in the Obama administration, at Obama’s behest, but that someone way lower down is being set up to take the fall, probably someone from State. Obama will plead total ignorance, of course. Ignorance seems to be one of his favorite defenses, especially since he knows the MSM is on his side.

Obama didn’t know about Petraeus’ affair until after the election. Right. He didn’t know who changed Rice’s memo. Of course not. In the second debate, Obama falsely claimed he’d said the attacks were “acts of terror” in a speech the day after, and Crowley backed him up (incorrectly) so that Romney and the Republicans would retreat, chastened. But Obama and his lackeys had gone on making public statements for weeks about the videos, in order to cover their own butts and help them win the election. It worked, with a huge assist from the MSM.

The whole thing is almost too egregiously rotten and tedious to write about. Every single American should be incensed about this (as well as about the administration’s failure to protect the ambassador and the security guards that day), or at the very least highly suspicious and perturbed. But that’s not what’s happening. Not at all.

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  1. George Pal Says:

    Every single American should be incensed about this

    Therein lies the biggest scandal of them all. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil amounts to accessory before and after the fact.

    “when bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”
    – Edmund Burke

    We have run out of good.

  2. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    When does an executive have responsibility for what happens on his watch? If you are Obama, it appears you are only resonsible for the good things. Remember the PR surrounding the death of Bin Laden? The “I ordered, I commanded, I decided, I,I, I?”

    In 1975 I was CO of a Navy Transport Squadron. We lost an airplane in the Aleutian Islands that was flying there to bring Adak stationed sailors home for Christmas leave. The cause was determined to be pilot error. I was no where near the scene of the accident but they were executing a mission that had been approved by me. That was the end of any further chances for advancement in my Navy career. I was held responsible, as I should have been, for safety and operations in my squadron.

    The buck stops at the top. Unless you are Barack Obama.

    Yes, I am incensed.

  3. Teri Pittman Says:

    It’s hard for folks to become incensed when this is not being covered in the news. CBS literally had less than a minute of coverage on Benghazi before the election. The other morning, they had about fifteen minutes of coverage on Petraeus/Broadwell. If people do not do the work themselves to track down these stories, they will not know anything about them. Witness how they have basically “air brushed” Kelly Ayotte out of the story. Of course, some people feel it is a non-issue and the Republicans are bringing it up because they are sore losers.

  4. Brad Says:

    It’s hard to care about something like this when both sides are busy screwing you over. So I understand most people’s yawning.

    But being an informed voter, I am very peturbed about this and a bit pissed off. No, it’s nowhere near as important as some of the other things the US government has done over the past 12 years, but it’s still enough to make me angry.

    Still, this *sadly* is unlikely to lead anywhere. The Obama administration will almost certainly survive it, esp given the wonderful distraction that the infidelity and Broadwells and her rivals antics have caused.

  5. davisbr Says:

    Would knowledge that the administration was with certainty involved in a worse cover-up than Watergate (as per McCain the past few days: and who is “that McCain” and what did he do with the “real” McCain btw) in the last two weeks of the campaign, have influenced a few tens of thousands more GOP voters in critical precincts to have come out and voted? And depressed a few thousands of the Democrat faithful?


    So. Brilliant tactical move by the Obama team.

    And thanks again, idiots with ballots: this is your fault, you inbred offspring of siblings morons (the bad kind of morons, not the AOSHQ kind).

    Let’s just hope it turns out as well for the current president as it did for the early ’70’s occupant of the Resolute Desk.

    Paybacks, you bastards.

  6. Brad Says:

    ” Of course, some people feel it is a non-issue and the Republicans are bringing it up because they are sore losers.”

    No, no, no, you must get it right. The official democratic party spin is “RACIST sore losers”.

  7. expat Says:

    The Won now assumes the chivalrous role of defending a black woman against charges of lying and/or incompetence. And Holder assumes the role of protecting Obama against the details of the Petraeus fling. Obama has given his team of rivals permission to do as they please so long as they cover his a** and don’t interfere with his golf or campaigning.

    Why doesn’t someone ask him why Rice was given the job of presenting the situation to the public if she was ignorant? Was Valerie Jarrett involved in this assignment? Next question: Do you routinely assign tasks to the ignorant? Do you ever question your advisors on things like security briefs? Or do all your positions get filtered through Axelrod and Jarrett?

