February 8th, 2013

All members of Congress look alike to me

Not really. But man, some of them do look alike, don’t they?

Here are some Congressional candidates for the unrelated look-alike project we discussed yesterday.

Republicans Reps Pat Meehan and Mike Kelly (both from Pennsylvania!):


Republican Reps Tom Graves (Georgia) and Kevin Yoder (Kansas):


Democrat Reps Elijah Cummings (Maryland) and John Lewis (Georgia):

House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing To Consider Contempt Of Congress Report For Attorney General Holder

Note that each lookalike pair features duos from the same party (and that’s true for all the photos in the article). Apparently, no Democrat looks a lot like any Republican. And some say there’s no difference between the two parties!

[Hat tip: Althouse.]

7 Responses to “All members of Congress look alike to me”

  1. southpaw Says:

    Maybe the factory where they’re made has limited design resources.
    So I have a question for you neo — Why don’t bald black men look as goofy as bald white men? When will women take to shaving their heads on a regular basis? They’d save a ton of $$ on beauty salon fees.
    These are philosophical questions I’ve been grappling with in between postulates redefining the curvature of space in the presence of massive objects.

  2. George Pal Says:

    Can’t wait for the SoPoEvoPsyche teams to get on this. I suspect theirs more to the Zelig Effect then we were led to believe.

  3. neo-neocon Says:

    southpaw: you have asked some penetrating questions.

    You’re right that baldness seems to look better on blacks than whites, but I haven’t a clue why.

    But I can answer your question about women and shaved heads: never. Baldness is connected with virility, hair with femininity (except, of course, for Samson).

  4. Charles Says:

    So, where’s the picture of my congresscritter, Frank Pallone and his look-alike, rattus rattus?

    Both of them scurry about making a dirty mess. Rattus rattus leaves behind small black pellets and Pallone leaves behind Obamacare. Both of them carry fleas.

  5. Artfldgr Says:

    Physical similarity can be no coincidence when it comes to spiritual twins Dolores Umbridge and Dianne Feinstein:

  6. parker Says:

    90% of DC looks like an alien invasion force to me.

  7. Southpaw Says:

    Well Neo, thats what Fridays are for- tackling the tough questions. And you need somebody to challenge you on the burning topics of the day. This site throws you way too many softballs.
    Regarding women’s hair, I am relieved to know there is some sense of normalcy in the world. However the tendency of ladies to remove all hair south of the forehead, could lead one to surmise that a fad encompassing regions further north are no further away than the next Lady Gaga tour.

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