April 5th, 2013

More on France2, al Durah, Enderlin, and Karsenty

Richard Landes is on the case.

3 Responses to “More on France2, al Durah, Enderlin, and Karsenty”

  1. artfldgr Says:

    its meaningless…

    to those that don’t believe, it wont make converts
    to those that know, and followed, this is about as surprising as the sun rising tomorrow…

    if the American public realized how tenuous a situation we are in, Obama would never have been elected. socialists would be pariahs of the biggest kind, and we would never have allowed them to run up 600% debt so we cant pay to defend ourselves.

    but dont worry..
    there is no way they are going to find things out and know more, as the discussion points follow the MSM focus, and dont or wont follow whats going on outside their view. and since msm isnt going to either, we are all happy save in the false knowledge we are safe.

    if there is no war, will this hammas thing matter?
    if there is a war, will this hammas thing matter?

    see? waste of time…
    regardless, the outcome is the same… nothing.

    however, knowing that diplomats are in a crisis wondering whether to leave Korea as they were given a deadline of april 10th…does make a difference… and it makes a difference regardless of what they decide to do.

    North Korea ready for cyberwar

    we only think we are strong as we only fight people who cant fight back… we only think we are strong as we think technology will make the edge needed. but what if that technology doesnt work?

    what if you cant start your car because the computer in it wont work? i do know that those “primitive” vehicles of the states we laugh at that plan and play this way using other states, and providing them material and expertise and even people… will keep on moving and running when our m1a1 Abrams is a 45 ton paperweight due to counterfeit parts that are not hardened.

    ONE thing i AM certain of

    Academics and the brain trusts ALWAYS get WAR wrong

    they are the ones whose ideas dont prevent it, as they dont believe there is anything to prevent so that the outcome they imagene is always the one they want.

    tactically that makes them weak and wrong if the other side knows it and plays to them.

    ergo a nuclear test by korea that fizzles, only fizzled if you think they were working on a large bomb, not a tactical small one…

    the error is on our assumption, not in their actions

    the premises of the academics that are in office, and advising the office, are wrong headed premises as to the nature of war, why it starts, whether people even conspire, and who is to blame (they blame the victim every time, while ideologically they say you cant or shouldn’t)

    Unit 121 can do a lot of harm depending on what they have been doing for the past 10 years…

    note, they have been studying stuxnet…

    How realistic is it to imagine a cascade of blunders that lead to a nuclear strike?

    before that is assumed, i should point out that nuclear war nearly started with the soviets, and if it wasnt for soviets who refused to act (Which wont happen again), it would have started near the end of the cold war!!!!!!!!!
    [edited for length]

  2. southpaw Says:

    Given the level of anti-semitism in France, one wonders if they would not support a modern day Nazi movement, as long as they didn’t invade France.

  3. Sam L. Says:

    Are/is the French media as much in the bag as ours?

    Then “The Jews done it” will be the mantra.

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