April 26th, 2013


I’ve got an unusually busy day today. I plan to do some more extensive posting later in the day, but for now, I highly recommend this tale told by the Boston bombers’ carjacking victim.

It clears up quite a few mysteries, including how it could be that the bombers were so stupid as to both leave the car at once and provide the victim a golden opportunity to escape. Short answer: they didn’t. Actually, only one of them left the car, because a cash payment in the office was required in order to buy the gas, and the other remained in the vehicle with the victim but was distracted for just a brief moment. That was all the quick-thinking victim needed to make a getaway.

It’s extremely fortunate for all of us that he succeeded, and lived to tell his tale. For most of the hair-raising night, he certainly didn’t think he’d ever have a chance to do so.

12 Responses to “Today”

  1. artfldgr Says:

    but was distracted for just a brief moment. That was all the quick-thinking victim needed for his chance to make a getaway.

    its all a con man needs to get away with something too

    too bad our state has just been reorganized, and no one who says they care, seems to notice. they want to talk about nothings that will never lead to anything that makes a difference in the near future.

    and yet, they called me negative when i said this end result was a fixed conclusion due to what will be their behavior later.

    may i ask how you undo the reorganizations and such that just happened if you cant even leave your house when a 19 year old closes down a few million people and turns them into temporary criminals?

    EO 11958 – Executive Order was just terminated..
    and all the powers delegated to kerry and you know who in defense.

    and your still on about a carjacking victim?
    what about the others?

    are you going to try to find out what happened to all the others and why some died, and some didnt?
    Carjacking, 1993-2002

    of course not…
    your going to help the opposition

    like the person who runs interference for the pick pocket, your going to help distract people so that they can more easily be victims… (dont matter what you think, it matters what you DO or dont do)

    There is lunacy, then there is this. The US just delivered the first four of twenty F-16 bombers to Egypt as part a $1.3 billion Foreign Military Financing program. Next up on the delivery schedule are 200 M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks. To Egypt. To Muslim Brotherhood Party leader and now President of the country, Mohamed Morsi.

    so now Morsi can just hand our equipment over to russia and china… in a war, having our main battle tank to experiment with to negate its technology will be a big boon to the global socialism movement

    but, do you think in 20 years or 30, they will go back and analyse the latest despotism, like we discuss hitler, and note that people were too busy paying attention to night club shows, or carjacking porn to care?

    anyone other than i realize that not being able to figure out what is important or not is a negative force in terms of Darwin? ie. those that cant do it, end up dead or on the bottom…

    We are giving US military capabilities to a man who calls Jews “descendants of apes and pigs.”

    and whats important is trying to figure out why too idiots trained by the people we ignore, or someone else, acted idiotic!!!

    ie. you want to know why non professional terrorists below the age of 25 with no experience messed up?

    becaue they were non professional terrorirists below the age of 25 with no experience
    [edited for length]

  2. artfldgr Says:

    the fog of social war has nabbed neo..
    we are waiting for them near Belgium
    but they are coming through our Maginot line as we watch something else
    to Dunkirk…

    Our defense secretary says Syria likely used the chemical weapons they got from saddam (and others) and we are concerned why a 19 year old screw up with everything in front of him, screwed up and did not execute things like mat damon in the movies.

    why did obama pick kerry, and hagel?

    because he knows that they are all part of the game going back to when?

    so, now, he is concentrating emense power and ability to give away national secrets in the hands of these two

    [maybe you might wonder about them finding one of the two guys that 4chan thought were the terrorists in a river dead… or not dead?]

