December 14th, 2013

Uncle Obamacare wants YOU!


There’s a portion of the NY Times article I discussed in my previous post that deserves a post of its own. Here’s the excerpt from the Times [emphasis mine]:

…[M]any of the New York policies being canceled meet and often exceed the [Obamacare] standards, brokers say. The rationale for disqualifying those policies, said Larry Levitt, a health policy expert at the Kaiser Family Foundation, was to prevent associations from selling insurance to healthy members who are needed to keep the new health exchanges financially viable.

Siphoning those people, Mr. Levitt said, would leave the pool of health exchange customers “smaller and disproportionately sicker,” and would drive up rates.

Contemplate that for a moment. I can’t think of a clearer and more succinct example of the callous and manipulative mindset behind Obamacare and social engineering in general. People are pawns to be moved around on a large board. We needed these people here, so liberty and choice can be jettisoned for them.

We said they could keep their plans? Tough. We said later that the plans that were cancelled as a result of Obamacare were only the “junk,” substandard ones? Well, guess what: we lied. Tough again.

It’s for the greater good, after all. As the august Nancy Pelosi would say, embrace the suck.

30 Responses to “Uncle Obamacare wants YOU!”

  1. Matt_SE Says:

    I wonder what these people think about that…being used as pawns. Relatedly, what did NYC liberals think about Nanny Bloomberg’s policies?
    Did they think that was somehow a different form of statism than Obamacare?

  2. Mr. Frank Says:

    All along the object was to destroy the health care insurance system to allow for government control and income redistribution. Now the insurance companies are an arm of the state. When they are “strongly encouraged” to cover the uninsured, ignore deadlines, back date coverage and ignore networks, they resist at their peril.

  3. J.J. Says:

    Nancy says, “Embrace the suck.”
    I say, “Embrace the stupid.”
    Social engineering – it’s so stupid to keep trying to perfect failure. These Obamacare masterminds should be behind bars for “crimes against the people.”

  4. blert Says:

    Bait and Stiff?

  5. Ymarsakar Says:

    Crimes against humanity. The Left’s daily bread and butter.

  6. Lurker Says:

    JJ, they deserve the gibbet.

  7. Ymarsakar Says:

    Embrace the WInd of Hate. For those that sow the sin, will reap the hell.

  8. Jess Says:

    I think we’ve reached a point, where there are only two large facets of our sociey: Those that understand and reject Obamacare and those that are interested in whether Kim Kardashian’s butt is too big.

    Those that understand, will never be changed by the hype.

    The Kardashian watchers tweet their opinions and the tweets on Obamacare are not favorable.

    The hype is thick, but the substance is thin.

  9. Bob From Virginia Says:

    Most people could care less.

  10. blert Says:

    The art should read:

    “Kneel and Deliver!”


  11. Beverly Says:

    This is EXACTLY what happened to me.

    I belong to the Editorial Freelancers’ Assoc., specifically to get the group rate on insurance.

    Our policy was jettisoned, and we all got the Letter telling us to head over to Obamacare like good little cows, and sign up through the NYS Exchange portal. They helpfully included the URL. And told us that, once there, we should click on their (our erstwhile ins. co’s) name to see what “metal” policies they “offered.”

    Now, I know that most EF of A folks are raving Lefties, so I haven’t really followed the conversation in the e-list, but my general impression is that most of them are fargin’ idiots who are STILL idiotically parrotting the Administration’s lies and screeching at anyone who dares to criticize their Leader.

    I hope they get it, good and hard; until their eyes bulge.

    And I am Not joining their stinkin’ association again: THAT’s a consequence that doesn’t seem to have penetrated the crinkles of their cerebrums.

  12. Beverly Says:

    consequence = we don’t need them any more, not now that they can’t offer a price break on ins. in return for their annual dues.

  13. Ymarsakar Says:

    They don’t consider Tea Party, Republicans with no political power, and conservatives at the grassroots level to be “human”.

    So like other groups that didn’t consider a certain class or group of people as “human”, they will feel no hesitation in following orders to get rid of you all.

    Do you feel hesitation about getting rid of cockroaches and ants using poison, fire, water, and bait?

    Do you?

    They won’t.

  14. Mike Says:

    At this point I am resigned to working hard and watching the crash. There is nothing but to wait for the complete fail and then begin to rebuild.

    What must happen however is for liberals to suffer. They must pay in pain for what they tried to do to us. If there is justice, they will be the worst hit, and no one should come to their rescue.

    That will not do them or us any good. Anyone who helps a liberal now only shields them from the consequences of their own wickedness; protects them from the utter disdain they have shown for all of humanity.

    In a truly just world, every liberal would become a skid row case and lose everything, and only then have to slowly work their ways back into normalcy.

    Until then, suffering should be their lot, and we should never stop condemning them openly and loudly.

    You don’t let the Nazis slink back into their nice little Hitler lives after the deluge. You publicly shame and humiliate them. You take their stuff away.

