December 24th, 2013

In Washington D.C….

they’ve already gotten their Christmas presents from you and me.

Year round.

3 Responses to “In Washington D.C….”

  1. Matt_SE Says:

    As the link at the bottom of the article states: some of the sleaziest people in D.C. are Republicans.

    To wit:

    McConnell is now openly selling us out to his crony constituents. This was the reason for Paul Ryan reversing the sequester cuts: they were mostly from defense, and their reversal gives the defense industry a taste of the largesse they will enjoy if they help McConnell defeat Tea Party primary challenges.

    This is a level of open cronyism fit for Obama. In fact, I’ll say that like Hitler and Stalin, Obama and McConnell aren’t enemies…they’re rivals.

    McConnell is DEAD TO ME.

  2. Rick Caird Says:

    I had read Mitchell’s column earlier, but it is way too appropriate. I finally got around to getting a copy of “Hunger Games”, not because of the story, but because it is becoming a metaphor for Washington vs the Country.

  3. blert Says:


    Join with Leo Linbeck III and go after McConnell in his PRIMARY.

    Don’t worry about saving his soul, or where he stands on your approval meter….

    Just put him out to pasture.

    It’s the only way to be sure.

    He has said and done nothing in recent weeks that shifts him in any way from his prior ambit.

    BTW, similar sentiments abound in ‘captured’ Washington.

    It’s just as essential to go after crony Democrats, too.

    The 2014 primaries are just around the corner.

    Leo clipped more than a few wings in 2012 … in the PRIMARIES.

    That’s where it’s at.

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