January 18th, 2013

Rescue 911: toddler plunge

Here’s another in my series of old “Rescue 911” segments.

I notice that these haven’t gotten much commentary here. I don’t know how many of you watch them, but I continue to find them fascinating as well as incredibly moving. I think one of the reasons is that, whenever possible, the show used the real people (the ones originally involved) in their re-enactments.

If you never watched the program you wouldn’t know that, and it may mean nothing to you anyway. But, having seen very many of these segments, I’ve long found it interesting how good most of the re-enactments are—how realistic, and how profoundly moving.

This one is no exception. My theory is that, for the non-actors involved, the re-enactment functions as a sort of psychodrama in which they’re not exactly acting but are instead actually reliving at least some of their original feelings, and that accounts for the series’ believability and power.

5 Responses to “Rescue 911: toddler plunge”

  1. carl in atlanta Says:

    I’ve seen parts of this show a few times but always seem to tune in well after the show has started.

    I just watched this one. Pretty damned intense. Plus, these folks all seemed very familiar to me culturally (good ol’ Scots Irish southerners) so I liked that as well. That older man makes a great hero; the Dad as well. That little boy is very lucky to be alive.

    Very rare to see southerners depicted these days as the good, decent, intelligent folks they are. They’re (we’re) among the last — if not the last — of the “unprotected” minorities in America. That’s why I always thank God for folks like Fred Thompson, Billy Bob Thornton, Tommy Lee Jones and (even though I despise his politics), James Carville. Julia Roberts too!

  2. expat Says:

    I like your videos. It’s kind of hard to comment because they say it all, but they do revive your faith in humanity.

  3. Roy Lofquist Says:


    I watch every one and look forward to them here. I don’t comment on them because I have nothing to add. Please keep ’em coming.

  4. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    I’ve not watched them because for the last six months I’ve been nursing my aged computer with failed sound card through its last days. I’m missing a lot by not being able to watch videos, but my Scotch nature rebels at parting with all the dollars.

  5. beverly Says:

    I always watched the show, too: very moving and life-affirming, showing the best of people.

    As for commenting? agree that res ipsa loquitur. 🙂

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