February 15th, 2013

So, could Rahm Emanuel become…

…the first Jewish president?

Only if Hillary decides not to run: “Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is said by well-connected Democrats to be considering the idea of running for president if Hillary Clinton opts out of the 2016 race.”

But Hillary will decide to run. And she almost certainly will be elected. You heard it here first (although I continue to hope I’m wrong).

It occurs to me—not for the first time—that our presidential future is likely to be a series of “firsts.” No WASP male will ever win again; the American people desire continual diversity novelty—although ordinarily Jews don’t count in that particular equation, because “diversity” can only come from groups considered underprivileged and oppressed. So even if by some wild chance Hillary declines to run, I don’t see a presidential future for Rahm.

He’s too short, anyway.

29 Responses to “So, could Rahm Emanuel become…”

  1. DirtyJobsGuy Says:

    If Rahm runs, his performance as Mayor will not be questioned just as Hillary’s performance as lawyer, commodities investor, health insurance manager and Senator was not.

  2. Stark Says:

    Rahm is not charismatic even though he is a tough politician. I doubt he would be mayor if it wasn’t for the machine.

  3. Occam's Beard Says:

    Why not just go for the whole burrito and elect a cockroach?

  4. holmes Says:

    He’s like our very own Cardinal Richelieu.

  5. anonymess Says:

    Are you saying that as a slightly height-challenged Jewish man, I stand (yes, stand) no chance of ever being elected president? Are there break-points for height and religion? Can I be shorter if I’m only a Reform Jew? Would it not matter if I were Lincolnesque if I’m Orthodox? Is there a table for this sort of thing? Maybe Rahm Emanuel will get elected on the basis of being the first, I believe, POTUS unable to give the finger, with his right hand, to political opponents. As I understand it, Arby’s and Lake Michigan teamed up to make it necessary for “Shorty” to lose another inch of himself by needing to have half of his middle finger amputated to control an infection. Had he been a bigger man with larger hands maybe the infection wouldn’t have been as severe. Who knows. In the big picture, does missing part of this digit help or hurt his chances to be elected? How many digits can you be missing and still be in the running? Oh yes, there’s also the not small matter of his policies that need to be considered once you get past height, religion, and E-manuel dexterity.

  6. Antoinette Aubert Says:

    President Clinton? Thanks for the warning, I think I’ll leave the country now.

  7. George Pal Says:

    He’s too short, anyway.

    Plus there are pictures of him pirouetting in tights and codpiece.

  8. vanderleun Says:

    Oh George, George…. you don’t really get it yet do you?

    Emmanual runs. And he comes out. And he introduces his secret partner of many years to a national audience on Ellen as….. Barack Obama!

    Obama splits from Michelle to follow his heart. There’s an amicable divorce and Rahm and Barry marry. Barry reveals he’s the official “wife” and hence gets back into the White House as the First Lady.

    The country applauds and then grieves for Michelle until it becomes known that she and Ellen are…. well, you know.

  9. George Pal Says:


    There is more to be believed in your scenario than all the fictions created about Obama. I suggest you fill it out and sell it as The Story of O – Part Trois.

  10. Sangiovese Says:

    I told my brother-in-law after the last election that there won’t be another white male president in my lifetime (I’m 52). Interesting that you’ve made essentially the same observation.

  11. Jack Says:

    I’d take it a step further and say there won’t be another WHITE president in our lifetime. The race card has proven so effective in squashing all criticism of Obama and in preventing any investigation of his history, that the Democratic party can’t lose an election running a black candidate. Until the primaries start and she’s not in them, I’m assuming that Michelle Obama is going to be the nominee.

  12. neo-neocon Says:

    Jack: Her husband may have been called “the first black president,” but unless you consider Hillary Clinton non-white, IMHO there will be another white president: Hillary. She will be the first female president—which, when last I checked, was not a mutually exclusive category with “white.”

  13. artfldgr Says:

    they will vote for him, as they see him like the jewish founders of russia…. and like soros… that special class of jewish man who wants to eradicate jewish people, the way feminist women want to eradicate ‘woman’, leaving only ‘male’ as the remainder.

    he reminds me of a Georgy Arbatov wannabe
    was a Soviet and Russian political scientist who served as an adviser to five General Secretaries of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and was best known in the West during the Cold War era as a representative for the policies of the Soviet Union in the United States, where his fluent English helped make him a frequent guest on American television

    his code name was VASILI

    Arbatov was especially subtle, in playing to the inexhaustible masochism of the American intellectuals who took it as an article of faith that every difficulty in US-Soviet relations had to be caused by American intransigence or stupidity. he was endlessly ingenious in demonstrating how American rebuffs were frustrating the peaceful, sensitive leaders in the Kremlin, who were being driven by our inflexibility into conflicts that offended their inherently gentle natures.

    so the think that the left is doing to the republicans and others has a VERY old and very distinquished history.

    too bad no one asked questions rather than opposing the history i was putting forth… because they are copying and using well known things. well, well known to everyone except the ignorati who wont let you tell them, and wont believe otherwise they cant believe they are the cognoscenti.

