December 11th, 2012

Come one come all to Christmas Finger Jello!

A big thank-you to commenter “Lizzy,” who has rescued us from the sturm and drang of politics (for one brief shining moment, anyway) with this seasonal jello idea (which I won’t be making, since I pretty much detest jello) for Christmas Finger Jello fun:

10 Responses to “Come one come all to Christmas Finger Jello!”

  1. mw Says:

    The link is for: “Landfill Harmonic” The Recycled Orchestra Of Paraguay

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    mw: Ooops! Thanks, will change right now.

  3. Lizzy Says:

    Yeah, this is a little too fussy for me but I’ve been happily baking up Christmas cookies and visiting cooking sites for new recipes. So much more fun than post-election analysis.

  4. vanderleun Says:

    Well, this jello treat is certainly well named. If ever a snack gave Christmas the finger this is it.

  5. davisbr Says:

    TY Lizzy.

    …I forwarded the link to my wife with a “please” in the subject line (she’s the desserts chef around here).

    I love Jello. And sweet condensed milk (my favorite form of which is Vietnamese style iced coffee …Youtube link).


  6. Ruth H Says:

    I think something strange has happened to jello. I hadn’t made any for years but my husband had gall bladder surgery so I decided to treat him with some jello. It was too stiff and actually didn’t melt from the side of the empty bowl until I used a scraper on it. I don’t think it’s my father’s jello anymore.

  7. Gringo Says:

    (which I won’t be making, since I pretty much detest jello)

    But you have such good jello posts! I don’t understand.

  8. Liz Says:

    I saw this on the Pioneer Woman’s blog and I agree that it is a bit too much work for me.. but I can highly recommend Ree’s cookbooks as well as her recipes for….

    Mushrooms… yes they do take a long time to cook, but they are sooooo good.

    Pot Roast…I made this last Sunday and then used the leftovers with barley to make a wonderful soup…easy recipe..

    Oh heck – just go over to the website… too many things to think about.

    I realize that some people may object to the fat and caloric content of her recipes, but she is serving a family that are very active ranchers – MM and her sweet kids are very fit looking. The trick for the rest of us is to enjoy reading about the recipes and indulge in them on a limited basis, unless you are as active as they are!

  9. neo-neocon Says:

    Gringo: You know, I can’t remember how the jello posts started. But then they became a Theme. I really don’t care for jello, but I think it’s very beautiful.

  10. Smock Puppet, 10th Dan Snark Master and Gravitationally Distortive Object Says:

    }}} So much more fun than post-election analysis.

    What? Talking about how many freaking colossal dumbasses there are out there isn’t fun?


    Here. A picture that reminds you of who voted this year

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