February 18th, 2013

Give me your tired, your…

welfare recipients.

John Hinderaker has two alternate theories:

…[T]he Obama administration is actively recruiting indigent foreigners to come to the United States to receive welfare benefits. Its Welcome to USA.gov page is largely about the welfare benefits that new immigrants can receive. The administration has even partnered with the government of Mexico to advertise the availability of food stamps to Mexican immigrants (including, although this is not officially stated, illegals). In part because of the Obama administration’s recruitment, the number of non-citizens receiving food stamps has quadrupled since 2001, to an estimated 1,634,000 as of June 2012…

If we assume that the administration’s goal is to maintain the United States as a strong and prosperous nation, then its immigration policies are quite literally insane. I can see only two possible explanations for the administration’s eagerness to attract welfare recipients from other countries. One is that Obama is so blinkered by ideology that he irrationally believes that any expansion of government spending must necessarily be a good thing. The other is that his objective is not, in fact, to preserve America as a strong and prosperous nation.

And I have two words in response (or maybe it’s one, since it’s hyphenated): Cloward-Piven.

And then there’s the fact that the vast majority of these voters probably will vote the Democratic ticket some day, and/or their American-born children will. It’s really a win-win situation for the left, isn’t it?

And yes, I’m very cynical. But, I think, rightly so. There’s really (as Hinderaker suggests) no other logical explanation.

[UPDATE 4:40 PM: See this comment for a possible error in the post’s premise. I am extraordinarily busy today and don’t yet have time to check it out myself, but I will later this evening.]

35 Responses to “Give me your tired, your…”

  1. KLSmith Says:

    Regarding Obama, you can not be too cynical.

  2. Stark Says:

    Altuism Knows no policital boundries when spending other people’s money.

  3. holmes Says:

    And the Republicans are dying to give it to them so that they won’t be seen as racists. No one will vote for them, but at least in this moment, they’ll be praised for their bipartisanship (except not really, it will be Obama’s program). The debt and deficit and economic problems are someone else’s fault, the Congress is blamed, or Bush, but every good thing is Obama’s.

  4. gs Says:

    [T]he Obama administration is actively recruiting indigent foreigners to come to the United States to receive welfare benefits. Its Welcome to USA.gov page is largely about the welfare benefits that new immigrants can receive.

    No. Those benefits are discussed at http://www.welcometousa.gov/Government_benefits/, which is reached via one of ten subheaders at the main page. Hinderaker gives the correct hyperlink, but he describes it incorrectly.

    A lapse like Hinderaker’s gives the open-borders types a free gotcha! card with which to dismiss his argument. The deck is stacked enough without our helping.

  5. G Joubert Says:

    On a distantly related note, why is DHS buying up off the shelves and warehousing all the ammunition?

    Same kind of thinking at work.

  6. neo-neocon Says:

    gs: I hadn’t checked it in detail myself, and unfortunately I am terribly pressed for time today and can’t do so right now. But isn’t it still something that is appealing to immigrants? How is he mischaracterizing it, exactly? If there’s an error there, I don’t want to perpetuate it.

  7. Rob Crawford Says:

    Why should there be a page about government benefits at all?

  8. parker Says:

    “On a distantly related note, why is DHS buying up off the shelves and warehousing all the ammunition?”

    Very plausible: http://tinyurl.com/aw35gyo

    I tried to buy 8MM, 38 SPL, and 357 MAG primers and my favorite powders for those rounds today at the local gun store. There were plenty of 8MM primers available but none for 38/357s. The same was true for every other popular caliber. The owner has no idea when his suppliers will be able to ship more to his store.

    There was no 22LR in the store! Americans fire billions of 22LR annually. The owner told me his last batch of 22LRs was half of what he ordered and he has no idea of when he will get more. Prior to now 22LR was plentiful and cheap. Now its difficult to find and expensive. I’ve checked 8 on line sources and only one had 22LR available for shipment at nearly 6 times the pre-election price

    Something is going on when you can’t find boxes and boxes of the lowly 22LR at every gun/sporting store. Part of this is due to citizens frantic to stockpile ammo; but the scarcity of rounds and reloading supplies for the semi-auto pistols and carbines used by law enforcement agencies, not to mention 223 and 308, is due to the Federales stockpiling ammo, and perhaps an effort to dry up supplies for the peasants.

