May 14th, 2013

Ariel Castro and the monsters among us

Jack Dunphy has a piece at PJ about Ariel Castro and how ordinary he must have seemed to his neighbors and acquaintances, and how it would have been very difficult to perceive the evil that lurked within.

Although I understand what Dunphy’s referring to—the man’s ordinary demeanor seems to have emanated a kind of general affability that gave no clue to the horrors he perpetrated—I disagree strongly that those who knew him better, or who lived near him, would have had no clues.

Of course, it’s easier to see these things in retrospect; 20/20 hindsight and all that. And there’s no way that, even with these clues, a person would necessarily think he had kidnapped three women and held them captive all those years of torture both physical and psychological.

Dunphy refers to Castro’s house, for example, as an “ordinary looking clapboard home.” But tell me whether you think the back of this house is business-as-usual, even for a pretty sketchy neighborhood such as the one Castro lived in—considering that people knew this house was inhabited and not vacant:

Ariel Castro's Backyard

Of course, that’s the back of the house rather than the front. But still, it appears to have been quite visible to neighbors, and it seems at the very least rather suspicious in terms of activity that might be going on in there that the owner didn’t want observed.

Dunphy (an officer with the LAPD) also writes: “And as for those who say the police should have done more to find the women, one must ask: What more could they have done?”

I would submit the following: they might have heeded the suggestion of Fernando Colon, who allegedly fingered Castro as a probable suspect back in 2004 when Georgina de Jesus had first disappeared:

Fernando Colon [boyfriend of Castro's ex-wife Grimilda Figueroa] said that he was intensively interviewed, followed by officers and made to give samples of his DNA following the disappearance of Georgina DeJesus, who was then 14, in 2004.

Ms DeJesus had last been seen walking home from school by her friend Arlene Castro, the youngest daughter of Ariel Castro and Grimilda Figueroa, who had by then left the school bus driver.

Mr Colon, who as Ms Figueroa’s boyfriend was a stepfather figure to Arlene, was suspected by police of being involved with her friend’s disappearance and became the focus of their inquiries.

“Ariel wasn’t investigated at all,” Frank Caraballo, his former brother-in-law, told The Daily Telegraph. “Why was Arlene’s actual father out of the picture? He’s the bus driver, he knows where all these kids go.”

Mr Colon, now 49, claimed to have told his FBI interviewers that Mr Castro was a more likely culprit, but said that his suggestion was totally ignored by investigators.

In addition, Castro’s ex-wife Figueroa and her family members claimed Castro had physically and mentally abused her in very severe and provable ways (multiple physical injuries), systematically, and continually. But the case was dismissed and never pursued again because of legal irregularities involving non-appearances of Castro as well as non-appearance of Figueroa’s attorney.

16 Responses to “Ariel Castro and the monsters among us”

  1. Artfldgr Says:

    And yet aspergers makes you isolated abd alone till ppl punish you as the next psychopath…

    Except that your not a psycho, and the psychos hurt you as tge good ppl leave you with them

    Meanwhile tbere are 10 times the number if them

    Ten predaters for each victime n no hope!!!!!

    Ppl would freak if they ever read the police teletype for a week…..

  2. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Some people are better than others, by nature or training, on the “what’s wrong with this picture” perceptual ability, to mangle a phrase.
    Once something rings that little bell, it’s worth trying to figure out what it is. Could be nothing.
    The Fourth and Fifth Amendments prevent egregious police work based on somebody’s “feeling”. That’s not the issue. The issue is that, if you have that “feeling”, you should keep trying to figure out what it is.
    Then you’ll have something. Or nothing, but at least you won’t be bothered.
    “different strokes” is probably a good idea until it rationalizes the ominous.

  3. Artfldgr Says:

    it seems at the very least rather suspicious in terms of activity that might be going on in there that the owner didn’t want observed.

    So you agree with central planning that the normal have notbung to hide and should walk around naked n in glass hms????
    Why not cameras like 1994??

    The desire for privacy makes you suspicious????

