November 21st, 2013

School discipline: affirmative inaction

Somehow I missed this story when it first came out almost a year and a half ago, but let’s take a break for a moment from Obamacare and re-visit another travesty:

President Barack Obama is backing a controversial campaign by progressives to regulate schools’ disciplinary actions so that members of major racial and ethnic groups are penalized at equal rates, regardless of individuals’ behavior.

His July 26 executive order established a government panel to promote “a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.”…

The progressives campaign for race-based discipline policies also won a victory in Maryland July 24.

The state’s board of education established a policy demanding that each racial or ethnic group receive roughly proportional level of school penalties, regardless of the behavior by members of each group.

The board’s decision requires that “the state’s 24 school systems track data to ensure that minority and special education students are not unduly affected by suspensions, expulsions and other disciplinary measures,” said a July 25 Washington Post report.

“Disparities would have to be reduced within a year and eliminated within three years,” according to the Post.

The state’s new racial policy was welcomed by progressives, including Judith Browne Dianis, a director of the D.C.-based Advancement Project. “Maryland’s proposal is on the cutting edge,” she told the Post.

Dianis’ project is also a law firm that litigates race-related questions, and it gains from laws and regulations that spur race-related legal disputes.

Equality of outcome has become the new religion. I use the word “religion” ironically, of course. But I chose it because this particular movement rests on the belief (or the pretense) that, any time members of a race or group defined as disadvantaged exhibit lesser achievements or undesirable behavior in some area, it must by definition be due to bigotry and discrimination, and that the situation needs to be rectified not by changing the behavior but by changing how that behavior is measured or judged. The goal is to equalize the outcomes for the races in the statistical sense.

It hurts society as a whole. But perhaps the ones who are the most damaged by it are the members of the disadvantaged group themselves.

Speaking of which, here’s another phenomenon that is no surprise.

22 Responses to “School discipline: affirmative inaction”

  1. Charles Says:

    And just who is this suppose to help?

    From what I’ve read I think it is quite possible that Trayvon Martin (yes, I’m bringing up that case) might still be alive today if his school suspensions were not “watered down” because he is black.

    Perhaps, if the school had cracked down on him the same way they would a white student, his parents and others would have not allowed him to get away with the shit he did. And now he is dead.

    And, Neo, you are using the word religion correctly; because liberals hold to their beliefs without any evidence supporting them. Isn’t that the very definition of faith – to believe in something when common sense tells you otherwise?

    Oh, and far as the “knock out game” goes; where are Jesse Hymietown Jackson and Al not-too-Sharpton on this? Are they again going to start complaining that non-black folks fear black kids on the street and call us racist because we don’t want to be knocked out?

  2. Ymarsakar Says:

    And just who is this suppose to help?

    The Underprivileged rapists who will soon grow up to be permanent Democrat voters, using their criminal experience to produce legions of cannonfodder thugs for the Day.

  3. Don Says:

    Judith Browne Dianis’ law firm will benifit. And Democrat politicians benifit from the resulting disfunction.

    Note how the Dems want to import 11 M (or 30 M) illegals who will compete for the jobs young black males have trouble attaining already. It is all win-win-win for Dems, since they feed on disfunction, and class and race conflict.

  4. assemblerhead Says:


    Thanks for the link to Thomas Sowell’s article.
    What the liberals don’t realize is that they are forcing people to become racist, in every incident they cover up.
    Watch for some vigilante action to start up …
    Things will snowball from there.

  5. Ira Says:

    Charles wrote (emphasis added),
    Oh, and far as the “knock out game” goes; where are Jesse Hymietown Jackson and Al not-too-Sharpton on this? Are they again going to start complaining that non-black folks fear black kids on the street and call us racist because we don’t want to be knocked out?

    Needed to be repeated.

  6. Mr. Frank Says:

    Why would anyone assume that the average black kid is the same as the average white kid? All the data we have suggest large differences in reading level, math scores, drop out rates, IQ, interpersonal violence, poverty, female headed homes and sexual maturity.

    The violent crime rate among blacks is seven times the white rate. Why would the kids not be affected? The only way to get equal disciplinary records by race would be to crack down on whites or give blacks a pass.

  7. Oldflyer Says:

    How about equal disciplinary outcomes between sexes? I distinctly recall witnessing and/or receiving numerous paddlings–but never a single one of a female.

    But, seriously. Do Administrators and Politicians undergo compulsory treatment to suppress the portion of the brain that governs common sense?

    It would be funny if it weren’t beoming so serious.

  8. Mac Says:

    You know, sometimes when I read about things like this I wonder if the people pushing them actually want to see widespread racial violence.

  9. MissJean Says:

    Oldflyer, I thought about sex nondiscrimination, too. Boys get more suspensions in our local high school than the girls, but the boys are more likely to fistfight or to destroy property. The girls usually grow out of hair-pulling etc. as they leave middle school, but boys take a little longer. It’s amazing how a lot of the goofballs and mouthy sophomores become funny but decent young men by the time they’re juniors.

    Why condone bad behavior for the sake of “equality”? What parents really wants their child to be equal to a savage?

