November 23rd, 2013

The British educational thought police…

have the power to label children “racist” on their permanent records if they don’t attend a workshop on Islam.

Let’s put aside the fact that Islam is not a race (I suppose it’s an honorary race in Britain) and note that in Britain they’re not going to need re-education camps. Apparently the schools are already performing that function—by law:

According to the letter sent last Wednesday, the visit is part of the National Curriculum for religious education and also reflects “the multi-cultural community in which we live.”

It went on: “It is a statutory requirement for primary school children to experience and learn about different cultures…‘Refusal to allow your child to attend will result in a Racial Discrimination note being attached to your child’s education record, which will remain on this file throughout their school career.”

The note caused such a hue and cry that it was followed the next day by another saying, Emily Litella-like (actually, Obama-like), “‘On reflection, disregard a section from the earlier letter” and apologizing for “inaccuracies.”

I would imagine one could write an entire blog populated by this sort of “PC run amok in school” story. And in a few years such an effort by a school may not even be considered the least bit remarkable or out-of-the-ordinary, if the entire PC campaign succeeds still further.

How very tolerant we have become.

21 Responses to “The British educational thought police…”

  1. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    It is getting harder and harder to believe that this mostly supine bunch are from the same Europe that gave us the fine, robust traditions of angry peasants with pitchforks and tar and feathering.

    I’m just guessing here, but I’d imagine that if this little two bit Hitler had pulled this crap some fifty or sixty years ago, she’d have been out of a job the day the memo hit and, then, been promptly run out of town.

    Now, the apparently beaten down parents are probably just glad that this latest attack by the malevolent nanny state has been turned back, however temporarily.

  2. NeoConScum Says:

    Now..Now…Now, Neo..! You know very well that when England becomes Islamist they’ll continue their policies of Bats**t Crazy/Shoot Ourselves in the Head PC Madness. Right..? Dont’cha..?

  3. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Socialism MUST evolve into a regulated tyranny, it cannot do otherwise because to keep from “running out of other people’s money” it must eventually seize everything. Then, to RETAIN its power, it MUST categorize ALL thought, speech and behavior as either forbidden or mandatory. Political correctness taken to its end state.

  4. Ymarsakar Says:

    One of the issues brought some odd years ago concerned political solutions to the Democrat HIV infestation in the US.

    At the time I added an additional factor to the strategic box, which is that time limits are set, in the long term, by when the Islamic Jihad gets nukes from their conquered European nations.

    Both Britain and France have sizable and sustainable stockpiles of knowledge, warheads, and delivery systems.

    If the war with the Left is not concluded and enough time brought to bear to restore functions and defenses, then Islamic Jihad will conquer the US by an execution stroke. And that’s true no matter which side of a civil war is the victory or winning at the time. If they haven’t won completely, wiped out the domestic insurgents completely in the US, then the Left or American patriots can be easily destroyed via external threats.

    So with every year that goes by, not only victory must be achieved in the war against the Left, but the reconstruction of America must be done before Islamic Jihad inevitably takes over Europe. That is the larger strategic envelope and battle space. It’s the meta strategy that constrains whatever strategy American factions use to hold or acquire power.

    Currently, Islam and the Left are allied together. I surmise that both sides think they can wipe out the other when they “win”.

  5. kit Says:

    I would be so proud to have a racial discrimination note attached to my school record for life if this were the reason.
    Besides Islam is a religion or a poltical system or a terrorsit organization. It is not a race.

    England is a gone. who is next?

  6. Don Carlos Says:

    Yes, we have become very, very tolerant. We, nominally on the Right, have done it to ourselves; a bit of tolerance (self-doubt) by us now and then enables the Left to keep on its Long March. And then we are surprised and dismayed at the evidence before us, but we don’t change either.

  7. southpaw Says:

    PC is hardly the term I would use to describe what’s going on. This more resembles a coordinated terrorist infiltration of western institutions by Muslim operatives. Almost as if they recruited a lot if young, white sympathetic Europeans and other Westerners, and helped put them in key positions to change cultures from within. It all seems to be following the same pattern, everywhere.

  8. waltj Says:

    Richard I, Gen. Charles Napier, Lord Kitchener, and Winston Churchill, all of whom knew a thing or two about Islam, are about to reach takeoff velocity from spinning in their graves. (Yes, I know Kitchener lies in the depths of the North Sea, and Richard in France, but they’re still spinning).

    I was hoping David Cameron’s Tory government would at least try to the brakes on this sort of nonsense. Guess not.

  9. Ymarsakar Says:

    Britain kicked out Winston Churchill and replaced him with socialists, after WWII. Remember that.

  10. Doom Says:

    I am never sure if leftist statists plan these things or if they are simply completely blind. They should realize, in a secular world, what starts out being bad, where there is no bad or good, eventually becomes good. Essentially, those who are being branded today… will lead tomorrow.

    I know you, yourself, go through troubles deciding if unintended consequences are that or something else. When you become more solidly conservative, and yes I think you might have a ways to go, you will be able to spot these things with your eyes closed. It’s coming.

