December 29th, 2012

It’s Blogress Diva time again!

[BUMPED UP. Voting continues through Dec. 31.]

Hate to ask more of you—but it’s Grand Conservative Blogress Diva time again at Gay Patriot’s.

So vote early, vote often. You’ll be glad you did.

One vote a day per person is allowed.

Oh, and I forgot to mention (perhaps it’s just my retiring nature)—vote for me, that is.

40 Responses to “It’s Blogress Diva time again!”

  1. rickl Says:

    On it!

    Sarah Hoyt is off to a big early lead.

  2. Maxwell Says:

    Sarha is no Neo! Thumbs up for neo!

  3. Maxwell Says:

    PS: In your BIO you write, “…surrounded by liberals on all sides…” In the words of one famously hard core Marine, “…we’re surrounded by the enemy. That simplifies our problem. Shoot in every direction. – – – Col Chesty Puller, USMC” Uh Rah

  4. rickl Says:

    I only discovered Sarah Hoyt recently, and I haven’t yet become a regular reader. (So much internet; so little time.) But the few posts I’ve seen, she’s been on fire lately. If she wins, she will have deserved it.

  5. expat Says:

    You are beating Althouse by a lot. Good luck!

  6. rickl Says:

    Wait. Just a cotton-pickin’ minute.

    I don’t see Rachel Lucas on that list.

  7. Sam L. Says:

    I’ve read Hoyt a couple times; didn’t draw me in. As a reader of SF, I sorta thought she would, but no…

  8. southpaw Says:

    done. You’re looking good in a close second right now

  9. texexec Says:

    Runnin’ a close second!

    Suggest you repost this post each day until the contest closes.

  10. rickl Says:

    W00t! You’re up 107-105 at the moment!

  11. M J R Says:

    neo, I certainly wish you the very best of fortune in this. You know [if you don’t, shame on you] how much I value your contributions to

    -1- my own understanding of the issues, and
    -2- the national conversation [even if I’m getting to view that phrase as cynically as I do, say, “social justice”].

  12. rickl Says:

    I just tried to vote again but got a message that I already voted. I did, but that was yesterday.

    Sarah is now ahead 126-117, with Bookworm a distant third at 87.

  13. Oldflyer Says:

    I wonder if I can play Democrat and vote once from my PC and once from my lap top. I will see.

    Go Neo. (If Bookworm reads this, sorry, but life is tough. Choices have to be made)

  14. cornflour Says:

    Plain old good silly fun, and I’ve happily voted twice. Horse race, horse race, bet bet bet on the apple.

  15. Mr. Frank Says:

    Just voted. Neo was #1 by a hair.

  16. Roman Says:

    I’ll do the Chicago thing tomorrow. Vote from work to make at least two votes!

  17. blert Says:

    I need to find other Internet addresses to run up your vote.

    I learned this from Chicago.

  18. Oldflyer Says:

    Didn’t work.

  19. Mac Says:

    If your laptop and your PC are both in the same location, it’s probably catching that. Depending on your firewall configuration it may present the same IP address to the outside world for everything inside it. So, maybe go to Starbucks with your laptop or something?:-)

    When I voted a little while ago Neo and Sarah Hoyt (of whom I had not heard before were within a vote or two of each other, with everyone else way behind.

  20. parker Says:

    6:36 CST neo is ahead 193 versus 156. Go neo!

  21. Charles Says:

    Everybody vote for Neo – she gives us free jello shots!

  22. texexec Says:

    Neo pullin’ ahead! Bumping the post each day is making all of us vote like Democrats in IL and PA.

    Go Neo!

  23. expat Says:

    Neo is way ahead now. Keep voting folks.

  24. Mr. Frank Says:

    It looks like Anne Althouse has worn out her conservative welcome.

  25. parker Says:

    neo is well ahead as I voted for the third time a few minutes ago. As it looks like it will not be close at the finish line I now offer my (premature) congratulations.

    Our daughter, son-law, and my oldest son and his family will be arriving later this afternoon. I will not be surfing until after Christmas, so I wish everyone here a Merry Christmas with family and/or friends. Be of good cheer.

  26. Sam L. Says:

    Got a nice lead, now.

    Anne’s conservative bona fides are not very fides. IMHO, such as it is. (I do have much to be humble about.)

  27. GoodShipGeorge Says:

    Congratulations! You’re leaving everyone in the dust.

  28. expat Says:

    I#ve been voting every day, and your lea keeps growing. Congrats.

  29. Mr. Frank Says:

    When does the voting end?

  30. Sam L. Says:

    I see the voting seems to be over, and

    Thou Hast Triumphed!

    All hail neo-neocon!


  31. Sangiovese Says:

    You’re at 47%!

  32. Baklava Says:

    You are killing!

  33. NeoConScum Says:

    YOU got it, Missy!!

  34. NeoConScum Says:

    …You’re out in front by a mile. Now back to dimpling chads for our Landlady!!

  35. Mr. Frank Says:

    Looks like a real butt whippin’.

  36. M J R Says:

    Our esteemed host(ess) has now edged over from a plurality to a majority in the vote.

    Let’s keep it up! Two more days . . .

  37. IGotBupkis, Legally Recognized Cyberbully in ALL 57 States Says:

    more than a majority, she’s got twice the votes of #2 and 4x the votes of #3… she could still lose but not easily.

  38. db Says:

    Now at 51%, more than all of the others combined!

  39. M J R Says:

    It’s still December 31 here on the left coast as I type this, but I would like to be the first:

    Congratulations, neo-neocon, on your election.

    These are some of the comments on the election results page:

    – Yay! The one I voted for, neo-neocon, is in the lead. That never happens to me

    – Neo-neocon’s blog is a terrific read for any Conservative looking to have his or her values affirmed.

    – I go to neoneocon for her and her associates’ political commentary; but her occasional posts about dance help me keep my balance.

    Note how that last comment compliments all of us neo-neocon denizens!

    Congratulations again to our esteemed host(ess)!

    And happy new year to one and all . . .

    M J R

  40. NeoConScum Says:

    Just to start 2013 Right I dimpled another chad for N-Neocon. Seemed to have ‘taken’ even though it’s the 1st.

    GO, Girl!!

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