October 4th, 2013

Violent DC car chase

It’s hard to know what to make of the incident yesterday in Washington DC in which a dental hygienist from Stamford Connecticut, with her one-year-old toddler in the back of her car, seems to have had some sort of meltdown/breakdown/panic and ended up provoking her own shooting death.

There was nothing in Miriam Carey’s background that would have led up to this—until about a year ago, that is, when (her mother reports) Carey had a baby and suffered from a postpartum depression serious enough to have hospitalized her for a while. Usually, though, when women with postpartum depression become violent, it is directed solely towards themselves and/or their children. Then again, Carey’s behavior yesterday could have been a possible case of what’s known as “suicide by cop.”

Another hint might be here:

Carey’s former boss, Dr. Brian Evans, told The News that she “fell down some stairs and she had a pretty significant head injury” toward the end of the nearly two years she worked for him.

And still another hint is here:

The woman who led authorities on a chase from the White House to the Capitol before she was killed by police may have thought that President Barack Obama was stalking her, law enforcement sources told NBC News.

That lends itself to some bleak humor—isn’t Obama stalking us all? But this really seems to be a tragic incident all around, but mostly for Carey and her family.

[NOTE: And before you blame the mental health establishment, remember that whatever the treatment is, it can't always be effective. That said, there is some statistical evidence that anti-depressants can increase the incidence of violence, but we don't even known whether Carey was on antidepressants. And even if she were we don't know whether they were a factor in her particular case.]

33 Responses to “Violent DC car chase”

  1. Ymarsakar Says:

    Society has ended up where we need some sacrificial pawns whenever something bad happens.

    Not sure where that’s going to end up. I know who I’d like to sacrifice, at least.

  2. Steve Says:

    She didn’t stop, so they opened fire and shot her not her tires. It is just luck that the kid was not shot too. If the police were to do an honest investigation and make changes I would be somewhat sympathetic, but as they are likely not to hold themselves accountable in any fashion, I have nothing but contempt.

  3. Ymarsakar Says:

    The police are trained military fashion, using the same conditioning as Marines and Army personnel stopping suicide trucks.

    Of course this type of training is not particularly well suited for keeping the peace, more of a killing the insurgent, but so long as you aren’t labeled a domestic terrorist or insurgent in the US, you should be okay.


  4. vanderleun Says:

    If she’d been white we’d be learning the details of her tea-party tendencies about 12 hours ago.

  5. Ymarsakar Says:

    She didn’t not “slam through the white house barrier.” she struck one and began to back away striking a guard on foot who had moved behind the vehicle came udrer immediate fire.

    She may also have been simply a very neurotic person who got lost, hit the barrier, was shot at and panicked and then severely panicked booked away and got all twisted up on the capitol gorunds

    I am not saying the WH and Capitol cops were wrong. We just don’t know yet. We do already know she was shot at practically immediately and she din not “crash through white house barrier”, but simply struck one. She would not be the first out of towner to smack the Penn or 17th white house barriers pretty hard by accident,. A level of neurosis on her part and skiddishmess by the security detail may be what escalated to make this fatal.

    5:08 AM EDT
    FYI the witness comments are being reported this morning:

    —“Whoa! Whoa!,” Secret Service officers were shouting at the car, according to a witness, Shawn Joseph, 29. “It looked liked [the driver was] scared or lost. I thought they might have been a tourist.”—

    Again on the initial “atttack”: Other witness on WTOP noting she turned into the side drive and “bumped” a single post of the barrier. She was trying to back up when she hit a Secret Service guard who walked behind her and then a uniformed Secret Service officer open fire on her. If she was a bit neurotic and had a baby in the car, freaking out and speeding away is acutely a normal response to being shot at. Commenter MT

    It looks like she was rendered and determined to be a threat to the DC Aristocrats. As with all sheep that go rogue or feral, the dogs were ordered to bring it down and terminate it if it cannot be corralled back to the livestock area.

