December 28th, 2013

What’s the best response to marauding flash mobs?

My answer: I’m not at all sure.

But I was brainstorming the question after reading about the most recent incident of flash mob violence, which occurred in a Brooklyn mall:

A wild flash mob stormed and trashed a Brooklyn mall, causing so much chaos that the shopping center was forced to close during post-Christmas sales, sources said Friday.

More than 400 crazed teens — who mistakenly thought the rapper Fabolous would perform — erupted into brawls all over Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin on Thursday at 5 p.m., sources said.

The troublemakers looted and ransacked several stores as panicked shoppers ran for the exits and clerks scrambled to pull down metal gates.

As you can see, there was nothing special—or even especially violent—about this particular eruption compared with past ones. In fact, there was nothing unusual about it as flash mob violence goes, nor about the coverage of it. It appears to have been coordinated through social media. There was some physical violence (and possibly one incident of the knockout game), but most of the mayhem was to store property. Mall security was temporarily overwhelmed. And the race of the perpetrators, although implicit in the article, was never explicitly mentioned.

All in all, typical.

Aside from some sort of re-organizing of culture, society, education, entertainment, parenting, and probably a host of other things that I don’t see on the horizon, is there any remedy? The problem with anything one can easily think of is the mismatch of the number of perpetrators to security personnel. Even if stores were not afraid of lawsuits, arming guards even with something such as mace would be problematic because of the math: no guard or even several guards could mace enough of the teenagers to avoid being swarmed by the rest of them and having the mace grabbed and used against the guard/s. Same goes for guns—only multiply the risks and dangers, including that of lawsuit after an error.

A possible deterrent, of course, would be laws that allow concealed carry. However, would that add to the problem more than it would help? I don’t know the answer to that, either. The problem with a flash mob as opposed to an ordinary criminal is the aforementioned strength in numbers of the former as opposed to any security method that would be used.

I tried to find out whether flash mobs have mostly been confined so far to locations without concealed carry, so that the teens could act without fear of serious retaliation. I couldn’t find anything addressing that exact issue, but it seems to me that the places where these incidents tend to happen (New York, Philadelphia, Chicago) either ban concealed weapons by ordinary citizens or have rules that are so restrictive that concealed weapons are effectively banned, especially in places of public assembly such as malls. Interestingly enough, Chicago (which has had its share of incidents) is in Illinois which has just passed a concealed carry law which is so limiting (see also this) that it’s hard to see how anyone could comply with it except by having the gun in a single location such as their car or place of business. And even in states where concealed carry laws are more lenient, I can foresee a thousand Zimmerman/Martin type cases in the making.

Another approach would be to make flash mob violence a special category of crime subject to harsher penalties. Illinois has recently tried that approach, too, by doubling the sentences for offenders who use social media to organize violent mobs. It’s too early to tell whether this has had any deterrent effect. But again, there’s strength in numbers: what are the odds that any one mob perpetrator will be arrested and suffer any real consequences at all? Probably not very high, and they may factor that into the equation and decide the risk of punishment is very low.

It used to be that mobs like this only assembled to protest or react to something, and then the mob would get out of hand. Now they’re assembled just for the purpose of destructive fun, and because they can organize such things so easily with the tools of social media. It’s no accident, either, that the Brooklyn crowd was hoping to see a rap performance, because most rappers glorify and promote a violent and destructive attitude. Why be surprised when the kids who listen to them take their lead?

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  1. Charles Says:

    Such “flash mob” violence has also happened before social media; take any number of events which get out of hand. Your local teams wins – trash the cars nearby, your local team loses – trash the cars nearby! It is mischief night – set the place on fire!

    Social media will just make it more common. Places such as malls will have to “age discriminate” to keep “youths” out. This, of course, doesn’t mean the 20 somethings won’t do such violent acts. They do, but, perhaps, less so than the under 18 crowd.

    “Flash Mob” violence – just another reason to avoid shopping malls (and Puerto Rico day Parade in New York); which is okay with me.

  2. Oldfyer Says:

    I don’t believe that there is any acceptable solution because the only way to effectively deal with a mob in real time, or discourage future mob behavior, would be too harsh for our culture. (I use the term loosely.) Heads would be broken.

    I suspect that the strategy will be to do little or nothing,and hope that the phase passes soon. Then the “youths” will go on to something else to amuse themselves. The problem of course is that the next phase may well be even more destructive.

