February 9th, 2013

I am extremely happy to report…

…that I still have power.

So far.

I’m so surprised. Of course, it’s still snowing a teeny weeny bit, and, more importantly, the wind is still gusting. But as time goes on and the power holds, it becomes more and more likely that I’ll weather this one with heat and light intact.

This storm was inordinately hyped, but it turns out the forecasters were completely on target. At least two feet of white stuff seems to be out there now—although I don’t know for certain since I haven’t yet investigated in depth, as it were.

Periodically during the evening last night I’d look outside towards an area that was lit up in a way enabled me to see how fast the snow was falling. It turned out that “falling” was not the correct description; the swirling snow was being blown so hard that it seemed to be coming down horizontally, fast and furious.

16 Responses to “I am extremely happy to report…”

  1. vanderleun Says:

    I’m voting for “coming down horizontally” as the phrase that pays for the week.

  2. M J R Says:


    Hang in there, neo . . .

  3. Charles Says:

    My fingers are crossed wishing that your power stays on.

    Just came back in from digging out on the Jersey shore – only about half a foot or so; but it was a mix of rain and snow, so that shoveling is a little wet and heavy. Cars have a thin layer of ice under the snow so scraping is a part of the digging out as well. But it is all doable.

    In all though, it could have been a lot worse; but it wasn’t. And, they still have the rest of today and tomorrow to clear the roads for Monday’s commute.

    So, I hope that everyone enjoys looking at the beautiful white stuff making your neighborhoods a “winter wonderland.”

  4. KLSmith Says:

    Glad everything is OK.

  5. carl in atlanta Says:

    Believe it or not, my wife envies you folks your blizzard. She’s one of those snow-starved southerners who yearn for these things. She always forgets how miserable (and expensive) our once-a-decade ice storms really are (we hardly ever get real blizzards; only tree-killing, car-wrecking and power-zapping ice storms, and those are, thank God, infrequent).

    Stay warm, and may the power stay with you.

  6. I R A Darth Aggie Says:

    Curses! Foiled again!

  7. Steve Says:

    How many inches did you get?

  8. gpc31 Says:

    Here in heavily taxed, third world Connecticut we are pathetically grateful not to have lost power in our town (having suffered three major outages in two years).

    Before the storm, people simply assumed we would lose it. The tone was somewhere in between resignation and resentment.

  9. oldflyer Says:

    Good luck Neo. The prospects of major power outages in the winter are chilling. (Couldn’t help my self.)

    Our first winter in Southern California, and it is really different. Usually, in a good way–weather wise that is..

    However, it tells you so much about this state when TV breathlessly reports that I-5, the only major artery connecting Northern and Southern California, is closed due to snow. It just happened in the notorious
    Grapevine pass north of LA, for at least the second time this year. Must have got 6″ or so. They just seem helpless to cope.

  10. parker Says:

    Good to hear you’re warm and safe.

  11. rickl Says:

    I’m glad you still have power, neo and gpc31.

    I only got 3-4″ in the Philly burbs. It rained most of Friday, and not even much of that. It changed over to snow about 9:00 pm and was still snowing when I went to bed, but it must have ended shortly thereafter. That’s pretty much exactly what I expected from the forecasts.

    I stopped in the supermarket Friday evening after work. It wasn’t panic buying, just an ordinary shopping trip. When I saw the lines at the cashiers, I thought, “Oh right, the snowstorm.” I heard a guy in front of me talking about 8-12″. I don’t know where the hell he got that. People need some drama in their lives, I guess.

    It’s been years since we had a decent snowstorm around here. *grumble* A couple of years ago when Northern VA and DC got hammered by a blizzard, I only caught the edge of that one, too.

    No, I’m not bitter or anything. I just like a good rippin’ snowstorm now and then. I spent some time living in western NY state when I was a kid, so I get nostalgic for big snowstorms. Of course, I was much shorter then, so the snow probably seemed deeper than it was. Plus I didn’t have to worry about shoveling or driving. Nevertheless, I do miss them. I think they’re fun, as long as the power stays on.

    And having snow on the ground on Saturday morning is the best-case scenario, because you have the whole weekend to clean it up.

  12. gpc31 Says:


    It’s all good as long as we have power! My daughter and the neighborhood kids, from ages 5-15, all had a grand time in the snow. Snow forts, igloos, sledding. And five hours of shoveling over-fulfilled my exercise quota.

  13. beverly Says:

    Ah, the snow was like diamond dust in the City last night. Ten inches we got by morning. Washington Square had sprouted a crop of snowmen by this evening. One animated young man, a handsome fellow whose ears were cherry-red with cold, had constructed a classic snowman with black hat, scarf, and carrot nose, and he took our pictures as we sat on the bench beside it.

    I’m one of those snow-starved Southerners, and even after many years in New York, I still get excited over the big snowfalls. I envy Neo’s two feet: gorgeous.

  14. beverly Says:

    [Two feet OF SNOW, that is!]

  15. Roy Lofquist Says:

    Sinop, Turkey -1962. “The Hill”, 600 feet high, was on a small peninsula on the Black Sea coast. One night I caught perimeter duty when the Siberian Express made a visit. The snow along the cliffs was going almost straight up. A bit cold, that.


  16. sheldan Says:

    Carl, I remember the ice storm of 2/11/1994 in Memphis and how long it took before some people got power back. I hope I never have to endure another ice storm.

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