  11. Matt_SE Says:

    Eventually there must come a point when the average citizen has had enough. Since speech has been outlawed as a form of protest, that leaves only violence.
    People like the petty PC enforcers need to start getting shot and blown up. Then, when law enforcement arrives (really, the enforcers of the overbearing state) they need to get hit, too.
    The only thing tyrants take seriously is violence.

  12. waltj Says:

    Britain kicked out Winston Churchill and replaced him with socialists, after WWII. Remember that.

    Yes, and the Attlee government was such a disaster for Britain that Churchill and the Tories were reelected. But it took six years for Brits to come to their senses, and by that time, the damage had been done.

  13. SteveH Says:

    The PC motto can be summed up as “We will no longer tolerate intolerance”.

  14. Artfldgr Says:

    Let’s put aside the fact that Islam is not a race

    ah. actually it IS a race, as race is not skin color, its culture… so blacks who have no culture are not racists, whites are for not letting go of their own culture. only in the past did color and location coincide.

    we all misuse the word as we are too incurious to know what its invention was, who invented it, how it was used and why. the left used the word from that original pedigree, and everyone else cant even define it well.

    up to the point where they say what you just said and are very wrong… this is why jews are a race, they are a culture that wont be erased. same with christians… same with all that they attack. its only idiots who think its skin color…

    you cant replace the culture with your new designed one unless you get rid of the old ones, and so, a racist is a person that holds on to their old culture.

    so if you like your constitution, like the US the way it was and all that YOU ARE A RACIST as you want to preserve that in some way.

    in the original russian:

    Славянофильство, мессианизм отсталости, строило свою философию на том, что русский народ и его церковь насквозь демократичны, а официальная Россия — это немецкая бюрократия, насажденная Петром. Маркс заметил по этому поводу: “Ведь точно так же и тевтонские ослы сваливают деспотизм Фридриха II и т. д. на французов, как будто отсталые рабы не нуждаются всегда в цивилизованных рабах, чтобы пройти нужную выучку”. Это краткое замечание исчерпывает до дна не только старую философию славянофилов, но и новейшие откровения “расистов”.

    and in english:

    “Slavophilism, the messianism of backwardness, has based its philosophy upon the assumption that the Russian people and their church are democratic through and through, whereas official Russia is a German bureaucracy imposed upon them by Peter the Great. Mark remarked upon this theme: “In the same way the Teutonic jackasses blamed the despotism of Frederick the Second upon the French, as though backward slaves were not always in need of civilised slaves to train them.” This brief comment completely finishes off not only the old philosophy of the Slavophiles, but also the latest revelations of the ‘racists.’”

    how you hope to understand whats going on if you cant even understand the meaning of the words as they use them is beyond me.

    but watching people throw around the common and often wrong meanings as if majority is what makes meaning and nothing else, and majority wrong is not possible… its the same attitude as to colelctive government, but applied someplace else!!!

    yes, the majority can use the term wrong and not knwo its pedigree and meaning. and yes, the academics and politicos look down on you as rubes and idiots cause you cant even have a correct converstation on their level. ie. you cant even use words correctly in a sentence as far as they are concerned. so anything you put forth, propose, or even try to oppose, is null and void out of the gate for the same reason that most of us wont listen to children misuse terms and pretend to know what they mean!!!!!!

    given that people prefer to flounder about as the smarter ones get this and go about their business amidst the others confusion, there really isnt anything to do… as long as they flounder, they are not dupes…

    but would you like to swing on a star
    carry moonbeams home in a jar
    you would you rather be a founder…

  15. Artfldgr Says:

    Fast-forwarding to today in 2010, the only changes to the word and its underlying concept from 1930 (besides Marxists having perfected the art of achieving the same thing with less blood but no less misery) are that the word’s targets have expanded from just Slavs who won’t submit to the Marxist internationalist plan to uproot and destroy their culture and traditional way of life, to all white people, Slavic or otherwise, who won’t submit to that same vile Marxist plan.

    Also, those who arm themselves with the word have expanded from a handful of communists to the entire liberal and neoconservative establishment in nations all across the world.

    Leon Trotsky, after helping Lenin to create the Soviet murder machine in which he and Trotsky killed 1 to 4 million people, was removed from power and expelled from the Soviet Union in the year 1929 after losing a power struggle to become Lenin’s successor to Josef Stalin.

    However, before fading into the pages of history, Leon Trotsky would do one last thing in 1930 that would arguably cause more damage to the West than Stalin and his successors’ entire Soviet nuclear arsenal could ever have done.

    He would invent a word that would empower literally the most rotten, traitorous weasels within the West to redefine those loyal to their people, their cultural traditions and way of life as the worst evil, and to send the government, the education system, and the mass media on an absolute royal crusade until they themselves and virtually everyone else around them actually believe it.