    In the meantime, innocent people will be inconvenienced, terrorized, or even injured; but, that is a price they must pay.

    I support concealed carry, but shudder to think of the repercussions if someone actually shot one of the “youths” during one of these events.

    I honestly believe that increasing large segments of our society are slipping into a lawless state; and society at large is tolerating, if not actually abetting, this slide.

  3. vanderleun Says:

    My answer is “You don’t want to know my answer.”And by not wanting to know my answer you know my answer by not wanting to know it. And you know it would work by not wanting it to be the kind of answer that works.

    Well begun is half done.

  4. CAS Says:

    In regard to flash mobs, has anyone noticed one group of people organizes a flash mob to sing the “messiah”, which is delightful. We have another group who organize to rob and loot unsuspecting stores. What does the reveal about our culture, and why cannot people be publicly shamed for indefensible behavior.

  5. lacune Says:

    These (nonviolent but destructive) flash mobs and spontaneous violent mobs of black people that we have seen occur at fairs, movies, malls, and waiting in lines for sneakers/concerts CANNOT be stopped.

    To do so would require force that would be deemed RACIST.

    To speak out about such unruly and immature behavior would be deemed RACIST.

    To be deemed RACIST is the Worst Thing In the World today, and this violence, wanton destruction, and mayhem MUST be tolerated and accepted else one will lose their livelihood or worse. These acts must be referred to, if at all, as “all in good fun” or else one is ostracized from society.

  6. expat Says:

    I wish someone could figure out a way to spray them with paint that doesn’t wash out. Then we could rename the bloods and crips the pinks and purples and laugh at them for a long time.

    Why aren’t cops getting tips from people in the social networks of these idiots? An anonymous hotline might help.

  7. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    IMO, Oldflyer has the right of it. To his view I would add that we are not dealing with basically ‘good kids’ out having some fun that ‘somehow’ got out of hand.

    Planned violence is the goal and object of their ‘fun’.

    There is one kind of individual who views violence as ‘fun’, the moral savage, the barbarian…

    We have now raised generations of moral savages. The barbarians are not ‘at the gates’, they are within the walls, they are our fellow ‘citizens’. Half the public has no moral compass because having rejected the very concept of a creator, their morality is solely that of personal opinion and the consensus of the mob.

    The “flash mobs” and “knockout games” are symptoms of our civilization’s sociological boundaries crumbling.

    The high unemployment rate among the young exacerbates this social dynamic but it would exist even were the economy in better shape. As jobs do not impart moral standards.

    And therein lies the problem, harsher penalties and restrictive measures won’t alleviate the problem because the nature of the problem isn’t the physical violence, which is the symptom, the nature of the problem is the spiritual wasteland that the left has created, inculcated and indoctrinated into our youth.

  8. Gringo Says:

    The response of the mall on what to do about flash mobs, from our friends in the United Kingdom:

    MailOnline uncovered further plans on social media to return to the Kings Plaza both today and tomorrow but that may have been thwarted by a new mall policy.

    No one under the age of 18 is allowed inside the mall at any time without an accompanying adult.

    A person who declined to be named confirmed the change to MailOnline and said this will be the rule going forward.

    Which will be rather difficult to enforce.

  9. NeoConScum Says:

    The violence prone Flash Mobs and nearly all of the Knockout-Sluggers are—pardon my insensitivity by truth-telling,’Yo—black folks. 50-years of the Great Society madness anyone??

  10. artfldgr Says:

    the teens AreMostly Black
    AndThisIs redistributive Social justice

    if it Was white teens Itwould be all over
    like the one white gyy now being strung up for the knockout game

    push down the dominant social status quo
    allow the other side to do what it Wwwants
    before long… Itsroving mobs… beatings… etc

    its always been their way
    its now in the violent brutal class stage

    there is nothing that can be done
    as that would imply your or the publics control
    a.d Thisis what the point is
    ignore one till the other blows up
    then Youjust have to extermknate and disenfranchise them as social justice says democide id their only option

    remive tge racists trotsjy defined
    destroy tge cukture
    bycutting a diamOknd with a diamond…

    the tans will exterminate the oppressors tgat prevent utopia by holding on as racists (nit letting their cukture be replaced)

    invest in ovens
    as we are nit far

    hate telephone typing

  11. vanderleun Says:

    You doin’ some fine apresebonic typin now dger? Yakeepin’ it reel?

