February 26th, 2013

I’m liking Ted Cruz more and more

He seems to get it:

Cruz’s career follows an upbringing filled with political discussion around the family table. He even memorized the U.S. Constitution as a teen in high school.

“I gave probably 80 speeches all over the state on free market economics and the Constitution, and it became really my passion,” Cruz said. “What I wanted to do in life is fight to defend those principles and I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to do that.”…

“Life, liberty, and property, the fundamental natural rights of man are given to every one of us by God, and the role of government fundamentally is to protect those rights,” Cruz said…

For now, Cruz said he’s focused on the job at hand and that includes a new Republican Party.

“I think President Obama is the most radical president we’ve ever seen, but I think an awful lot of Republicans fail to stand for principle and contributed to getting us in this mess,” he said.

Heidi Cruz knows her husband will stand for principle and she learned something else about him during that uphill battle for the Senate.

“He only got better and better as things got tougher and tougher…

Of course, the attempt will be made to destroy him. And not just one attempt either; it will be a full court press as long as he is in public life. One of the bases of the attack will almost certainly be his religiosity. But it sounds as though he’s ready, and not the least bit naive about what he faces.

17 Responses to “I’m liking Ted Cruz more and more”

  1. holmes Says:

    Every criticism of Cruz is rooted in a deep seated animus towards Hispanics.

  2. Tesh Says:

    I have a cousin in Texas that hates him. Calls him racist. No proof offered, just that he’s a Republican. There’s literally no reasoning with him.

    Of course, he *is* a good contrarian indicator. If he doesn’t like someone, I’m instantly intrigued.

  3. JJ formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    Cruz on religion:

    “At the end of the day, faith is not organized religion; it’s not going to a church. It is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior,” Cruz told CBN News.

    But he’s determined not to use his faith as a weapon.

    “I think anyone in politics you’ve got a special obligation to avoid being a Pharisee, “to avoid ostentatiously wrapping yourself in your faith,” Cruz said. “Because I think in politics, it’s too easy for that to become a crutch, for that to be politically useful.”

    Amen to that!

    Oh my, his father was a Cuban refugee much like Rubio’s. Will not necessarily sell well in the Latino community. But if he has the right stuff, (and he seems to) he might go all the way. From what I have seen thus far, I would not hesitate to support him

  4. DonS Says:

    Ahh, the left is fine with hispanics as long as they vote for Democrats. It is all about political power with them.

  5. Ann Says:

    Unfair, I know, but Cruz, unfortunately, is almost totally lacking in charm and humor, and I think this is going to hurt his chances in politics.

    Think Richard Nixon. He became president, yes, but mostly because of Vietnam and anti-war Democrats abandoning Humphrey. I don’t see anything like that forming on the Democratic side ever again.

  6. holmes Says:

    There is something to that, Ann.

    I think it was on AoS, but basically a rundown of every election since JFK has been a personal popularity contest- besides Nixon.

    Basically, who is less dorky and would you like to hang out with? That’s our modern criteria for leadership.

  7. parker Says:

    Chimpy Bush & Darth Cheney beat Algored & Lieberman and prevailed in round 2 against Adams Family Kerry & Breck Boy. Personality is not everything all of the time. I admire Cruz’s background and I positively adore his current brazen attitude in the old boys club. Ted and Rand seem determined to shake things up in the ‘deliberative’ Reid dominated senate. Shake it down.

  8. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    Why then is Rubio tagged the Savior?
    Sure Cruz is a good guy.
    In the company of morons.
    And yes, I realize they are not all morons.
    Just enough to lose elections and confidence.

  9. RandomThoughts Says:

    The left is going to make every effort to destroy this man in the eyes of the public. He won’t be able to so much as sneeze without it being used as evidence to dismiss him as a viable candidate.

    Holmes, “Basically, who is less dorky and would you like to hang out with? That’s our modern criteria for leadership.” Yes, it’s who would you most like to have a beer with, or something like that. And by that criteria, Bush easily beat Kerry (http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/opinion/columnist/benedetto/2004-09-17-benedetto_x.htm)

    I can’t imagine having a beer with Barack, or Romney either. But then maybe that’s because I can’t imagine Romney having a beer, even if he weren’t Mormon. A Chardonnay perhaps, but not a beer. And that was part of his problem as a candidate.

