March 21st, 2013

Budget passes House: so what?

The House has passed (221/207) what’s known as the “Ryan budget,” after the Democratic proposal failed to garner enough votes.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I think it’s good that Republicans did something. On the other, it makes no difference whatsoever, as far as I can tell. Yes, it’s a statement, but one that has absolutely no chance of being anything but an empty exercise. That’s true for many reasons—chief among them the fact that the Senate would never vote for it. But another reason is that only us political junkies are paying attention.

And Democrats will of course use it in 2014 in order to try to gain back the House by saying the mean old Republicans want to take away your Medicare and Social Security. In that way the left preys on the fact that people don’t look at the details. Of course, if they did look at the details, they might get disgusted with both parties.

5 Responses to “Budget passes House: so what?”

  1. parker Says:

    I think it is their responsibility given that the caliph has shirked his responsibility, year after year, to submit a budget on time or no budget at all. The house should also pass a law banning DC from seizing personal assets. We know how the senate majority and the caliph would react… great propaganda.

  2. Hangtown Bob Says:

    Neo, Neo, Neo??……..

    only WE political junkies are paying attention.

  3. Baltimoron Says:

    Republicans shouldn’t underestimate the amount of power they hold in the budget process. Obviously they’ll have to settle for something less than their current proposal. That’s politics, and if you don’t like it, win more elections. However, what we’ve seen over the past few years is that if the Democrats are forced to choose between compromise and facing the fiscal crisis of the month, they compromise. The Republicans just have to hold together long enough to get them to that point.

  4. neo-neocon Says:

    Hangtown Bob: I am hanging my head in shame.

    As penance, I’m going to leave my error up there for all to see.

  5. Ymarsakar Says:

    “In that way the left preys on the fact that people don’t look at the details.”

    I don’t believe slaves were ever allowed to look at the details of house finances.

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