  12. artfldgr Says:

    one should also note that quotas work in two ways
    when expensive stores were found to have them sharpton railed…. but no one wanted to know that tis was a lImit quota not a goal quota

    they knew that under disparate impact the german socialists invented they had to limit hiw many tgey caught so as to have parity

    you just cant catch five times more of one color than all others

    the answer will be rfid tags for people
    the internal passports that marcus wllf (who created the stasi) put together with a soviet general we hired

    like the healthcare law the goal was to make tge pre pared thing have an event that allows it to hapoen

    go ahead… look it up
    its decades old…

    its all sensationed uo to sound nuts
    but at one time it wasnt…

    who do you think helped make dhs and its power structure

    thes kids are to prove that freedom is to dangerous abd unworkable…. Theywill get the last gate with the lock closed around the hogs

    Yevgeni Primakov

  13. Matt_SE Says:

    My first inclination would be to overreact, so I’ll let my first inclination go unspoken.

    What is the nature of this crime? It seems to essentially be a form of organized riot. So the punishment should fit that crime.

    The procedure for dealing with it:
    1) have security band together to subdue one or two of the perps. Use threat of violence to keep the others at bay until riot is over.
    2) interrogate the captives about how it was organized.
    3) use that info to track down the others and subdue them individually.
    4) Punish each participant. Punish the organizers more severely. I prefer public punishment for a public crime…we need to send a message. Maybe flogging/caning.

    At least in California, rioting or inciting a riot carries a sentence of one-to-three years depending of whether there’s violence. (according to my skimming of wiki)

  14. SteveH Says:

    The problem is not uncontrollable youth. The problem is too many grownups succumbed to varying levels of PC indoctrination that unbelievably offers up looting and violence to be an expected facet of some new “social justice”.

    Apparently all that’s required for evil to prevail is for good folks to be made impotent by threat of social ridicule.

  15. Matt_SE Says:

    Oh, and once again I find myself agreeing with Geoffrey Britain…this is just a symptom of cultural decay. Cracking down on the symptom won’t make the disease go away.

    I would frame the issue in stark terms, in a public debate:
    You can “solve” this in one of two ways. The quick and violent way is to institute a police state, since the less restraint citizens have internally, the more is required externally.
    The second way is peaceful, slow and distasteful to many on the left. That is, to dismantle the counter-culture and start re-adopting social norms.

    That’s really not an oversimplification. It boils down to those two solutions.

  16. kit Says:

    Decent people should not have to breathe the same air as these savages, aka Obama voters.

  17. Ymarsakar Says:

    You basically have to build up an aura wall or circle that is so intense that people at the front would rather back off and get trampled by the pressure behind them, then meet you on death ground.

    Otherwise a mob just goes with the emotional and brownian flow. Which is often over your corpse.

  18. Ymarsakar Says:

    Some, though not all, natural phenomenon and divine power is something science is too incompetent to measure. But they do exist and the human entity, a more complex system than people think, can attune to it.

  19. Mike Says:

    Remedy: See you post just above on Camille Paglia.

    The remedy is the one there always was: men being men.

    You grab the kids by the scruff of their necks and beat the daylights out of the toughest ones and the others scatter.

    But none of this is allowed. It would help the kids, and help everyone, and stop any harm from even beginning most likely – but the men would be arrested and their lives ruined if they tried.

    My favorite apocryphal story about a teacher in an all boys tough inner-city school. New teacher stands up in front of class on Day one and asks, “Who is the toughest kid in here?”. There is some laughter, and sneers and everyone knows who the tough guy is (always) so he is identified and the teacher calls him up. He slouches and smirks his way to the front and as he arrives the teacher gut-punches him so that the wind is knocked out of him and he collapses on the ground.

    Then the teacher asks who the 2nd toughest kid in the room is.

    There is no laughter and no hands are raised.

    Here is the question: Two school years lie before a group of energetic vibrant young men – the one where they do know work, disrupt class all the time, bully each other, and cause general mayhem, and most importantly learn almost nothing…and then the one where they behave and do their work and learn something and grow.

    In the one lives are built. In the other they are ruined.

    Paglia says it’s a dangerous world with threats all around. She is right of course.

    Are we helping or hurting children by being nice to them and accepting any kind of behavior they want?

  20. Ymarsakar Says:

    Last comment was intended for the Snow Vision fairies.

