December 26th, 2012

Separated at birth?

What’s the difference between:

Mohameed Morsi…

…and David Mamet?

Rectangular glasses versus round.

[Hat tip: commenter David Guaspari.]

16 Responses to “Separated at birth?”

  1. Thalpy Says:


  2. George Pal Says:

    One is no longer disposed to believing dangerous nonsense.

  3. Trimegistus Says:

    Though it would be pretty damned awesome if Morsi gave the “Coffee is for Closers” speech to the Egyptian parliament.

  4. blert Says:

    Mamet writes his own scripts.

  5. George Sewell Says:

    You’re scaring me, neo…

  6. KLSmith Says:

    Too much of a smear against Mamet to compare him to Morsi. Even physically, IMO.

  7. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    We all have look alikes. I have been told twice in my lifetime that I’m the spitting image of someone who cannot in anyway be related to me.

    The first time it happened, when I was in college, a stranger came up to me and asked me how I had been. When I told him I was not the person he thought he was talking to, he refused to believe me until I showed him my driver’s license.

    We are all unique, but out of billions of people, there are bound to be some who look very much alike.

  8. Molly NH Says:

    these were great responses, too funny

  9. Don Carlos Says:


    Is this a case study showing nurture trumps nature?

  10. Gringo Says:

    J.J. formerly Jimmy J.:
    We all have look alikes. I have been told twice in my lifetime that I’m the spitting image of someone who cannot in anyway be related to me.

    It has happened to me so many times, I have come to the conclusion that I have a 50th percentile face. Which does have a certain amount of accuracy, as my ancestry covers most of the countries of northern Europe.

    It even occurred in my hometown. In my 20s I was twice mistaken for being Charles X, who graduated from the same high school [160 in a class] several years after me. This was difficult to sort out when I am Charles Y. No, I’m not the Charles X you were thinking about, even though you already knew me- granted not that well- as Charles Y.

  11. csimon Says:

    Upon first glance, it was scary. Then I went back to do a more careful comparison — and thank goodness it was less and less.
    (But still can’t ignore the irony that one is Jew, and one is not just an Arab, but of the Muslim Brotherhood whose mission is to destroy all Jews)

    As Molly NH noted, some great comments.

    And, fortunately, as George Pal said:
    “One is no longer disposed to believing dangerous nonsense.”

    Shows that “a mind might be a difficult thing to change,” but it’s not impossible.

    May we should hope that the New Year brings many such changes!

  12. neo-neocon Says:

    Gringo and J.J.: ah, but those stories pale compared to this tale of lookalikes.

  13. csimon Says:

    P.S. Now everybody go to Blogress Diva website and vote for neo today….and set reminders for yourselves as I have, to do so daily! We know who deserves to win!

  14. rickl Says:

    I’ve been seeing this linked here and there lately:

    Everybody DOES have a twin: Photographer creates amazing portraits of STRANGERS who look the double of each other

    Years ago, I saw a Dutch man on TV who I thought looked a lot like me.

  15. razzbuddy Says:

    From the start he reminded me of Jerry Lewis.

  16. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    It’s been said that everyone has an exact double, no way to know if that’s true of course but I can say that I’ve seen mine.

    30 years ago I was just about to get off the freeway I was on and, at that moment a car slowly passed on my left, I and the other driver each glanced over as I started to exit and, we were literally looking into a mirror. Shocked, we stared at each other for perhaps a few seconds and then I had to refocus on the road.

    There’s no question that we each recognized our exact resemblance and it was so shockingly unexpected that neither of us attempted to stop or alter our diverging paths. It was definitely a ‘Twilight Zone’ moment.

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