December 16th, 2013

And then there are the Navigators

Faced with a choice between relying on the Obamacare website or consulting a Navigator who has undergone no background check or ongoing monitoring, which would you choose?

It seems as though the administration not only was initially uninterested in making the website or the Navigators safe in terms of security, it remains uninterested. Do they see lack of security as a feature, rather than a bug? Or maybe security’s just too darn expensive; they’d rather spend the money on advertising:

The Obama administration decided that Obamacare Navigators, tasked with helping Americans enroll in a health insurance plan, would not undergo mandatory background checks…

Yet the Obama administration still does not plan to implement a “secret shopper” program to monitor Navigators. HHS officials have put together “webinars” for Navigators, but they are voluntary and do not cover specific details.

The report also found that because the Obama administration did not warn Navigators that there could be problems with the HealthCare.Gov website, “Navigators were essentially useless” when the website crashed and had problems.

Of course, a person always could bypass the website entirely and use a paper application.

Then again:

The Committee found that this “push towards the use of paper applications further increases security risks, since health insurance exchange applications contain personally identifiable information such as the applicant’s full name, social security number, the names and social security numbers of everyone in the applicant’s household, and income for every member of the household.”

Over three years and umpteen gazillion dollars (no one really knows how much, but it was a lot) went into this. But hey, some of Obama’s favorite organizations got the plum Navigator jobs, so it’s all good.

5 Responses to “And then there are the Navigators”

  1. Ymarsakar Says:

    So how many from Hollywood boy molestation club and Penn State have they hired for the Navis?

  2. Lizzy Says:

    Well just a take a look at some of the organizations that have become Plan Navigators: ACORN, La Raza, Planned Parenthood, and an organization staffed by former WH and Obama campaign folks: Enroll America. Sensing a pattern here?

    I wonder what these groups could do with all of the unprotected personal data they’ve been given federal funds to manage? Think, think, think…..
    Wait – we don’t have to speculate, because James O’Keefe has already caught them in the act.

  3. Artfldgr Says:

    Hard part was how much arguing over the obvious and how few people could work out the obvious… similar was said about HMOs, then they drove costs up (duh!).

    there is literally nothing to be done about it, as more and more constitutional transgressions are happening, and our systems time frame of response is not suitable to such willy nilly stuff.

    that is, they can do more in the time it takes to present one case, than they could ever have cases to go after what is done…

    Goodnight Irene…

  4. Sam L. Says:


  5. parker Says:

    Substitute Chicago for Chinatown and it all becomes perfectly clear.

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