  10. Indigo Red Says:

    I like Ted Cruz, but I don’t know what folks expect of him. Many are comparing and contrasting him with presidents past as if Cruz will one day run for the presidency himself. He can’t, though. Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada; he’s not a natural born citizen.

  11. Gary Rosen Says:

    “Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada; he’s not a natural born citizen.”

    Maybe that has something to do with why he is so outspoken. Whatever the reason, more please!

  12. Gary Rosen Says:

    To clarify, what I meant was not that Cruz is more outspoken because he was not born American, but because by virtue of that he does not have the enticement of higher office causing him to “triangulate”. Shoulda used preview.

  13. csimon Says:

    He’s really sharp. I’ve seen him interviewed a couple of times since election, and I was surprised (to hear a politician be candid and forthright with no obfuscation and communicating that he does indeed “get it.”) He might just give Marco R. a run for his money.

    They’re both American (Cruz was born in Canada to an American citizen) with Cuban ancestry. But it would mean Cruz would have to pull “an Obama” and spend only a year and a half in the Senate before announcing run for Pres. Rubio chose to complete at least one term before running for anything higher — even V.P.

    Then again, we have O. to look at to know where inexperience can get one in this day and age. (And where it’s taking the good “ol U.S. of A.)

    For some reason, I thought he is older than he is. Guess my cynicism has taken over because I just assumed than being so articulate and straight shooting couldn’t possibly be from a “newbie?” But then, what was I thinking? That kind of communication CAN ONLY COME from a newbie when you are talking pols in Washington.

    Memo to self: The newbies in DC are the ones who “get it” and intend to transform (a.k.a. fix) the system and the problems. It’s the ones that have been there awhile who learn that to stay, you must play and thus they become irrevocably corrupt. (And I hate to think that because one of my closest friends since grade school is married to one of those guys on the Hill, and he was always so nice and sweet and soft-spoken!) But rationality reminds me regularly that he did not get where he is being nice and sweet and soft-spoken.! She loves her husband, but recently told me that some time ago she realized she hated that town and most of the people in it and realized her only REAL friends are her oldest ones from childhood.
    (She’s very, very, brilliant and accomplished in her own right. And I guess it shows she shares admissions like that)

    2nd note to self: do not EVER again use the word “transform” as it is the word that self-appointed monarch Barack Obama uses to describe his intentions (i.e. wreak havoc and destroy) upon this beloved great nation of ours.
    (Surely it must be on Greg Gutfeld’s (of “The Five” and “Red Eye” shows on FOx) quickly expanding Banned Words List (which he updates on “The Five” regularly.

  14. neo-neocon Says:

    Indigo Red, Gary Rosen:

    Cruz is most definitely a “natural born citizen.”

    I am tired of having the definition of that phrase tortured into something it was never meant to mean. Please see the discussion in this post and thread. It’s quite lengthy.

    Cruz was born to an American mother (American BORN mother) and a Cuban immigrant father while they were temporarily working in Canada. His mother’s citizenship caused him to be a citizen at birth, and therefore he never had to be naturalized. That’s what makes him a natural born citizen—meaning he was born a citizen and never had to be naturalized. There is no provision that a natural born citizen has to be born within the confines of this country in the geographical sense.

  15. JJ formerly Jimmy J. Says:

    c.simon said, “It’s the ones that have been there awhile who learn that to stay, you must play and thus they become irrevocably corrupt. ”

    Just so. I saw Rand Paul interviewed yesterday and he was complaining about how oppressive the pressure was to conform to the good old boy network. Also, that anyone, democrat or Republican, who has been there for awhile just seems to forget about states rights. It’s a powerful argument for term limits.

  16. Ymarsakar Says:

    One must not allow serfs and slaves, once on the plantation, to get off it. For they might vote for those radical abolitionist Republicans.

  17. Jennine Jones Says:

    Well thank you for the explanation. I, too, was born in Canada of an American born mother and just had to prove my citizenship. Never had to be naturalized. Hell, I’m running for President!

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