December 6th, 2012

DeMint leaves Senate to head Heritage Foundation

I don’t like this news. Unless there’s something hidden, I guess I understand it—the war of ideas and all that, versus frustratingly spinning his wheels in the Democrat-run Senate. But I’d been thinking that DeMint was a strong voice among Republicans in that body, and might even run in 2016. And now he’s quit? Don’t get it.

Boy, do I get the extreme importance of the war of ideas. And I realize that a Republican governor will get to appoint his replacement.

But still. My gut says this is a bad move and a bad sign. My gut’s been very talkative lately.

14 Responses to “DeMint leaves Senate to head Heritage Foundation”

  1. KLSmith Says:

    DeMint had pledged to serve only two terms. My two quick take-always: hopefully he gets a big say in his successor and we’re probably stuck with Lindsey Graham in 2014.

  2. Molly NH Says:

    I don t see this as all bad, yes he was a good voice, but he is honoring his commitment & if he can anoint a successor that will be good, plus he can do outreach at the Heritage foundation.

  3. Steve Says:

    DeMint is a tea party favorite right? Maybe he sees DC cannot be changed from inside and is looking to revamp the think tank as a tool for advancing tea party goals. Now that would be good news! I read that he prefers naming Tim Scott as his replacement. Scott is African American. I hope he is a warrior too.

  4. holmes Says:

    The Senate is where bold ideas and brave men go to wither. I like Glenn Reynolds’ idea that service in the Senate precludes running for the Presidency. That might help some.

    Anyway, DeMint was only going to stay this term, and as you mention, it’s basically pointless for him to be in the Senate.

    If Haley appoints Scott, it will be her one crowning achievement thus far. Tim Scott is great and goes back to my theory that we can’t have enough minority conservatives as the face of the party now. He can’t be ignored in the Senate.

  5. rickl Says:

    Denninger suggests that DeMint can foresee an earth-shattering kaboom in the very near future.

    Oh Oh… (DeMint)

  6. parker Says:


    I too check in at market-ticker once a day, and I think this is an “Oh, Oh” moment. DeMint realizes the senate is scorched pasture, the grass is greener elsewhere, and he can do more good outside the belt way. Although normally optimistic by nature, I’m evolved/devolved into a crash and burn mindset over the last few weeks. Speed up the destruction and perhaps 10% of the 53% will realize they are wrong, wrong, wrong about how markets work, the basics of human nature, and what makes up the nuts and bolts of a civil society. Instead of Romney as the pariah, Obamaphone woman should be the pariah (along with Nancy, Harry, Barry the narcissist, and all the other usual suspects).

    Destruction visualized:

    There is no path forward until this is addressed honestly. Its 3rd grade math.

  7. vanderleun Says:

    ” My gut’s been very talkative lately.”

    You probably should get that examined.

  8. rickl Says:

    That is a very cool graphic, parker!

    In other news, I have a nifty new signature on Ticker Forum, thanks to a comment I saw at Ace of Spades this afternoon:

    49 Lamp posts pine longingly for decoration with the political class all over the nation. The lamps are wise, like Ents, they know its been too long, far too long.

    Future generations will come to think of them as “liberation trees”

    Posted by: @PurpAv at December 06, 2012 01:32 PM (vWHvS)

  9. parker Says:

    “The only problem with the “Let It Burn” idea, is how do conservatives avoid the blame?

    Nah, that’s one thing we shouldn’t worry about because we’ll always get the blame, time to stop worrying about that and do what needs to be done.”


    This is the comment that caught my attention at Ace. Despite my optimism before 11/6/12, the people have decided to hitch their wagons to the purposeful destruction of the USA. I say this because given the path of the Obama zombies and their enablers in the MSM it will crash and burn eventually. Accelerate the process. The sooner the better. Oh, my goodness, I am now a member of the radical right. 😉

  10. Oldflyer Says:

    It is not surprising to me that a person whose motive is to accomplish something would run, not walk, from the U.S. Senate.

    Granted that they do not appear to work very hard, despite vehement protestations to the contrary, but can anyone imagine a life of sitting in committees listening to the likes of Reid, Boxer, Kerry, et al? Of the necessity to publicly address despicable people in the outworn rhetoric of “my good friend”, when your inclination is to punch their noses? What honorable person could look in the mirror, knowing that esteemed body of which s/he is a member has not even passed a budget in three years, and does not intend to, while the country goes down the sewer? Speak of ineptitude and downright malfeasance. But, you know that you are helpless to change anything.

    No, the surprising fact is that so many stick around so long. I believe it tells more about them than they would like.

  11. rickl Says:

    Oldflyer Says:
    December 6th, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    when your inclination is to punch their noses set them on fire?


  12. parker Says:

    “… imagine a life of sitting in committees listening to the likes of Reid, Boxer, Kerry, et al?”

    A new definition of insanity. 😉

  13. Beth Says:

    I was very sad to see this on Hotair last night. DeMint has been a strong advocate for home schoolers and parental rights. I wondered if he was leaving because the whole thing is just too sickening.

  14. Don Carlos Says:

    DeMint’s experience in the Senate quickly made him gloomy and discouraged, He sparked when he created the Senate Conservatives Fund and for a time was on a roll until 11/6/12. But realizing that conservatives are up against an impossible Reid/Schumer/Durbin….etc steamroller, he doubtless concluded he was wasting his time, energy and intellect in utter futility. One can stand being in a pig wallow only so long.

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