October 22nd, 2013

Again with the hat: donation time!

[BUMPED UP---last day for this appeal, although feel free to donate any old time.]


Yes, it’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Time passes so quickly when we’re enjoying ourselves.

But yes, it’s been a while since I asked you to donate to a semi-worthy cause: this blog. And so I’m going to ask you again to use the “donate” button on the right sidebar beside the photo of the hat, and give whatever you see fit.

Every single donation— large or small—adds up, and helps me a great deal in continuing the blog. If each and every reader gave even a few dollars, it would be a glorious thing. But whether you decide to donate or not, please keep visiting and keep commenting. I appreciate all of you. Comments and readers are a very big part of what makes this blog work.

I thank you all in advance. I’ll probably repeat this notice every now and then for the next week, the equivalent of jiggling that cup/hat. But I’ll be discreet about it. And it’s a lot better than those fund-raising drives they have on TV, isn’t it? No interruption of the scheduled programming.

15 Responses to “Again with the hat: donation time!”

  1. Matt_SE Says:

    Do we get tasteful travel mugs? How about a Neo-neocon car air freshener?

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    Matt_SE: I was thinking of T-shirts for donations over $50. With my photo on them. They’d be a real conversation-starter.

  3. Matt_SE Says:

    “I was thinking of T-shirts for donations over $50.”

    Damn, now I gotta up my donation.
    Oooh, oooh…how about Neo-neocon stickers? I can attach those to a Wal-Mart-bought air freshener and call it good.

  4. Matt_SE Says:

    Okay, first donation of $25. Second donation of $26. That’s “over $50″.
    I expect a shout-out in your next column.
    Or a T-shirt…a T-shirt would be OK.

  5. ArmyMom Says:

    I tend to shop Amazon from your site. Hope you get some change from it when I do. :)

  6. neo-neocon Says:

    Thanks, ArmyMom—if you use any of the widgets or links here for Amazon, it should definitely go through, and every bit helps.

    I thank you for thinking of me.

  7. Alan F Says:

    Neocon, your pleas seem sheepishly apologetic. You should stress the value your unique writing, which is carefully though out, and beautifully and unambiguously expressed. Most important, I believe it contributes to at least resisting this country’s move in the wrong direction. More power to you. I’m sending another $250.00.

  8. neo-neocon Says:

    Alan F:

    Well, thank you so very much!!!!

    I guess I’m not the greatest writer of my own ad copy, though :-) .

  9. Alan F Says:

    Maybe you know better. Since I think you’re so right on politics and culture, how could you be wrong about your ad copy? Do whatever it takes to be heard.

  10. parker Says:

    Just sent you $50. And I would really like a t-shirt with your behind the apple logo.

  11. neo-neocon Says:


    My behind?

    I don’t think it’s ready for prime time :-).

  12. neo-neocon Says:


    But in all seriousness, many many thanks for the donation.

    I’ll seriously think about the T-shirt thing. I better do something to market myself!

  13. parker Says:

    Excuse me, I meant you not your. ;-) But, think about the t-shirt idea, I would buy one. Do a trial run of 25 and see what happens…. I think you would sell them all.

  14. mizpants Says:

    Just coughed up my $50, and now Alan F has put me in the shade!
    Seriously, how could I NOT donate? This is my home on the net, and I come here every day. Keep it going, Neo. You’re doing such important work.

  15. RigelDog Says:

    I continue to support your work here by using your Amazon portal…just ordered some donut baking pans.

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