January 4th, 2013


…will this be blamed on Republicans, Obama, Democrats, all three, Bush, or the Jews?

12 Responses to “So…”

  1. Artfldgr Says:

    If u blame whitey you can put them in one basket, call it westciv, claim they are genetically racist, declare them oppressors, invoke social justice, take medical care, education assistance and such from them in Germany, and watch monetary and social anemia rot them on the vine as the new improved sloe genocide…. half the calories, much lower costs, self implemented, automatic, w the same end result….
    The answer to the question of the jews
    Becamecthe same answer for the civ that contained n sheltered them

    Ie. Just as u cant take over easy w guns in peoples hands, it became obvious that you had to genocide west civ who protects them n others.

    Kill the sheep dog, get the sheep, said the fabians

    Shoa I- 12 million
    Shoa II- over 50,000,000 and still going with the victims claiming its not happening

    U go grrrrrls!!!

  2. George Pal Says:

    Why do the Illuminati, Freemasons, Jesuits, and Bilderbergers now get no mention. Have I missed the official exculpation ceremonies?

  3. southpaw Says:

    And what about the NRA? Those guys surely held a gun to somebody’s head.

  4. renminbi Says:

    It’s the Jooz and bicycle riders.

    Why the bicycle riders?

    Why the Jooz?

  5. liz Says:

    The temporary payroll tax cut occured 2 years ago, under the Obama Administration.

    So, shouldn’t the increase in the taxes be considered to be the “Obama Tax Increases”. Any tax increase that comes out of the “Affordable Care Bill” should be labeled as an “Obama Tax Increase”.

    They talk about low-information voters, so we need to educate all of them – keep repeating – the “Obama Tax Increases”.

  6. chuck Says:

    I blame it on them. Them are always up to something bad.

  7. parker Says:

    SS and medicare taxes need to be tripled at a minimum. The ‘99%’ need to pay for their entitlements.

  8. R Daneel Says:

    Bwahh-Ha-Ha! How’s that “Hope & Change” working out for you?

    Maybe “Forward” for 2012 was really ‘lean forward, we’re not done yet’?

    Or was it really “Rope & Chains”?

    AFAIAC, the voters got what they deserve, …. good and hard.

  9. M J R Says:


    “What happened?” he asked. “My paycheck just went down by an amount that I don’t feel comfortable with. I guarantee this decrease will hurt me more than the increase in income taxes will hurt those making over $400,000.”


    . . .

    Made my effin’ DAY.

  10. beverly Says:

    I wish Sean Hannity would get with it, and stop calling this the “result of the Fiscal Cliff deal.” More stupid conservative “messaging”: we should be calling EVERY FARGIN’ TAX HIKE in BO’s administration an OBAMA TAX HIKE.

    Repeat it relentlessly. Wad the gum into his hair.

  11. Sangiovese Says:

    Here’s the best part…

    The votes were taken after 1/1/13, the tax cuts had already expired and the rates had already risen. Those who voted for this bill can claim, at election time, they voted to CUT income taxes. (Technically true, even though they only restored them to previous levels, except for the $400k+ folks).

    They do not have to take blame for raising the Payroll Tax because there was never a vote to raise the Payroll tax. The tax holiday expired, the Payroll tax went up on its own and that’s that. No blood on anyone’s hands.

    Ain’t Politics grand!

  12. ziontruth Says:

    Those tweets have “Cry Me A River” written all over them. I have plenty of sympathy for the once-fooled, much less for the twice-fooled.

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