January 29th, 2013

I always knew…

…I liked this guy.

It was a sad and terrible day when this happened; remember?

11 Responses to “I always knew…”

  1. George Pal Says:

    Ana Palacio blames ETA!

    Is every Western Nation required to have a cut out dress up doll in the Foreign Office/State Department who’ll find fault with anyone but muslim terrorists?

    “”We want the truth before we vote”

  2. artfldgr Says:

    The point to the bombs were to change the election

    Though i wonder why you are avoiding the serious stuff trading for fluff… is it that sci study that the ladies cant take the heat…

    We now have wargames in another cify scaring the public

    This guys point is nice but five years late if not 40 years late. And russia is doing that so is he really saying what you think or something else??? If doublespeak, whats the translation????

    How bout the spanish and black race war going on in calicornia????

    Whatever… nothing like discussing marginal nobidies while the house burns down…. at least the marshmallows are warm

  3. holmes Says:

    artfldgr, bad day? Relax. 🙂

  4. Ymarsakar Says:

    The Left’s power base does not merely cover the US.

  5. Don Carlos Says:

    The perps:

    And it looks like a lot of them were cut a lot of slack.
    Liberalism is the political form of the Hemlock Society. They both love suicide,

  6. JaneLK Says:

    Aznar is one of the good guys. He was one of the creators of the Friends of Israel Initiative:


  7. Don Carlos Says:

    What’s to relax? We’re circling the drain and you want relax?

  8. Paul A'Barge Says:

    Didn’t the Spanish people run him off?

  9. neo-neocon Says:

    Paul A’Barge: that’s what that second link in the post is about.

  10. Holmes Says:

    When you relax while you’re circling the drain, it’s like riding in a Lazy River. Just kick back with an adult beverage and enjoy the trip.

  11. n.n Says:

    He makes an extremely important point. Either we believe our principles are superior or we don’t. If the latter, or if we waffle in our decisiveness, then we will be vulnerable to exploitation.

    It’s worth noting that our modern society does not fully reflect our values. There is an effort to normalize behaviors which are both antithetical to our Judeo-Christian values and to evolutionary fitness. The latter suggests that evolutionary fitness for conscious beings does not ascribe to species, but to cooperatives, and especially to individuals.

    America, and the West, have a choice. We can determine our fate or have it determined for us. As our numbers are in a progressive decline, perhaps our behavior will self-select our fate.

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