    I’m glad I started reloading 30 years ago and still have the ability to produce a few thousand rounds of the center fire calibers I shoot. But I’m down to my last brick of 22LR and a tad p*ssed off. What’s next pellets and BBs?

  9. Bob Says:

    the goal is to reward those the left feel are the true achievers and thus meritorious of high income and wealth – academics and government bureaucrats. The ultimate end-state of rent-seeking.

    Unfortunately, it can never be achieved as the academics and government bureaucrats produce little of value and will have extinguished the value-creating class, thus drying up the flow of money.

  10. parker Says:

    “Why should there be a page about government benefits at all?”

    Good question.

  11. Otiose Says:

    This kind of thinking – super open invitations to foreigners for benefits – is due to their belief (liberals I mean) that we as a country and in particular we within this country meaning white people (especially the male gender) got (relatively) rich by stealing from and/or depriving others of their just due. Therefore, systematically taking from those who have and giving to those who do not is only justice.

    Political distinctions say citizenship are barriers erected by the haves to continue to deprive victims of justice and just another form of cultural chauvinism and/or racism.

    However, I have yet to see liberals systematically open their doors and share their wealth with the street people here in LA.

  12. gssr Says:

    Neocons are liberal Republicans. They traditionally favor high immigration with little or no enforcement because at their core, they like, most liberals, do not like the sovereign nation-state.

    It’s too late for the USA. It is fastly becoming a dumping ground for the 3rd world, mostly Latinos and Muslims).

    Fuhget about it……the USA is kaput.

  13. gs Says:

    neo: My point is that there’s a lot more at that .gov site than information about welfare benefits.

    Had Hinderaker written, “A page at Its the Welcome to USA.gov page site is largely about the welfare benefits that new immigrants can receive,” I wouldn’t take issue with the sentence. (Ditto had he specified *.gov/government_benefits.) However, such a revised sentence would be a materially more circumscribed statement than the original version.

    What Hinderaker infers is the kind of ploy I expect from the Democrat part of the ruling class. My point is that his phrasing provides very limited support for his contention; in fact, it makes that contention vulnerable to criticism.

    I’ll check back tonight to see what you think.

  14. gs Says:

    parker Says:
    February 18th, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    “Why should there be a page about government benefits at all?”

    Good question.

    Indeed. Offhand I think that the only thing on such a page, if the page is created at all, should be a statement that new immigrants must qualify not to become public charges. These proposals are also preferable to Hinderaker’s overly expansive claim.

  15. neo-neocon Says:

    gssr: you are defining “neocon” way too narrowly, which is a common error. There are certainly some neocons who think as you describe, but many (me, for example) do not.

    If you’re interested in what “neocon” actually means rather than all the hype around it, go to my category “neocons” on the right sidebar and start reading.

    My recommendations for immigration, by the way, would be on the strict side.

  16. parker Says:

    When it comes to immigration and control of borders; those on the left see potential voters and the expansion of the welfare state. Big agriculture and construction see cheap, mostly off the books labor. I see destruction of culture and the economy. A plague of locusts is a fitting description.

  17. southpaw Says:

    It’s a theory that’s been circulating on the conservative blogs fora few months. Isaw it somewhere before the election and Brian Preston at PJ wrote the same last week. I dunno. The country has been expanding welfare nd social spending for yesrs. Obama is definitely more committed to it than most, ,but the whole theory seems implausible. Its hard to believe that it will lead to the demands for equity they suggest. I would expect economic collapse and a depression, which dont necessarily lead to the socialist utopia they wanted. See Europe for example. Benefits just get cut back when the money finally runs out. But it might be on that Obama believes it would.

