February 6th, 2013


…who painted this picture?


It’s a portrait of Barney, the Scottish Terrier who used to be First Dog back when George W. Bush was president, and who died Friday at the age of 12 of lymphoma.

Note that “43” in the lower right hand corner, where a painter’s signature might be. That’s a clue.

[NOTE: I don’t know if it’s also true of painting them, but black dogs are notoriously difficult to photograph well.]

21 Responses to “Quick…”

  1. Paul A'Barge Says:


  2. Dustoffmom Says:

    Considering it’s Barney Bush the only possible ’43’ is Geo W. I had no idea he could paint!

  3. Dustoffmom Says:

    oops,,,,,sorry paul. I did not see your response till after I posted mine.

  4. holmes Says:

    Uncultured hayseed.

  5. roc scssrs Says:

    Positively Churchillian.

  6. carl in atlanta Says:

    Very nicely executed, Mr. President.

    [God, I do miss him!]

  7. Ann Althouse Says:

    Hmm, white President, black dog, New Orleans, Romney Dog on roof, cancer…It’s coming together. You’re all racists.

  8. NeoConScum Says:

    Carl in Atlanta…Me too, Brutha!! A true patriot. Strength of character, follow-thru to the hilt, spiritual and humble..AND, a Resolute American Warrior at precisely the time we needed him.

    And, Barney loved him, Big Time.

  9. neo-neocon Says:

    “Ann Althouse”: you’re onto us.

    And then there’s this.

  10. southpaw Says:

    Not bad for a prosimian cipher. I just read the other day our cretinous ex-president was stumbling about in a drunken stupor on his dusty ranch, shooting at pop bottles with his AR15, slapping Laura around, and singing cowboy songs to the barn animals.

  11. Sgt. Mom Says:

    Sigh. I do have a black Malti-poo, and he is the dearest, sweetest fifteen-pound companion animal, but I have never been able to take a good picture of him. Here I just thought he was the Sue Heck of dogs. Now you tell me that black dogs are hard to photograph. But I’ve never had a problem photographing black cats…

  12. parker Says:

    One of our dogs is a Schipperke. She is a really big little black dog and likewise difficult to photograph. She is the most intelligent, easily trained dog we have ever had in our family. Long may she run. And her tail was never bobbed and curls over her hindquarters. She’s my baby.


  13. Gringo Says:

    What do you expect from a troglodyte like Dubya? Looks like something a Spanish caveman would do.

  14. RigelDog Says:

    Is it just me or does something about the dog’s face/eyes remind anyone else of Pres. Bush? Seriously! And I don’t mean this in any sort of insulting way.

  15. RigelDog Says:

    I was able to take a great picture of my black Lab, Rigel, with late afternoon light.

  16. Don Carlos Says:

    W is a very decent man and, according to my painterly wife, a good painter if this portrait is any indication . Too bad he was a mediocre POTUS in many respects. If he’d treated the Dems in the House as Hussein treats the Repubs now, and had had a better Cabinet- Gonzalez comes to mind- we’d be in better shape.

  17. SteveH Says:

    Obama could do art like that with the automated signing pen. What difference does it make!

  18. expat Says:

    Here is an article about Barney’s Christmas movies and an embedded video of episode 2.


  19. SukieTawdry Says:

    Aww, Barney was a little cutie and the Bush’s obviously love their animals very much. Who knew W could paint!

    Black (anything dark really) is difficult to record accurately. I love photographing the people of the Caribbean because they are so beautiful and surround themselves with such vibrant colors. It’s a struggle to do them justice, though, unless the lighting is just right. Painters are lucky because they can add highlights as W has done.

  20. SukieTawdry Says:

    I remember once watching Dubya climb aboard Marine I with his arms full of dogs (it was before Spot died). The guard of course saluted but the president had no way to return the salute. A few seconds after he disappeared inside, he came back out, tapped the Marine on the shoulder and returned his salute. You could see the Marine just swell with pride. It was two lovely moments: the dog lover and the Commander-in-Chief.

  21. expat Says:

    That’s a great story, Sukie. Thanks.

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