    Michelle Obama has been filling her Secret Service with the Black Dudes, partying it up at sex brothels in foreign countries, securing the loyalty of the “dogs” and “shock troops”, I warrant.

    Nothing unexpected here.

    One useless sheep and livestock terminated. Good day for the DC employees, since the politicians directly own them.

  6. Ann Says:


    I, too, don’t understand why the police didn’t shoot out her tires, or in some other way try to disable the car, or even just lean into her window and grab her arm. If you look at this video of the car chase, you’ll see several of them surrounding the car with guns drawn, then they let her drive away, and then start shooting a second or two later.

    Maybe the baby being in the car caught them off guard?

  7. Ymarsakar Says:

    Police are NOT trained to shoot at tires. Does not compute.

    Stress in situations they think are dangerous, makes them default to their training or freezes them up.

    They have, literally, no training in shooting tires. They do have training shooting terrorists or criminals. The brain chooses the one that would work the best.

    Only functional veterans, battle hardened warriors, or those who have mastered their own techniques, can “choose” to shoot at targets they were never trained to shoot at. As that presuppose a degree of human free will. Much of the police and military training is designed to break down free will and turn it into instant obedience to directives from authority or the SOP/rules.

    It’s not always successful. But sometimes, it’s too successful and the subjects became nothing but trained killers, zombies.

    While normally the concept of a trained conscienceless killer is a Hollywood trope, given the psychological techniques I know the Left has and the US military has field tested, it’s doable to get a killer, but conscience is a different matter. The ability to pull the trigger comes from the US military conditioning and training types. The ability to do so against human targets that have been de humanized, is a Leftist addition.

    They can’t talk about this kind of stuff because it would orientate around their inner policies. Which the public isn’t allowed to know about.

  8. Ymarsakar Says:

    Once the car flees and demonstrates “criminal like behavior” or “resistance to the rightful rulership of the law and LEOs”, the shots are fired.

    It’s like the guy whose home was broken into by SWAT teams, he gets up from his bed pointing his gun at the death squad, and gets killed for it. Since the police officers were trained “anyone points a gun at you, is a criminal, sub human, terminate them”. That’s how they were trained. They did what they were trained to do. They also got the wrong address, so maybe their training is a bit skewed.

    So the LEOs or inner circle here aren’t trained to shoot to defend civilians or even themselves. They are trained to shoot those violating what they think are lawful orders to desist, submit, and permit the rule of law. Those that resist, fight in any way, and obstruct LEOs in their lawful job, are deemed threats that must be terminated.

    Shooting a tire would require some kind of thought process on the order of “capturing the target” or “ensuring the life and safety of the target”.

    By the time they had their guns up, they were already acting in a very zombie like fashion and the woman drive should have picked up on it and felt afraid for her life. Because if they thought she was resisting, they would and did open fire. So even her fleeing and trying to save her life and the life of her daughter is considered resistance to the Lawful Order.

    I wonder why these barricades are even up. Was the street she was using shut off by the “Shutdown” order and she was rerouted here for some reason? Or did she want to visit the monument but it was “closed” due to government shut down procedures?

  9. Matt_SE Says:

    What gets me about this is the resignation: a (probably troubled) woman gets gunned down with NO attempt to disable her and the public’s reaction is “ho-hum.”
    I assume this is a result of the CORRECT calculation by the public that nobody will be held accountable.
    This is itself a result of the sycophantic media’s unwillingness to hold Obama responsible for the (comparatively) little things earlier in his tenure.

    Congratulation, America. You’ve been fundamentally transformed.

  10. Ann Says:

    A cop in Massachusetts shot out tires just this past February:

    “A West Springfield police officer shot out the tires of a stolen DPW truck over the weekend after the man driving the vehicle allegedly tried to run down the responding officers.”

    The police chief did say, though: “He used some quick thinking and some ingenuity in that case because, like I said, deadly force would have been justified at that point.”

