October 6th, 2013

Don’t mess with WWII vets

They may be old, but there’s life (and fight) in them yet.

7 Responses to “Don’t mess with WWII vets”

  1. waltj Says:

    When you’ve faced down the Imperial Japanese Navy and the 2nd SS Panzer Division–and won–a few Park Police would not be much of a barrier. And from what I’ve read, at least some of those police officers appreciate the absurdity of what they’re being ordered to do.

  2. Charles Says:

    Here’s a link of interest, a Million Vet March on the Memorials:


    Due to a family event I, sadly, cannot join them. But, boy do I wish I could.


  3. Ymarsakar Says:

    One of the things I heard from one source was that Vietnam veterans were not allowed to rotate out with their units, but were on a time rotation and had X number of days. So when they came back from the war, they were generally alone and confronting cultural shock, as well as Leftist evil shock.

    The source also claimed that this was why Vietnam veterans didn’t form associations until much later, compared to WWII vets.

    This would explain why Kerry thought he could ride them over, since they were generally not as well organized as they might have been, if it weren’t for some very well organized and influential people specifically that revealed the truth.

    The Left will truly kick you while you are down, for they engineered the problem and collapse to begin with. In more ways than one.

    So Obama is getting veterans harassed, using death panels to get rid of them, auditing and harassing his political enemies, suppressing the vote by refusing to approve activist organizations like the Tea Party, leaking information so that American military members are put into danger, ordering Stand Downs for QRFs so that Americans die and he enjoys the spectacle like reality tv, sells weapons to AQ so they can shoot down US helicopters full of SpecOps, and so on and so forth.

    As expected of the evil alliance. They never give up. They are relentless. They don’t quit. If something doesn’t work in their favor, they’ll go after some other weaker group.

  4. neo-neocon Says:


    I don’t know about all Vietnam vets. But yes, draftees had 1-year hitches, and their 1-year calendar was personal to them.

  5. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Unfortunately, the voters who can tell the Kardashian sisters apart have no idea this is happening.
    President McStompypants’ spiteful, petty, juvenile actions are probably not going to cost the dems. Their voters either recall the eggs/omelet thing, or don’t have a clue.
    Plus resent better men than themselves.
    We can survive Obama. We can’t survive the population that elected him twice and they’re not going anywhere.

  6. waltj Says:

    Draftees served a two-year hitch, and the term in Vietnam was one year. The first 4-6 months were devoted to training, the middle part of the enlistment was when troops deployed, and the final few months were usually spent painting rocks on Stateside bases and outprocessing. (Marines, who were volunteers, usually served 3-year enlistments, with 13 months in RVN, IIRC). But, yes, units remained in combat, while their individual members rotated in and out. This was a huge problem for unit cohesion, since these guys really didn’t know each other, and all had different priorities. The new guys wanted to learn the tricks they needed to survive, the guys in the middle of their tours were likely most interested in the mission, and the guys coming up on the end of their tours wanted to avoid risk and just get home alive and in one piece. This differed from US practice since the Revolution to have units form together, train together, fight together, and go home together. Since the end of the draft and the absorption of “lessons learned” from Vietnam, the US has largely reverted to this earlier system of unit deployment.

  7. Ymarsakar Says:

    One of the ostensible reasons for the Individual Rotation was that there was some severe increases in PTSD or combat exhaustion from WWII to Korean War. The military bureaucrats, somehow got the bright idea that this would be aided by rotating out troops on a regular basis.

    While that is theoretically correct, the application they used did more to fragment mental and unit esprit de corps than improve it.

    This has much to do with PTSD, how to treat it on site, how to avoid it, and how not to treat it at home so Major Hassan can shoot up his patients for Jihad. Hassan at Ft. Hood was a Major, an officer, tasked with psychological analysis of enlisted and other troops from the war front.

    Perhaps if that is the kind of people in military psychology and the higher upper bureaucratic levels, some things start to make more sense than not in military policy recently. If not sleepers, they are sympathizers. If not sympathizers, merely the cannonfodder made of the black mailed and scared.

    Military tradition, for the British Empire, did warrant rotating out entire units, since entire units often came from one village, province, or nation. They didn’t mix them. It worked. They didn’t know why it worked. It just did. The military was great on traditions, not so great on philosophical questions of life and death. Results mattered more than Ph.D thesis and degrees. That’s both good and bad in some ways.

    At the time when Kerry rotated out due to this or that, it felt strange to me that he would leave his unit alone or that he would be allowed to even do so and nobody here or there said anything about it.

    The ostensible reason why PTSD and combat exhaustion increased after WWII, was that people in WWII did not actively fire their weapons, unless they had a personal goal or reason to do so. Thus as military conditioning and training to make soldiers pull the trigger was increased in effectiveness, the psychological repair mechanism did not keep up. Attempting to avoid complete combat exhaustion and shell shock, the military engineered new social solutions to a problem they did not entirely understand.

    Even there, it was people at least trying. Obama and the politicians now, I cannot quite say they are “trying” to “fix” “anything”.

    In some ways, breaking up soldiers like that is class warfare. While I do not have proof it was engineered by the Left, I always have my suspicions.

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