January 2nd, 2013

Scary times

Quite a few people have recommended this Victor Davis Hanson article about some of the problems we’re likely to be dealing with in the coming year. One of the points Hanson makes is that the true face of the left is increasingly being revealed in articles such as the Seidman critique of the Constitution (which I discussed at length yesterday, here).

Hanson writes:

These are the most foreboding times in my 59 years. The reelection of Barack Obama has released a surge of rare honesty among the Left about its intentions, coupled with a sense of triumphalism that the country is now on board for still greater redistributionist change.

I agree.

One of the many negative results of the 2012 election has been the sense, among so many on both left and right, that so-called progressivism has won the battle in this country—perhaps permanently, but at any rate for a very long time.

Let’s not argue right now over whether this perception is correct or not; we’ve certainly done plenty of that before. But perhaps we can agree that the belief, right or wrong, is one of the prime movers of this coming-out-of-the-leftist-closet trend that seems to be occurring for so many op-ed writers. It’s not just the heady victory of the moment that’s motivating them, it’s their conviction that it’s clear sailing from here on that empowers the left to openly up the ante and signal their next steps in establishing and capitalizing on their hegemony. No need to hide anymore when there’s nothing the right can do about it.

In some ways the anti-white-man rhetoric that has become standard and acceptable lately is the worst sign of all. If the term “hate speech” has a meaning, it most definitely would apply to a great deal of what has been said recently about that despised group. Those who are first to shriek “racism” and “sexism” when criticism is launched against a group defined as oppressed (blacks, women) are turning the tables and dissing white men with impunity. It is both hypocritical and vile, and especially offensive when cloaked in the sanctimony of those on the left who believe they occupy the moral high ground (that would be everyone on the left).

A goodly portion of the preening triumphalism that has followed in the wake of the 2012 election involves just this kind of hatred: towards white men, the rich, Republicans, Christians, gun owners. There’s a lot of talk about how the demographics have permanently changed in this country, and perhaps that’s correct—and now the tables are being turned, with glee. It’s been a long time since the expression of real racism against black people (as opposed to imaginary and/or astroturf-generated racism) was acceptable in this country. But it’s now completely acceptable against white men, and this is an exceedingly ominous sign.

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  1. rickl Says:

    As I said this morning at Ace’s: When a historian says “Welcome to Very, Very Scary Times”, pay attention.

  2. thomass Says:

    Between this and your realizing the republican party’s true relationship with conservatives I think you’ve graduated to full normal conservative status.

  3. M J R Says:

    “There’s a lot of talk about how the demographics have permanently changed in this country, and perhaps that’s correct—and now the tables are being turned, with glee.”

    Recall the incumbent’s call for “revenge” towards the end of His reelection campaign. “Punish” our enemies. It’s only the beginning. Gonna be a long four years — at least.

  4. neo-neocon Says:

    thomass: yes and no. I’ve never been a champion of the Republican Party, and I think I understand conservative objections to it.

    But I think a great many conservatives delude themselves that the public would embrace conservatism if only the GOP “establishment” would get out of the way and stop blocking truly conservative office-seekers. I think this particular wing of conservatism is in denial about some harsh realities about human beings and the American public, and that it demonstrates the old saying “the perfect is the enemy of the good.”

    For example, I understand why many conservatives didn’t vote for Romney, but I have no sympathy for it and think it was a self-destructive act. I’m with the frogman on this.

  5. Artfldgr Says:

    If the term “hate speech” has a meaning, it most definitely would apply to a great deal of what has been said recently about that despised group.

    It does have a meaning. But you seem to pretend to be an old lady who refuses to learn the new meaning and the rules of such. Ie. To you cool is a temperature not a judgement.

    Your old personal pre pc definition is dead….
    A white man like a jew in germany is a mathematically proven race of oppressors.

    Got it yet?????

    An oppressor BY DEFINITION can not be oppressed.

    I have given the pedigree
    The definition
    The quotes from each protected class

    And yet you cling to an old dictionary and dnt update it

    To me now you sound like the old disconnected socialists who are not socialists of the hallmark channel. Where they r carefull not to update language too.

    This is how they got this far

    The new meaning replaces the old the way windows graphics replace dos. A dos sytem would notbbe forward compatible…

    You deleted the references to the german newspapers that showed the process. It was a few years back and i have never been able to find it again (and by removing the extra ref no one else can)

    Yes i know . You snip without care as if your a machine and so it makes it ok. (Like the lottery made it ok to sacrifice. Or how a mindless socialist beuracracy does. We cpy n mimic winners)

    The solution to the question of western civ is the same solution for the jews.

    Ergo this is shoa II

    Look up history of GM in germany
    Ford. Bayer. Sandoz come novartis. Like fanta soda? Read coke in germany. Ibm? Bertlsman ag???? You know the guys that publish for the us…. ane self compete to the ignorance of everyone.

    The oppressed have a right to class hatred against their oppressors…. a femjnist quote

    Class hatred of the oppressor byvthe oppressed is called social justice

    Ie… killing all whitey including jews is social Justice!!!!!!

    Thats the currentvmeaning….
    Update the dictionary
    I explained five years ago they talk in funny ways that let them speak openly in front of you the way adults do with children.

    You and i r nothing
    So our definitions are meaningless
    Other than to ourselves
    But if u want to understand the other
    Then learn the language!!!!!!!!

    Sitting around with other “illiterates” (as they see you) wanting them to use definitions you like is silly.

    They use what serves them not u
    They control which def is valid
    and only in your personal world is this not so

    Off to hallmark channel!!!!! 🙂

  6. Mac Says:

    I think you’re absolutely right, Neo. This trash-the-white(-guys) trend has concerned me for a long time. I wrote about it a while back using the “sow the wind, reap the whirlwind” image from the Bible. The people doing it seem to have no conception that violence against a disfavored group generally springs from a tradition or culture that openly hates the group because it believes they objectively deserve to be hated.

