January 18th, 2013

Conventional leftist wisdom…

…is neither conventional nor wise. But it seems to be running the show lately.

Case in point: you mean the Muslim Brotherhood’s not a reasonable and moderate group? Who woulda thunk it?

Everyone who thought about it and did a particle of research on the matter, that’s who.

Probably half of those espousing the “moderate Muslim Brotherhood” line were stupid. Half were ignorant. And half knew it wasn’t true and were pushing the “moderate” meme for their own reasons.

And yeah, I know that adds up to 150%. There’s some overlap there.

16 Responses to “Conventional leftist wisdom…”

  1. Occam's Beard Says:

    And there’s the 1% who started that meme who are neither stupid nor ignorant, but advanced it because they thought they saw an opportunity to weaken America.

    One cannot predict the leftists’ views based on any other consideration than which side America is on, they’re against. Communist atheist supporting a theocratic movement makes no sense, unless one takes into account that that theocratic movement hates and opposes us, and means to do us harm. Just like the Reds.

  2. Occam's Bearded Lady Says:

    “Muslim Brotherhood’s not a reasonable and moderate group?” Baby, they can change. They can change. Just keep an eye on that shit, just just keep an eye on that shit.

  3. thomass Says:

    “There’s some overlap there.”

    They do love their doublethink.

  4. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    There is the mendacious left, of whom there are relatively few and the naive idealism and gullibility of the liberal masses.

    The left views America’s conservative right as a far greater obstacle to the furtherance of its agenda than it does radical Islamists. They are correct in that assessment.

    ‘Fundamental transformation’ of America is the critical goal. Once achieved, all things are possible, including the great goal, the perfectibility of mankind. The creation of a utopia on earth in which the fittest rule, benevolently when possible, over the rest.

    When belief in a just creator to whom one is ultimately accountable is abandoned, it always, as it must, devolves into the same old story; tyranny exercised for their own good, it has ever been the same justification and rationalization.

    The left is gambling that it can take America past its tipping point into radical leftism before Islam becomes too great a threat and, if a few American cities are lost to WMD attacks, it will merely be collateral damage, the regrettable price needed to get to the end sought. The left recognizes that radical jihadist nation states like Iran lack the industrial base to ever seriously challenge the West and if they ever become annoying enough they can be decisively dealt with, while eventually, reeducation camps will deal with the domestic factor.

    Many liberals, the left’s useful idiots, view appeasement as the only rational response to violent aggression.

    The left has and continues to use liberal’s naive idealism and gullibility to further its agenda.

    That naive idealism and gullibility doesn’t allow for realistic appraisal of the threat from radical Islam and denial is necessary to maintain liberal’s beliefs.

    That denial is very reminiscent of the denial of many German Jews when confronted by Hitler.

    Many will go to tomorrow’s version of the gas chambers declaiming loudly that “its all a mistake”.

  5. Charles Says:

    “And yeah, I know that adds up to 150%. There’s some overlap there.”

    Nope, Neo, you’re just using Leftist math.

  6. parker Says:

    Oh my, the left is wrong about something just when I thought they were ruling by divine right.

  7. parker Says:

    Meanwhile, Hillary has announced the reopening of ties with the Somali ‘government’. Gee, a dialogue with barking mad Islamists, warlords, and pirates; how quaint.

  8. Rose Says:

    I think we need to start teaching classes on recognizing propaganda – how to spot the double speak – whether it’s “Riverkeeper” or Ben&Jerry’s or Obama, or Hillary, or even the foreign propagandists themselves, whose words so clearly match our domestic propagandists, you have to figure they’re drawing from the same Think Tank. Lovely turns of phrases, “For the CHILDREN” being only the most blatant, must be called out for what they are, and kids growing up need to know what to look for, just like we taught them how to spot the sugar-coated cereal advertisements.

  9. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    Children aren’t being taught today. They’re being indoctrinated. They’re being fed the kool-aid in elementary school and even kindergarten. Six yr old boys, playing cowboys and indians or cops and robbers with fingers pointed as if holding a gun are being suspended.

  10. thomass Says:

    Rose Says:

    “I think we need to start teaching classes on recognizing propaganda”

    Good idea.