  10. david foster Says:

    This is another example of what I call the “penny in the fusebox” approach…

    (Fusebox: an archaic electrical device that was used–and is sometimes still used–to perform functions similar to those now performed by circuit breakers, except that fuses can’t be reset–when they blow, you have to put in a new one.) There were always idiots who would respond to a blown fuse by simply putting a penny in the fusebox. The penny wouldn’t melt, and you might get the lights back on or the toaster toasting again–but meanwhile, your house might well burn down. Because the penny in the fusebox defeated the whole purpose of the circuit-protection system, which was and is to isolate problems before they could do great damage.

    Similarly, the policies of “progressives” (aided and abetted by greedy lawyers and irresponsible parents) often make it impossible for teachers and school administrators to deal with behavior problems while they are still fixable–with malign results both for the individual and for the learning climate of the school.

  11. Ray Says:

    I agree with oldflyer. Do you realize that 90% of the inmates in prison are male? That’s obviously unfair. We need affirmative action and quotas for women to be sent to prison.

  12. delete.the.alternative Says:

    A knockout on a congresswoman!

  13. delete.the.alternative Says:

    I especially like how our ignorant savages still know how and where to refer to and get free stuff. This is my favorite phrase: access to affordable health care. To hear this phrase spoken in an otherwise unending stream of ebonic crudity, well, it just makes you proud, you know, of how we can still educate our citizens.

  14. M J R Says:

    Because slavery.

    Because Trayvon.

    Because diversity.

    Just escaped from Maryland last year.

    There they go again . . .

  15. Matt_SE Says:

    Critical race theory. Disparate impact. These are the watchwords of Eric Holder’s “Justice” Department.
    They are just fronts for more leftism, racism and hate. Oh, and redistribution of other people’s stuff.

  16. parker Says:

    All, elitists shall be exempt, shall be equal and the muzzle of a gun shall attempt to make it so. Ultimately, much blood will flow and the outcome can not be predicted. The I-Ching predicts chaos.

  17. NeoConScum Says:

    Political Correctness: 20-years ago was kinda peculiar and chuckle producing. Now, it is SOP LIES that have become forbidden to break, dispute or factually address. LIES, LIES, LIES.

    Lordy, Tammy Bruce needs to write a new, expanded, much bigger edition of her, “The New Thought Police”.

  18. n.n Says:

    This is related to their rationalization of abortion. A human life is a commodity or property from conception to death. It is interchangeable and disposable throughout its evolution. Classifying men and women by their skin color, gender, or other incidental feature, when it is not merited by circumstance, is designed to create leverage which can be exploited to advance their political, fiscal, or social standing. This is democratic rules (i.e. leveraged politics).

  19. Beverly Says:

    There’s another reaction the white students could have that the leftwing tyrants haven’t thought of — “I ain’t goin’ to hell for no goddam misdemeanor.”


  20. Gringo Says:

    This is complete nonsense. My experience as a former teacher and substitute teacher was that black students were more likely to misbehave. It is no accident that in the school district where I worked, that the proportion of black students in “alternate” schools, where the regular schools banished students who were behavior problems, was substantially higher than the proportion of black students in the school district as a whole. There were MANY black teachers and administrators whose documentation of student misbehavior resulted in those black students being sent to the “alternate” schools. In many cases one can say that a black teacher or administrator will be harder on a misbehaving black student than a white teacher or administrator will be. I certainly never thought that the black administrators I referred students to would go easy on my referrals.

    What people not in classrooms do not realize is that it is a hassle to write up a referral on a student. The teacher/substitute teacher needs to be very careful in writing up the referral, to be as accurate as possible. Administrators do not like getting referrals, for a number of reasons, which means that to the greatest degree possible, teachers and substitutes minimize writing referrals, trying to solve problems within the classroom or by calling parents.

    What do teachers want? Do they want minorities banished from their classroom, or to they want an orderly classroom? Ordered classrooms. Period. Teachers are so pleased to have well-behaved students that I doubt very much that they would try to banish a well-behaved student, even if the student were black/minority.

    If there were some racist teacher who wanted to banish even well-behaved black students from that teacher’s classroom, I doubt very much that the teacher would get away with it. Many students will play the race card when a teacher tries to deal with blatant misbehavior. Administrators are experienced at catching this-especially Black or Hispanic administrators- who tend to run minority schools. “Teacher is a racist.” “The referral states that you threw a punch at another student, who was also black. Doesn’t sound like teacher was being a racist.” By the same token, were a student to justly play the race card, I suspect that the administrator would see the truth.

    My experience with the race card was that as a teacher, when I saw students every day, any initial playing of the race card fizzled out very soon. Students saw me every day, so they could see that the race card wouldn’t fly. As a substitute teacher, where students saw me occasionally, the race card accusation would get played maybe once a month. I would inwardly roll my eyes and not reply. Can’t win that argument.

  21. Ymarsakar Says:

    So that’s why schools are covering up black girls video tapping their beat downs of whites and other people in school.

  22. Socratease Says:

    I guess this is going to turn out like Title IX for school discipline. If a school finds that disciplining of black students is getting too out of proportion to their representation in the student body, they’ll have to start coming down on some white kids that haven’t done anything just to make their quota.

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