  7. George Pal Says:

    Being a CHAWM – Christian, Hetero, Armed, White, Male i.e, on the bottom of the cultural food chain, and the like of which is first to be dismissed, I find these heady times. Just when you’ve been led to believe that history has ended, it starts up all over again. A day after the first day’s toast, a second: to the wheel of history, soft targets to the left (Left) of me and hard targets to the Right (islam) – a target rich environment.

  8. thomass Says:

    neo-neocon Says:

    “But I think a great many conservatives delude themselves that the public would embrace conservatism if only the GOP “establishment” would get out of the way and stop blocking truly conservative office-seekers.”

    Yeah; your last paragraph of your reply makes that point. If many conservatives can’t vote for Romney they are more out of touch than most of use were aware of….

  9. Artfldgr Says:

    Remember. When it comes time to jump, the being told u cant fly, is not the same as knowing it. When i say people dont know, then they give the fact, they miss that real knowing changes behavior. While knowing facts allows you to get quizzes right… real knowing leads to application. Or at least the attempt.

    Once u learn the language you can understand them in plain english, the way that real knowing would stop u from jumping no matter what else was said.

    Quote 1984, but forget to apply the knowledge!!

    Helen thomas forgot to speak in safe code… she got caught….

    Funny, but after years of being confused… and watching the incompetents win, perhaps THEY are not the incompetents, and the confused are…. as they are going to lose their lives and such… u included neo, unless ur kickback from amazon is enough to get a personal doc on retainer….

    The final moves for shoa II are almost in place.
    Nothing can stop it now

    As i said and u called me negative for. Thinking i wasnt negative n preventing it would be better.

    Hanson makes a living writing and has limitations to preserve huxley like reasonablness…. it makes sure his bread gets buttered. But unlike jonah goldberg or hanson, i never had to split hairs for eats…

    Anyone have a listvof updated meanings???

  10. neo-neocon Says:

    Artfldgr: once again, you mistake my tone.

    I know that tone is a hard thing to convey, so let me be clear: I’m well aware of the fact that hate speech is not defined by the left the way I’m defining it here, that I’m using a traditional, logical definition, and that their definition is only in terms of their favored interest groups, and that their definition is winning.

    But I am stating the true definition.

    And in fact I was going to write a much longer post that made specific reference to the Jews in Nazi Germany, and the fact that one of the first steps against them was to norm the use of hateful rhetoric against them. But the post got too long; I’m in a hurry today. I also assume most of my readers are not unaware of the historical precedents.

    It is impossible to spell out every connection and every historical precedent. The majority of people here get the gist of it by now, believe me.

  11. expat Says:


    I agree with your 2:09 comment. Also too many conservatives think that espousing the right principles can replace competence. I am basing this on comments made on other blogs. There is so much ranting and raving that it must frighten middle of the road people who aren’t political junkies. I even read somewhere today that Paul Ryan can be removed from the list of conservatives.

  12. Occam's Beard Says:

    Conservatives have a fundamental, perhaps insuperable, problem: we’re proposing things that are tough to do, and involve sacrifice and the ability to delay gratification. In short, we’re proposing the policies of grownups.

    That’s never popular with people who lack much character.

  13. Steve Says:

    The left’s thinking is stuck in the 1960s. They probably think karma is with them and against white men. If they are succeeding, they should be grateful, modest and forgiving. However they act like victors in war and as if the gains for women and minorities were obtained by force instead of by cooperative consent. Obama will try to continue the game by playing up class warfare. Maybe he’ll push the idea that we should close loopholes for rich people before making any spending cuts. But who benefits from loopholes? The well-to-do blue states. Payback is a bitch.

  14. parker Says:

    OC, you hit the mark. What needs to happen, but will not happen until there is no other choice, definitely requires sacrifice.

  15. holmes Says:

    Reality in the form of a fiscal meltdown could change all of this, or it could actuallyin run people into the hands of a leftist strongman. I really have no inkling which way the country would actually go at that point.

  16. Steve Says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the next weeks. Dems are already on board with Republicans about not raising taxes on the middle class. If Republicans insist on deep spending cuts before agreeing to raise the debt limit, Obama will likely demand closing of loopholes that favor the rich. Republicans should take aim at loopholes that affect the wealthy in blue states. The hypocrisy of the left will be exposed. The class warfare dynamic could suddenly stop working for the left.

  17. ziontruth Says:

    George Pal,

    The bit about the C.H.A.W.M. demographic is so spot-on. I second all the others, including our blog hostess Neo and Victor David Hanson, in noting how all the ugly truth is on the way to being laid bare. There is one awful fact that is only just now being revealed, beyond the fog of the Marxist Big Lie to the contrary: The affinity between Marxism and Nazism as ideologies. They were rivals, not opposites, and we can now see that in a new Racial Theory that would do the Nuremberg legislators proud.

    The theory puts races in two classes, oppressor and oppressed races, into whom people are born and stay all their lives; members of an oppressed race can move downward in the hierarchy if they adopt any of the thought-patterns of the oppressor races, while the converse is not possible, only expiation of one’s inborn sins is possible by wholly identifying with, and capitulating to, the oppressed races.

    Non-whites are the oppressed races in Marxist race theory, as are homosexuals. In the hierarchy of the oppressed races, the topmost place is taken by the Muslims. No, don’t tell me “Muslim” isn’t a race, I’m already aware of that; but if our Marxist betters call anti-Islam sentiments “racism,” it is because they truly believe Islam to be a race, perverse though we may think it. The grievances of the Muslim “race” trump all others, such that the homophobia of the Muslims must always get a free pass.

