May 3rd, 2013

Venezuela: the fat lady hasn’t sung

Remember the election in Venezuela? Well, it’s not over yet:

The self-declared winner, Nicolás Maduro, is behaving very much like a man who knows he lost on April 14. In resorting to violence and brute force to silence the opposition’s demand for an honest recount, Maduro has signed the death warrant for chavismo’s legitimacy.

Numerous videos of soldiers and other chavista thugs chasing, beating, and shooting unarmed protesters have circulated around the world since last month’s election. Last night, video from Venezuela’s national assembly showed opposition members being beaten as they protested a gag rule imposed by assembly president Diosdado Cabello.

Maduro may be widely thought to be illegitimate, but he may still be able to hold onto power if his thugs succeed in intimidating both the opposition and the voters.

The hand of Cuba can be seen:

It is remarkable to see assembly president Cabello leading the charge against the opposition — in other words, doing the dirty work for Maduro and Havana. Cabello was thought to have the confidence of many in the military who chafed at the heavy hand of Cubans who are desperate to micromanage the post-Chávez succession to ensure the flow of aid and oil to the bankrupt Castro regime. By following Havana’s instructions, Cabello is leading Venezuela’s military into a moral ambush — putting soldiers in a position of having to murder peaceful protestors in the service of a foreign regime and a corrupt, illegitimate despot.

Oil again—the kingdom of earth.

9 Responses to “Venezuela: the fat lady hasn’t sung”

  1. Steve Says:

    Obama’s friends.

  2. Gringo Says:

    Neo, thanks for covering Venezuela. A LOT has happened this week in Venezuela. The article you quoted from came from The American Enterprise Institute. The beat-down in the National Assembly- one female Assembly member went to the hospital to treat cheekbone fractures- is a turning point. Think of the caning of Senator Sumner in 1856. That was a good indication that there was no reconciliation possible between North and South, short of an armed conflict. Regarding how Venezuela will turn out, I have not idea. But it is a turning point. Or as Dubya would say, a decision point.

    It is remarkable to see assembly president Cabello leading the charge against the opposition — in other words, doing the dirty work for Maduro and Havana.

    It is possible that Diosdado Cabello [translation: Godgiven Hair. Really. And Mr. Cabello is bald.] stood by during the beat-down -or planned the beat-down- at the behest of Maduro and the Cubans. Others beg to differ.

    Godgiven was an army officer who was involved in Thugo Chavez’s 1992 coup. Godgiven and Thugo go back a long way, to the military academy. Godgiven is a corrupt thug who wants to be President. Godgiven also realizes that if this government is turned out of power, by electoral or other means, he is headed for jail. He is thus in this to the end. Godgiven has until recently bided his time, supporting Maduro. I and others see the beat-down as Godgiven’s Declaration of Independence. He is now out to grab power for himself. Not that all the power for Godgiven was never Godgiven’s goal, but previously he saw it was more expedient to play the good team member.

    Maduro cannot make a decision without consulting his handlers in Havana. He trained in Cuba before Chavez was elected. Maduro recently made a trip to Havana to consult with his handlers- perhaps to get new instructions, because the previous instructions hadn’t been working. Things are going downhill fast for Maduro.

    The beat-down is Godgiven’s throwing down the gauntlet to Maduro and his Cuban handlers: “I can handle these oppo wusses. In the 3 weeks since the election, you have shown that you cannot handle them. Since you cannot handle them, you should get out of the way and let someone who CAN handle the oppo wusses take charge. That would be me, Godgiven himself.”

  3. Gringo Says:

    More news from Venezuela, this time from Venezuela News and Views.The Maduro “election” is officially challenged (impugnada), and so is the electoral system.

    As promised we just read that the Henrique Capriles has officially challenged/impugnado the election of April 14. he did that by sending the Comando Simon Bolivar, his electoral organization, to the high court of Venezuela, TSJ, electoral hall, with a 180 pages document. The evidence will be introduced later, as the High court proceeds with the hearings.

    But that is not all. The challenge is not only on the mere result: the opposition has challenged ALL the electoral process, from weeks before the election to the following days. what is on trial is not only the result of April 14, it is all the Venezuelan Electoral system. At long last.

