February 12th, 2013

If you want to talk about the State of the Union…

…go right ahead.

Here’s a fine diagram I found at Ace’s, created by @notoserfdom.


30 Responses to “If you want to talk about the State of the Union…”

  1. Charles Says:

    The state of the Union is rather dismal . . .

    But, I suspect that you were referring to Obama’s speech and the MSM cheering section. No, thanks, I’ll turn in early tonight.

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    Charles: actually, I was being purposely vague.

    Either topic is okay with me. Or any other topic, actually. We could talk about the weather.

  3. KLSmith Says:

    Not watching; would rather gouge out my own eyes.

  4. M J R Says:

    I can no longer stand the sight of this affirmative action mediocrity.

    I’ll check out a transcript (assuming the media will even get ^that^ correct), if there’s any need for me to become informed.

  5. rickl Says:

    Here you go.


    /hat tip Ace

  6. rickl Says:

    Hey, this is even better. With the added benefit that it’s not 10 hours long.


  7. betsybounds Says:

    Stephen Green is drunkblogging/translating the whole thing. Ergo:

    “We’re going to stop Iran from getting nukes. Because coalition.”

    Also “We’re going to make Africa rich. With partnerships. And comprehensiveness.”

  8. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    His droning kills me.
    On and on and on…

  9. J.J. formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Did not watch it. I know the script, why should I subject myself to the delivery? The sound of his voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to my senses.

    I didn’t watch Rubio either. I like Rubio but it is a big mistake to offer his speech in English and Spanish. What pandering! Are we going to become another Canada with two official languages? The critique of Rubio’s speech by Foxnews is dispiriting – nervous and unsure of himself. I guess he saw the Time cover advertising him as the savior of the Republican Party and took it for truth.

  10. holmes Says:

    “His droning kills me.”

    That’s funny right there!

  11. holmes Says:

    I wonder what he thinks the SOTU is for at this point. He knows most of the stuff won’t pass the House, he’s not even really trying. Hoping that 2016 brings him a friendly Congress by…setting up R’s as the obstructionists/uncaring party.

    All I read 2nd hand was a bunch of demagoguery. The man has no other strengths.

    Oh, and see the Breitbart Conversation- his speeches are geared towards a lower reading level (8th and 9th grade) than Bush’s were (10th).

  12. nolanimrod Says:

    Glad to see that Those Who Say are finally being given some recognition for their services. Perhaps now they can get their own month, or get some sports teams renamed, or have an impact on rest room architecture. And if we’re going to recognize them we should not neglect the equally deserving There Are Some Who, a tribe ruthlessly exploited by RFK.

  13. RandomThoughts Says:

    Nothing Obama says could have any connection to the economic reality my entire family is experiencing.

    We have a nice new flatscreen TV, purchased just before Mr. Random Thoughts was laid off. Because it will be a very long time before we can afford such a luxury again, and because the temptation to hurl objects at it upon hearing/seeing Obama would be irresistible, I chose not to watch the speech.

  14. beverly Says:

    I pharted in his general direction. Does that count?

    As for tuning in and listening to his pinko drivel, I’d rather eat a bug.

    I did hear Rubio, and he sounded fine. But ixnay on the Panishspay. The last thing we need is a block of voters who are 79% socialistas!!!

    God. All. Mighty.

  15. Promethea Says:

    Important in our arsenal against the fascist/statists is “ridicule.” It doesn’t cost anything, and we can always use it tailored to our specific audience.

    We will never have our own media because, by its nature, media must appeal to the lurid and sexy topics. I used to work in the media, and the dominant consideration was “Sales,” not “Truth.”

    Let’s all just admit that most Americans are low-information voters and stupid about things outside their personal bubbles. I could cite many examples, but you all know this is true from your own personal situations. So, we have to think strategically.

    Maybe the American Republic will collapse, thanks to our traitorous President and his traitorous cabinet and the traitorous congress, supreme court, etc.

    BUT (you knew this “but” was coming), in the end, these awful people cannot control events. The people who live in the United States will still be here long after the current administration is dust.

    Think long term, and don’t despair.

  16. M J R Says:

    beverly, 1:10 am —


    For too long, I (and many others) have used “what makes honest sense” as an overriding criterion for what to support. If only the other side did that: for just one example, if only the other side would enthusiastically (or even grudgingly) support producing voter ID in the name of election integrity. But they know where (and by whom) their electoral bread is buttered.

