May 16th, 2013

Maybe we really are all one big family

Evidence? Gazan Palestinians hunger after some KFC, and plucky entrepreneurs are engaged in satisfying their cravings by smuggling it in from Egypt:

“It has been a dream, and this company has made my dream come true,” says Mr. Shororo, an accountant, as he receives his order from the delivery guy.

4 Responses to “Maybe we really are all one big family”

  1. Mr. Frank Says:

    That reminds me of when Coors beer was not available east of the Mississippi. It was in great demand and frequently smuggled. Forbidden fruit tastes better. Now that Coors is available nationally, it’s a pretty ordinary beer.

  2. vanderleun Says:

    One big family? Perhaps.

    But not “One big happy family.”

  3. ziontruth Says:

    I don’t think this is anything more than a PR ploy. It’s not KFC the Arab settler-colonists in Gaza want, it’s the media image of food being smuggled into a “prison,” the most important thing being forging the outside world’s thoughts about the “prison warden”—the Jewish State.

    Israel is to blame too, though: By giving the foreign, Marxist-owned, anti-Zionist media outlets the freedom to relay the Arab land-thieves’ message. But what am I complaining about this… the Jewish State lost the plot as long ago as 1967, when it allowed the Arab squatters to stay on the retaken lands instead of booting them all out. The ACJTs (Arab-Colonized Jewish Territories) have been a millstone around Israel’s neck instead of a blessing ever since.

  4. n.n Says:

    Is there a statute of limitations for occupation? Why is it only that Jews are scrutinized and molested as occupiers? This singular persecution undermines any credibility that people protesting Israel may have otherwise enjoyed.

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