    And this unholy creation would be repeated over and over again, bolstered by revisionist history fabricated by more of the same rotten weasels falsely portraying the white man as the sole perpetrator of slavery and genocide in the world, and this would go on and on until the West would submit via demoralization to the entire Trotskyist internationalist agenda without a single shot being fired.

    We can see the final stages of this playing out right now, with racial double standards having been created here in America (at the expense of American whites, of course), with the creation of “racism” and “hate speech” offenses in Europe (only targeting the indigenous population, of course), with the Canadian and Australian governments having implemented “multiculturalism” as official state policy (at the expense of the pre-existing Canadian and Australian cultures), and most of all, with the huge wave of third-world immigration into the West, supported by all Western governments (otherwise it wouldn’t be happening), which is radically changing the makeup and culture of those countries, and is threatening their original populations with becoming a minority in their own countries within just a few decades.

    did feminism do its job? is amnesties purpose to remove the culture that celebrates the individual, freedom, etc?

    Census: White majority in U.S. gone by 2043

    For the first time, America’s racial and ethnic minorities now make up about half of the under-5 age group, the government said Thursday. It’s a historic shift that shows how young people are at the forefront of sweeping changes by race and class.

    given the above and below, yes…

    For the first time in more than a century, the number of deaths now exceeds births among white Americans. This “natural decrease” occurred several years before the government’s original projection, a sign of the white population decline soon to arrive. For now, the white population is still increasing slightly, due to immigration from Europe.

    same thing in the UK and parts of Europe…

    Europe is not heading for a population collapse

    all these people are doing is getting in good with the new residents by pretending they hate the old residents just as much as they are on their way out (permanently with the dinosaurs. after all, they are responsible for slavery and all the ills of the world, right?)

    you will notice that the demographer writing, does not see population collapse in Europe, as he is pointing out the immigration of people from other countries to replace them and that these people are having babies.

    How does it feel being the Neanderthal standing before your Cro Magnon?

    will history remember the race that was too nice and generous and open and free and kind to survive?

    given the winners, probably not…

  16. Artfldgr Says:

    the start of the prior entry was cut from the page that i linked to before that explains trotskies speech and implications…

  17. Socratease Says:

    Since the decision to keep the child from the trip would have been the parents’, the school had no justification for threatening to label the student as being a racist as he would have had no say in it. Essentially, the school was holding the parent’s child’s future hostage to insure the parent’s cooperation with the schools leftist agenda. Such are the wages of government-run schooling.

  18. Matt_SE Says:


    Good point…but: If the note attached to the permanent record was touted as a punishment, one might assume parents would have legal recourse (though I’m not sure about that in the UK) since the students were being punished for the parents ‘mistake’.
    If pushed on this, I’m sure the PC people would say that the note was simply a record that the student hadn’t received ‘training’ and was not intended as a punishment. We all know that’s crap, but that’s how it would be defended.

  19. Matt_SE Says:

    This is the slippery slope in action. Once you say that it is acceptable for the government to decree what must be taught, you’ve given them an opening to push indoctrination.
    Of course, everyone assumed that only material that was an obvious good would be taught, like mathematics and reading. But every decree the government makes is “legislating morality” in that it requires a choice between competing alternatives.
    For many, Islamic sensitivity training is going too far. For others, it should be mandatory…those are the people in power.
    If there were such a thing as federalism in the UK, the damage could be contained as the experiment played out. Alas, there is no such thing as federalism in the UK.

  20. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    I note that the letter from the school stated that “…children will (only) be looking at religious artifacts..” and that “They will not be participating in any religious practices.” Would I trust these school “authorities“ that this would really be the case ?

    Not for a minute.

    Because stories about other such classes of K-12 kids who have been forced to—as part of their indoctrination in “multiculturalism”–have some “exposure” to Islam had them, as part of their exposure, reciting the “Shahada,” Islam’s profession of faith i.e. “There is not God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet…” as part of the effort to understand what Islam is all about.

    However, here is where one’s world-view, knowledge base, and beliefs come into play, as Muslims and us “unbelievers” see two entirely different things taking place.

    For a clueless, if pissed off unbeliever parent, his kid had been coerced into attending a multicultural indoctrination class, including his kid having to parrot some words that Muslims say—annoying, but no biggie.

    But, according to Muslim tradition and a lot of Muslim jurisprudence, in the eyes of many Muslims, once an unbeliever recites the Shahada—gun to the head, knife to the throat or not, willingly or unwillingly, with full knowledge of what that recitation means or not—the reciter has irrevocably and for all time become a Muslim.

    Thus, for instance, the story several years ago of captured unbeliever newsmen in Iraq, forced to kneel and to recite the Shahada at gunpoint. This ritual may not have meant much to the captives, or its significance been understood by all of them, but I am quite sure it was significant and mattered very much to their Muslim captors.

  21. MissJean Says:

    This is bizarre to me, but that’s because our local school district can’t force any student to go on a field trip. Nor can they put anything in a student file that isn’t documented; e.g. absences, disciplinary referrals, etc. Skipping a field trip doesn’t correlate to a racist incident!

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