    Mike is right about the Leftist control of American power. Human authority and leadership were constructed to help humans organize communities and achieve large projects, without killing each other.

    So a man and his wife, someone has to hold ultimate authority and responsibility, someone has to be the vanguard supported by those behind, and someone has to have ultimate decision making power. The Left, by destroying male authority because they call it patriarchal privilege, didn’t make people equal. Equals just try to kill each other. So to prevent us from kiling each other, they merely replaced the male head of the family with Obama. Obama is now your Father, your God, and your Patriarch. See how that works? Their Deus Ex Machina is your god, not Jehovah.

    Same is true for male presence and control over youths. This is done via a peculiar male authority presence, enforced via social punishment, fear, and respect. Remove that and guess who controls the thugs and youths? Gangs and Obama look a likes in Chicago, that’s who controls the youths.

    So the Left shattered the foundations of America power not for equality, freedom ,prosperity, or because they were fighting evil (us). They just wanted to replace all sources of authority with their own. Until whether you are born, what you are allowed to say and think, what you are allowed to pay the Left for the privilege of living and eating shat, is up to them.

  21. SteveH Says:

    “”Are we helping or hurting children by being nice to them and accepting any kind of behavior they want?”"

    If you think about it, so many of our problems stem from the kneejerk response of feeling sorry for people and how destructive it very often is to act on that emotion. It is part and parcel of the pathological altruism of liberal progressives that Neo wrote about not too long ago.

  22. SteveH Says:

    I don’t want to be oppressed. But I hope and pray for my well being I’m never in a group targeted to be felt sorry for by liberals hell bent on showing their creds by “helpin out”.

  23. rickl Says:

    What’s the best response to marauding flash mobs?

    Obviously, the only civilized response is for white people to be armed at all times and not hesitate to kill any savages who threaten us.

    If we had a legitimate government, it would back us up.

    Unfortunately, we no longer have a legitimate government. Whites are now unpersons, and we have no rights.

    I can think of only two possible solutions:

    1. White people must develop an explicit sense of racial pride and solidarity, and vote monolithically for White candidates who promise to promote a White agenda. If we did that, our problem would be solved.

    2. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”

  24. SteveH Says:

    “”Whites are now unpersons, and we have no rights.”"

    Flashback Europeans jews in the 1930′s. Now we get a glimpse of how such atrocities happened. It was made culturally hip to hate their “privledged” guts.

  25. Promethea Says:

    FWIW, I agree with many of the opinions above. I don’t see many people on this thread slobbering over the “misguided youths.”

    I personally kind of like the “hunt down and severely publicly punish the instigators” for starters.

    Having just endured the screaming screeches of a spoiled 4-year-old for the past few days, I’m especially in the mood for giving out deserved punishment to young people who need discipline.

  26. Charles Says:

    Remember the “flash mob” in LA in 1992?

    A mob of blacks nearly beat to death Reginald Denny and other motorists because of their race – what punishment did some of them get? The lame juries chose not to convict because of fear of further riots.

    So, sorry, folks, although I agree with many of the suggestions given in the comments I think we all know such “harsh” action will not be taken. This will only cause our cities and malls to descend into further chaos.

    Maybe it is time to go off grid and live far away from “society.”

  27. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Maybe it is time to go off grid and live far away from “society.”

    Anyone in a position to do so, who does not, has their head firmly planted where the sun don’t shine.

  28. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Addendum; there is strength in numbers, of compatible mind.

  29. Ymarsakar Says:

    Aside from some sort of re-organizing of culture, society, education, entertainment, parenting, and probably a host of other things that I don’t see on the horizon, is there any remedy? The problem with anything one can easily think of is the mismatch of the number of perpetrators to security personnel. Even if stores were not afraid of lawsuits, arming guards even with something such as mace would be problematic because of the math: no guard or even several guards could mace enough of the teenagers to avoid being swarmed by the rest of them and having the mace grabbed and used against the guard/s. Same goes for guns—only multiply the risks and dangers, including that of lawsuit after an error.

    Unfortunately, my position doesn’t allow me to talk about hunting humans down. Not any more at least.

    Not to belittle the views of those with strong emotions over this, but if I said something about this tactical context, I would have to do it, so I tend to be vague intentionally.

    Suffice it to say that those trained in the ancient creeds will have no particular issues disabling or killing people unarmed, so long as the terrain and balance of forces (guns, nukes, bombs, poison) isn’t dramatically uneven.

