December 13th, 2012

More lies and lying liars

DrewM. at Ace’s takes on that “Lie of the Year” Romney supposedly told, and why it wasn’t actually a lie, much less “of the Year.”

That PolitiFact piece naming Romney’s ad the Lie of the Year was the featured story when I went to my Yahoo email last night, by the way. How many people do you think it reached?

And although Ace’s blog is very popular and gets excellent traffic (for a blog), how many people do you think that refutation of PolitiFact’s claim reached? No contest, right?

So PolitiFact’s “facts” get more than halfway around the world, and become truths in people’s minds: Romney=Liar.

10 Responses to “More lies and lying liars”

  1. T Says:

    “That PolitiFact piece naming Romney’s ad the Lie of the Year was the featured story when I went to my Yahoo email last night, by the way. How many people do you think it reached?”

    . . . and again my call for conservative billionaires to concentrate on building traditionalist media organizations to offset the overwhelming liberalism of the MSM.

    In the NY Post today, Glenn Reynolds writes an essay which promotes the same basic idea. It’s a messaging game, and until we learn to compete in this arena conservative outcomes will remain bleak and sporadic on the national scale.

    The link:

  2. davisbr Says:


    neo-neocon? Dunno if even you follow the older threads, but T linked to a brilliant post on the end of the thread at American Thinker on the “Clarification” subject matter: Using States to Supplant Cultural Leftism.

    Well worth a read and a ponder.


  3. beverly Says:

    I posted something about this lying business in the Racism thread you put up today. The Left have built an Empire of Lies; if we can expose even three big ones, hell, even ONE big one, their edifice will start to crumble.

    That’s what woke me up; many of us here also. Drive in the wedge of truth, and the dike will be breached.

  4. Lizzy Says:

    Here’s the lie of the year, hiding in plain sight: an obscure video critical of Islam caused the Sept. 11th murders at US consulate in Benghazi as well as widespread rioting across northern Africa, the Middle East, and London. (That these riots uniformly included hoisting an AQ flag at a US or another Western country’s embassy was strictly coincidental.)
    Seriously, how could they have ignored this whopper?

  5. parker Says:

    I completely agree Lizzy. 4 dead in Benghazi.

  6. RandomThoughts Says:

    Oh Lizzy, the MSM knows that we must not look at REAL lies, we should only examine lies that serve as nothing-to-see-here-move-along distractions. Bonus points will be given if the distracting lies involve any Republican candidate.

    The Benghazi debacle is too real to be acceptable for scrutiny.

  7. T Says:


    Thanks for the “bump.” I thought that essay presented some interesting ideas. With Hollywood conservatives such as Jon Voigt, Bo Derek and Kelsey Grammar just now beginning to reveal themselves and also Roger L. Simon’s and Sheryl Longin’s new play which exposes Walter Duranty (The Party Line) we are perhaps seeing the beginning of such a revolution.

    In the past, oftentimes when I’ve had what sounds like a particularly perceptive thought I have found that many others are not only having that same thought but making it known as well. My “great inspirations” seem to be nothing more than the same ride on the Zeitgeist that we’re all taking. I hope that this is true in this case as well.

  8. davisbr Says:

    lol, T. I call it “something’s in the air” when I tell my wife something on my mind, and see bunches of folks talking about the same thing.

  9. n.n Says:

    Nothing about ROE? Nothing about weapons distributed to cartels and terrorists? Nothing about assassinations? Nothing about delegated torture schemes? Nothing about replacing national, mostly secular Muslim governments with imperial Muslim governments (i.e. regime change)? Nothing about betraying fellow Americans and intentionally leaving them to die? Nothing about a so-called “health care reform”, which does not address underlying causes and increases marginal coverage?

    Perhaps Obama is too big a lie to comprehend?

    They have a majority control in the press and schools. Through these channels they manipulate perception in order to realize their preferred reality (i.e. indoctrination). Their reality consists of holding positions in society through monopolies of power and capital in order to marginalize or eviscerate their competing interests.

    Here’s something Romney did not lie about:

    Mitt Romney explains how the Fed’s acting is a serious problem.

    It’s difficult, if not impractical, to distinguish between cause and effect; but, the Federal Reserve presumably serves at the pleasure of the federal government.

    The problem with running account deficits (not budget deficits, especially since the federal government has operated without a budget over the last four years) is that it diminishes purchasing power and thereby devalues labor. If permitted to progress, it will result in the people becoming servants of the state or the minority interest which controls it.

  10. T Says:

    To quote Howard Dean, “Yeeehah!”

    The Koch Brothers should buy MSNBC and turn it over to conservative bloggers . . . . Ratings at MSNBC would go up as FOX News found itself competing for viewers for the first time since launching.

    Sheldon Adelson should buy CNN and turn it over to NewsBusters which could spend 24 hours a day pointing out the inaccuracies and lies of liberal media on TV and in print.

    The link (H/T Instapundit, who else?):

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