    We all have a pretty good idea of the answers, But I’d love to get them on prime time TV.

  8. southpaw Says:

    The only way the majority of Americans decide something is important now, is if they are told it is by trusted sources like David Letterman and John Stewart. Americans need these anchors of common sense and moral strength to lead them through the fog.
    However the Fox Network might be able to run a reality TV show about it. Dancing with Al Qaeda or something in a format that isn’t too geeky or filled with information. If Patreaus, Allen, the two ladies had a dance-off with the Obama, Susan Rice, and Hillary and Bill, that would be a ratings grabber. Also if they put it on that Fox Spanish channel it might generate some viewers. Americans like TV, they just don’t want to be bored with dead diplomats, or incompentent state department officials, or lying presidents.
    For those of you who think “there’s southpaw again being a sarcastic jerk” (ok yes, there is that too), perish the thought. I’m just throwing out some ideas for Republicans to change the way they get their message out to you young voters and changing demographics.

  9. Don Carlos Says:

    The tipping point has been passed. Our sound and fury signifies nothing.

  10. n.n Says:

    Don Carlos:

    It’s still a good story and there is no credible alternative to life other than that perceived through faith or psychotropic drugs.

  11. FiscalCliff Says:

    People, listen up. Have you heard about the OIC’s attempts to have blasphemy penalized globally? This administration agrees! The effort is taking place in the Human Rights Council at the UN, which is why the administration trotted out Rice, talking about the bad, bad, bad video rather than a spokesmuppet from State. The video was manna from heaven for this shower. Unlike Fast and Furious where they had to do some work in order to justify curtailing gun rights, the video gave them an excuse to introduce ‘hate speech’ laws. That’s why they kept pimping the video for two weeks.

  12. Sam L. Says:

    Why is it we have such an IGNORANT President? Why is he OFFICIALLY uninformed? Why does he allow these INCOMPETENT underlings to remain?

    Works for him.

  13. mizpants Says:

    The tone here has gotten so despairing that I can barely bring myself to read the posts. Not that despair isn’t an appropriate response to the disaster that happened a few weeks ago.
    I can’t remember who it was, but a few days ago some poster said he no longer considered the government “quite legitimate.” I’ve been thinking about that ever since, especially that haunting qualifier “quite.” I agree..
    But the wheel will turn. Things will develop in unpredictable ways, and there will be some new foothold for hope. I feel just as sure of that as I feel sure that the culture and the country are in terrible trouble.

  14. n.n Says:


    That which does not break you makes you stronger.

  15. Susanamantha Says:

    Mizpants: “That which does not break you makes you stronger.”

    Yes, but with metals it can take annealing, reheating to a prescribed temperature to return stressed metal to a needed hardness and stability. Let’s hope we in the US won’t have to go through such a baptism of fire to restore our republic.

  16. gcotharn Says:

    Consider this speculation:

    A. White House sent (classified?) Benghazi intelligence assessment to Axelrod’s shop, where “Al Qaeda” was excised.

    B. On Sept 14, White House pressured Petraeus to muck up his testimony via leaving open possibility of video having motivated a flash mob.

    White House does not fear A, so much as White House fears B.

    On Nov 14, i.e. two days in advance of Petraeus testimony to Congress, CIA (under pressure from White House) opens internal investigation into Petraeus conduct a DCIA. The White House purpose: to pressure Petraeus into not revealing B above.

    And: success. Petraeus has other, personal reasons for not revealing B above. B would complicate Petraeus future earning potential as a speaker, author, and corporate advisor. In combination with the warning from the White House (which is the internal CIA investigation which was opened against Petraeus), Petraeus decides that he has enough reason to refrain from testifying that the White House pressured his testimony of Sept. 14.

    So, now, the White House appears home free re B.

    And the White House gets to see if it can, in the style of Bill Clinton re Monica (i.e. with help of campaign style overt political campaigning in the cause of the Executive Office’s innocence, and with help from Dems and media), fight off A above without either being run out of office or gravely damaged.

