February 14th, 2013


is somewhat encouraging.

I say “somewhat” because I don’t think it will amount to a hill of beans in the end. I predict that Hagel will be confirmed, or someone almost equally awful.

I say “almost” because it would be hard to find someone equally awful. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

One Response to “This…”

  1. M J R Says:

    Why do these go-along-to-get-along fools continue to vote for leftie appointments?

    Even when the votes are there for the bad guys, why do the good guys have to go along? I don’t get it.

    Even if, for example, Hagel is eventually confirmed, why can’t the vote be 60-40 or whatever instead of 96-4??

    I’m not advocating an obstructionism when the end result is already in the cards, nor a filibuster or anything else obstructionist — ^when^ the end result is already in the cards.

    In selected instances, obstructionism is a good thing, and some things need to be obstructed, but we’ve got to pick our battles.

    But I’m not talking about obstructionism about things that are ^not^ fait accompli.

    I’m talking about voting against things that ^are^ apparently fait accompli.

    It takes no more time or energy to vote “nay” than it does to vote “aye”. Why all the “aye”s all the time??

    Doesn’t anything mean anything any more?

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