    Well, stoopid stoopid me. NO MORE.

    My new overriding criterion is “what will stop the galloping socialism”. PERIOD.

    If hoards of people with neither affinity nor respect for our language, borders, culture (thanx, Michael Savage) want USA citizenship, my answer is NO.

    If people from ^whatever^ background — ethnic, racial, whatever — replete with education and marketable skills want USA citizenship to further their socialist utopia in this country, my answer is NO; even if in the latter instance it makes honest sense.

    It’s time to stop the country from committing suicide. Once ^that^’s done, and once the other side finds a way to discover within themselves genuine integrity, we can talk “makes honest sense” again.

  17. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States and some Canadian provinces Says:

    A technique suggested a few years ago was to use Wordle to create a visual view of the key words used in the speech:


    Here’s Wordle

    And here are all the past SotU speeches going waaaaay back to old George hissef…Previous SotUs

  18. Baltimoron Says:

    This piece perfectly sums up my feelings about the state of the union address

  19. Mr. Frank Says:

    Obama asked that the minimum wage be raised from $7.25 to $9.00 and hour. Is he an economic illiterate or is he cynical as hell? What would be the effect on youth unemployment? What would be the effect on overall unemployment? What would be the effect on job creation? Any economist would see this as a very bad idea in a weak economy. Does Obama know that many of his voters are so ignorant that they would see this as further proof that he cares about them unlike the mean Republicans?

  20. n.n Says:

    Mr. Frank:

    The cost of goods and services will increase to compensate. Similar to what happened when he decided to devalue capital and labor and run trillion dollar account deficits. Similar to what happened when he decided to provide “affordable” health care without addressing the causes of progressive inflation and without preparing to accommodate for the surge of consumers.

    As for your last question, yes. Have you seen the federal government’s anti-bullying advertisement? They routinely manipulate perception to realize their preferred reality and to obfuscate commission of human and civil rights violations. Since many, if not most (perhaps a slight majority), people are “single” issue oriented, they only need to bite once to be hooked. And many, if not most, people are vulnerable to emotional extortion.

    Obama is an opportunist. He offers no solutions. He has successfully manipulated a slight majority of Americans. Well, either that or the vote tallying.

  21. n.n Says:

    Considering that annual inflation, with the assumption of 3% productivity gains, has been around 7%, a 25% increase in bottom wages still falls short of compensating for his policies, not including other market pressures and distortions in America and globally. Perhaps he hopes that destruction of capacity and demand in the Middle East and Africa will further mitigate the consequences of his change.

  22. artfldgr Says:

    Reminds me of politburo speeches
    He has finally released his inner castro
    With the whole thing a script telling you what to pretend to believe

    We now have a one party state w two branches

    You can have anything you like as long as there is some spam in it. Nothing without spam…

    Menshiviks are losing again to bolshiviks and regardless ofwhich, ur gonna get variants of the same

    Gliechshaltung is almost complete….
    Summer riots and other things will bring things to a head
    Note the left twittering in favor of dorne

    Welcome Tovarish to a new unstoppable reality…
    (Outside help insures this as does the current status of the polity)

  23. Occam's Beard Says:

    I’ll check out a transcript (assuming the media will even get ^that^ correct), if there’s any need for me to become informed.

    You’re trying to get a transcript out of Obama??

  24. Mr. Frank Says:

    When the worker at the bottom gets a raise from a minimum wage increase, the workers who get leap frogged or who are just above expect a raise to maintain the distance from the workers below. Thus, wages drift up in the organization. That sets the stage for inflation as prices must go up to cover higher wages. That would pressure the Fed’s low interest policy.

    I like to ask liberals why not raise the minimum wage to $50.00 an hour and end poverty. They say that would put small businesses out of business and cause great unemployment and inflation. Then I suggest $25.00 and the answer is the same. Once the principle is accepted, we can talk about what level of increase has no effect on the economy.

