January 18th, 2013

Dog bites man…

…and Politifact’s designated “Lie of the Year” (by Mitt Romney) turns out to have been true.

8 Responses to “Dog bites man…”

  1. southpaw Says:

    Well as you said, Americans got what they wanted. Look for more of the same as BO Care new regulations start kicking in.

  2. Doom Says:

    I have a pseudo-conservative friend, now that you mention it, who needs to be informed of this. He thought it was a lie when he first heard it, and denigrated the notion. I did believe it, mostly because it seemed plausible, and who was supporting the notion. Actually, he thought part of the reason, later, that the election was lost was because of “lies” like this one. He didn’t think trying to pull the wool over the eyes of workers and insiders who knew better was a good call. Hehe… Yeah, well. I’m satisfied. I hope those workers who didn’t believe it, and industry insiders, and voted for Zero, are looking for a job, too.

  3. csimon Says:

    So glad you posted this. And I knew — after reading the same Forbes article Romney had, that this was true. I drive a Jeep (love it, but I was none too happy to have been buying from Chrysler at the time just based on principle — but as I said, loved the car)

    Obama GAVE part of Chrysler to Fiat for NOTHING! Zero dollars! The formal explanation was that they “bought” half the company by promising to share their proprietary intellectual property — knowledge of how to build small cars (which few Americans want and that is reason they don’t buy them now!).

    Part ot that deal, was an opportunity for Fiat to buy the rest of the company (with money and/or real shares of stock) later on, which they decided to do, on top of investing huge sums in the company which it could not have continued without.

    For these reasons, it was a no brainer when Sergio Marchionne stood by his benefactor, Obama, during the election and lied to cover the real facts up, and help Obama & Co. to shred Romney yet again — based on lies, more iies, most lies!.

  4. Ymarsakar Says:

    The power of the Left knows no bounds.

    Those who thought otherwise, will eventual realize the folly of trusting in evil to do good.

    Until one has broken the back of the Left’s power base, elections mean absolutely nothing.

  5. M of Hollywood Says:

    I have joined the ranks of Obama supporters IN THAT I DO NOT FOLLOW THE NEWS. No one but a few will know this – or care. Happy New Year everyone.

  6. n.n Says:

    They successfully manipulated perception of reality. The people who accepted their claims on faith have long since found other articles to distract them.

  7. Smock Puppet, 10th Dan Snark Master and Gender Bïgǒt Says:

    I love THIS weaselword crap in it:

    Now one could argue—and I suspect many pro-free trade, pro-globalization conservatives would make this argument—that expanding production overseas is good for Jeep, and what’s good for Jeep in the long-run is ultimately good for the jobs they sustain in the U.S. job market. And if you dig deep into the PolitiFact ruling, that’s their essential objection to Mitt Romney’s ad: It implies that it would be better for Jeep to create more jobs in the U.S. in the short-term, instead of expanding overseas production. So in the end, PolitiFact’s beef with the Romney ad was an entirely argumentative disagreement about what course of action Jeep should take, not a factual objection to Romney’s true statement that Jeep was going to start building cars in China.

    “False but accurate” indeed.

    He then even weasels back on THAT right afterwards:

    However, disagreeing about the implications of manufacturing Jeeps in China doesn’t justify calling Romney a liar for accurately stating Jeeps would be manufactured in China. PolitiFact didn’t even dispute that, and even conceded the “Lie of the Year” was built on a “grain of truth.” Rather, PolitiFact explicitly argued producing Jeeps in China is a good thing

    These bastards are better tap dancers than Fred Astaire when it comes to political bovine excreta distribution.

  8. Ymarsakar Says:

    Most of these propaganda talking heads can be defeated with a keen sword to the neck. Not sure what talking will do in the long term though.

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