    Whites are natural oppressors, no matter how much of a majority they are either politically or demographically. Whites are colonists when they’re in non-white people’s countries; when non-whites swamp the whites’ countries, as in Western Europe where the white nations are truly the indigenous peoples, that’s not colonialism but multiculturalism, and any white who opposes that is a racist oppressor.

    Exceptions exist on an ad hoc basis. The whiteness of Bosniak Muslims is ignored when set against their Christian Serb “oppressors.” (Disclosure: I think the Serbs were the victims in 1992–5.) Blacks, Asians and other non-whites who dare to stray off the Marxist pigpen by thinking conservatively lose their “oppressed” status and become the worst sort of oppressors—apostates, no less. For black conservatives, their political stance whitens their skin more surely and swiftly than the late Michael Jackson’s skin treatments. As for the whites, someone born white and who’s not a homosexual or Muslim can only beg for clemency for his low birth; this he will receive by being totally, devotedly subservient to the cause of wiping out “white oppression” from the land. As for that goal, it is achieved not by treating all races as equal—the Marxists now tell us colorblindness is actually a form of racism—but by installing a Marxist regime to govern the country.

    And now for the Jews… an interesting case. From all their condemnation of Nazism and the Holocaust, you’d think Marxists were pro-Jewish. This is not so: The Holocaust is for them nothing but an excellent pretext to tar all white people with their “natural oppressor” brush. When it’s Muslims murdering Jews today, the Marxists are the first to explain how the Jews brought it on themselves. The device by means of which they escape the implications of such thinking is an ingenious one of folding particular Jews into their theory: Let Jewish nationalism, a.k.a. Zionism, be construed as a “white settler colonialism,” and from that to putting all Israel-supporting Jews, or just conservative Jews, as white oppressors is immediate.

    A lot of American Jews might fancy themselves in no danger from that new racial theory, seeing as they often support it. But the acronym J.E.W.S. stands for “Jews [are] Ever [the] World’s Scapegoats,” and like the dinosaur genes in Jurassic Part, Jew-hatred always finds a way. There were German Jewish veterans who showed their war decorations to the Nazi officials; they tore the decorations off their uniforms and shipped them to the death camps like all the rest. The Marxists have never stopped using the stereotypical Jew as the quintessential capitalist, so all the Jews thinking their bona fides of anti-capitalism, anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism would impress the Marxist officials are in for a rude awakening.

    Marxist racial theory puts whites at the lowest rung of the ladder, there to be used as caricatures of “oppressive capitalism” much like the long-forgotten wearers of top hats in Orwell’s 1984. Anyone not belonging to the C.H.A.W.M. group will be treated as virtually being one just for not toeing the Marxist line. The shared fascist and eugenicist roots of Marxism and Nazism run deep, and they will soon no longer be deniable.

  18. ziontruth Says:

    *Jurassic Park*

    That must have been a brain-fark on my park.

  19. Jan of MN Says:

    I’m still not assured that even Obama believes he’s doing what’s best for the country — he’s too unconcerned about the debt and unemployment and genuine suffering, and too obsessed with his own grandiose ambitions. I still think it’s possible he’s on a variant of the Cloward/Piven track {see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloward%E2%80%93Piven_strategy) — lurching toward chaos and exacerbating poverty and public need so it will be clearly necessary to take control, for which we will all be expected to be grateful. Would anyone notice that after order is restored he doesn’t then relinquish control?

    We are a country that is being sacrificed to satisfy the ambition and narcissism of one man.

  20. Artfldgr Says:

    But I am stating the true definition.

    True by what virtue??? I get you, but your always trying to not be. I get u understand u cant fly…. but do you know it to the point of refusing it against opposition and self doubt.

    There is no such thing as a true definition!!!!!

    So. Ipso facto, in trying to explain you illustrate.

    Your concept is only one of time and happenstance ans as i said – refusal to change w the time.

    U pick n choose….

    If its this then u call true def
    But if i jump before your living period and show obama secret service is renagade…. the original definition is archaic.

    Guess what? Your idea of true is arcaic and ur too old to think so. Anachronism….

    Why not speak caucerian english as that, by u is more true. Or why not speak german or prussian as english is from that and not latin….

    Your statement is nonsensical….

    And more so the way ur trying to use it…
    Its derived from religion. The idea of a true god and so one need not listen to the false one

    What does this concept mean when i point out the original (not’true’) meaning of nazi is nationalizers???

    True is invalid
    Original is more valid

    The original meaning is x…. but now its y and old versions are archaic….

    Ur true version seeks to be eternal
    When its as transitory as u or i am
    And when we go, it goes

    It will only survive IF the arcaic had kids and had time to teach from family

    We didnt and so it goes the way of renegado…
    1580s, “apostate,” probably (with change of suffix) from Sp. renegado, originally “Christian turned Muslim,” from M.L. renegatus, prop. pp. of renegare “deny” (see renege). General sense of “turncoat” is from 1660s. The form renegate, directly from Medieval Latin, is attested in English from late 14c.

    And soviet translated is council

    Memorizing facts is easy. Incorporating them and using them and integrating them is something different.

    I know you remember the fact.
    But its not accepted or acted upon.

    Speaking like shakespeare might be even more true
    But how many will understand you and what you really mean then.

    Right now the fbi has some interesting cases up ane since its not the true tongue of the white man, as u say, they dont understand it and r seeking the publics help.

    Ever read the of babel??
    Forget the hubris part and pay attention to what different lingo in society does and so on.

    We need todays meaning to undrrstand what thse speaking it mean….

    Its nice to know that the true meaning of cool as defined by your lifespan in time is cold, but what usefulness is that when the rest mean something else and its the lack of that meaning is critical.
    And you cant even understand them?? And they not you

    To use archaic meaning and not keep up is what becoming a dinosaur is, and what remembering what rust never sleeps is abour

    Ps on cell phone
    Hard to edit… compose

  21. Artfldgr Says:

    By the way….
    Its like a renaisance festival set in the middle of last century!!!