    Tools are designed to bring out the hidden potential and competence of individual warriors. Networked shield walls and teamwork is designed to allow strong individual warriors to pool their strength together for a total greater than the sums. Many American individuals have insufficient training or motivation to handle this many people at once. They lack the tactical, strategic, and logistical resources. Even if they did have such resources and used it, they know that the Regime will land on them like a pile of bricks, while the rapists and child molesters will get away with the loot.

    There have been corrections officers that have body slammed rioting criminals, intimidating the mob to such a degree that the mob obeyed authority and went back into their cells. The riot, in the part where the authority of that bear CO man resided, stopped. Elsewhere? Shrugs. Individuals have been known to cause the rout of forces 20 times their number. On a certain train in france, when 20 hoodies started the gang rapes and thievery, up against one Gurkha armed with that knife thing of theirs. On battlefields where individuals were said to rack up extreme number of kills to reach buddies in need of saving. Extreme as in the double digits, in one fight. Compared to the societal norm where most people will refuse to pull the trigger because they lack sufficient motivation or justification (or hate), this is an outlier.

    You can’t find these people in enough numbers to pay them to protect malls everywhere. The places the warriors protect, will not be attacked. It’s the places nobody protects or who cannot hire guards or whose guards are incompetent wretches from SEIU, that gets hit hard.

    A private firm in Detroit has figured out a way to use capitalism to provide private security, but their method is deterrence, not mob annihilation protocols. Although they would be better at the latter than the police forces.

    I can’t say much about my own personal choices in such mass casualty type events. It’s probably not a good idea to broadcast tactics for the enemy to counter, when everyone already knows what they need to do to train. But the primary issue is that even our allies won’t believe us. They don’t do anything to train or improve themselves. To most humans in Chicago and Detroit, it is the responsibility of the State Farm to protect the cattle (that is them the tax payers). They don’t worry about independence, training to be a warrior, or learning life and death skills. They just don’t care about that kind of stuff. They learn swimming to avoid being drowned and buy insurance in case the fire and flood comes, but they don’t train their mind and body to fight. They don’t improve themselves. They don’t change themselves to prevent being killed or destroyed or submitted. And we can’t make them. We wouldn’t make them even if we could. We are not the Leftist alliance. We only want volunteers, not slave soldiers.

    But wait, the Leftist alliance isn’t so easy on the masses, the livestock, as we are. While we try to treat people as human to the maximum feasible limit of safety and good sense, the Left will put their boot heel on the face of humanity and call it Justice, Peace, and Equality.

    If anyone is going to be able to give the motivation of hate to the residents of the tax farm, it will be the Left. All we have to do is to provide the support and militia training. And prevent the LEftist death squads and lawyer sharks from landing on the militias for defending their women from rape squads of black Obamacans.

  30. Ymarsakar Says:

    Essentially, at this point, society is too stupid or unethical to be protected by anyone. This is an intentional design, not a mistake.

    First people must learn to protect themselves, for a person that can be made to submit to force, is not a free human. Just a slave.

    Until people figure out that freedom is something they want, it can’t be forced on them or given to them. They can’t be made to do things, unless you cattle prod them like the Left does.

    Before we or anyone can protect Chicago or the malls, first we must protect ourselves from the Leftist regime. And if we cannot even do that, then the children and women at the malls will just go up in smoke, at the sacrificial altar, the same as happened in various African countries.

    Those who cannot protect themselves, have no ability to claim the power to protect other people.

  31. kit Says:

    Ymarsakar, you say most good people refuse to pull the trigger. I am gentle and meek but if rape squads of black Obamacans were coming after us, you bet I could lock and load over and over again.
    I would not feel guilt over self defense or helping the innocent, only relief.

    I hope we would all change ourselves to prevent being killed. You should teach courses in this.

  32. Beverly Says:

    We humans must have an endoskeleton — or an exoskeleton.


    I’ve seen these black hooligans in downtown New York. Just three blocks from our building, a crowd of some 200-300 of them surrounded a white man in a car and went apesh*t. The women were grinding their pelvises against his car in an obscene way; they were cursing him and yelling racist insults; the males were jumping on the roof of his car. It was terrifying.