  17. Francesca Says:

    OK. This may seem trivial, but I am so insensed over Benghazi, both the event itself and now the cover-up that I actually went online and custom-ordered a magnetic bumper sticker:

    White background with blood-red letters:


    The people driving near me will have this in their faces everywhere I go. We must keep this word in front of the people!

  18. Francesca Says:

    Incensed. aargh.

  19. Curtis Says:

    Shama lama Ding Dong.

  20. Curtis Says:

    Mizpants is right!

    Birth follows death whether we’re talking death of a person or a culture or a city or a civilization. That was the point of my poem which I guess I’m gonna have to deconstruct. Dammit.

    The man with the heartless shirt

    Power was there, in the belly
    Undigested, a small reckless.
    And I lie there, wanting really
    To make the street less than homeless.

    More not to come, tears are token.
    Levitated, for an instant.
    Danced, in my eyes, the lies spoken
    Awakened and flown with consent.

    Flying upward, I caught the draft
    Of my descent which lie below:
    The shirt we wear without a heart;
    The lies which mangle every soul.

    First, the perspective or the scene. A man’s body lies on the pavement after jumping off a building and his spirit, now liberated (“with consent” ie., repentance), encounters the wake of the jump.

    The number of syllables is eight because eight is the number of resurrection.

    The word lie is repeated and is the sub-theme: Lies destroy. When truth is lost, death is not far behind.

    Belly is a reference to emotions, which are powerful. Without emotions, there is just depression and that might be life, but it is not good life. It’s a Jewish idea and in Judaism there isn’t a Manichean dichotomy between matter and spirit, but between truth (commandment) and lie (disobedience). The animal man isn’t evil unless unbounded (undigested) hence reckless. When, through lies (disobedience), man becomes without bounds, then there is no more to come.

    The heartless shirt. Shirt is the body, the soul, the earth life, and it is heartless when lies prevail. Lies destroy. But the whole message is that even if that be so, there is a boundary to that destruction and we can look forward to a new beginning upon death.

    Finally, less than homeless. Well, take away the word “less” from “homeless” and what do you get? We all want home, that place of security and truth.

    So, God has fashioned our existence to limit the destruction of lies. The “heartless shirt” always leads to death and cannot maintain hegemony for too long. It will die, but in that death will spring forth new life. It is God’s cycle which rules, not any one man or culture’s lies.

    Matthew, Chapter 7:

    “Whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man who built his house upon a rock. And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house, and it fell not, for it was founded upon a rock. And every one who heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man which built his house upon the sand. And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”

    Luke 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

    Or as Bill Murray puts it: On your death bed, you will receive total consciousness.

  21. RandomThoughts Says:

    Funny how Obama is the smartest man in the room (according to himself) yet he doesn’t know jack all.

    Francesca, I like your sticker concept. Since I frequently see Obama 2008 and Obama 2012 stickers on local cars, reminding me daily of the double fail of the US voting public, I’d like to remind the voting public of Benghazi on a daily basis.

  22. Curtis Says:

    Upon learning that quite a few people believe Papa John’s role is to provide health care and not make pizza’s they can sell, can anyone not be convinced that no one can explain “conservatism” to these idiots and convert them?

    I’m trying to understand where they are coming from. What is there is to understand? Who exactly are these people? Do they not get that a private firm isn’t the government and must make a profit to stay in business? Why is that they hate Papa John but for the thousands of retired gov’t employees who live the fat cat life they feel no envy or demand no “fair sharing” of them?

    I think if there is going to be reform it’s either going to be after these parasites have been wiped out. Secession? That might work too.

    Man, I really lost the Benghzi thread didn’t I? Frankly, I think that’s going the way of Fast and Furious unless our representatives grow some balls.

  23. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    IMO, there are some issues that must be emphasized and pushed for answers.
    1. Why were the repeated requests for more security at Benghazi ignored? Who made those decisions and why? I can believe that this was confined to the State Department. But guess who the State Department works for? That’s right – Barack Obama.
    2. Who made the decisions to not send help after the attack (which lasted nine hours) began? Why was that decision made? Why was there no forward leaning posture by the military in the ME on the anniversary of 9/11? It’s clear that there were warnings in the intel chain that justified such. I can accept the excuse that the fog of war made decisions difficult during the attacks, but in the end there must be some acknowledgement that there were some bad errors in judgment made by DOD and CIA. Both work for Barack Obama.
    3. Petraeus testified today that the CIA talking points included the information that the Benghazi attack was most likely a coordinated terrorist attack and not a violent demonstration. Someone in the DOD, State, or the White House altered the talking points to state that all the violence was triggered by the anti-Muslim video. Who made those alterations and why?
    4. Attacking Susan Rice is going after the wrong target. She is merely a foot soldier in the administration carrying out her orders. The proper target is the person/persons who altered the talking points and decided to send the UN ambassador out on the Sunday TV shows to talk about a security issue – hardly her area of expertise.