  15. Cancelled Plans | Ruminants Says:

    […] Apparently the cancellation of plans, good plans, was to get healthy people into the exchanges. […]

  16. Ymarsakar Says:

    Give your friends and family members in the leftist death cult this test.

    Tell them Obama has authorized the incentive to move healthy people to the exchanges via the drops. See how they react. If Obama says it is okay, it’ll be okay.

    That’s the sign of being a cultist, a true believer.

  17. Ymarsakar Says:

    It’s up to every individual to decide based upon their own conscience who to help and who to pull the trigger on. They can’t make excuses about how they didn’t know what they were doing because a Governor, a Senator, or some guy on the internet told them to do it.

    They have to make the decision. They’ll take the consequences. They can’t farm out any of it to others.

    Just realize that if you make the decision of helping an ally of the Left, like the SEAL team in Afghanistan, that doesn’t mean they will repay that debt. Their repayment will be in the form of mortars and informing the Taliban, annihilating 90% of your team.

    That will be their repayment. If you are Fine With That consequence… then do it. Nobody’s going to authorize, give you permission, or tell you to do it, though. You can’t blame someone else after that fact for something you already knew ahead of time.

  18. Opinionated Vogon Says:

    Liberals in NYC are feeling the effects of Obama’s BIG LIE. I made a parody video of a typical liberal, he’s a socialist, and an artist too – he paints.

    Hitler’s health insurance is cancelled

    These days you have to laugh to stay sane.



  19. Lizzy Says:

    That quote is disturbing, but it’s been clear to me that we are merely nameless, faceless citizen serfs since Napolitano instituted the enhanced security measures and then she & Obama backed up their TSA crew with every subsequent example of abuse.

    Message: you have no right to protect your own body, or that of your child, from the probing fingers of the state.

    It really doesn’t get much worse than that, well….except for maybe the NSA’s invasive tracking of your every move, relationship, and possible thought. You just don’t feel the probe with them, but it’s going deeper than the TSA.

  20. Ymarsakar Says:

    Lizzy, check out the search string “SWAT knock raid wrong address”.

    They aren’t just doing the TSA or NSA on people.

  21. notherbob2 Says:

    Kudos OV. Best Hitler parody yet! I howled.

    Still, we have only the NYT (credibility rating?) claiming that some insurance brokers (credibility rating?) said the canceled plans were as “good” as the Obamacare plans. Oh yeah, we also have a blog comment confirming these cancellations (credibility rating?)

    Ah, but this is published in neo-neocon (extremely high credibility rating).

    I believe it.

  22. Ymarsakar Says:

    Journalists and Democrat elites often can hire private security to keep out the rabble on their homes and mansions. Why wouldn’t they have above average health programs?

  23. Darrell Says:

    The best is yet to come, there is going to be quite some outrage when people find out they have no insurance until they have spent 5 to 12 grand on the doctor for their families. The insurance companies transferred a ton of cost to the consumers.
    Most wont catch on until they see the bills and most average families don’t have an extra thousand a month laying around on top of higher premiums for those “better” plans.
    Those in the bubble think this is no big deal but it will be, not to mention the effects on the overall economy as money that normally is used for other things starts going to doctor bills. They wont be able to spin it.

  24. J.J. Says:

    Darrel: “Those in the bubble think this is no big deal but it will be, not to mention the effects on the overall economy as money that normally is used for other things starts going to doctor bills. They wont be able to spin it.”

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. They don’t understand that this monster is killing jobs and will now slam the retail economy. Soon they’ll be pivoting to “creating jobs” and trying to figure out why retail sales are falling. Maybe Janet Yellen, the proposed new head of the FED will put Bernanke’s plan of dropping dollars from helicopters into operation. To, ya know, stimulate the economy. 🙁

  25. Ymarsakar Says:

    Jobs are like medical resources. It’s better to limit the supply so that their trickle down economy can be instituted and enforced.

    How do you get a trickle down economy when everyone has health insurance and a job?

    Come on here, that’s just plainly visible.

  26. Beverly Says:

    More bad news: the National Review (Mark Steyn) reports that people whose checking accounts are now open to the depredations of the Gooberment are seeing their money …

    just …

    hoovered …



  27. blert Says:

    Did those monies actually go into the 0-care system — or were they vectored to Nigeria?

  28. Ymarsakar Says:

    Beverly, somebody has to pay for abortion of mentally slow children. The Left loves that kind of stuff.

  29. Ymarsakar Says:

    Blert, South Africa, where raped women have to pay for their own rape kits.

  30. Artfldgr Says:

    callous and manipulative mindset behind Obamacare and social engineering in general….

    you aint seen nuttin yet…
    you just imagine what its like…
    but given the principal has been spent
    there is no way to pay off the debt
    and you need to borrow to defend oneself in a fight

    cue taps…

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