  18. parker Says:

    “See Europe for example.”

    Its all Greek/Spanish to me. That is where we are headed. The only other choice is Zimbabwe. When it all comes crashing down we are too diverse for the (relative) unity of Argentina, Greece, or Spain. It will get tribal, fast. I’m glad I live more than 100 miles from a metro area, and a relatively small one at that (Des Moines).

  19. db Says:

    Concerning Hinderaker’s two theories, my thoughts are “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity, but don’t rule out malice,” also known as Heinlein’s Razor.

    (In some ways, it’s another restatement of Neoneocon’s “Fool or Knave?” question. Increasingly, I pick “Knave.”)

  20. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Hinderaker states, “I can see only two possible explanations for the administration’s eagerness to attract welfare recipients from other countries.

    One is that Obama is so blinkered by ideology that he irrationally believes that any expansion of government spending must necessarily be a good thing.”

    That would be the fool characterization of Obama.

    “The other is that his objective is not, in fact, to preserve America as a strong and prosperous nation.”

    That is, in a civil manner, calling Obama a knave.

    But if the second explanation is correct, (as many of us have become certain beyond a reasonable doubt) then Obama is, in his heart of hearts a traitor (and less importantly a racist) and civility, an obstruction to clarity.

  21. parker Says:

    Its not stupidity, it is malice pure and simple. BHO has a deep desire to be Fidel the dictador supremo. The mannish boy wants to rule without the restraint of the rule of law under a republic, as do the rank and file all the way down to the Obamaphone lady,. Never doubt that for a nanosecond.

  22. jon baker Says:

    I know that the federal government is also paying for speech therapy in spanish for latinos. The speech therapist are paid to go to the patients house with a translator-wouldn’t want to inconvenience them by requiring them to come to the office- and teach kids how to speak in spanish-on your dime! Do your research on this if you dare. I have also been told by a Foster Care director it is easier to get the kids of illegals on medicare (or is it medicade, ? get the two mixed up) than it is to get the kids of American citizens- The US government actually prioritizing the illegals over citizens!

  23. Ymarsakar Says:

    The LEft will take all that you have ever known, to remake it as slaves, and bring Light Upon Us All in a New Age of prosperity and humanism.

    Slavery is freedom from inequality and despair.

  24. blert Says:


    He’s our Caligula…

    That is: what ever was up is now to be down — and vice versa.


    It doesn’t sink in: Barry H A T E S numbers, per se.

    His tutu (grandmother) was a numbers T Y R A N T with a 120 decibel raging mouth.

    E V E R Y time any White guy tells him the “numbers don’t work” a warm glow flows straight through is inner child.

    It’s little different that taking a bong hit.

    For him, if justice caused America to devolve into the squalor of urban Indonesia, he’s prepared to accept it.

    Our very concentration of global wealth is a raging ethical crime in his mind.

    As a true son of FMD, it’s in his bones.

  25. oldflyer Says:

    I have no idea what his motivations are. Or should I say pathologies? I am not sure that anyone knows for certain, and I include himself in that population.

    I do know that he is toxic.

    The collective we missed a chance to change the dynamic. Now, we must hunker down; resist where we can; put our petty squabbles aside; work for conservative candidates;and hope that this country can survive in something resembling its present form. I also think that we must engage every individual who has supported this fiasco, but seems at least minimally open to reason. The rest we must marginalize to the extent that we can.

  26. parker Says:

    “As a true son of FMD, it’s in his bones”


    Bones shatter and result in trauma to nearby tissue. Fatal depending upon the bone. We are approaching Keats’ second coming, a rough beast slouches.

  27. parker Says:

    “The rest we must marginalize to the extent that we can.”

    11/6/12 showed us they are too large to marginalize. It comes down to…. well, you should know what.

  28. parker Says:

    Listen at about 2 minutes:


    What a monster fascist! He is as ignorant as a drunk duck on meth. 4 dead in Benghazi. Let your duly elected DC whores know you care.