    Arbatov is one of the mechanics that constructed the idea of removing the other from Americas opposition, and giving them nothing to distinguish themselves.

    that without the constant evil of another in their view, they would lose their moral compass, and accept the ideas which others did to their masochistic ruin.

    in the absence of clear opposition they would become that which they once opposed…

    for those who want a model… look to asthma, and other conditions, like diabetes, and so on.. many of these conditions are the body attacking itself because it has no enemy…

    without a clear moral enemy, it had to attack the morals in itself. however, this made it easy to designate the keepers of the state as the designated evil, and bribe their women to do it. so full of themselves and head strong, they knew that if the state acted on tehir behalf, they would collectively behave lilke the bitchy troublesome woman with 5 200lb brothers ready to beat up anyone she directed. she woudl think the power LOANED to her, would be hers.

    but once her protectors and providers were gone, then what? what was given can be recinded, and redirected.

    they will find this out the hard way…

    when the numbers collapse and the population of less aggressive men left, will not defend them….

    then they will have fashion choices… like the burqa which feminists like as it stops hostile male gaze.. or maybe they will prefer the hijab? niqab? al-amira? shayla? Khimar? or perhaps the Chador?

    wait till the remainder of their men join Islam to be under the protection of that… (and to then have families)…

  14. NJcon Says:

    We need to start the whisper campaign NOW – Hillary Clinton is too old and unhealthy to be president.

  15. artfldgr Says:

    The Irgun was a Zionist paramilitary group that operated in Mandate Palestine between 1931 and 1948. It was an offshoot of the earlier and larger Jewish paramilitary organization Haganah When the group broke from the Haganah it became known as the Haganah Bet The Irgun policy was based on what was then called Revisionist Zionism founded by Ze’ev Jabotinsky. According to Howard Sachar, “The policy of the new organization was based squarely on Jabotinsky’s teachings: every Jew had the right to enter Palestine; only active retaliation would deter the Arabs; only Jewish armed force would ensure the Jewish state”

    Benjamin M. Emanuel was a member of the above.

    i know.. you say.. so?

    well, i DID say that there are parallels with obama, and the administration and a funky austrian guy, eh?

    Revisionist Zionism
    Revisionist Zionism is a nationalist faction within the Zionist movement. It is the founding ideology of the non-religious right in Israel, and was the chief ideological competitor to the dominant socialist Labor Zionism. Revisionism is the precursor of the Likud Party.

    so maybe it now makes more sense?

    Rahm was the choreographer of the 1993 Rose Garden ceremony in which eeryone got to sit down with the now known russian soviet operative – Yasser Arafat. (see mitrokhin and other sources on him)

    it was he that started the immigrant games for clinton
    “The goal was to speed up the process and turn as many legal residents and illegals into Clinton voters as possible…. Rahm was doing it under the guise of Al Gore’s Reinventing Government program. He [Emanuel] was definitely the point man and was past his neck in the scandal at INS…. He got every rule changed in the hiring of adjudicators so they could naturalize more Mexican nationals to vote for Bill Clinton, not to mention getting the rules changed to naturalize anyone [regardless of their immigration status or criminal history]…. They had immigration ceremonies at stadiums with DNC [Democratic National Committee] staff registering them as voters right there.”

    At one Chicago ceremony held inside the Soldier Field football stadium, approximately 11,000 new citizens were sworn in en masse.

    “the INS had compromised the integrity of naturalization adjudications as a result of its efforts to process applicants more quickly and meet a self-imposed goal of completing more than a million cases by the end of fiscal year 1996.”

  16. expat Says:

    It’s quite a while till the next presidential election, so I’m not making any bets. Hillary will look older and she will have been out of the loop for a while. Who knows what problems might arise in the meantime.

    As for Rahm, he probably has quite a few enemies among the Democrat ranks, and Chicago is not coming off as a solid achievement in government.

  17. parker Says:

    My Chicago friends knew Rahm, per the grapevine, was a shoe in before he even left as BHO’s funny buddy hatchet man. Modern Chicago is built upon the corrupt bones of the 18th Amendment. It has had its run with BHO; so I don’t see a repeat performance in the works for the dead fish.

    If she’s still capable of standing upright and speaking without a slur, Hillary will be the nominee in 2016.

  18. MissJean Says:

    I’m going to bet against you, Neo-neo. Despite the warm send-off this week, Hillary will NOT be known as a brilliant Secretary. And depending on the ME situation, she might even be seen as incompetent.

    Expat has a good point. By the time 2016 rolls around, there will be young voters who see Hilary as an older and dumpier version of grandma. Not to mention, she has a tendency to lose her voice and go shrill now: that’s only going to get worse.

    I don’t think her health will be a problem, but what about Bill? He’s had a few health problems and except for a few choice events, he’s not as active a figure as, say, Al Gore.

