November 17th, 2012

Dancers among us

Here are some fabulous dance pictures. No photoshopping and no tricks, although you might find that hard to believe.

Here’s just one example, to whet your appetite:

The website for the book is here. And, since the holidays are coming, I’ll add that if you want to order it you can do it through the blog, here.

5 Responses to “Dancers among us”

  1. Sangiovese Says:

    I can’t decide which I admire more…the dancing skills or the photography skills in these photos. Pretty amazing stuff.

  2. csimon Says:

    Wow! Spectacular!

    But why not a video, too? That trailer was fabulous!

    It looks like it is a paperback. Too bad. If every something called for being a glorious coffee table book, it is this!

    I guess it’s all about cost and how more could be sold…. I realize that even to publish a paperback with all that full-color photography is pretty expensive already. Still…a shame.

    Perhaps the idea was to get the photographer’s spectacular work and appreciation for dance and the artistry of dancers themselves out and known, creating the potential for even.

    Neo, hope you have it on your wish list! Or maybe well-deserved contributions will permit you to indulge and gift yourself. Clearly it’s something you’d love!

    You give us a place to go, and posts we love daily. And created a stimulating community for discussion and debate. That’s quite a gift itself!

  3. bill Says:

    csimon — I quite agree. Definitely a coffee table book candidate.

  4. holmes Says:

    terp·si·cho·re·an   [turp-si-kuh-ree-uhn, turp-si-kawr-ee-uhn, -kohr-] Show IPA
    pertaining to dancing.
    ( initial capital letter ) of or pertaining to Terpsichore.

    (’s word of the day from this week)

  5. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Amazing and yes, a testament to the photographer’s imagination, the dancers athleticism and the natural beauty of the human body.

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