    Wot ho… me thnketh that this way to talketh is the true way
    So get thee anon and speak this way sirrah or this skyver will bandy thy meaning about.

    Its westworld, midevil world, roman world….
    With the newest attraction, the war era world…

    Dont forget to dress and talk period for you anachronism..


  22. Artfldgr Says:

    It is impossible to spell out every connection and every historical precedent. The majority of people here get the gist of it by now, believe me.

    Would you like to be rescued by somekne who has the gist and not the details???

    In fact, they love gists as they negate details that PROVE or win the debate.

    In courtvwould u argue gist to win or specifics. Why?

    The gistcofchate hides the specificity

    Be on the lookout for a mean black man
    Be on the lookout for a dark skinned man in blue shirt, baggie pants w a tatoo of a clown on his earlobe

    Which of the two will lead somewhere???

    I guess the gistcas thatvis what the news does to bury details that matter

    To say that there was hatred for jews there
    And hatred of whites here does not reveal the SAME METHODOLOGY and process. Nor does it offer a plce to hold on and counter.

    Ie is this the same process being repeated???
    The gist wont tell you any more than the gist would help catch the man described above

    The gist makes you dislike all gate
    And then you hate haters as you have no details to dicern.

    Just think of what could be done if we did not do that

    Gist is a losers academic thing..
    Close enough for government work
    And hides incompetence, ignorance, prevents being wrong, hides process, assumes understaning that is not there (u even say so), and leaves the new in the dark and alienates

    If we could have shown paralel details
    We could show the process being repeated by the children of the men that worked with hitler…. and stalin…and mao and shek…

    A diamond cutter cant crack a diamond with gist

    gist (n.) 1711, “the real point” (of a law case, etc.), from Anglo-Fr. legalese phrases, e.g. cest action gist “this action lies,” meaning “this case is sustainable by law,” from O.Fr. gist en “it consists in, it lies in” (third person singular present indicative of gésir “to lie”), from L. iacet “it lies.” Extended sense of “essence” first recorded 1823.

    Got the gist now???

  23. Steve Says:

    Jan of MN, I wonder if Obama will not be irrelevant in the upcoming negotiations over spending and the debt limit. Taxes are off the table. Obama may ask for the moon again, but the Senate fiscal cliff negotiations show that the reality is different than his rhetoric. For years dems railed against the Bush tax cuts. Now they made them permanent for all but the top 1%. If Obama demands tax loopholes be closed, will dems agree if it means a major ‘real’ hit to people living in blue states? I may be wrong but I think Republicans are in the driver’s seat not dems.

  24. Don Carlos Says:

    Demagoguery has its hands on the wheel, Steve, and will not let go. Ever. Republicans will be the drivers??
    Dream on.
    85 voted for the just-passed, while 151 voted against; and all 172 House Dems voted for.
    But while you dream, prepare for the worst. Because it is coming.

  25. expat Says:

    I just picked up this link from Poweline. It’s worth a read.


  26. rickl Says:

    ziontruth Says:
    January 2nd, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Excellent summation. It’s called Critical Race Theory, and it’s rampant in the modern university.

    I think it may go a long way towards explaining why so many young white people supported Obama.

    And it ties directly into the efforts to discredit the Constitution as well as the Founders.

  27. Artfldgr Says:

    here is the point now i am home and can look up what i need to look up… 🙂

    your “true meaning” is whats called an Etymological fallacy….


    The etymological fallacy is a genetic fallacy that holds, erroneously, that the present-day meaning of a word or phrase should necessarily be similar to its historical meaning.

    This is a linguistic misconception.

    An argument constitutes an etymological fallacy if it makes a claim about the present meaning of a word based exclusively on its etymology. This does not, however, show that etymology is irrelevant in any way, nor does it attempt to prove such.

    A variant of the etymological fallacy involves looking for the “true” meaning of words by delving into their etymologies, or claiming that a word should be used in a particular way because it has a particular etymology.

    A similar concept is that of false friends.

    An etymological fallacy becomes possible when a word has changed its meaning over time. Such changes can include a shift in scope (narrowing or widening of meanings) or of connotation (amelioration or pejoration). In some cases, meanings can also shift completely, so that the etymological meaning has no evident connection to the current meaning


    The word hound originally simply meant “dog” in general. This usage is now archaic or poetic only, and hound now almost exclusively refers to dogs bred for the chase in particular.

    The meaning of a word may change to connote higher status, as when knight, originally “servant” like German Knecht, came to mean “military knight” and subsequently “someone of high rank”.

    Conversely, the word knave originally meant “boy” and only gradually acquired its meaning of “person of low, despicable character”.

    The word lady derives from Old English hlæf-dige (“loaf-digger; kneader of bread”), and lord from hlafweard (“loaf-ward; ensurer, provider of bread”). No connection with bread is retained in the current meaning of either word.

    in essence and nuance what i am trying to illustrate that your not getting is the difference between rainman, and others…

    rainman memorized information, could spit out the facts, and do calendar math… we think him amazing… but what he could not do was integrate the knowledge, make it part of him in a usable way, and so on.

    so he could memorize things beyond what almost everyone on the planet could do… but he could not dress himself… because that knowledge was just facts, not integrated…

    so now can we get into state hate as a process to control people is different than two kids hating each other at the sand box?

    given that i just read above that marxism and nazism were not the same, i dont think you readers know what you want to think they know.

    by the way, in all the years i have shown the info on affirmative action, only 4 or so people knew it. i have yet to meet more.. so unless those 4 are here, people DON’T actually know those details, as our society no longer is as homogeneous as it was when you were young (the changes had already started when i was young).