    And there’s this: Her tears and over-dramatic performance during the Benghazi hearings, touted as a strength now, isn’t going to age well. If anything goes wrong in the War on Terror between now and 2016, rerunning those clips will make her look like the shrill and melodramatic amateur she is.

  19. neo-neocon Says:

    MissJean (and expat):

    Did you read the link I gave to the post I wrote (it’s on the words “you heard it here first”)? I addressed this issue in it, back in September.

    Here is the link again. If you haven’t read it, please read it. It’s not that I’m saying it’s what I want (note that the post’s title is “Please convince me I’m wrong here”). But unfortunately in this case, I think I am right.

    Here is the portion of the post that addresses the issue of age, though:

    If you think Hillary is tired, think again. The prospect of becoming the first woman president will infuse her with energy like nothing else has before. Sixty-nine (in 2016) is not all that old for a woman in terms of life expectancy, and her parents lived to be 82 (father) and 92 (mother), a pretty good run for members of their generation.

    She looks too old and worn out, you say? Ah, but she’s beyond fashion and into gravitas. She’s going for the dignified elder stateswoman look, and she’s nailed it (think Golda Meir, think Indira Gandhi). What’s more, she’s not trying to appeal to men to be elected. Her coalition will be the exact same one Obama assembled: the black vote in the 90-something percent range (which recent Democratic nominees have all received), the lion’s share of Hispanics, and women.

    Ah, women. It’s women in particular who will vote for Hillary in even greater numbers than they did for Obama, and that’s saying a lot. To liberal and moderate women she is a role model, a hero(ine), an intrepid trailblazer (somewhat ironic, since her path to political prominence came through the traditional female route of linkage to a powerful male), and highly-respected star. Men would have to vote against her in a phalanx to overcome that advantage—and they won’t.

    I will add now that young women admire her tremendously, too, in just that way: intrepid trailblazer. They will see her performance as strong. No matter how the war on terror goes, her performance will not be linked to it at all. If they voted for Obama despite his performance, we have learned that in the world of liberal identity politics, it’s the identity that matters (in this case, trailblazer liberal woman), not performance.

  20. MissJean Says:

    Well, I’m basing my thoughts on the polls in 2006 prior to her run, and comments that prominent Democrats made at that time. I don’t have the link, but somewhere around here I have an old NY Sun article in which several Democrats were named and quoted about certain voters’ loathing of Madam Clinton.

    I don’t know that she’s seen around here (Detroit) as a trailblazer or a leader – more like a woman who cashes in on her husband’s popularity. The conspiracy theory is that the President gave her the Sec. job so she wouldn’t cause him further trouble, like you’d throw a bone to a junkyard dog so it would have something to gnaw on besides your leg.

    If she could get Julian Castro as VP, then maybe… My people are dumb that way.

  21. Never Yet Melted » Speculation: How Obama Could Return to the White House in 2016 Says:

    […] Neo-neocon speculates about 2016: […]

  22. expat Says:

    If Hillary hadn’t had the coattails of a “privileged” white man to drag her into the limelight, she might have ended her career as a lawyer on Gloria Allred’s staff. She doesn’t really have much charisma, and she has had Bill to coach her in things like foreign policy. Hillary’s main strength is her aggressive pursuit of power.

    The biggest threat to her would be a younger, cooler woman who refused to bow before the PC BS Hillary spouts.

  23. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    @Neo: Gravitas in pantsuits.

    @Parker:”If she’s still capable of standing upright and speaking without a slur, “.
    She may not be only the first woman prez, but also the first “physically challenged” , and perhaps, if rumors are correct, the first lesbian.
    The only downside she could incur would be to divorce Bill. Then again, she could be the first “Burning Bed” president.

  24. Ymarsakar Says:

    Good one, Holmes.

  25. NeoConScum Says:

    I have to avert my eyes from the idiotic Hillary now… How are 3-years more on that…errrrr…. visage going to wear?? Hey, sorry, maybe it’s a Guy Thing, but I doubt it.

    But, hey, what do I know where the Most Admired Woman on the Planet stands..?

  26. Charles Says:

    Obama, and next Hillary.


  27. MollyNH Says:

    Hillary’s questionable health is a serious drawback IMHO. She has a “clotting disorder” that really hasn ‘t been properly addressed.
    Seems to me she is a potential stroke victim &/or heart attack victim or pulmonary embolism candidate. In addition a person with potential for a stroke might make questionable decisions……
    I am saying that while not demonstrating physical symptoms of a stroke a person with an incipient blood clot on the brain may react & behave in an abnormal manner & display atypical behavior characteristics due to pressure on the brain before the more typical stroke symptoms of paralysis, incoherence, & aphasia show up.

  28. neo-neocon Says:

    MollyNH: the election is 4 years away. If her health is reasonably good for those 4 years, the clot will be forgotten, IMHO. Her heredity is very good; both parents lived to a ripe old age.

  29. Ymarsakar Says:

    FDR couldn’t walk straight. The media hid that from the public for a long time.

    There’s a certain allegiance at work, similar to fiefdoms and feudalism, which the Democrat party inherited back from the old slavery days.

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