November 16th, 2013

The holidays are coming: order from Amazon through neo-neocon!

[NOTE: I'll be bumping this up to the top every now and then through the holidays, just as a reminder. I'll probably be changing the musical selections as the season progresses.]

How’s that for shameless self-promotion?

I’ve realized that yes, once again it’s November. It’s almost Thanksgiving. And that means that Christmas, Chanukah, and whatever other holiday might suit your diverse fancy are all coming up sooner than you think.

So I’m encouraging you to feel their hot breaths on your neck and solve all your gift-giving dilemmas by turning to that online colossus, Amazon.

And if you use those widgets on my right sidebar to click through for all your Amazon purchases (now and at any other time of year) you will also be giving a small but still not insignificant gift to neo-neocon (it adds up, folks), and all without spending any extra money yourself. What could be more wonderful?

I thank you all in advance.

And for those of you of a sarcastic bent about the length of the Christmas buying season, I offer you this musical expression of delight:

[NOTE: In case you have ad blocker or something of that sort, and the Amazon widgets don't show up on your computer, go here. You can also click on any Amazon book link within a post and anything you order during that click-through gets credited to me. I believe it's true even for things you put in your cart but don't order till a bit later, although there's a time limit on how long they can be there and still get credited when ordered (I'm not sure what that limit is, though, so best to order sooner rather than later).]

6 Responses to “The holidays are coming: order from Amazon through neo-neocon!”

  1. T Says:

    Festivus! You didn’t mention Festivus!

  2. neo-neocon Says:


    I draw the line at Festivus.

  3. Charles Says:

    Hmm, I could use a new shiny aluminum pole this Festivus. I’ll have to check out what Amazon has in stock.

    And, hey, don’t we all have some griviences about Obama that we want to air? Festivus, properly celebrated on Dec 23, will be the perfect time to air them with your liberal family members!

  4. southpaw Says:

    Neo, I don’t know if it’s available, but a similar Ebay link would be profitable too. Not to mention, Ammo to go, and a few other useful and frequently visited sites where way too much money exchanges hands.

  5. parker Says:


    I buy books (and almost everything else from local vendors) from an independent store where I know the owner and most of the employees on a first name basis (they have been a profitable business for 30+ years). I contributed $50 while back and will gladly give you more to keep you posting. I say that because whenever I set out to cruise the wide world of information/disinformation I begin by wondering what is neo thinking and writing about.

    And about those t-shirts, they would make great Christmas gifts. Its still not too late for us to enroll in the neo behind the apple t-shirt program provided there are no ‘glitches’. Make sure to offer sizes that fit not only adults; but my 6 year old grandson, 4 year of granddaughter, 18 month old granddaughter, and the latest arrival who is another granddaughter 2 months old on the 23rd. Hurry, hurry; they grow fast. They need the right start on life.

  6. Elton Says:

    Likewise, the Jonah Goldberg argument that “women cizliive men” is only true if men are given the opportunity to lead, build something and be appreciated. Today’s feminized marriages and families are destructive to the male psyche. And I don’t even have to bring up matriarchal sub-societies like urban black America.topher, you are a smart guy. sharp in fact.careful you don`t cut yourself.cut yourself off from the love of a good woman. and i mean that in the best possible terms.maybe that woman will push you to your emotional youngest boy is 11 and he`s really good on the soccer field. he just gets i told him he seemed to be not as good as some of the boys on the other team.he scored three goals in the second half.sometimes our internal shove doesn`t take us far enough. we need a compassionate push from another.who knows why the gores are splitting…the boy hasn`t blinked in fifty years. maybe it just got tired for tipper.there is a character on canadian tv called super dave who has more than a passing resemblance to algore…and i never see them together. hmm.

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