    The White House declared Thursday that U.S. intelligence indicates Syrian President Bashar Assad has twice used deadly chemical weapons in his country’s fierce civil war, a provocative action that would cross President Barack Obama’s “red line” for a significant military response. But the administration said the revelation won’t immediately change its stance on intervening.

    because everyone is distracted, and talking about american idol, show ratings, the terrorists not performing up the Seal Six level, and so on

    he dont have to act if we dont notice…
    just like those creepy teachers that do things
    if the parents dont notice, the kids get screwed with
    if some parent backs up, they back up for image sake
    then later, it happens again

    so… he has given what to these people and what are they using, and the most we can do is think of dumb crap we will never know, but will discuss endlessly as if we might?
    [edited for length]

  3. M of H Says:

    artfldgr – OK. In being distraught and rudderless, we (esp we women, I guess) fiddle with unimportant details. What are we to do? What would be not (mentally) “masturbating?” Let’s say I “pay attention” now that I have read your post(s). What now? Tell my neighbors? then what?

  4. Dan D Says:

    You see, the brothers really were sweet, sweet angels after all. They had the good manners to actually pay for the fuel they were putting in the hijacked Benz instead of just doing a drive-off. Given the topics of their conversations, it appears their focus on their capers was flagging.

  5. Richard Aubrey Says:

    This car has the world’s most famous “COEXIST” bumper sticker.
    Some folks think that’s irony.
    It’s the whole “exist” thing that was bothering the bros.
    Who gets to. Who doesn’t.

  6. M of H Says:

    I was asking: what can we do? I was not disagreeing with you.

    U did offer this advice: DO NOT get distracted by little details that do not matter: that’s good. But that’s a “not.” I wonder: Is there something positive we can do? To educate the uneducated seems futile: My “neighbors” either already agree or will not discuss it. Even people who agree it’s all over seem to be weary of talk. The situation seems to be over the cliff.

    Finding peace within seems healthy and harmless.

  7. Mrs Whatsit Says:

    Jeez, Art. For somebody with such allegedly superior reasoning skills, you certainly have trouble with fundamental categorical logic. Look: just because some women are irrational, nuts, power-hungry feminists, immoral and all the rest — and some certainly are — this does not lead to the conclusion you so repeatedly and illogically draw that all women share these characteristics, or that Neo does. It would make just as much sense — that is, none — to insist that because YOU are a man whose negative feelings about women have overwhelmed your logical capacities and turned you into an over-the-top emotional ranter on any subject remotely related to gender, then all men must, like you, be irrational misogynists. Thank goodness, most aren’t.

    I, for one, am tired of your escalating rudeness toward Neo. For years now, she has patiently provided you with a platform for your lengthy maunderings. She consistently responds calmly and rationally to your accusations and your inability to understand much of what she writes. In response, she gets more accusations and insults and your increasingly shrill insistence that she should think only what you say she should think and post only what you say she should post. A few days ago you went so far as to suggest that she should not put up any new posts until you are done commenting on the old ones, and you indicated that you think she actually decides when to put up new posts based on the timing of your comments. Really? If that’s an example of your superior male rationality, I’ll take female dumbheadedness any time.

    As others have repeatedly suggested, if you are so certain that other topics are more important than the ones Neo chooses to write about, you should start your own blog. However, THIS blog — regardless of your spittle-flying efforts to hijack one thread after another — does not belong to you and is not about you. Like the rest of us, you are a guest here. Your inability to understand that and behave accordingly — Aspergers or no Aspergers — does no favors at all for your theories about superior male intellect and rationality.

  8. nyc Says:

    i de-bookmarked and pretty much stopped coming to neo-neocon a month ago on account of artdgr’s unrelenting blog pollution.

    i am here re boston events / jihad and i see things are – well – just the same. too bad.

    the co-exist sticker story appears to be bogus – too good to be true?

  9. Ymarsakar Says:

    So once again, the authorities didn’t do much in capturing terrorists. Relying instead on the people themselves to do most of the information gathering.

    And how do they expect to continue in the future once they make America full of sheep willing to do whatever the authorities with guns tell them to?

  10. Ymarsakar Says:

    There were a lot of things that could be done to guarantee or improve the odds of maintaining control over a captive, including the tested Stockholme indoctrination process.