  29. Jan of MN Says:

    “BHO has a deep desire to be Fidel the dictador supremo…”

    I don’t think Obama wants to rule, even as a dictator. He doesn’t enjoy ruling now — it’s the never-ending campaign that he’s truly fit for, whether he enjoys it or not.

    What he does want is the legacy of cancelling out the original idea of America in favor of bringing the country in line with his socialist ideals. Although I hesitated to give too much credence to the Cloward & Piven concept during the first term, I’ve shed my reservations and now believe that’s what he aims for: to crash the economy, and when panic ensues the government will have to take control in the interests of “safety” and “calm”. We’d be under martial law for an indefinite period. Who knows, we might even be relieved.

    No? Then why does he show no concern over the unrestrained spending? Why does he show no concern for the huge numbers of unemployed, whose families are under terrible stress as they try not to lose everything they’ve worked for? He plays golf, he parties with famous friends, exploits the various perks of the presidency — but he’s marking time until 2014 when he hopes to turn over the House to the Dems. If that happens, he’ll make sweeping changes during his last two years, a period when most presidents must contend with being lame ducks.

    If he achieves his goal, he will be credited with transforming a once vibrant free country into a socialist state in less than a decade — final proof that he is indeed the great man he believes himself to be. This is what you get when you elect a leftist narcissist with a chip on his shoulder and no limit to his ambition.

  30. Gary Rosen Says:

    “it’s another restatement of Neoneocon’s “Fool or Knave?” question. Increasingly, I pick “Knave.”

    It’s not a multiple choice test. No reason they can’t both be true.

  31. LisaM Says:

    I have a family friend who is 75, a widow for 30 years and permanently disabled from a brain tumor, neurosurgery, and strong anti-seizure medication. The very person Democrats trot out at any mention of cutting government benefits. I helped her apply for Medicaid in Ohio, for which she was denied, even though her only income is SSI.

    There was a section in the OH Medicaid form stating that non-citizens are encouraged to apply. It went on to assure them that no one would check up on their immigration status or take it into account in any way. I wonder how many of them were denied.

  32. southpaw Says:

    Neo – update for you on the origin of this program — it started under our old friend Jorge Boosh.- link at the end of my rant. I was pretty sure the cynacism, while certainly justified, wasn’t quite a new deal. The foodstamps for illegal aliens phemon has been a familiar sight around here for a long time. The programs under Obama are expansions of the former programs which I’m sure were “outreaches” to the Hispanic community under GWB. Let’s not forget he was firmly behind an amnesty type plan himself.
    GWB isn’t a defender of the border in the way most conservatives would approve of; in the same way Rick Perry is not – it has more to do with money than idealogy – that’s my opinion anyway. A great deal of the Texas economy functions on cheap labor, provided for by our Mexican neighbors, and no Texas politician on either side of the aisle will upset that apple cart. There’s too much campaign money from the hotels, restaurants, residential and commercial contruction companies, etc to concede to the other guy. I think there’s a large number of Republican governors in the Southwest who would like nothing better than to see some kind of deal for amnesty to get the issue off the table so they can go back to business as usual. It’s probably a pipe dream to think either party would do the right thing with immigration reform, and it’s understandable, given the way campaigns are financed, that they are actually competing with each other to be the highest bidder in the Hispanic vote contest. It’s businesses who are ultimately pulling the strings in this state, and I would imagine it to be the case elsewhere.

  33. parker Says:

    Jan of MN,

    Fidel does not and never did ‘rule’. Same goes for many other dictators. Its all speeches delivered in an endless campaign.

  34. gs Says:

    Thanks for your last post, southpaw. IMHO when they criticize Obama, too many people forget the degree to which Bush set the stage for him. The luxury would have been affordable had we won the election; given that we lost, it is dangerous.

  35. Ymarsakar Says:

    A few Australians told me that gun control prevents school shootings in Australia, and that the US should adopt the same policy success.


    Yea. Leftist brainwashing isn’t just a domestic issue.

    Guns bans did not backfire. It was the intention all along to push people into slavery.

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