    “quick thinking” and “some ingenuity” — yep.

  11. carl in atlanta Says:

    Helpful tips next time you’re visiting DC:

    1. Don’t bump into the barriers.

    2. Don’t try to turn your car around near government buildings.

    3. If you’re being shot at while violating rule #1 or #2, sit still and take it like a man. Otherwise deadly force may be used.

  12. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Matt in SE.
    You may remember how, during and after the Ruby Ridge/Waco murders, the victims and their associates were othered by the media and the feds.

  13. Richard Aubrey Says:

    And the libs. You could get called a redneck pretty quick just by mentioning Vicki Weaver’s name.

  14. Matt_SE Says:

    @Richard Aubrey
    And Timothy McVeigh. One could make the (almost Truther-like) argument that his attack was payback for Waco/Ruby Ridge.
    I’ve noticed that nobody discusses his motives…after he was “otherized.”

  15. Ymarsakar Says:

    Check out the bottom of Neo’s link and see what Reid said.

    If an American soldier kills some civilian by mistake in Iraq, then there’ll be hell to pay and extra ROEs must be enforced. Bush is a war criminal, etc.

    When somebody dies in the US so that Reid’s hide can be saved from “threats”, then there’s nothing wrong. Good job, troops. Go get another one, is the msg. We can get another livestock animal, don’t worry this is the US.

    DC votes 93+% for Obama. Out of those police, how many believe in Obama and how many believe anyone disobeying lawful orders are Tea Party terrorist wreckers?

    The conditioning designed to let people pull triggers on targets requires that society support them. PTSD and combat exhaustion results if society hates them and the enemy they fight hates them, i.e. Vietnam. It’s partially why they don’t criticize their own Praetorian Guards, they want them to be able to pull the trigger next time. And the next time after that. And keep on doing it, keep on voting Democrat, keep on being given bribes by the political aristocracy.

    So the Left gets to inflict a whole generation with PTSD because they liked communists winning in Vietnam, and then later they get to tell their paid guards that there’s nothing wrong with shooting people, intentionally or by mistake. Right, that sounds like being held accountable to their rules.

  16. OlderandWheezier Says:

    Given what we’re beginning to learn about the NSA, she may not have been so delusional as reports infer. Seems like this administration is stalking all of us.

  17. Ymarsakar Says:

    Shooting out tires is like shooting out a person’s gun, arm, leg, or knee.

    It’s doable, but it’s not orthodox training. Only higher specialized level warriors and veterans try to train at the range or tactical grounds for this goal.

    The conditioning required to make people kill or pull the triggers, does not allow for “quick thinking”, as it interferes with the authorized killing reflex.

    If people are thinking, they aren’t pulling the trigger. So the training first has to shut down the thinking portion, to a certain degree. Hence, zombies.

  18. Ymarsakar Says:

    How many kids did the FBI/ATF kill in WACO again?

    They surrounded that place, gave them no way out, and increased the pressure and psychological warfare day in, night out. Sort of like surrounding a vehicle of a woman with her child in it, thinking she’ll submit, but she tries to escape and so runs one of you retards over because you had surrounded the vehicle in fleshy forms guns out thinking you’re some WACO ATF “terrorist” killer squad with the armored up humvees and anti IED vehicles.

  19. Mike Says:

    Incredible over-reaction by these Police. They could have shot the tires out for goodness sakes. Or reigned her in otherwise.

    If this happened anywhere else, no one gets shot. The DC Pols get special treatment. Why?

  20. MDL Says:

    Ymarsakar, Blaming the left / Democrats for every single thing that is wrong with America only makes you look crazy and perhaps a bit paranoid. Simmer down, chill out and go get some fresh air.

  21. Charles Says:

    Sorry Neo, I am NOT buying the “suicide by cop” take on this case. Was she armed? Did she try to kill them?