    FiscalCliff said, “People, listen up. Have you heard about the OIC’s attempts to have blasphemy penalized globally? This administration agrees! The effort is taking place in the Human Rights Council at the UN, which is why the administration trotted out Rice, talking about the bad, bad, bad video rather than a spokesmuppet from State.”

    I think you may well be onto something. It would explain the motivation to demonize the video and use Rice in that role. However, I also think that Obama had been running on the slogan “Bin Laden’s dead and GM’s alive.” Bin Laden’s death had supposedly driven a stake through Al Queda’s heart. The Benghazi attack seemed to refute that. Thus, it seems likely that the decision was made to erase that point from the talking points for political reasons. Using Rice as the spokesperson would also earn brownie points with the UN people interested in outlawing “blasphemy.”

    I can see Obama now, “Let me be clear. I did not have anything to do with those talking points, ah, the CIA talking points.” Shakes his finger at the audience and looks defiant.

    That act has been done before. Hope it doesn’t work again.

  24. Curtis Says:

    Catalyst or ally to the Demoncrats the Muslim horde is. Both Demons and Muslims hate Western Civilization which produced such superior economic and military results that someone, somewhere, decreed such prosperity and freedom could not continue.

    Thus, the Demons align with the Muslims to forbid any criticism of the Muslims. Criticism of the Demons has already been accomplished by multiculturalism featuring the ready and able warriors of sexism and racism. These able warriors have also trained many wonderful subordinates named lesbian, sex change, metrosexual, and a shout out to that horrid piece of shit we will get in the end: the useful idiotic white man who actually carried most our load.

    No one has said how Demons and Muslims will resolve their obvious conflicts once the Christians are gone. But that point, obviously, is irrelevant to Christians because they won’t be around. Ask Nigeria. And Egypt. And US. Ahem. Cough cough. Grab your bag and get out of my face convict. We’ve got people to process. You’ve got a sandwich, apple and cookie. What the hell else do you want, asshole?

  25. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    More on how the talking points were produced here:

    It was an “interagency” effort. Aha, too many fingerprints to name a guilty party. However, the President knew the truth because he saw all the intel before the talking points were constructed and redacted. And the intel provided the infromation about the Benghazi attack being a coordinated attack, not a spontaneous protest gone violent. He is the C-in-C. It happened on his watch and with his approval.

  26. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    The plot thickens. Here is a link to a Sept 12th NYT story about the attack. It is remarkably detailed and seems it could only have come from contacts in the CIA, State, DOD, WH, or all four. The video is prominently mentioned as the motivating factor in the Benghazi attack. The administration was running with the story of the video as motivator almost immediately. Anything else was potentially embarrassing to the slayer of bin Laden. So, as far as they are concerned it is the story, period. How dare anyone question it.

    What this story shows is that State knew about the video and its potential for inflaming passions in the ME eight days before the attacks. Why didn’t they take some precautions? A riddle wrapped in a mystery embedded in an enigma? Or just plain incompetence?

  27. Curtis Says:

    Embedded in an enigma.


    The strategy is merely that underlings know what to do and know they will be protected. That is the message of Obama’s cover for Rice.

    No orders need to be direct. The action taken will always agree with the general directive. And the origin will be protected because they were “just following orders or providing information they had received.

    The advantage is massive and the model is actually taken from the American military system. When I was being trained, the trainers stated that our system was superior because the American soldier was not a robot but could decide when and where to deviate from orders. This is a huge strategic plan and the enemy knows it and respects the power of US troops to respond and win.

    Obama knows this and has enhanced it with a new directive: Make me look good.

    The military has sufferred as a result because formerly it’s mission was to make America win not Obama.