    if we knew that naxism meant nationalizers, we would not be so happy to have another nationalizer in office..

    if we knew that a council was a soviet, we would not be so happy with all the councils and committees being created and being illegally delegated law powers (as in soviet russia)…

    but since we dont know..
    and we dont hammer it in every day at any opportunity

    guess what?

    we lose..

    because they do exactly that in hammering the lie…

    to counter the big lie is to wear your self out for the rest of your life stating the same thing over and over again at any opportunity. or else the big lie wins.

    note that the big lie is that white men are responsible for the ills
    and that they are natural oppressors and slavers.

    but yet, they are the only ones who abolished slavery, which still exists everywhere else, but hidden from those who stopped it in case they get upset and act again.

    the whole of it is lost because hose who have to fight wont.
    blacks have ot fight their own, and women have to fight their own

    if us white guys do the womens work this time, we are oppressors
    if us white guys do the race work this time, we are oppressors

    so the ONLY people that can save this, are the others who are waiting to be saved by the people who dont want to be oppressors and refuse to act to prevent proving they are.

    the men have been standing on the side waiting for those non feminist

    women you always refer to to actually get off their asses and fight the much fewer number winning..

    if traditional women wait for their oppressor providers to act, they lose.

    Catch 22 for the white men..

    to save society is to prove the negative point and so prove the crime.
    to stand apart is to prove the negative point by lack of defense
    and all because of a catch 22 where the people who have to act, wont.

    and you thought i was being negative
    i wasnt..
    i was being determinate…

    give me other info, and the answer would have been different
    do note that such a gease put on someone can cause them to put their head up their arses and shut up rather than determine a future that is negative if things dont change.

  28. Steve Says:

    Don Carlos, I think the jig is up for the dems. I don’t see that voting for the tax rate increase is a defeat. Dems have been arguing (demagoguing) for a long time that the Bush tax cuts were bad policy. If they really believed this then going over the cliff made a lot of sense. We’d have Clinton’s tax rates and a major cut in defense spending. What did they do? They made the tax cuts permanent for all but the top 1 or 2%. So much for that argument. The deficit is largely untouched. So if they were reluctant to raise taxes on all but the very rich how do they propose to reduce the deficit? They can raise revenue by closing loopholes (tax reform) or by cutting entitlements. I think these are their only two options.

  29. Mr. Frank Says:

    I’ve been waiting for white females to figure out that the white males who are being bashed in the dominant culture are their sons, brothers, fathers or husbands.

  30. jon baker Says:

    Remember circa 1990’s the press started talking about WASPs in negative terms..those evil White Anglo-Saxon Protestants….

  31. JeremiadBullfrog Says:

    Artfldgr– TL:DR, LOL!

    Everyone else– RE:
    ziontruth Says:
    January 2nd, 2013 at 4:13 pm
    Excellent summation. It’s called Critical Race Theory, and it’s rampant in the modern university.
    I think it may go a long way towards explaining why so many young white people supported Obama.

    I’ve spent a lot of time in a big city university lately, and in a lot of classes with very diverse student bodies. It is ALWAYS the whitest white kids (er…young adults) who bring up/apologize preemptively for “Western culture” or not “understanding” those of different races. It’s kind of sickeningly pathetic.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s very important to understand other cultures and keep tabs on one’s own. But it’s the thoughtless, broad-brush, knee-jerk quality of these statements that gets me. “Oh, I’m one of YOU! Don’t mistake me for one of THEM!”

  32. Sean Says:

    @Mr Frank: Don’t hold your breath.

  33. rickl Says:

    JeremiadBullfrog Says:
    January 2nd, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    “White Guilt” is going to get us all killed if we don’t snap out of it ASAP.

    I know of no other race that is taught to feel guilt and shame about its own history and culture. Quite the opposite. Other races are encouraged to feel pride and even bravado, no matter how unearned and unwarranted it may be.

  34. Ben Says:

    I think the problem with the Left in general and Obama in particular is that they are driven by utopianism. They want to create their version of heaven on earth, and damn the consequences or whether the vision can even be translated into reality. They have a vision inspired by academic theory that completely ignores reality or human nature, and they are determined to put it into effect. If a few people are financially ruined or starve to death in service of the agenda, they simply view that as to cost of getting to utopia (with them in charge, of course). They have empathy for their fellow man in abstract, but not in concrete terms. Because they KNOW their utopia would be best for the poor, it does not matter what actual effect their “reforms” have on real poor people. This utopian vision is what I fear most of all. I don’t know how this will all end, but I am deeply worried that it will end badly. Just look at the French Revolution (the reverberations of which are STILL being felt), for example. Like Humpty Dumpty, once the social compact is shattered, it can never be put back together.

  35. Sangiovese Says:

    Before starting my business, I worked for a very large corporation. Everyone would recognize the name. It rhymes with Victrola. There were “Business Councils” for every possible group outside of white males. People who fit certain demographics were encouraged to join their Business Councils, where they would rub elbows with top management and perform community services to further their particular group’s agenda. Diversity and Inclusion were stressed throughout the company. Hiring decisions were made based on a quota system. Promising members of the chosen classes were given preferential opportunities to advance.

    But this big company forgot the true purpose of any business.
    Serve the customer better than the competition and make a profit while doing it. Losses mounted, the company sold itself off in pieces and spun off divisions. It’s now a shadow of its former self. But hey, they celebrated diversity! That’s what counts!

    Not suggesting that only white males know how to run a company. So don’t take it that way. I knew, and know, plenty of non white non males who can run rings around me and most males in the business world. They earned and deserved every promotion. I’m only suggesting that a heavy focus on leftist ideals as a substitute for basic business principles will do a company in eventually.

    And the same will happen to our country.