    I have known lots to do that, ranging from works nights and blocks the sun,to being a pro dominatrix, to someone that dated elvis impersonators,to lots more as a response to theft

    In fact..if you get robbed n dont move they will come back to try to take the new stuff

    Wacky paranoid femknist society where lack of social cohesion is ignored n the safety in favir of feminist freedomwhere ppl to afraid to ask…. the solution is to makethe private even more public…not get back to undrrstanding that to nutters women have protecting them is not oppression any more than a body guard saying he cant defend you in some places…

    We normalized the view
    Where instead of cknfidence we have neurosis on tsl inforty flavirs n the ideas dont work as they r not real world realistic
    Maybe changing society to favor sociopths n freaks was a bad idea ladies

    Not my or most mens problem
    Your on your own
    As to try to resche or preevent the troubke would get you ostracjsed as a woman hating mysigynist oppressor

    Like in the uk when the baby drowned n they tried to blame a man who drove by…. but he said if he went n picked up the kid, they would put him in prison

    I remember a girl we could not stop as a teen
    Her name was cassie
    You had to let her go
    Word had it she was gang raped n dumped
    Nothing we ciuld do to save her thank to feminists!!!!!

  4. blert Says:

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau is only funny on the silver screen.

    In my life, most of the ‘investigators’ have the insight of Lestrade, Clouseau over on down.

    The fact is that it requires a very high intelligence to dope out these scoundrels — and the policing profession does not attract brilliant minds — and ejects them if and when they show up.

    A nearby police force makes it explicit that they don’t want ANY Web based criminal tips from the public.

    Outright confessions, however, might be acceptable — in which case you’d best show up in person.

    Crowd sourcing intel on petty criminal activity is out…

    Fitting reports into the (funding) narrative is in.

  5. neo-neocon Says:

    Artfldgr: that house reflects more than a “desire for privacy.”

    More importantly, if police were investigating Colon as a possible suspect (because of the victim’s connection with Castro’s daughter), they should have been equally suspicious of Castro, since (as Colon pointed out) he was both the friend’s father and the bus driver, as well as a person with boarded-up windows and a severe history of wife-beating that appears to have been fairly well-documented and witnessed (including by his own son, who describe his father as “a controlling, abusive and often drunk ogre who once nearly beat his mom, Grimilda Figueroa, to death as she was recovering from brain surgery”).

    You will find more here in the long litany of prior complaints against Castro. They are definitely not all from the wife or her family; some were witnessed by others, and police seem to have seen the evidence of some of the beatings.

    And yet Ariel Castro was apparently never even a suspect, never even questioned, never even contacted in connection with De Jesus’s disappearance, or considered suspicious.

  6. holmes Says:

    Castro probably would have passed a background check for purchasing a firearm. So much for that.

  7. Trimegistus Says:

    All right, it’s time to look at the elephant we’re ignoring: would the cops have ignored the complaints against Castro if he wasn’t a minority? He’s hispanic and looks to be part black. Either PC “don’t make waves” or old-fashioned racist “it’s Chinatown” ignoring complaints.

  8. James Says:

    The banality of evil. One of the biggest reasons people are always so surprised.

  9. kcom Says:

    Imagine if they had investigated him and found the girls at that time. It would have been shocking and unbelievable. He had kidnapped and held Michele Knight for TWO years and Amanda Berry for one whole YEAR. That would have been the story and it would have been jaw-dropping. It would have been inconceivable to anyone that something like that could go on for another NINE years. But, in hindsight, we know it did. It’s just amazing what is possible in the world.

  10. MollyNH Says:

    I read some comments:
    If the house were located next to a dunkin donuts cops would have found it !
    Someone suspicious should have accused Castro
    of growing Pot, cops would have swarmed.
    & the most practical suggestion:
    Call the fire department saying you smelled/saw
    smoke coming out of the attic.
    FD can go in no warrants needed, no reprecussions (sp?) public safety.

  11. Artfldgr Says:

    you have to get out among normal people outside cities…
    heck… collier mini mansions are normal… people do this… its not common, but its also not so rare you can scream – look they must be housing kidnapped women.

    you often will get in more trouble trying to put a flag pole and US flag on your yard or house than you would closing off the back of it..


