January 11th, 2013

I just noticed…

…that the word “apocalypse” has featured in the last two posts (the title of this one, and the title of the Rubin article linked in this one).

Dearie me.

Or perhaps: dreary me.

3 Responses to “I just noticed…”

  1. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Only the obtuse pretend that an apocalypse does not approach.

    The sovereign bankruptcy of America and the West is a mathematical certainty and inescapable.

    Iran’s coming acquisition of nuclear weapons shall unavoidably precipitate greatly expanded nuclear proliferation into unstable, corrupt third world regimes. Sooner rather than later, terrorist groups will get their hands on nukes and use them. US reaction will predictably devolve into a ‘Fortress America’ mentality with the resultant imposition of near-permanent martial law.

    Obama’s gutting of the American military and his stated goal of unilaterally reducing US nuclear weapons to parity with China’s(!) presages a vulnerability that China and Russia shall use to greatly expand their sphere’s of influence.

    Obama’s pro-jihadist policies shall result in the continued formation of Jihadist nation states into an Islamic alliance, a modern version of a nuclear armed Caliphate.

  2. M J R Says:

    “Who’s Next?”
    Tom Lehrer
    “That Was the Year That Was”
    1966? 65?


  3. Don Carlos Says:

    You mean it will take a nuke for the US to secure its borders?
    Federal martial law won’t require a nuke, just a pretense, and may occur toward the end of His term in 2016.

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