  36. It Ain’t Over « Blogs For Victory Says:

    […] The left, flush with victory last year, is intent upon destroying us.  Believing that the nation has permanently changed in their direction, the left wants us to shut up and go away.  Neo-Neocon puts it succinctly: […]

  37. fjk Says:

    And what is the only group without legal redress for perceived harms. and what is the only group where it is perceived that accomplishment and skill is the only path to success.

  38. Tedd Says:

    I agree that some of the recent rhetoric is concerning. But, perhaps because I’m not American and don’t live in the U.S., I don’t understand the degree of angst or jubilation (depending on one’s perspective) that has accompanied the most recent election. Obama’s victory is nothing like the spanking that Reagan gave the Democrats in 1980. And, when you take into consideration the “bounce” that Obama undoubtedly got just from being black, and the “bounce” he most likely got from a largely supportive mainstream media, it’s actually a pretty weak result.

    Is there really a good reason to believe that the election results indicate a significant shift in the U.S. political climate? It seems to me that a pretty good case could be made that values not represented by the Democratic Party made a pretty good account of themselves, all things considered.

  39. rickl Says:


    The problem is that the Left is hell-bent on ramming Communism down our throats, whether we like it or not.

    That is a recipe for civil war, as I have been saying since 2008.

  40. Photoguy Says:

    I agree with Tedd. A 51 percent popular vote victory with the media all but giving themselves hernias carrying Obama over the finish line hardly translates into a towering victory for progressivism.
    Add to that the fact Obama won — barely — by a smaller popular vote margin of victory than he won the first time, and it’s clear we’re looking at a declining cult of personality.
    In four years, Obama is going to be gone. How many Democrats are going to be willing to throw their own careers down the toilet following Obama’s class war instincts against their own wealthy supporters?

  41. Exurban Says:

    Some posters are lamenting the tendency of young people to vote Democrat. Are they aware that a majority of whites aged 18-29 voted for Romney? As did a majority of white women as a group? This little-discussed phenomenon has been covered here on a leftist website and here on a conservative blog.

  42. New Class Traitor Says:

    @ben: see Thomas Sowell, “The quest for cosmic justice” which makes that exact point. As does, indirectly, “Vision of the anointed” by the same author.

  43. parker Says:

    “In some ways the anti-white-man rhetoric that has become standard and acceptable lately is the worst sign of all.”

    It is a dangerous move on their part to start a race war. None of my ancestors owned slaves, they were poor farmers and hunters trying to scratch out a living in the hills of Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee. No white guilt in my DNA. I deeply resent being labeled a racist for criticizing BHO, and sorry guys, but you need to knock on someone else’s door for a handout. I owe you nothing. Take your race-class war to a different neighborhood, some place in Detroit or Chicago where you actually are treated like a second class citizen. So grow up and be responsible members of your community, or continue the senseless slaughter of your ‘brothers’.

    Stepping off soapbox. Goodnight. School resumes tomorrow.

  44. rickl Says:

    I just noticed that you got Instalanched, neo. Way to go!

  45. Steve Skubinna Says:

    What puzzles me is that if white males are as violent and dangerous as depicted, why the left is bent on goading them (well, us, me being one of those vile specimens)? They tiptoe around the issue of Islamist terrorism, constantly afraid of giving grievance however slight, and yet call down threats of imprisonment, anal rape, and execution for NRA members.

    It betrays either a gross obtuseness (which I would not discount) or a cynical knowledge that they are picking on a safe target which can be marginalized with relative impunity.

  46. parker Says:

    “… a safe target which can be marginalized with relative impunity.”

    Out of 4+ million NRA members, not to mention millions of others who belong to GAO, JPFO etc., they will find at least a million who will not surrender. My wife knows that I’m going wild in the Rockies should confiscation come. My fingers will not be the only cold dead fingers. I can still shoot better than 80% of their jackbooted goons and at much greater distances. I don’t want to go down that road but I will do so if necessary. Tuck fhem. You will not take away the future of my grand children without a fight.

    And, I also know how to slit throats with my http://tinyurl.com/a9t8z54. Tuck fhem. I spent nearly 8 years practicing in my jujutsu days before switching to aiki jujutsu. I revel in the one on one tussle. Its over in 3 seconds of I am slipping way below my standards. I may be approaching 65 but I’ve got plenty of juice left in these veins.

    I am beyond youthful machismo so I’m not puffing or strutting. I am simply cocked and locked and confident of my 64 year old abilities. Tuck fhem.

  47. beverly Says:

    Ultimate WASP here! and damned proud of it.

    The crowd who despise us don’t show me too much, if you know what I mean. The more they scream and yammer and strut and pose, the less impressed I am with their antics.

    I Do resent being pushed toward reciprocal animosity, but I’m gettin’ there. . . . and I’m not alone. As Dorothy Sayers once said, “the Englishman is a patient creature,” but he Has His Limits. Don’t make us go Anglo-Saxon on your ass.

    Also, a Lot of white females have noticed that it’s our men who are being demonized, trust me.

  48. Eric R. Says:

    A civil war is almost certainly going to be the outcome. How bloody it will be depends on whether the leftists can let the South go peacefully this time, or insist on crushing them in order to be under their Marxist tyrannical boots.

    My guess is that it will be the latter.

    The upcoming civil war will make Syria’s look like child’s play.

  49. SteveH Says:

    I’m coming around as a white male to appreciate the incredible lineage i’ve come from. We’re talking about a demographic so competent and successful that the whole world now sees it fit to handicap us in some form or fashion for themselves to have a shot.

    I’m flattered and honored. And pretty darn confident that competence will once again win the day.

  50. TAKirk Says:

    “Openly up the ante.” After Newtown people I considered friends blasted me for passing along an article about having a police presence in our schools. One implied that I am “insane, unwise and unchristian.” Their sanctimony is a kind of sickness, no? And I think they believe I’ll just put up with it.

