January 1st, 2013

2013 is the year of my reign…

as Grande Conservative Blogress Diva, an honor bestowed by Gay Patriot, via all of you who voted.

There—did that sound Diva-esque enough? I’ve got to practice my Diva ways.

Although I suspect that I was the only blogger who pushed the voting much, I’ll still take the win. My court as Diva consists of blogger buddies Sarah Hoyt and Bookworm, so all’s very friendly in the Diva world.

Thanks for all your voting efforts. And Happy New Year!

30 Responses to “2013 is the year of my reign…”

  1. Oldflyer Says:

    Congratulations. (genuflecting)

    Well deserved.

  2. Sam L. Says:

    You’re Velcome, I’m Sure!

  3. Rose Says:

    Yay! Applause!

  4. Gary Rosen Says:

    Congratulations, neo, and Happy New Year!

  5. KLSmith Says:

    Congrats! Gay Patriot is a good web site too.

  6. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    A well deserved win. For once I voted for the winner. Huzzah!

  7. Ira Says:

    Mazel Tov!

  8. parker Says:

    Congratulations diva 2013. Now we need a photo with you behind the apple wearing a tiara. 🙂

  9. csimon Says:

    Ditto! Your is writing beautifully constructed and written, well-thought out and documented, as well as diverse enough to give us a break from all the political stuff just when we need it!

    At the same time you have managed to cultivate a unique (amongst blogs) community of readers you have who are consistent, intelligent (and witty, to boot) and really INTERESTED (something which seems to be all too lacking amongst so many these days. It amazes me how many people there are who prefer, or simply are willing, to swallow the Kool-Aid drenched talking points emitting from the White House and the MSM without question or cynicism despite consistent evidence that so much of this information is transparently (and very deliberately) politically motivated and strongly ideological and agenda driven — an agenda which is so antithetical to the traditions of America which have made it the power it is based on the equal opportunity and freedoms it guarantees. This is something this Administration seems to regard as anathema and seems willing to go to ANY length to change. I regularly check out comments when I go to other blogs out of both interest and curiosity, and I think the only one that has anything similar is the Wall St. Journal, but the interaction of commenters is usually restricted to a particular article and subject matter.

    But back to you, oh great Grande Conservative Blogress Diva, thank you for all you share on a regular basis, and please, please continue to do so.
    The title is well-deserved, and the voting showed it: you killed it! And I don’t think that is because you “promoted” the voting. You mentioned it a couple times, but your readers were motivated enough to go to the website and vote for you, and that doesn’t happen without good reason to do so!

    I think we can put up with a little Diva-ish behavior. Preen, scoff, and order about all the staff you have that supports you in research and documentation (lol) and enjoy it — for a few days. Fun way to start the New Year knowing how much you are appreciated!

    Then back to that Neo we love. I think I speak for most of us when I say we look forward to another year filled with informative, fact-filled writing on politics (which, with things as they currently are, inflames us, gives us a place to rant and unload, as well as discuss) as well as dance, arts, and literature, and the occasional recipe, too, along with the amusing features you manage somehow to dig up on the Internet, when you are not reading and researching, that is — I guess in all that spare time you have! And let’s not forget Jell-O art, please.

  10. Wry Mouth Says:

    cheers to you!

  11. Jan of MN Says:

    Congratulations and ditto what everyone has said. I’ve often wondered how on earth you have the time to publish such well-written and well-researched pieces day after day. And, re voting, I was grateful to be reminded!

  12. M J R Says:

    Pasted in from yesterday evening:


    M J R Says:
    January 1st, 2013 at 1:47 am

    It’s still December 31 here on the left coast as I type this, but I would like to be the first:

    Congratulations, neo-neocon, on your election.

    These are some of the comments on the election results page:

    – Yay! The one I voted for, neo-neocon, is in the lead. That never happens to me

    – Neo-neocon’s blog is a terrific read for any Conservative looking to have his or her values affirmed.

    – I go to neoneocon for her and her associates’ political commentary; but her occasional posts about dance help me keep my balance.

    Note how that last comment compliments all of us neo-neocon denizens!

    Congratulations again to our esteemed host(ess)!

    And happy new year to one and all . . .

    M J R

  13. expat Says:

    Congrats, Neo. You have given me a home away from home. It is so good to be reminded daily how many intelligent, thoughtful people there are in America and to witness their gratitude for your efforts.

  14. rickl Says:

    Congratulations, neo!

  15. M of Hollywood Says:

    Excellently done.

  16. MollyNH Says:

    Congrats, Neo! Cool !

  17. JDinOslo Says:

    Well done – Congratulations!

  18. Elizabeth L. Crain Says:

    Congratulations, Neo! Well-deserved!

  19. Promethea Says:

    Congratulations! You are a National Treasure!

    Just so you know, I read every one of your posts. And all the comments too. Even if I’m not initially interested in the subject (dance, for example), you make me interested.

    You are a true teacher, and your commenters are extremely well informed and interesting.

  20. vanderleun Says:

    How wonderful. As the “Best Essayist” I should probably form a coalition with the Grand Diva. What a power couple we’d make!

    But then….. I am not worthy…. I am not worthy!

  21. vanderleun Says:

    This just in. NeoNeoCon accepting the Diva award!


  22. Lizzy Says:

    Perhaps you would consider celebrating with some jello?

  23. southpaw Says:

    Congrats Neo! Thanks for the many sanity-preserving and thoughtful posts.

  24. RandomThoughts Says:

    Congratulations, and I think the title has been well earned.

  25. Patrick Says:

    Congratulations. It’s good that you can still read about out politicians with as much care as you do and not go bonkers.

  26. parker Says:


    My limited imagination can not picture neo going bonkers. She is rather like a rock. BTW, I do want to see a photo of neo wearing a tiara behind the apple.

  27. George Sewell Says:

    Diva – I like the sound of that. Finally, an “election” where every vote did count.

  28. holmes Says:

    Well deserved! (The award part, not the “Diva” part.)

  29. scottthebadger Says:

    Shouldn’t you be using the Royal We, now? Congratulations to you, Madam Diva!

  30. Will Says:

    Ah, Neo-neocon, where it all began for me. Helped me with the transistion did she, where the wife, apparently following my web tracks and glaring at the Diva’s fine site, asked incredulously “Are you a REPUBLICAN?!!”

    Congratulations Your Ladyship!

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