    Crews board up Cleveland house of horrors
    In an effort to prevent vandalism and preserve evidence, crews continue work on boarding up the house of Ariel Castro, who is accused of imprisoning and abusing three women inside the home for about a decade. NBC’s Ron Mott reports from Cleveland, Ohio

    do i have to take pictures of the apartments on park avenue that have aluminum foil on their windows? (and that’s not at ground level where someone can walk around to the back) – or the parking garage that has their security cameras trained on peoples apartments not security?

    when i moved from the city, and all the wacky stuff a kid could learn there, i lived for 4 or 5 years in the rural areas, and in those areas, people do ALL kinds of things… the stuff i could tell you would blow your mind and all it took was minding my own business and walking through the developments and later cruising all night as a way to pass the time, and driving professionally doing a route that covered a huge swath of shoreline for research every night

    when the sun goes down, and everyone asleep, next to your home and everyone else’s is a tiny madhouse of stuff going on…

    an affable neighbor who closes up his backyard will not really be noticed at all. people will shrug thinking he wants his privacy… even more so if they had ever visited the house and left without knowing what was there.

    it has mostly to do with the fact the brain gives you what you want, and most are not careful what they ask of it. So there are all kinds of things that will come to the attention, a person will ask, and then just acclimate to it and not bother again till someone comes to a backyard picnic and asks. and if lots of time goes by, they will say, yeah.. that’s Ariel, its his property and he bothers no one, yada yada..

    if you got mr wacko on the table, and put him through a fMRI you would find that he has lots of white matter, and not so much grey… and predators tend to have relatively larger brains than the animals they prey on. he has a higher ability to process information as to tricking people which is process intensive, and very low impulse control.

    there are some pretty famous husband and wife teams that have done similar, and had gone through many more women in much more horrid ways…

    particularly fred and rosemary west come to mind…
    “Between 1967 and 1987, he alone, and later, he and his wife Rosemary, tortured, raped and murdered at least 11 young women and girls”

    Ariel is completely surpassed by David Parker Ray and his accomplices. in this case, they had a trailer in their driveway…

    and there was more…

    the list of wackos that did or do this goes back to before it was considered wacko to do this…

    MOST of the wackos that do this, do not have any kinds of displays as your drawing attention to in the case of Ariel. while a lot of the people that have houses closed up for various reasons, vastly exceeds the number that are harboring slaves chained up for sex, or for housecleaning (as others are also held for – and scammed by too).

    The research investigated the brain biology of psychopaths with convictions that included attempted murder, manslaughter, multiple rape with strangulation and false imprisonment.

    Using a powerful imaging technique (DT-MRI) the researchers have highlighted biological differences in the brain which may underpin these types of behaviour and provide a more comprehensive understanding of criminal psychopathy.

    Dr Michael Craig said: ‘If replicated by larger studies the significance of these findings cannot be underestimated. The suggestion of a clear structural deficit in the brains of psychopaths has profound implications for clinicians, research scientists and the criminal justice system.’

    [there is a researcher whose research discovered HE was a sociopath, i cant remember his name though. ]

    They found a significant reduction in the integrity of the small particles that make up the structure of the UF (uncinate fasciculus) of psychopaths, compared to control groups of people with the same age and IQ. Also, the degree of abnormality was significantly related to the degree of psychopathy. These results suggest that psychopaths have biological differences in the brain which may help to explain their offending behaviors.

    Altered connections on the road to psychopathy

    what people see or read in passing and forget i cant forget
    too bad i cant leverage this skill and others to a better life, eh?
    (too bad i get beaten up and shut away as if i can leverage it and it has to be prevented at all costs – which is why it dont get me a better life)

    one in 25 are thought to be sociopathic

    the ones we pay attention to most are the clinical and criminal
    but just as there are autistic people who cant dress themselves, and at the other end people with incredible focus and mentally normal (except communication skills), there are those who stand out, and a vast majority that stir up life and have fun in more passive ways or collusive ways, enjoying the power over others in their tiny realms. they especially like it when they have someone that is trapped and has no rescue (but believes there can be and searches desperately for the futile). i know as a victim of more than one in my life with 20/20 hindsight.

    its easier to spot them if you ignore them, and look to what they are doing, or arranging, etc. i could write a book on it. divide and conquer, isolation vs commiseration, easy inside if you just go along, hiring under-competent so they serve out of a fear of not being able to earn like that, etc… power expressed as a end, not a tool to accomplish positive goals. interactions seen as ways to make deals, and so causing and taking advantage of crisis over teamwork to mitigate is common… normalizing wrong behavior. keeping goals a mystery and wanting compliance (because the goals are not valid – so they cant actually tell you the point is to screw or orchestrate something) over open team work and cross support.

    if you don’t believe me, you can look at my list and compare it to Gosnell, who is extreme, but you can find it in lots of bosses and microking or queendoms…

  12. MollyNH Says:

    Castro wreaked alot of havoc & didn t use a gun
    besides with all that wife abuse history, the chief of police would have been comfortable with him being armed ?????