  51. beejeez Says:

    Jesus, what a bunch of crybabies and drama queens. For all your contempt for the “victim mentality,” what else are you doing but encouraging exactly that among yourselves?

    Look, white males have had a couple centuries now of barely and rarely obstructed sway in all matters American and have accumulated a vast advantage in the distribution of the nation’s wealth and natural resources. If you think this does not constitute a massive head start in the opportunities and perks you enjoy in your own life you are probably beyond hope of understanding the world.

    And could you please lighten up on the we’re-becoming-a-Marxist-dictatorship bullshit? Every other democracy in the world chugs along with a far more liberal government/economy than ours and their people usually are too busy enjoying their low-cost health care, early retirements and long vacations to throw ideological hissy fits all the time.

  52. Gray Siqh Says:

    Crime is out of control in black-controlled jurisdictions. If you are white or asian, you want to stay away from those no-go zones, or you may end up dead or worse.

    The anti-achievement bias of the modern leftist activist crowd is too often is expressed in violent acts against those who are perceived to be members of “privileged classes.”

    Things are apt to get a bit chaotic now that The One is ensconced on his throne for the foreseeable future.

  53. Phelps Says:

    This country is full of Dangerous Old Men like parker. Men like Samuel Whittemore at Lexington. It’s full of Dangerous Young Men like the Oathkeepers. Because they know how terrible war is, they avoid it as long as possible. The left, in its ignorance and idiocy, perceives this as weakness.

    It’s going to be a frightening day when the left is forced to see how wrong they were in their assessment.

  54. Jeff Jefferson Says:

    Whites or Christians or whatever this persecuted group would call itself needs to use the left’s tactic and make up a word to call this abuse. It cannot be a word like “reverse racism” or “eliminationist rhetoric.” It needs to be a word on parallel with “anti-Semite” or “homophobe” that would create a victim group status, so that whenever an example of it occurs, they can throw that victim card and silence the haters.

  55. Artfldgr Says:

    Mr Frank…
    For that to happen they would have to be as smart
    Affirmative action proves the validity of IQ

    In essence, the left targeted them for the very stupidity u point out!!!! And calls them geniuses for it, pats them on the head, and gives them 30 pieces of silver to pay for their betrayal of their own progeng after first taking it from them in taxes.

    They taxed womens work to get money to bribe them into sekf extermination.

    Meanwhile they are more racist, sexist (see article on swearing in today), not as able, and on and on

    If it wasnt for the state to beatcpeople up and destroy lives, few would claim otherwise.

    I am still waiting for the all woman company that runs circles. But without a man to attack, they cant even manage together!!!! They turn on each other.

    Rolling stone together how long??
    Name one woman’s group that has lasted…
    Heck.. even in marriage… they cant stick to it!!!

    As far as I can tell
    What binds them is negativity
    Which is why the left plays them

    Ifcthey were not so in love with the negative, and insatiable (never happy), and focused on “the me of me”, the left would not be able to turn them against their own lives.

    The unborn are the future of nothing…

    Western women now are self supporting harem whores for the wealthy. Now the elite men dont have to woory she is a priggish prude, as she thinks an al fisting is an expression of love….. (care to see the sex ed pamplet?)

    The men have come around…
    The smartest w most potential refuse to bother much and have fun tigetber. Losers who r cute and abusive have the kids… and the best cathes are being taken by the asians..

    In fact. Read stuff from the trenches…
    They r peeved that the yellow fever (race derogatory reborn) is poaching the losers they were going to settle with after they did dallas and other cities…

    Who wants a dirty commonly diseased person who is settling for u and malcontents about existing and never happy (and abusive)

    Add to it they think they r so great that it takes a show like cougar town to distract them from the cliff thelma and louise are driving over.
    And they r taking the other women with themv too.
    Safer not to look in the barrel of bad apples for a goid one when there are more good ones in china who outnumber tge wholecpopulation.

    In fact
    What i see is they wrote themselves out if existence and their men have adapted!!!!! The men have “gone there own way”

    Funny but u try to tell them and they deny it!!!
    Bith sides for different reasons

    Remember… its not desease, bad ideas, bad mothering, abandonment of famiky to strangers advise, law in the livingroom and hate

    Its that we just dont like strong women and have.t gotten laid!!!!!

  56. Artfldgr Says:

    To photoguy and tedd

    What do they call the man who graduates last in class at medical school???


    Win is win… everything else is leveraging that for more

    Which is also a form of winning if it works

  57. Artfldgr Says:


    The richest man who ever lived was a black man
    How did that advantage work out

    Blacks had the planet to themselves before white ever existed…. what happened to that advantage???

    My family is ex soviet and i am old enough to remember when the bs u spout was created…..

    Your whole thesis rests on false points that are untrue

    I slept on a park bench to go to school
    I met no blacks sleeping on other benches waiting to go to school. I gave up my childhood to get to bronx science so that some neer do well jackasd would assume we were all brits and wealth never moves.

    Nothing of your thesis would stand if it were not for ur ignorance

    You look at an acorn and are too. Stupid to see the oak tree growing because its not doing so fast enough dor ur brand of stupid to perceive it!!!!

  58. ziontruth Says:


    Yeah, just like Marxists to slap the adjective “critical” on the name of one of their rigid, unquestionable dogmas.


    “or all your contempt for the ‘victim mentality,’ what else are you doing but encouraging exactly that among yourselves?”

    Because, if you can’t beat ’em…

    “Look, white males have had a couple centuries now of barely and rarely obstructed sway in all matters American and have accumulated a vast advantage in the distribution of the nation’s wealth and natural resources. If you think this does not constitute a massive head start…”

    Success must be punished, huh?