    However, those two seemed to have been caught somewhat unprepared, with most of their training and mental energy devoted to other things. While it might have been necessary to keep the captive around in order to not give the plan away to the hunters, it wasn’t necessary to make him the driver. Nor was it necessary to leave his left hand and left leg intact. To save on energy, as well as prevent people from getting rid of restraints, destroying the body itself is the most efficient. On the reverse hand, so long as you can move and think, you have a chance to escape.

    Without the ability to do these things silently and efficiently, one’s options are limited. Just as if you lack a weapon or a way to attack, your only option is to escape or obey. Could be better odds. If the only way a terrorist can kill or harm people is with weapons, then they can’t easily and silently crush their captive’s body in a way that does not draw attention. They have fewer options. Fewer options leads to less chances of success, for both prey and predator.

    Why is the state then attempting to limit the options of the people the state is supposed to serve? Perhaps because the state must control the people just as the terrorists must control their captives.

  11. Ymarsakar Says:

    “Is there something positive we can do?”

    The ancient magicians often had two paths in life.

    1. Change the world.

    2. Change yourself.

    Changing the world might be the case of using propaganda to get power and being elected, in order to start dictating people’s beliefs and behaviors. But changing yourself doesn’t involve the world, just improving your own mind, body, spirit, and soul.

    Humans live through social cooperation, for a single person often lacks the resources to be completely independent. Yet, some humans find it rather disgusting to always be subservient to what society demands of them, utilizing masks and deception merely to get by. Those humans often live by themselves, away from civilization, for they neither envy civilization nor do they depend upon civilization for survival.

    In other words, if one cannot convince the people in the neighborhood, at least get all the resources stocked so that when the entire neighborhood goes up in flames, it won’t matter what they say, think, or do to you. If it didn’t matter to them what you thought before, it shouldn’t matter after either.

    In this fashion, individuals can break free of the shackles society has put upon them to seek their own path in life. If they cannot convince or be convinced of the truth, then it is merely enough to set them free of external control. IQ or training isn’t a requirement. Emotions are. If people don’t feel dissatisfied enough, if they don’t hate it enough, they won’t do anything.

    Considering the ineptness or mere corruption of the authorities, I would think many people would find it in their best interests to train to utilize lethal force with merely their hands. No metal detector or government official can easily take away that power, for it isn’t as much physical as internal. School shootings, terrorist kidnappings, government goons thrashing around at airports, it’s not a bad start in my view to start arming one’s mind, and not just one’s external tools (guns).

  12. Ymarsakar Says:

    “your going to help the opposition

    like the person who runs interference for the pick pocket, your going to help distract people so that they can more easily be victims… (dont matter what you think, it matters what you DO or dont do)”

    I think this is probably the keystone highlight of what many here find disagreeable or merely just hateful about Art’s position.

    If thoughts don’t matter, then certainly emotions should. But if one does not feel enough emotions to kill Leftist operatives in the US, I’m not sure what the benefit would be in harassing our allies over being less confrontational. After all, it’s not like there are people that offer up a “more confrontational” strategic vision.

    If it matters what people do or don’t do, then it should greatly matter whether people have the training to kill terrorists and police thugs with their bare hands or not. It should definitely matter if they feel enough hate in their heart for enemies of humanity to do so, to train for that goal. Yet, the internet is not about physical violence, just verbal violence. Same concept, different scale. The internet is not the place for “doing” so to speak.

    Physical action is better left for the physical world. The goal of humans should not be to convince or enforce their own views on others. The concept is to be able to work and live side by side with humans, whether they be criminals or pacifists. It doesn’t really matter whether everyone is willing to kill evil or not, whether they do what you think is the best strategic plan for victory or not. All of that is merely a waste of energy for a social, not a military, goal. Energy depletion tends to be logistically unfeasible in the long term war.

    The Left’s evil will not abate until they are destroyed, until their power and backs are broken. In the meanwhile, what people do or say doesn’t really impact the final result so much. What people do or say after they begin to feel such emotions will be a more significant determinative factor.

    In the end, one cannot change the world if convincing one’s closest allies to do what One Wills is becoming difficult/impossible.

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