January 17th, 2013

Campus conservatives…

are bullied into the closet at an elite liberal college that prides itself on its atmosphere of civilized discourse—as long as you toe the party line.

13 Responses to “Campus conservatives…”

  1. Sam L. Says:

    Thou shalt not doubt the liberal leftist pieties!

  2. expat Says:

    I really like Bruce Bawer. He has the guts to say what he sees, and the credentials that protect him from being treated like Clarence Thomas or Sarah Palin–not that Thomas or Palin had no credentials, but they were not in the literary world.

  3. LisaM Says:

    In 1984, I was a young Navy wife attending school while my husband was at sea. One of the school newspaper editors wrote an editorial about how the Federal government should disband the military and give all of the money to students to pay for college. One idiotic line that I still remember referenced wasting money on “pinko killers.”

    I responded with a letter to the editor stating that one of very few functions the Constitution assigns to the Federal govt is defending the country. College, while worthwhile and an admirable undertaking, is a personal choice and should not be funded with other people’s tax dollars.

    I’ll never forget how shocked and hurt I was the day it printed when my favorite prof (Latin) sneeringly commented that he had seen it, then never spoke to me nor looked at me nor called on me again for the rest of the semester. He started marking answers wrong, and I’d have to take the book to him to prove that it was correct. In a word, I was shunned. It was a real eye opener.

  4. MollyNH Says:

    Graphic lesson huh Lisa ? More accepting, tolerent liberals from way back in 84.
    Actress Morgan Brittany has a similar story, she was doing some live theatre with Ed Asner around the Time of bush/gore. Every day Ed would grouse when was Gore gonna be declared whats the hold up ? She made an innocous remark like “Ya know Ed not everybody is as invested in Gore like you are.”
    She said he never spoke another word to her during all the engagement, just the plays dialogue !

  5. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Wow! This is a description of a segment of society where a minority is oppressed and bullied…….for their political beliefs. As Bawer points out, this is no different than the oppression and bullying of blacks, females, or gays. But it’s considered okay by these two twits that wrote the book? And considered acceptable by faculty and adminstrations at the prestigious Ivy League schools – those bastions of academic freedom? They are the new KKK and there is little opposition to them. It’s disgusting!

  6. parker Says:

    Diversity to ‘liberals’ is a tribal affair. Skin tone, gender, sexual orientation, muslim or not muslim are all that matters. Diversity of opinion is forbidden.

  7. Otiose Says:

    I enjoyed this book:


    which argues that the leftists discussed here are a tad bit mentally ill – i.e. they have childish attitudes that they never outgrew.

    In the link the references to Palin struck a chord. In the right context, if someone says something derogatory about Palin (I’m in CA so I don’t have to wait long) I really enjoy saying what I think – that of the four up for election I would have preferred her as President. She seemed the most intelligent combined with a flexible mind and a lot of common sense and ability to learn quickly. I remember reading a column in which she discussed her views on monetary issues/banking and was impressed. Someone told me she couldn’t have written that. I think she could have and if she didn’t she had the good sense to recognize workable policies -something our current holder of the office has failed to achieve.

  8. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Otiose, thanks for the link to the book by Rossiter. The reviews look very promising. It’s on my list to read.

  9. MollyNH Says:

    yeah sounds like a must read tx

  10. thomass Says:

    “elite liberal college that prides itself on its atmosphere of civilized discourse”

    all the arguments about liberal open mindedness and desire for civil discourse are circular. Liberals are the only ones who see liberals that way…

  11. Eric Says:

    The recent ROTC advocacy campaigns in the Ivy League were successful despite being opposed passionately by campus leftists.

  12. Ymarsakar Says:

    An interesting look behind enemy lines.

  13. beverly Says:

    I’m starting to come out of the closet here in Manhattan more and more. Because I’m fed up to the back teeth with the self-righteous lefty asshats. I just emailed a classics prof. whom I’ve known for many years that I’ve become an “unreconstructed g-d Goldwater Republican!” and to my amazement, he didn’t even remark on it. The friend I went to the movies with revealed that she’s an independent, not into the whole Party thing on either side (she grew up in Cambridge, Mass., so this is rather remarkable).

    I will keep doing it. Because life is too damned short to live it all under the bed, and because if we don’t speak up, who will?

    BTW, I don’t think it’s analogous to the whole civil rights thing — it’s that WE are the only ones fighting for AMERICA AS SHE WAS MEANT TO BE. Land of the FREE; home of the BRAVE.

    THEY are fighting to impose tyranny — of the soft and strangling kind. So it’s not like being “just one of a rainbow of races, all of whom are equal in God’s eyes.”

    NO. It’s about Right versus Wrong. Freedom versus Slavery. Liberty versus Tyranny. The Individual against the State.


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