January 17th, 2013

What’s the prime of life these days?

I got some spam email today that wanted me to read about the “hidden epidemic picking off Baby Boomers in their prime.”

Say what?

Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. As of this moment, that means they (I suppose I should say “we”) range from a high of 67 to a low of 48. Although there could be an argument made that, at the low end, this could be considered one’s “prime,” it’s stretching it. Certainly not in the physical sense, which is what the subject of the email appears to be.

I’m all for thinking age is just a number, you’re as old as you feel, the best is yet to come, yadda yadda yadda. But I’m well aware that it’s at least partly a mind game.

Boomers are an odd bunch. They (we?) seem to like to think that whatever age they happen to be is prime, by definition. When they were teenagers, all of a sudden it was very hip to be a teen, and teens ran the world. The 60s—well, ’nuff said. Now that they’re getting into late-middle-age (or even “old” territory), suddenly it’s “prime?”

[NOTE: I did not click on the spam link, so I can’t enlighten you as to what the “hidden epidemic” might be. But I bet that fixing it involves buying a product or a book, possibly both, perhaps on the installment plan.]

15 Responses to “What’s the prime of life these days?”

  1. wpapke Says:

    Trust me, this boomer does not feel in his prime and I neve felt I ran the world as a teen. The media made this garbage up just like they coined the term “hippie”.

  2. Occam's Beard Says:

    Prime, ripe, what’s in a word?

  3. neo-neocon Says:

    Occam’s Beard: primeness is all :-).

  4. Occam's Beard Says:


  5. vanderleun Says:


    I’m past my prime
    What a shame
    And I’m losin’ time
    Guess the old clock’s run down
    Seventeen last spring
    My, what a wasted life
    Still without a ring
    When will you be a wife?
    I’m past my peak
    You’re an early antique
    Look at this physique
    Just hear the old bones creak
    Where there was a glow
    There ain’t a glow no more
    Now the wrinkles show
    Where art Thou Romeo?

  6. vanderleun Says:

    I ask you who’s elated when you’s Methusilated
    Oh, me, oh, my
    Like a mummy underground
    When you is antiquated ors/and dejectaquated
    Oh, me, oh, my
    They’d prefers you in the round

  7. SteddieH Says:

    Well, hell…

    For being born mid-century, last century, I feel in my prime except when:

    I get up in the morning.
    Look in the mirror – anytime (don’t know how my father got there).
    Forget to take my Aleve after workouts, hiking, strenuous work.
    It’s past 11:00pm.

    Other than that – hey, I’m getting through the days.

  8. LisaM Says:

    I was born in 1960, and for the past few weeks I’ve been getting spam for dentures and senior dating sites. The dating site defines “senior” as 50+ so I guess I qualify for that, but dentures?

  9. Sharon W Says:

    Big difference between 40 and 50. Almost all my conversations these days center around issues of injury, illness or death (mostly of one’s parents). Doesn’t seem like “prime”.

  10. blert Says:

    The authors who coined the age place the cohort as running from 1943 to 1964.

    Their rationale being that those born, even in 1943, absorbed the post-war ethos just the same. Being less than 30 months old, such a tot never knew – or felt – the war.

    To be born at that time — in the US or Britain — was extremely favorable — to the tot.

    It started out as a baby drought — and ended up in a super boom.

  11. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Funny, I got the same spam. It’s in my deleted folder, so I went back and tried to find out what was killing all you Baby Boomers. Drat, no luck! In the long, long dissertation they never got around to what the sinister illness was that was killing Baby Boomers. However, I did find this at the end:
    “Volume 1: Dr. Fred’s Triple-Threat Cure: How You Can Wipe Out the Hidden Epidemic of the Baby Boomer Generation

    The real culprit behind today’s deadliest threats actually goes much, much deeper than you may realize. That’s right…there’s one sinister syndrome behind things like…

    High blood pressure
    Elevated cholesterol
    Problem blood sugar
    Bone loss
    Sexual dysfunction
    And more
    But now, thanks to Dr. Fred’s tireless pursuit for simple, effective cures, you can eliminate this hidden cause in ONE FELL SWOOP. With the three affordable, readily available nutrients you’ll ONLY learn about right here.”

    Here’s the their deal:
    “YES, Dr. Fred! I want escape the mainstream drudgery and find out just how easy it can be to get–and stay–healthy. Please send me my copy of Dr. Fred’s Exclusive Library of Shockingly Simple Healing Miracles, start my subscription to Logical Health Alternatives, and activate all of the special privileges I’m entitled to as a subscriber.

    I’ll SAVE $25 off the publisher’s price plus get 6 FREE GIFTS with my 1 Year Subscription (12 Issues) for only $37.”

    For only $37 we can all get — and stay — healthy. You are a mind reader, neo.

  12. MollyNH Says:

    I have read that the Boomers are like a pig in a python & there are so many that there will always be the urge for marketers to tap into the group, despite us losing members along the way!

  13. parker Says:

    Born in 1947, my physical abilities peaked (through extensive training) in my late 30s into my mid 40s. Currently, I’m in my emotional prime. I expect to die having never reached my intellectual prime.

    In general I am ashamed of my generation. We have cried havoc and let loose the dogs of slobbering dependence upon DC. (From the beginning DC has been the biggest threat to liberty.)

  14. Fausta Says:

    Prime, schrime. Live every day as best you can.

  15. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Dollars to donuts it’s suicide. Article at Good Men Project. Middle age. Fourth-greatest killer.
    The cause is, you will be surprised to know, societal suppression of men’s emotions.
    I really don’t know how they get that horse up and in the harness any more.

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