May 10th, 2013

Where are they now?

I love these painting of famous historical figures as they might look if alive today. Here’s one (there are four others at the link):


7 Responses to “Where are they now?”

  1. Fausta Says:

    The guy on the right vaguely reminds me of Mark Steyn.

  2. Dan D Says:

    Richard Thompson!

  3. Mark Steyn? | Fausta's Blog Says:

    […] Or Henry VIII? […]

  4. Sam L. Says:

    Liz I looks like Meryl Streep.

  5. Sgt. Mom Says:

    I so like the version of Elizabeth in a power suit and silk scarf lining the neck. (That’s how I always used to wear my business drag – saves wear and tear on the collar-line). Chic, businesslike, modest but excellent jewelry, and take-no-prisoners expression.
    It would be fun to see more of these people, given the modernizing treatment – giving a jolt to people’s perceptions of historical figures.

  6. mark tomeo Says:

    You get a totally different take on these figures…it’d be interesting to reverse this and superimpose present day celebrity/politician faces into historical and period portraits as well. Maybe not as inerseting, though.

  7. mark tomeo Says:

    Sorry, “interesting”

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