  28. Curtis Says:

    The question that must be asked of all the people ready to settle for our current achievement: Is it good enough?

    I think their answer is yes because they believe that non-growth is happening and will happen. Therefore, what we have accomplished already is enough and all we have to do is keep the status quo and keep that status quo in green and non-whlite ways.

    That is why they are not worried about the debt and the economy. Their needs have been provided for and more is promised. Science and industry will continue to supply needs. The debt and the energy problem will be solved like it has always been solved: Time.

    It is not individual effort but state effort which will find the answers to need and contentment. Hasn’t Obama’s provisions made that clear? There will always be food and water and shelter and health care.

    Who needs jobs?

  29. parker Says:

    I have my own set of questions that I want answered under oath.

    Prior to the attack, who decided to not provide additional security as requested by the ambassador?

    Who was the present in the white house situation room on the day of the attack?

    At what point during the attack did they receive live video and live audio requests for assistance?

    Exactly, to the second, when did POTUS learn of the attack?

    Who proved POTUS with info, advise, and options and what were the options presented to POTUS?

    Was an order to stand dow given and if so who gave the order?

    POTUS has stated he gave an order to provide assistance to our people in Benghazi. What was the nature of the assistance he ordered? And if this is true, who disobeyed the orders.?

    Last and of least importance, who sent Rice out on the disinformation campaign?

    I want answers, under oath, for all of these questions and I still want to see the Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard transcripts. And I want to watch the proceedings on C-Span.

  30. Curtis Says:

    Benghazi consulate staff sent urgent cables warning of a brewing raid in the hours immediately preceding the attack.

    Just to recap, our people in Benghazi strongly requested additional security in the months preceding the attack, citing deteriorating conditions on the ground (ten separate Islamist militia groups were operating in the city) due to a major uptick in threats and actual violence. They were denied by Washington. In the hours immediately preceding the raid, they warned that serious trouble was afoot. When the ambush finally materialized, they begged for help. US officials watched the ensuing horror play out on a live video stream for seven hours. Help never came. Four Americans, including our ambassador, were murdered.

  31. expat Says:

    OT:the WSJ reviewed a book (Unlearning Liberty) today by Greg Lukianoff of FIRE. He is a liberal and he supports abortion and gay marriage, but he is absolutely appalled at the enforcement of PC at today’s colleges and says the Christian/conservative ideas are most suppressed. You might want to check the book out at Amazon and recommend it to anyone with kids approaching college age. It would let them know what much tuition money is spent for. I plan to get a copy and pass it around to German academics who have a lot of contact with American colleagues. Perhaps the latter might get an embarrassing question or two.

    The book seems to lay out pretty clearly and concisely why so many people are unable to ask logical questions about issues like Benghazi.

  32. Smock Puppet, 10th Dan Snark Master Says:

    Ignorance seems to be one of his favorite defenses, especially since he knows the MSM is on his side.

    Actually, I believe his all-time favorite excuse to date has been:
    Bush {——

    Although it is rapidly being overtaken by:
    GOP {——

    In distant third is the perennial favorite:

    that guy {——-



    In this specific case, I believe it’s a fair bet that option #3 is going to be applied, although there HAS been some effort to use option #2, as well.

    At some point, one SHOULD start to wonder, though, if it’s never the “fault” of the guy who is supposed to be making decisions…. is that really the guy who should be making decisions?

    Me? All the Way:

    The One {—–

  33. Artfldgr Says:

    lets just ignore the israeli war…
    I laid that out, and so i guess whts really important is what? the next world war is building, and there is no place to comment, because no one thinks its important enough. funny, but last time people ignored jews in a war that started and wasnt important enough over 50 million died…


    part of working out what is going on and what can be done, and a critical part, is what to focus on.

    is benghazi really something to focus on?
    its a cluster f*ck, and a dog and pony show that wont go anywhere, and if it does, the worst of it is what? a criminal sentence for a few?

    meanwhile… the next world war which will drag in the nuclear states is starting, and we dont care enouhg to pay attention to it.

    why? because when it comes to magic, the majority cant avoid being manipulated to focus on the wrong things so they are always tricked.

    benghazi is a bs thing now
    its the usual do nothing as it happens or before it happens (like now with israel), and then after have this huge flurry and show and all this stuff.