  13. Artfldgr Says:

    And yet Ariel Castro was apparently never even a suspect, never even questioned, never even contacted in connection with De Jesus’s disappearance, or considered suspicious.

    of course not. as thats not how police work

    this point is a different issue than what is suspicious enough to bother someone and get a warrant to search a house for… (which boarding up your back does not constitute).

    first balloon to pop.
    Police do not “solve” crimes…
    Police follow scripts and work the odds reported over and over again.

    Woman disappears, you follow the script.
    its the husband or boyfriend or lover (in that order)
    you go down the chain… if she had all three, they may never get to number four or others…

    all they need is someone who has no alibi, and that a story can be made surrounding it. they are then guilty and would have to prove their innocence.

    these ‘scripts’ and percentage facts have long ago replaced real thinking with vocational action. IF you pay attention you can see it all the time. why did they have a problem finding the beltway sniper? because he was not a white male which is what the script calls for…

    why did they not think Ariel was holding women? because the profiles for that crime say the criminals most likely to do that are? which is great as it leads to those people being examined, the others not, and an effect on the statistical outcome, which manipulation is a stated goal (of the same people making the scripts and rules and education). no?

    Offender profiling, also known as criminal profiling, is a behavioral and investigative tool that is intended to help investigators to accurately predict and profile the characteristics of unknown criminal subjects or offenders

    now any fool with real good mathematical abstraction ability can see that such a tool, once used, will change the numbers having to do with the tool…

    Holmes and Holmes (2008) outline the three main goals of criminal profiling:
    The first is to provide law enforcement with a social and psychological assessment of the offender;
    The second goal is to provide law enforcement with a “psychological evaluation of belongings found in the possession of the offender” (p. 10);
    The third goal is to give suggestions and strategies for the interviewing process.

    the first cant do that… it can only tell them odds of past things, which do not include the huge number of unsolved or unknown, and which from that point skews the future odds based on making safer bets. you can be sure that the police officer will not get in too much trouble if he follows this, and gets nowhere… but he sure as heck will get in lots of trouble if he follows a rare thing to a dead end… no?

    of the other two, the LAST is about the only real useful thing, as it happens (presumably as written) after you know whats in front of you. and i will say with enough information, they can do better than with the other thing, which automatically becomes self confirmatory as it evolves.

    and the successes are used to bolster the validity of the practice

    their being wrong is legendary…

    and since there was no direct evidence to lead to Ariel, which you just follow, there was no script or process that was safe to follow to find him.
    [edited for length by n-n]

  14. Artfldgr Says:

    classification system for serial killers.

    if you follow this, you will find Ariel likes power
    sex is incidental to power…
    and as i have described before, you have power as a tool, and power as something to be experienced.

    if the latter, it has to be sadistic, because doing good things with power does not let you feel it (you get back adulation, admiration, worship). only forcing someone to do something they dont want to do, and cant stop you from doing, and are helpless, does one feel power (sadistically)

    also, since real power was what he wanted, the fake simulacrum of the S&M scene was not for him. his women would not top from the bottom, and limit his fun if they were under his power.

    people are not generally power oriented, and what they do to get it or feel it depends on what they can do in life, not just their fantasy lives.

    according to the link, its hard to tell the lust version from the power control version. their definition implies that the difference is motivation, which to me is kind of flimsy and Ex post facto

  15. Gina Says:

    I don’t understand how these three young women allowed themselves to be jailed for ten years without screaming and crying and tearing the house down. Why were none of them seen outside? Why didn’t they smuggle one out to alert the police? Why didn’t they set the house on fire? I just don’t get it.

  16. Surellin Says:

    I wonder whether the neighbors, if they thought anything was going on in the house, assumed it was drug dealing or some other criminal enterprise that it would be a very bad idea for them to notice.

    I note also the recent case of the apartment in Paris that was locked up by the fleeing owner in early WW2 and not opened again until recently. Millions of dollars worth of art and whatnot – funny that nobody got curious in that case either.

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