    A cop friend of mine, years ago, told me that there is NO reason for shooting at the driver of a car – you never know who is inside, it could be a carjacking. Do you really think it is wise to shoot the victim of such a crime? Also, a dead driver is just as dangerous (if not more so) than a live driver behind the wheel. This isn’t TV land where every car shot in the movies or on TV crashes into a tree or pole.

    Nope, not buying “suicide by cop” in this case. I think it is more like “death by Keystone cops.”

  22. expat Says:

    If she lived in Connecticut, what was she doing in DC. It was her family that reported her mental problems. I tend to think she may have had some real problems and resisted talking with the police after hitting the barrier in a way that made them suspicious. I would like to see a diagram of where the barriers were located and where she hit and her speed at impact. It almost seems like she would have had to have made a 90 degree turn to head toward the WH. Also, if she sped away, how many pedestrians might she have hit.

  23. Don Carlos Says:

    Waco and Ruby Ridge were important landmarks in my transformation.

  24. Richard Aubrey Says:

    I have no sympathy for McVeigh, but there is a pathetic picture of him which remains with me. He’s at Waco, sometime after the massacre. Trying to hand out pamplets to visitors. Of which there are none.
    The professionally compassionate had not the slightest interest in, sympathy for, or concern about the massacre. The victims were Other and the feds knew they could count on it.
    When I think of libs and lib opinion makers, this occurs to me first time, every time.

  25. Mr. Frank Says:

    Given that an unarmed black woman was killed by police, I find it strange that the race card has not been played yet.

  26. DaveindeSwamp Says:

    It won’t be. She’s now a an after thought in the memory hole.

    The cops were more than happy to riddle her , after all, much to dangerous to actually approach the car.. except, of course the nearly point blank head shots..

    Our local police chief used to be on the State SWAT and HE thinks Police Departments are too militarized

  27. southpaw Says:

    One other explanation is she was a right wing lunatic, acting on rage fueled by conservative talk radio. The tone of hatred and intolerance on these forums drove her to act out deep seated bigotry and lash out.
    Oh wait, she’s a minority.
    Only white people have psychotic breakdowns because of Rush Limbaugh and his kind. She must be mentally ill.
    Lest anyone think I am lacking compassion, don’t. She needed help and I am betting people who knew her knew it, but now play dumb because they don’t want to be asked why they didn’t get involved.

  28. Ymarsakar Says:

    MDL, if it makes me look crazy, that’s good cover. Since the rest of you all will look like more manageable targets in the future.

    Either way, there’s benefit strategically.

  29. Ymarsakar Says:

    Besides, that’s not me blaming the Left. That’s just pointing out their crimes against humanity.

    If people want to see how I blame the Left, there’s a wind up period and preparation time for that. Need to get warmed up first before the real deal pops out.

  30. Matt_SE Says:

    @Richard Aubrey
    I’m not going to try to defend McVeigh’s motives.
    Instead, just an observation:
    One of the most insidious aspects of the MSM and modern state is the virtual “disappearing” of enemies. If accused of something, your side of the story won’t even be given a chance to be heard. Sure, you’ll get a court hearing, but like Zimmerman even if you’re found “not guilty” the narrative will live on outside the court.

  31. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Depends on how you handle it. For grins having to do with the very question, I searched for Paula Jones.
    They tried. “trailer trash”, just to get started.
    But she beat them.

  32. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Ant-psychotics and violence:
    Understand most of the last half dozen mass shooters were on some kind of drug for being head cases.
    Suggested to my senator–to no good purpose–that the drug thing might be worth checking out instead of assaulting the Second Amendment.

  33. Ymarsakar Says:

    They claim Big Pharma is on the side of Republicans. But I somehow doubt that given how much black, gray market, and skimming off the top there is in the medical industrial complex.

    If anything, this would be connected to the unions of doctors/nurses and the Democrat based psychology and proscription circle. Which is also indirectly tied in with boys, ADD, and the public education indoctrination system.

    They won’t let us use truth serums to interrogate terrorists, but they are working on something better for the kiddies.

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