September 26th, 2013

Different cars, different worlds

I’ve got a new post up at PJ’s Lifestyle section.

The topic: driving the Model T versus driving the cars of today.

Not about politics at all. Okay, maybe just a little.

6 Responses to “Different cars, different worlds”

  1. Ymarsakar Says:

    What I still want to know from this world is why Hollywood gets to fund socialism and Democrats for communism totalitarian regime rule, and still get to make money via capitalism on their movies and not get to pay 80% taxes on their wealth.

    Is this just a human thing or does one have to transcend humanity to be this corrupt?

    Hollywood loves pirates from Somalia but can’t stand to let internet pirates go free? Because of the money, right.

  2. George Pal Says:

    So long as we insist we are discommoded in the least we are prey to all manner and every promise of making life easier. It escapes me just now who it was who said the world would end not with a bang but with a whimper but I fear he may be right. The last sound emanating from human life may be a whimper, a whine, or a snivel.

  3. Oldflyer Says:

    Your original post highlighting how the world has changed by referencing advances in automotive technology is appropriate.

    The technological advances are breathtaking In my life time, I rode in, and pretended to drive a Model T, rebuilt by older heroic cousins. They were of the age of farm boys who soon went off to win World WarII. About that time, I also remember racing to the airport to put an Aunt on a modern DC-3 airliner, which the airline held for her. Imagine that? My first pay day was earned trudging behind a mule.

    In the years since I have been privileged to view the beginning of the jet age–and to fly jet airliners. I also watched the first man in space, and the first man to walk on the moon. Having lost my young mother to cancer when there was very little hope of survival, I have seen my sister and granddaughter beat the beast (for now) with the help of truly remarkable new cures. I have not ridden in a driverless car; and do not expect to; nor will I fly in a pilotless airplane. But, those are personal prejudices. I am sure the opportunity will present itself.

    There was a time when life was expected to be hard, as well as short. For those of us fortunate enough to live in countries in which free range of imagination and innovation are possible, that has changed.

    At the same time much progress has been made in human relations in those countries that are free–such as ours. On the other hand, much of the world suffers under the heel of a backward religion, or the tyrannical rule of collectivist despots.

    Would that human relations kept up with technological advances.

  4. scottthebadger Says:

    I lived in a small town for many years that had 3 Model T Fords owned by collectors runnning around it in the summertime. How curious to know the sounds of a hundred years ago, firsthand!

  5. southpaw Says:

    I can’t wait for a car that drives itself. Imagine trusting your life to Microsoft- with cars then crashing as frequently as their PCs, and Obamacare to manage the emergency rooms, the future has never looked darker.

  6. Surellin Says:

    I, too, learned to drive on a “three on the tree” rather than a “four on the floor”. Terrible, terrible car – a Ford Torino station wagon rusted out at eight years old, and painted the color of the yellow lines on a road. I loved that thing, but every car since has been, by comparison, a soaring joy to drive.

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