November 26th, 2012

Very very…


But hardly surprising.

27 Responses to “Very very…”

  1. holmes Says:

    I predict, rather safely, that blacks will be in even worse shape as a community in 4 years than they were in 2008.

  2. Gringo Says:

    I predict, rather safely, that blacks will be in even worse shape as a community in 4 years than they were in 2008.

    Currently blacks are worse off today than they were in 2008,

  3. T Says:

    I, too, find this repulsive. The left swings from the rabid incoherent hatred of G W Bush to rabid and incoherent idolatry of Obama. It’s as if we are dealing with adolescent children swooning over the Beatles or Frank Sinatra.

  4. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    I would be interested in the reaction of black christian pastors to that particular characterization of Obama by the academy award winning Jamie Foxx…

    If there is no reaction, then whatever they may be, they’re not Christians.

    “Have no other Gods before me” definitely applies.

  5. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    We are dealing with adolescent children, who suffer from arrested development. The inmates have taken over the asylum and, they’ve discovered that with the power of the vote and some judicious voter fraud, they can rig the game so that they stay in power.

  6. M J R Says:

    Okay, we do realize that Jamie Foxx did not mean it literally [well, do we?]. It’s very much an emotional thing.

    And (too) many people of left persuasion can be very given to emotional overstatement. [Righties too, in some instances.] After all, reasoned perspective is a dead, white, European male cultural thing, right? So let ‘er rip, Jamie; tell it like it is (emotionally).

    That said, it was an astonishingly crass and ignorant thing to say.

    Not to mention just plain blasphemous, for those of Christian sensibility — which includes an awful lot of people with brownish “Soul Train” pigmentation, if I’m not mistaken.

    Sigh. As Ace helpfully reminds us, “[r]emember, wingnuts, you’re the anti-science, anti-reason, Magical Thinking ones.”

  7. Roman Says:

    To repeat Neo, I am not suprised.

  8. T Says:


    Hagiography and idolatry is very much an emotional thing as you subsequently point out, but that is precisely what I find repulsive about it. As I mentioned above, from raw hatred to raw praise; there is no considered middle ground. And the repulsive element includes the fact that that these people are willing to be recorded for posterity performing like this.

    So tell me, exactly what is the difference between Jamie Foxx saying this, some other moron falling down in a pseudo-trance under the hand of Benny Hinn, some North Korean idolizing their great leader who shoots 11 holes in one on the golf course or some moron issuing a fatwa because somehow, somewhere someone has insulted Allah? I say they’re all of the same mind.

  9. M J R Says:

    T, 5:02PM —

    Yes, pretty repulsive. (Other adjectives also apply, but never mind.)

    No substantive difference.

    Anyway, I prefer Benny Hill to Benny Hinn [ SMILE ]!

  10. Artfldgr Says:

    The claim that the process requiring beatification is racist and discriminatory and should be waived for canonization to proceed and they also claim that Non Cultus is also racist and prevents an equal number of saints be represented…

    No one knows for sure if the Church of England will canonize Obama, making him the first to receive that status since Charles Stuart… (no one sees any problem with any birth restrictions as usual).

  11. parker Says:

    I do not think Foxx was engaging in hyperbole. Remember, this is the first time they were proud of their country. They believe in the poster halo around their messiah’s head. Hallow be his name and stick it to the man.

  12. n.n Says:

    It is not a coincidence that individuals who demand respect and offer none in return, who support denigration of individual dignity, who support redistributive change (i.e. involuntary), and who devalue human life through elective abortions, would also prostrate themselves before, and seek favor from, mortal gods.

  13. Jim Says:

    These people STILL think that they are the “intellectual” ones. They really believe that.

  14. rickl Says:

    holmes Says:
    November 26th, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    I predict, rather safely, that blacks will be in even worse shape as a community in 4 years than they were in 2008.

    And I predict that they will continue to blame Whitey.

  15. blert Says:

    So much for the First Commandment.

    After which, all Hell breaks loose.

    Which, see: tyranny.

  16. parker Says:

    “These people STILL think that they are the “intellectual” ones. They really believe that.”

    Their intellectualism personified:

    “Carrying pictures of Chairman Mao.”

  17. Artfldgr Says:

  18. Artfldgr Says:

    since someone mentioned the halos like the icons

    Soviet Poster Collection – Beloit College

    The sun image formed with wheat behind the woman is similar to the halos drawn behind saints in icons, an example of the continued use of religious imagery in Soviet propaganda posters. In contrast to this traditional peasant and religious imagery, we see the landscape and technology of the
    modern collectivized farm in the background. The gold coloring of the poster seems to represent wheat, happiness, and wealth.

  19. M J R Says:

    n.n, 6:27 pm — “who support denigration . . .”

    “denigration”, eh? . . . c-a-r-e-f-u-l . . . , . . .

  20. parker Says:

    “n.n, 6:27 pm — “who support denigration . . .”

    “denigration”, eh? . . . c-a-r-e-f-u-l . . . , . . .”

    You must immediately resign from the DC city council and report to the nearest re-education facility.

  21. Occam's Beard Says:

    I predict, rather safely, that blacks will be in even worse shape as a community in 4 years than they were in 2008.

    Good. They wanted this, they got it. Reality’s a bitch.

  22. SteveH Says:

    I’m struck by how this one politician has revealed a moral disorder in so many. This is arguably not even about politics anymore.

  23. rickl Says:

    SteveH Says:
    November 26th, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    This is arguably not even about politics anymore.

    You can say that again.

  24. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Well, we’ve said that progressivism is a religion. Now they are confirming it.

  25. JH Says:

    I do not think Foxx was engaging in hyperbole. Remember, this is the first time they were proud of their country

    Geoffrey Britain,
    If this is the first time, then all the past which country they proud of?

  26. NeoConScum Says:

    “…our Lord & Savior, Barack Obama.”

    Hitchcock, TRUST ME, was right when he said,”Actors are children.” I’ve worked with the little dears for most of my adult life and can confirm the truth of the great man’s statement of fact. Love’um/Hate’um, but NEVER forget that they are children—Many of them hugely talented in their craft, but defiantly infantile and trustworthy(as a species) as coral snakes. I have the lash marks to prove it.

  27. Artfldgr Says:

    On the field is the Southern University Marching Band, spelling out the name of liberals’ lord and savior during the halftime show of their big game against Grambling State University.

    Similar accolades were paid to Hitler in the 1930s.

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