    “And could you please lighten up on the we’re-becoming-a-Marxist-dictatorship bullshit?”

    Not with people like you spouting a doctrine of race-based wealth redistribution. You’re making the case for exactly what you’re calling “bulls***t”.

    “Every other democracy in the world chugs along with a far more liberal government/economy…”

    The nation-states of Western Europe are not chugging along, they’re dying. Dead already, from my point of view that there is no point in a nation-state if it does not protect its resident nation from internal threats—the demographic encroachment that comes from wide-scale immigration unasked for by the indigenes.

    “…and their people usually are too busy enjoying their low-cost health care, early retirements and long vacations to throw ideological hissy fits all the time.”

    Yeah, it’d be a shame for something like a conscience to get in the way of enjoying other people’s hard-earned money. /sarc

    Have at it while it lasts—right until the feast meets with cold reality, or Margaret Thatcher’s maxim, that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money. The big scandal here is how parasites like you are allowed to take down the hardworking innocents with them.

  59. ny nick Says:

    This is a parody right?

    “A goodly portion of the preening triumphalism that has followed in the wake of the 2012 election involves just this kind of hatred: towards white men, the rich, Republicans, Christians, gun owners.”

    Criticism doesn’t equal hatred okay? And the rich are oppressed? Really? This may surprise you but not all rich people think alike. There are the Romney types but there are also the Buffets and the Soros rich who support increasing their tax rates. The rest of your list is just plain silly. Gun owners? Until Sandy Hook, the left avoided gun legislation like it was a toxic chemical agent, just one touch means certain death. After Sandy Hook, the country is ready for a serious discussion about how to prevent these mass shootings. That’s not hatred, it’s common sense. Most of us are willing to accept a little self reflection occasionally. Apparently, you would rather wallow in paranoia and victimization. Good luck with that. Christians? Do you think maybe there might be some Christians who aren’t conservative Republicans? Guess what? I personally know plenty of Christians who were overjoyed at the election results. They aren’t exactly feeling the same “hatred” you’re feeling or least, not from the same source. Ah! The source. You’re not upset about hatred, you guys have no problem dishing it out. It’s only when someone returns fire that you get all misty about the unfairness of it all. You complain but you have no problem creating divisions of your own. Unions, Democrats, Muslims, all of these subsets of Americans have been demonized by the rightwing conservative movement. I’ll leave you with the words of my favorite poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

    “The only way to have a friend, is to be one”

  60. ny nick Says:

    Parker writes:

    “And, I also know how to slit throats with my http://tinyurl.com/a9t8z54. Tuck fhem. I spent nearly 8 years practicing in my jujutsu days before switching to aiki jujutsu. I revel in the one on one tussle. Its over in 3 seconds of I am slipping way below my standards. I may be approaching 65 but I’ve got plenty of juice left in these veins.

    I am beyond youthful machismo so I’m not puffing or strutting. I am simply cocked and locked and confident of my 64 year old abilities. Tuck fhem.”


    You’re already at war! At war with reality. No one is coming to take your guns. There will be no civil war. Most of us are not completely batshit crazy. I suggest you get some help before you slit the throat of some poor salesman who happens along your block.

    Oh, and if there ever was such a war, we’d just blow the shit out of you with one of our predator drones. Don’t think you’re little knife-y thing will be of much use to you then.

  61. Eric Says:

    “Oh, and if there ever was such a war, we’d just blow the shit out of you with one of our predator drones. ”

    Holy Jay-sus!!! And you wonder why some of us are “Paranoid”??

  62. SukieTawdry Says:

    By the time my working life was nearing its end, I was only interested in hiring white, heterosexual, Christian, young-to-middle-aged males. They were the only ones without official standing to sue me.

    I would advise white males of all ages, religions and sexual orientations to go Galt for about a month. In the workplace, in the home and in the community. At the end of that time, we’ll assess how things went.

    The Georgetown law prof who suggests we abandon the Constitution (except for the parts we’ll follow “out of respect”) is, I understand, a proponent of Critical Law Theory which just goes to show you white guys that it can always get worse. Think where you’ll stand when we start applying laws not on antiquated notions of constitutional rights and objectivity but based on storytelling, narrative and perception (that’s when those wise Latinas will come in handy). You’ll be dead men.

    Georgetown, btw, has an alternate curriculum (Curriculum B) for first year law students. It’s described as a liberal arts approach to the law that emphasizes how other disciplines “have had an important influence on the manner in which modern lawyers think about and practice the law.” You know, the “big picture.”

  63. rickl Says:

    Yeah, I’d feel all warm and safe after the likes of ny nick disarmed me.

    Keep pushing, dude.

  64. parker Says:

    ny nick you are too cute beyond words. Unintended consequences are a bitch.


  65. Gary Rosen Says:

    “The only way to have a friend, is to be one”

    Are you the guy who posted “Why are you wingnuts so insulting” on the Althouse blog?

  66. Gary Rosen Says:

    “Every other democracy in the world chugs along with a far more liberal government/economy than ours and their people usually are too busy enjoying their low-cost health care”

    Yeah, just imagine that crazy wingnut Sarah Palin talking about “death panels” bwahaha!

    *Very* low cost health care!

  67. Tokenism vs Diversity - First Class News - The Official Blog of First Class Process Service Says:

    […] Academia also has a problem along the same lines. Now that progressives believe that they have won and there is nothing that conservatives can do about it their true intentions and ideology are being openly broadcast. Perhaps all these outlandish views have been present all along but kept under the radar. […]

  68. Phelps Says:

    Oh, and if there ever was such a war, we’d just blow the shit out of you with one of our predator drones.

    Who is going to fly those drones? Who is going to make them? I personally know some of the guys who make and fly them. I know which side they will be on if things went that direction.

    Hint: I’m not worried about being killed by a drone.

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