October 9th, 2013

How ’bout…

them Sox?

18 Responses to “How ’bout…”

  1. Matt_SE Says:

    Sorry, I don’t follow baseball anymore. I was into it in the 2000′s, but after their last strike then I decided they were mostly a bunch of overpaid crybabies.
    A-Rod’s recent actions (and steroid use in general) have only reinforced that idea.
    But please, don’t let that stop YOU from enjoying it. :)

  2. Lurch Says:

    Only the A’s or Tigers can now save humanity and the World Series from those bearded redsock hillbillies.

  3. Linda in L.A. Says:

    I would absolutely love a Dodgers v Red Sox showdown. Imagine the ratings!

    To make it happen, my Boys have to get through the Bucs or Cards. And your Boys have to get through the A’s or Tigers.

    Go Dodgers!!

  4. OlderandWheezier Says:

    Glad to see them putting it all together. Became a Red Sox fan in the late 60′s – sure wish Yaz could have won a World Champions ring.

    Was also a Cincinnati fan, and rooted for the Reds in the greatest Series ever. Years later, after Cincy had repeated and Boston suffered the anguish of 1978 and 1986, I began to wonder whether it wouldn’t have been better if the Sox had managed to hold on to the lead in Game 7. Glad they finally got the monkey off their backs, and now have a shot at their third WS this century.

  5. Gringo Says:

    I was born and raised in Red Sox Nation. From a friend’s high school yearbook blurb: “Pet peeve- watching those Red Sox lose.” The Sox of Carroll Hardy, Gary Geiger, and Felix Mantilla did not comprise a winning group.

    After the Curse of the Bambino was lifted in 2004, I decided that I could die happy.

    While I am glad for any success the Sox have, I no longer spend much time following them these days. I looked at the AL standings maybe 10 times this year.

    OlderandWheezier, what I recall of the 1975 series between Cincy and Boston is RAIN. New England got a lot of rain during the 1975 World Series. At least one game got called because of rain, and given the copious amounts of rain that fell during that time, it was a miracle the games in Boston ever got played.

    The only contact I ever had with a Red Sox player, current or former, was to have a student teacher in my high school gym class who had finished his career with the Sox. Unfortunately, his greatest success had come as a pitcher with the Evil Empire, a.k.a. New York Yankees.

    My next door neighbor in TX has a David Ortiz “34″ baseball shirt. She has been to Fenway Park, courtesy of having a daughter who went to college in Boston. She has also met David Ortiz- and told him that her maiden name was Ortiz.

  6. Gringo Says:

    Linda in L.A
    I would absolutely love a Dodgers v Red Sox showdown. Imagine the ratings!

    What I find interesting about LA-Boston is how the blockbuster trade of last year benefited both teams.

    OK, maybe I DO pay more attention to the Sox in recent years than I admit. Childhood habits are hard to break.

  7. LisaM Says:

    I’m in Pittsburgh, so I’m only interested in one team right now.

  8. Lurch Says:

    I’m with the Bucs too, LisaM. Should be a great game tonight. Loved Russell Martin when he was with my Yanks.

  9. M J R Says:

    From a decades-long Orioles fan here . . .

    Congratulations to the Bosox — *anyone* but the Yankees.

    Koji Uehara was an Orioles’ find. But Koji, brought on board as a starting pitcher, (1) had trouble after five or six innings and (2) was injury-prone. I concluded very early-on that (1) and (2) were related.

    I got to screaming at my tee vee, make him a reliever, fergawrdsake! But the Baltimore Bigwigs [how's that for a potential team name?] insisted on keeping him as a starter. Okay, okay, they work from information that little M J R doesn’t have. They have their reasons.

    Well, the Bosox have put Koji to good (and fitting) use, his giving the up walk-off home run October 7th not-at-all-withstanding. I know (from comments on website boards) that many Orioles fans have a very warm feeling about Koji Uehara.

    So congrats, Red Sox fans; congrats, neo-neocon.

  10. Alan Says:

    I like it when both the Yankees and the Sox have good teams and are still battling for first place at the end of the season. Watching the intensity of the fans cheering against their hated rivals is just as fun as watching what happens on the field.

    And yes, Sox vs Dodgers would be great.

  11. M J R Says:

    Bosox versus Cardinals: my son is a Cardinals fan and I remember well the 1967 Bosox-Cardinals World Series. Time for a rematch!

  12. Yancey Ward Says:

    Like a commenter above, I just stopped following baseball about 10 years ago. I couldn’t even tell you Boston was playing in the playoffs this year.

  13. neo-neocon Says:

    After the Sox won the Series, I haven’t followed it as closely as I did beforehand, when I was a rabid and very involved fan.

    Here’s my story.

  14. stu Says:

    I live in southeastern Virginia and just based on sentiment in my gym, I find it remarkable that we have so many Bosox fans. Since the days of my minor league team, the “Baby Dodgers” I have always been a fan. There has been quite a draught and I would enjoy a Boston/LA series.

  15. NeoConScum Says:

    GO, Rays!! What a wonderful bunch of scamps we have in that excruciatingly low payroll team. What a season. Up-Down-Up-Down-Up… Wildcard playoff we beat those pesky Texans and then on to Cleveland to spank Tito’s crew. What a ride. Proud as all hell of Madden’s Rascals.

    Now, of to the Great Smoky Mtns. of western N.Carolina on fire with color and post season baseball every night in our rental palace on a hillside above the Little Tennessee River…Ahhhh..

  16. M J R Says:

    NeoConScum, 8:33 pm — “GO, Rays!! What a wonderful bunch of scamps we have in that excruciatingly low payroll team.”

    Reminds me:

    One time I actually went to the trouble of ranking all the teams, at the end of one season or another,

    not by “wins”, which is the customary and usual practice,

    but by “wins-per-thousand-dollars-payroll”.

    Yep, did the research [the payrolls of the players on the 25-man roster (I believe it was) was and probably still is public information], collected the information on a spreadsheet, including the simple division, and voila!

    Needless to say, teams like the Rays came out very well, and perennial big-market big-media powerhouses not so well.

  17. I R A Darth Aggie Says:

    I’m in Pittsburgh, so I’m only interested in one team right now.

    It’s a great day for hockey!

  18. NeoConScum Says:

    M J R…That’s mighty interesting. Thanks for the comment. I’m a refugee from the Peoples Republic of Los Angeles and nearly lifelong Dodger fan. The stadium in Chavez Ravine may be the last perfect thing on earth. That said, my Baseball Nut wife and I have been under the spell of our Tampa Bay scamps and their hugely gifted skipper since moving to Winter Park a few years ago. Could never imagine liking a game in a tent(The Trop), but all it took were a few Florida summer days and walking out of superheated tropics into 75-degrees and dry & I was a true believer. Sweet fans(unlike the tiresome Vato thugs at Dodger Stadium)and very generous ushers. WONDERFUL.

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