February 18th, 2013

Oh, no! Yoko…

is 80.

22 Responses to “Oh, no! Yoko…”

  1. beverly Says:

    Joko Ono, Fossil Fuel Expert Extraordinaire! and Ender of the Beatles Infamous!

    She Whose Singing Voice Is Like Two Cats Being Cranked Through a Mangle-Wurzel!


  2. Rose Says:

    She whose idea of art is a white chessboard with white chess pieces – so profound.

  3. Don Carlos Says:

    Her “retrospective exhibit” (is there any other kind?) is scheduled to tour Europe through 2014. demonstrating yet again, as if we needed reminding, what a wretched place Europe has become. Probably not touring the former East Europe though.

  4. parker Says:

    Drive a silver stake through her heart.

  5. rickl Says:

    She whose idea of art is a white chessboard with white chess pieces

    That’s racist.

  6. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    That’s not racist, that is an honest evaluation of talent or more accurately, its lack thereof.

    Imagine…even less ability than Hillary and whose notoriety is entirely due to spousal fame.

  7. southpaw Says:

    The upside of being butt-ugly is when you turn 80, nobody notices much has changed.

  8. Ymarsakar Says:

    Koko is loco, but what is yoko?

  9. Former Marine's Mom Says:

    Holy crap, Batman. How some people hold onto fame is quite beyond my imagination.

  10. beverly Says:

    Starting at 1:29 — here’s Yoko doing her best impersonation of a cat in a blender.


    One wag writes, “Where can I get the lyrics to this?”

  11. Al Says:

    She is responsible for Revolution 9. Nuff said.

  12. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Beverly –Hearing the clip you so thoughtfully provided, it seems to me that her hideous caterwauling might be the result of her having caught a body part in some sort of machinery.

  13. NeoConScum Says:

    She’s 80..?? OMG..!

  14. holmes Says:

    She was the first Snookie. A talentless hack who became famous for being famous.

  15. expat Says:

    She gets coverage on German TV, as if she were important.

    I should also mention that the Berlinale Film Festival was last week. Guess who got all the coverage? Of course, Matt Damon with his anti-fracking hit piece. Since this was arsty reporting, nobody bothered to check Damon’s accuracy or recent studies about the safety of fracking. Artsy-Crafties are never fact checked here. I guess because they are such superior beings.

  16. Tesh Says:

    I like some Beatles music, but part of me will never forgive Lennon for unleashing her on the world.

  17. waltj Says:

    She looked 80 when she was 40. John could have done better–for himself, the Beatles, and the rest of us who’ve heard her talentless bleating and sanctimonious leftist talking points–in any bar in Kabukicho or Roponggi.

  18. Occam's Beard Says:

    Mark Chapman, this is on YOU. She was RIGHT THERE, for God’s sake! What were you thinking?

  19. Ann Says:

    Gotta love this:

    Yoko’s crusade against fracking—begun after she and Sean learned a few years ago that an energy company was planning to lay a pipeline for fracked gas near the Lennon family farm in the Catskills—…

  20. RandomThoughts Says:

    Oh Occam’s Beard, shame on you for making me laugh.

  21. Kurt Says:

    Yeah, I laughed at Occam’s Beard’s comment, too. But then I noticed Tesh’s comment, and I realized that perhaps that’s what Chapman was thinking.

  22. Kurt Says:

    Oh darn, now the sound of her whining and wailing is stuck in my head. :-\

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