    so i guess we have to wait for after.
    then we can have the left tell us what we missed when were too busy looking at bull puckies

    nothing like an incompetent act to lead to a destructive outcome with a few deaths to make it so emotionally critical we dont pay attention to the deaths of people we are told not to care about…

    more have died in the past few days from missile attacks than died in Benghazi, but they are not as important.

    ie. they dont want you to pay attention to whats happening now, they want you to pay attention to what happened before, so your looking backwards not forwards and can stop something. so your always reacting, not anticipating.

    and i love how people will argue that the wrong thing is the right thing cause it feels right. ever thing that you can orchestrate feeling right when you cant orchestrate logically right?

    in a few weeks your all going to be surprised by what suddenly appears and you have not kept up with and so will sit and spit for weeks as to trying to figure it out as you guys missed the lead up, and missed the set up, and missed the first detailed action before they invented a media position and then all cooperated on it… ie. before they have a story to construct for you.

    afterwards, your going to have a hard time finding the articles and materials from before that. or havent you all noticed the damn process your all caught in and trying to figure out?

  34. Artfldgr Says:

    REPORT: CNN uses footage of faked Palestinian ‘injuries’…

  35. Artfldgr Says:

    Priorities would say what is happening now and unraveling now is more important than what happened before. whats done is done and cant be undone. paying attention to what cant be undone while things that can be influenced and are currently happening, are ignored till done. then examined.

    this is a sign of a peoples sitting in a car and looking backwards and being surprised at what comes next as they are never looking ahead to what their choices actually lead to (often obvious but denied).

    Benghazi is over
    the War is starting now
    and you can bet the left is again way ahead of you in starting to talk in a way that will help create an attitude they want, while the event hasnt nudged people enough yet to put down the pleasure enducing entertainment where after the effect there is enough information and opinion to drown in candy, and where currently happening events are frustrating for lack of content, and so will be more entertaining later.

    i bet the history channel covering the war and making 100s of millions of dollars doing it is a lot more entertaining now 70 odd years later and after the fact than it was then, reading newspaper clippings and wondering if a buzz bomb was going to come through your living room, and would your kids be ok living in the countryside without you.

    meanwhile. if an emergency happens, doesnt obama get to shut down the US and proceed to control all those things in the EO statements?

    so would ignoring it till it goes hot and things go to crap favor him and an agenda, or would that be something he would try to avoid?

    hundreds of missiles are flying back and forth and i have not heard one denunciation from the president that would get people to pay attention. right?

    IDF has halted civilian traffic around Gaza

    Leavelets and twitter, and phone messages are sent telling civilians to stay away from targets.

    IDF sends text message to Gaza mobile phones: ‘The next phase is on the way’

    kind of hard to do:
    PHOTO: Hamas missile launch pad next to mosque, playground. Civilian factories, gas station also half a block from Fajr-5 firing site.

    IDF strikes 200 Gaza targets
    Army says that it has been striking Gaza terror hubs, weapons caches around the clock since beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense; escalated rocket fire expected,7340,L-4305738,00.html

    Two rockets land outside J’lem; two fired at TA

    Report: Egypt army preparing for ’emergencies’ in Sinai

    dupes are dupes for fundamental reasons…
    they have bad habits they refuse to break that make them vulnerable that way. so even if they figure out they been had the first day, you usually can take them the second day, and even the same way, because the trick is not to rely on their thinking, but to rely on their bad habits. and reinforce bad habits as right so they are the first choice of action, with the rest being explanation ex post facto.

    just think back to what i said when the spring events happened and the left was crowing and the outcome was the removal of the treaties between the countries.

    we have now rolled forward and the outcome of those incidents, which means the outcome of the choices of Obama have contributed to, the current situation.

    the media wants you to look at benghazi, and to keep looking at the petreaus thing, so you dont look at the international thing heating up.

    after all, they impeached Clinton for sex, and the people could impeach another president if things go too far too fast and legal conditions don’t change first. (like state of emergency stemming from the action that we are not paying attention to)

    note that in general, the same group that voted for obama, is also steeped in believing the whole oppressor oppressed story regarding palestine. which as with the scapegoats here, the scape goats in Germany, the oppressors have to die so that the world is safe. its a nice way to get around the sentences that would make the parallel clear enough that even Lennie of mice and men fame could get it. as long as they dont say the exact same thing with the exact same words, the people will imagine its something else despite verbal equivalence in regards to facts. (ergo history repeats. for the words imply physical action, and once physical action and outcome are seen, the ability to think synonyms are different is no longer).