    What can we expect?
    Little. After all the high court is packed 100% with pro Chavez people, that have even felt secure enough to brag about their support of the bolibanana revolution, and that separation of powers was passé. Still, something will have to happen with the court that must rule on that sooner or later, as it has a constitutional deadline (which certainly can be pushed back as the TSJ has long done what it wishes to do without regard for the laws or constitutions as we saw recently on January 9, 2913, which is when the whole current crisis officially started)…..

    Read it all. It will become very interesting in Venezuela. During the October campain against Thugo, Capriles’s tone was one of reconciliation. He did not personally attack Chavez. In the campaign against Maduro [Mature], Capriles turned into an attack dog. Will all this end up with Capriles as 1) President, 2) prisoner, 3) dead man, or 4) an exile? Time will tell.

  4. Don Says:

    Interesting. Once again leftists act like thugs.

  5. Gringo Says:

    Steve: Obama’s friends.

    The Government of Venezuela has recently turned rather hostile towards US citizens. From Caracas Chronicles: Tim Tracy and the April connection recounts the story of an American documentary maker who came to Venezuela to do, of all things, a documentary, and who got jailed for being an “counter-intelligence” agent. A counter-intelligence agent who used Frequent Flier Miles to obtain his air ticket to Venezuela. After all, isn’t that how counter-intelligence agents travel- by Frequent Flier Miles?

    The main announcement was the detention of U.S.-national Timothy Hallet Tracy, whom Rodriguez Torres referred to as “a counter-intelligence agent”, but he offered no evidence about his intelligence ties.

    Tracy’s family and his friends rejected Rodriguez Torres’s claims, and said that Tracy was in Venezuela to do a documentary. The 35-year old was detained at Maquetia Airport when he was returning to the U.S., but it wasn’t his first detention by Venezuelan authorities (he was arrested in Puerto Cabello the week before the election while filming a Maduro rally).

    Mr. Tracy’s resume indicated he started as an actor, but in recent years his career shifted into TV production. He was the executive producer of “Madhouse”, a History Channel show about race-car drivers. He also produced “Under Siege”, a recent investigation into criminal activities in the Canadian-U.S. border for Discovery Channel….. READ IT ALL.

    One of the blog owners goes on to say Tracy had contacted him to meet him to do an interview, but the interview fell through when Tracy was being hassled by Venezuelan police during the time when they were supposed to meet for the interview. As the blog owner now lives in Chile, and was back in Venezuela for a short time, there wasn’t another opportunity to reschedule an interview.

    Tracy had interviewed both Chavista and oppo supporters- which the government spun as a plot against the government. Sound familiar?

    For another example of the recent hostile treatment of US citizens, consider this comment in the post:

    I was warned by an employee of the Venezuelan consulate in NY that if I am to travel there with my American wife (I am venezuelan) we should carry a formal letter from family in Caracas inviting her to stay or proof of hotel reservation because they are more suspicious than usual of Americans going in and out of the country.I shrugged it off as ridiculous, but still makes me more than a little nervous.

    These hostile treatments of Americans sounds to me like the work of the Cubans.

  6. Sam L. Says:

    ” Don Says:
    May 3rd, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    Interesting. Once again leftists act like thugs.”

    What they do is what they are. No tolerance.

  7. Gringo Says:

    As further example that Maduro is losing it, even among Chavistas, consider this recent post from The Devil’s Excrement:
    Maduro Blasted By Chavistas In Los Teques.

    In this video, a lady blasts Maduro for not including the people in decisions, suggesting they are actually bypassed. The lady says that if elections were held for Mayor, Chavismo would lose “totally” . The people are organized, but they are not included:

    Note the lady behind with the fake Maduro mustache. Maduro comes back and says he will not approve the project and asks how come the “right wing, bla, bla, bs, local Government” is not criticized but we are so autocritical of the revolution. The people present disagree with his decision and express it.Express it very clearly.

    Not a good “mesa de trabajo” for Nicolas. Not a good day for the new President. A rough day for him in fact.

    For the video, go to the link. If Maduro is losing it, whether he keeps control -or Godgiven Hair, a.k.a. Diosdado Cabello- takes over, things will get rougher, as both lack the charisma and political skills of their mentor Chavez.

  8. southpaw Says:

    Where’s Jimmy Carter when you need him? A nice, uplifting speech articulating their national malaise is just what the Venezuelans need right now.

  9. Ymarsakar Says:

    The Left is evil. Those who think they have seen its full extent in the US will be surprised by the true nature of the Left.

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