  11. Mr. Frank Says:

    Rose said: I think we need to start teaching classes on recognizing propaganda – how to spot the double speak

    They used to teach that in schools as logical fallacies. I think because of the Nazis and commies American schools taught about propaganda and logical fallacies in the post war period.

  12. Ymarsakar Says:

    “Probably half of those espousing the “moderate Muslim Brotherhood” line were stupid.”

    Evil alliances have always needed cannonfodder for their own purposes. If they find themselves with a bomb strapped on em and sent out to die for the cause, with the trigger held by the guy miles away who sent him…. well that’s their own fault.

    It’s not possible to have evil without human agents doing most of the work.

    Partially, the reason why the Left allies itself with Islamic terrorists isn’t political but ideological. The Left believes women and other minorities should be kept controlled, same with blacks, Jews, and white gun armed Republicans. The Islamic terrorists believe the same, except their groups are a bit different in terms and how they control them, different as well. They stone homosexuals, whereas the Left makes homosexuals afraid, while on the other hand, building up a black contingency in the urban cities.

  13. carl in atlanta Says:

    Rose Says:

    “I think we need to start teaching classes on recognizing propaganda”

    There is a very good case study available to us right now: Consider the way Hillary Clinton bent over backwards to conceal the fact that Benghazi involved terrorism ( per Clinton, it was a “spontaneous reaction” to that “despicable video which we had NOTHING to with!”). Now compare that to her repeated and emphatically characterizing the Algerian kidnapping incident this week as TERRORISM!

    Question for Rose’s “Propaganda 101” class: What accounts for the difference in Ms. Clinton’s statements?

  14. Sam L. Says:

    The left lies to us to get what they want, or to obscure what they want. I understand that’s OK for Islamists because it’s in the Koran.

  15. ziontruth Says:

    Geoffrey Britain,

    “The left is gambling that it can take America past its tipping point into radical leftism before Islam becomes too great a threat…”

    When I was young and naive (give or take a decade ago), thinking Marxists could somehow still be persuaded by reason, I thought it might help to point out their double standards to them, to wedge them out of their hypocrisy. I used to say, “You justify suicide-terrorism against Israel on the grounds that it was born in the Original Sin of stealing land. Since you believe this about the United States of America also, why is it you don’t support American Indian suicide-terrorists?” I got the usual evasions and no real answers, let alone working a change in my adversaries’—ahem—thinking.

    Over the years I realized that was the wrong question, even without the motives I’d had for asking it. The answer is they don’t support American Indian suicide-terrorists because there aren’t any. The proper question is whether they’d support them in theory, and here the answer is not only a clear “Yes,” it’s a “Yes” verified by facts not theory: The Muslim suicide-terrorists fill the role the Marxists would love to see American Indians take but which the latter don’t (because suicide-terrorism is an Islamic speciality, and the American Indians in the U.S. of A. don’t see a hope in taking upon the country by themselves again). Fake-Indian Ward Churchill was the most forthright in his evocation of the view that the Muslims are the proxy avengers for Whitey’s “Original Sin,” but all Progressive Leftists believe so even if they aren’t as honest about it.

    Yes, yes, I know: It’s all a pretext, and when a Marxist state like the old U.S.S.R. trampled upon native peoples’ rights in a gargantuan feast of expansionism and settlement, the Hard Left didn’t and still doesn’t have a word to say about that. Still, even a hypocritical aggressor needs a justification, if only to himself, for his attacks on the designated enemy, and this is how it works. While it is clear the Muslims will devour their useful idiot allies once successful, the Marxist Left cannot do without them as the generators of the violence they need to serve as their platform for grabbing more power, and so this unholy alliance is sealed even if the moth knows it’s dealing with a flame. For their part, the Muslims need the Left’s rhetoric in which to couch their imperialist aggression, which in raw form would set the entire infidel world against them.

  16. n.n Says:

    They thought the same of criminals, including: murders, rapists, pedophiles. They thought they could reform them and these delinquents would live exemplary lives. They condemned people who were skeptical of their unsupported claims. They were wrong and to save ego they are punishing their skeptics with poorly conceived policies including limiting Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

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