November 17th, 2012

The holidays are coming! Buy from Amazon through neo-neocon!

[NOTE: I’ll be bumping this up to the top every now and then through the holidays, just as a reminder.]

How’s that for shameless self-promotion?

In the process of writing this post I realized that once again it’s November. It’s almost Thanksgiving. And that means that Christmas, Chanukah, and whatever other holiday might suit your fancy are all coming up sooner than you think.

So I’m encouraging you to feel their hot breaths on your neck and solve all your gift-giving dilemmas by turning to that online colossus, Amazon.

And if you use those widgets on my right sidebar to click through for all your Amazon purchases (now and at any other time of year) you will also be giving a small but still not insignificant gift to neo-neocon (it adds up, folks), and all without spending any extra money. What could be more wonderful?

[NOTE: In case you have ad blocker or something of that sort, and the Amazon widgets don’t show up on your computer, go here.]

15 Responses to “The holidays are coming! Buy from Amazon through neo-neocon!”

  1. expat Says:

    I’ve got a bunch of stuff on my wish list (including gifts), so I should be able to contribute.

  2. LarryG Says:

    FYI For anyone using Adblock on Firefox, the Amazon widget can only been seen when Adblock is disabled for Neo’s site.

    Otherwise, it sounds like a good time to order a big box of Lindt Truffles! 🙂

  3. Molly NH Says:

    I shop amazon, hubby & I are big supplement users being pro active with our health thereby avoiding any involvement in the medical establishment. Take your fish oil people &
    B vitamins. Happy to help out Neo.

  4. Michael Adams Says:

    How’s that for shameless self-promotion? Kind of cute, actually, and, fool that am, I did not know that Amazon was a good place to buy supplements, which I use liberally. (really liberally, my own money.)

  5. Molly NH Says:

    Yes, Michael amazon sells everything!!! I get my supplements there & you can get un-run of the mill goodies. I love Walkers scottish shortbread with cystallized real ginger bits !!! And you can get a short spatula with a very fine metal edge that can flip eggs without ripping them. All thats out there these days are these big clunky plastic ones with no fine edge that actually melts & has melted in my fry pan. Plus your purchase come to your door, in very good time, so there is a saving on gas & time allowing you to post more on neo neocon ! Win/Win

  6. parker Says:

    I buy all of my books at a local bookstore founded, and owned, by one of my neighbors. He has been in business for 30+ years. But I wish to support your tremendous efforts to keep us all thinking, so I just donated directly to you. Thanks for your engaging, thought provoking blog.

  7. carl in atlanta Says:

    Question for Neo: Would one’s Amazon Prime subscription work for purchases run through your portal?

  8. neo-neocon Says:

    carl in atlanta: I don’t see why not.

  9. carl in atlanta Says:

    Neo: I was able to log in to my Amazon Prime account after accessing Amazon through your portal, so I think it’ll work. As an experiment, I’ll try it on my next office supplies order.

  10. Sgt. Mom Says:

    And while you are buying through Neo’s lovely Amazon portal, consider purchasing the books written by a Neo-fan and commentor … moi. (I write historical fiction under the nom du plume of Celia Hayes) My books are on Amazon … historical fiction and ripping good reads, adventure, real history, and romance and all that. Sorry for the commercial interruption, but I have just spent two full days at a book-selling table at a fairly substantial local fundraising event – the Weihnachsmarkt in New Braunfels, Texas – which supports the local history museum. My books are about the local history, and the folks at the museum (The Sophienburg) have been very kind to me … and the best of all yet? There were no protesters in front of the event, potesting in advance of Black Friday. Another good reason to go with, eh?

  11. southpaw Says:

    No problem. Its the least I can do.

  12. Molly NH Says:

    ohhhh weeee I just bought myself, My christmas present ! It’s the Mace pepperspray gun !!!!
    I am not kidding. “Oh it’s a darling thing, oh Rhett it’s lovely, lovely” To quote Scarlett when Rhett gave her that green bonnet.
    I imagine I ll be using this to zap nasty dogs I might encounter walking but on the other hand it does give a measure of security. There is a water cartridge to practice with, hhhmmm maybe I can borrow neo’s apple & shoot it off hubby’s head !

  13. obsidian Says:

    By universal agreement my family is skipping Christmas and gift buying and giving, No money no gas, we got stiffed on a truck repair that cost $1600.00 and resulted in an unrepairable truck. The genius who did the head gasket job failed to replace the oil pump after and that was the end of that.
    We had to buy another vehicle sooner than expected, heating went up via propane and I expect electricity to go up since we use a coal fired power plant.
    So short on cash, holly jolly and the Christmas spirit we shall opt out of black Friday and the gifting of others.
    Votes have consequences, some folks voted for Mo’ free stuff, while others are unable to buy just to give it away.

  14. RandomThoughts Says:

    Obsidian, I hear you. With the economic downturn and my subsequent inability to get a full time job in my field, I’ve become much more about giving things like homemade jam and bread, and blankets I crochet myself, and things like that rather than buying items. It really makes Christmas more personal. I’ve found that especially for the older folks in my family, a tin of cookies I baked means considerably more than anything I could buy. That personal touch and all…

    I’ve encouraged my adult kids to think the same way about gift giving, and the result over the years has been delightful (everything from a wooden cross skillfully made by Eldest Son from remnants of a broken olive crate, to lovely artwork created by Younger Daughter).

    Sometimes I think that the positive aspect to the craptastic economy is that it is forcing many of us to redefine things like vacations and gift giving. We’re being forced to strip away the absurd materialism and getting back to the core of it all: Personal effort and time spent with and for our loved ones.

    That being said, regarding Amazon and Neo…I do have reason to use Amazon for text book purchases for Youngest Son; I hadn’t thought about going through Neo’s link to do so. I shall in future!

    BTW, I have to recourse to this: in order to get the Amazon link (it doesn’t appear in the sidebar due to my ad blocking software).

  15. RigelDog Says:

    Thanks for the reminder…I have chosen this blog as the launch pad for my Amazon purchases for a while now, and often kick myself because I forget to come here first.

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