  25. Artfldgr Says:

    2 days ago
    Putin made Russia the world’s largest oil producer, he’s also made it the biggest gold buyer. His central bank has added 570 metric tons of the metal in the past decade, a quarter more than runner-up China

    with germany taking theirs back…

    Russia Deploys EMP / Bunker-Buster Missiles in its Western Military Divisions
    Russia’s 20th Army incorporated in the Western Military District will be supplied with Iskander-M tactical missile systems and other modern weapons

    Japan PM urges Chinese restraint after radar lock-on

    S.Korea to build 800-km range ballistic missiles to counter N.Korea threat

  26. parker Says:

    I no longer listen to the messiah. Its all a continuous campaign for spreading hardcore socialism, Alinksy style, propaganda force fed via the MSM. There is not any point in offering counter real arguments. We are in the last days for preparing for resistance. Food, water, sanitary measures, ammo & firearms, and a clear mind. Live strong, be strong, and prepare. They, the Obamaphone hordes, will not stop at anything to take what they believe can be taken.

    They must unleash their violent hordes before 11/14. That is their finish line to put the nation under martial law, which is their goal. Have no doubt it will come down to a shooting war. They have no other legal recourse to assume ultimate power. Thus, they will resort to illegal means. It will come down to who is willing to kill when they must.

  27. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States and some Canadian provinces Says:

    }}} Have you seen the federal government’s anti-bullying advertisement?

    I fart in their general direction.

  28. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States and some Canadian provinces Says:

    }}} “Bullying is not just a harmless rite of passage or an inevitable part of growing up,” Sebelius said, according to the Post. “It’s a systematic situation that threatens the health and well-being of our young people.”

    Oh, give me a freaking break.

    The psychology of bullies is really pretty simple. They want victims. If you refuse to be a victim, and fight back, they may beat you up ONCE just to show they can do it, and because they can’t allow someone to openly be seen standing up to them — but in future instances, they’ll go find someone EASY to pick on, rather than YOU. You show them you’re ready to fight them every time, and they won’t be bothering you for long.

    I was very much a snotty, arrogant intellectual type when I was a kid. I was much smarter than almost all other kids, and I used that as a defense mechanism. I read a lot, and I had far less of a problem dealing with anything academic than most kids.

    But you know something? I NEVER even KNEW what a “wedgie” was until I was an adult.

    Because any kid tried to do that to me would be in a major fight, and knew it.

    I recall one kid tried to pick a fight with me (I was new at the school, having just moved there), getting in my way, in a place where I had to get past him and there was no other way to get where I needed to be… I would have preferred to avoid a fight, but it was clear there was going to be one… so I just hauled off and nailed him one. Hit him hard enough — one punch — to stun him. He fell to his hands and knees. I was waiting for him to get up and continue the fight, but he wasn’t getting up. He just knelt there shaking his head. Another kid saw what happened, and who was in class with me, grabbed me and pulled me past him. End of altercation. I saw him about two weeks later and he still had a black eye. He never, ever tried to give me any crap after that.

    And frankly, if I’d seen some punks doing something to a smaller kid, I’d have stepped in and acted, too.

    That’s how you handle bullies. You stand up to them, and step on their toes until they apologize.

    It doesn’t work each and every time, but it does enough that the bullying types not only learn to not try and bully you — but — and this is at least as important — you learn to CARRY YOURSELF in a way that doesn’t invite their attentions.

    Parents don’t need to teach their kids to be snitches. They need to teach their kids to stand up for themselves. If your kid is getting bothered by bullies, then enroll them in martial arts classes, and help them work on that, and make sure they do. Because, even if they’re someone inept, they’ll LEARN to handle themselves eventually, and the self-esteem that goes hand in hand with that is a hell of a lot more REAL than winning ribbons for “participation”.

  29. Ymarsakar Says:

    The US is seeing what happens to a nation when the Left achieves power. What happened in Cuba, Soviet Russia, Germany, Rhodesia, South Africa, all the things people here in America “ignored” because “strangers didn’t matter” is now happening here, before their eyes.

    And it’s somewhat harder to ignore now.

  30. Ymarsakar Says:

    Sorry, I forgot. The reason why Iraq and Afghanistan was what I believed to be part of America’s salvation is because until the US could learn from defeating foreign enemies, we would never obtain the strength to understand or kill our domestic enemies right here before our eyes.

    By saving others, America would save itself. By allowing others to fall to the Left, there would be no real hope that Americans would have enough allies or power left at the end to defeat the domestic insurrection.

    Of course, the reverse was also true. Fixing the world would be a lot more feasible if the US fixed itself first.

    However, the destruction the Left has caused in this world is plain to see for anyone that wanted to know. Studying the methods and figuring out how to experiment with solutions in Afghanistan or Iraq, would give Americans a better chance to effect similar changes in urban Democrat fiefdoms.

    The knowledge is probably there. The spine, however, may not be.

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