    World War I started with less pretext than what is happening now in the middle east. you have two countries, and Palestine lobbing hundreds of missiles.

    how long before they exceed the 3000 V2 rockets Hitler fired on England? too late, ONE of them has already passed it more than once

    Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel

    “Between 2001 and January 2009, over 8,600 rockets had been launched”

  36. M of Hollywood Says:

    Curtis Says:

    The man with the heartless shirt

    Power was there, in the belly
    Undigested, a small reckless.
    And I lie there, wanting really
    To make the street less than homeless.

    More not to come, tears are token.
    Levitated, for an instant.
    Danced, in my eyes, the lies spoken
    Awakened and flown with consent.

    Flying upward, I caught the draft
    Of my descent which lie below:
    The shirt we wear without a heart;
    The lies which mangle every soul.

    …. good poetic expression, Curtis. nice.
    expat: thx for book rec. downloaded the sample
    “Lady” in the Yellow Dress Dined at The White House
    artfldgr: true, now the war

  37. expat Says:

    Read the second paragraph of this piece:

    Did Obama say that finding out what happen took second place to his campaign?

  38. JH Says:

    congratulations another terrorist freed and we told he is innocent?

    Why US force did not move him to Guantanamo Bay detention camp as usual, any reason may some of you know why not sent there? instead handed to Iran/Hezbollah proxy government in Iraq.

    Today he is free and sent home to Hasan Nasrallah you may will here hero parade for him in Southern Lebanon……
    المالكي عن دقدوق: المحكمة برأته ورفضنا تسليمه للامريكان فأطلقنا سراحه

  39. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    No one is ignoring the Israeli war. In fact, the fact that Hamas has begun its rocket attacks so soon after the election speaks volumes. Those who are paying attention know that Israel can make short work of Hamas as long as they are not held back by “world opinion,” which is always anti-Israel. IMO, now is the time for Israel to decimate both Hamas and Hezbollah because Iran is in no position to do anything about it. However, Russia or China may get involved and that is a horse of a different color. IMO, neither Russia or China would get involved if they knew the U.S. had a “cowboy” as C-in-C. IMO, Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah are counting on world opinion and especially China or Russia to pull their chestnuts out of the fire. So they will live on to continue to harass, murder, and practice taqiyah against the hated Joos another day.

    The war, IMO, is a test, to see whether Obama will fail to back Israel. If he doesn’t, there will be the usual cease fire and the Islamists will begin rebuilding their ammo stores and plots for the next go around. As long as they see Israel without friends, their terror attacks will continue but much increased from the past few years.

  40. JH Says:

    J.J. formerly Jimmy J.

    Surprisingly those “Islamists” Brotherhood in Egypt (Sunni), Da’awa with other (Shiites) Iran created and backed in Iraq all rewarded the power with blessing by US administrations.

    So who is fault from the start?

  41. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Are you intimating that the U.S is responsible for Islamic terror because we have made some poor judgments about the possibilities of democarcy arising in the ME? Just like Rev. Wright equated 9/11 as the chickens coming home to roost?

    Yes, our policy has erred on the side of believeing that Islam was reformable. The experiences of the last 11 years seem quite clear: Islam and democracy with religious tolerance are not compatible. Like mixing oil and water, it ain’t going to happen. It is not our fault or our choice. Our job now is to see that we must stand with all who are attacked by Islam and forget our utopian hopes of the past.

  42. Richard Saunders Says:


    To decimate means to kill one in ten. That’s not enough.

  43. Ymarsakar Says:

    I once mentioned something along the lines that propaganda is a stronger weapon of mass destruction than nuclear devices, because nuclear devices are extremely limited in when you can use them and how often you can before people start fighting you more and more. With propaganda, however, nobody knows you’re the cause of the attacks, and you can get several millions of people to kill several other millions of people, almost infinitely.

    Such is the power few know of when they study purely doctrinal and orthodox military affairs.

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