    The poor man was calling the police for TEN MINUTES before any of them arrived: they showed up at last, in some dozed squad cars with lights flashing, but didn’t get out of their cars. They nosed slowly through the mob, and over their loud-hailers urged the goons to disperse. They finally did, hooting triumphant obscenities. NONE were arrested, or even confronted, by Bloomberg’s police.

    Giuliani would have busted their gonads. That’s why they hated him, and why the rest of NYC voted him in twice. With the pinko De Blasio taking over, we’re in for more of this mob violence: you can see the difference in the demeanor of the punks on the streets. They’re chippier, they run into your shoulder on the sidewalk and laugh; they know there are ZERO consequences for them because it’s open season on honkies.


  33. Beverly Says:

    Oh yeah, the aforementioned mob ALSO gathered for a rap concert of some kind.

    One thing we can do: not hold rap concerts outside the majority-black neighborhoods. Sorry, Charlie, but there it is. Let them trash their own damn neighborhoods.

  34. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    There will be blood. Whether it is yours or not will be determined by the particular confluence of prior preparations taken and the degree of luck you experience. If you can, getting out of the big cities is a really good idea. Emigrating to a red state is another prudent move. Buying a home defense shotgun is a good idea (take a gun safety course). Install a burglar alarm. Get a good sized dog (avoid chihuahuas). Buy some pepper spray GEL. Buy a stun pen and attach it to your key ring. Get together with some like minded friends and arrange to do regular shopping together, there’s safety in numbers. Do your shopping in the morning but after sunrise. Bad people are NOT early risers. Most of all, think deeply about your personal situation and make changes as needed. Luck is often the residue of design.

  35. Ymarsakar Says:

    Ymarsakar, you say most good people refuse to pull the trigger.

    That’s just a statistic. Like all stats, it has no meaning over the soul of a warrior or citizen or human exercising free will. Stats are just numbers, they do not predetermine anything.

    The reason why the statistics are biased overwhelmingly in favor of none trigger pullers is merely because in most human conflicts, there’s no personal reason to kill other people. To fight them, yes, but inter species violence isn’t generally intended to kill or maim. Most animals are just satisfied with a beat down, to declare who the alpha is. The loser just walks or runs off, to mate another day in some weaker area. So unless the authorities order you to kill, the natural response is to not kill. To fight but accept surrender. So if you do obey and pull the trigger, you get PTSD due to guilt from killing people you didn’t want to kill. If you disobey the order, then you feel guilty about letting the enemy shoot your buddies. Armies are relatively easy to collect stats on, and so they did.

    So when humans are conditioned to only pull the trigger when authorized by their leaders, this results in combat freezes. Such as women on military bases, being armed with a sidearm or rifle, but choosing not to shoot their fellow comrade-rapist. Why? Because they were conditioned to NEVER pull the trigger unless the order to fire has been given and to NOT do blue on blue firings. That is not the RoE. You are not allowed to do that. You have not been given authorization. These orders were meant to be followed by a soldier even under pain of death.

    So the reason why military and police peeps don’t like citizens with guns is because citizens operate by no functional authority when it comes to who they get to shoot. Well the law, yes, but the law is only the law. It is not a god or an ethical system of life. So people who train in guns tend to start becoming more independent, more warrior like, more…. hard to put down and have the shackles placed on them. Citizens or independent humans, can fire and pull the trigger based upon their own internal rationalizations and justifications. They were never conditioned to hate a target or to pull the trigger on a target only when commanded to do so. This scares the shat out of leaders that need to organize humans into safe pens (Ft. Hood, don’t go around armed, that’s not allowed. But Islam allows Hasan to go jihad, ignore that guy).

    Of course there are still individuals who were uncertain about what they should do in a situation, such as a man slapping a woman around and pulling her into his car. Should the guy with the gun take it out and blow someone away? What if they were just a couple having a stupid fight and you would get put in jail for manslaughter? Thoughts like this can certainly make a citizen freeze and get themselves killed. Or get someone else killed.

    So there are many forces and reason why people won’t pull the trigger, at least vis a vis delivery of lethal force. But only a few reasons (like on one hand) that they WILL pull the trigger. So the trigger pullers are not only statistically rarer, but there’s also more reasons to lean on the side of life than on the side of death. Because death’s permanent, even the Leftist alliance can’t re attach someone’s head to their body and call it a Obamacan Messiah God. It just doesn’t work. That resurrection propaganda technique doesn’t work. While gays are not gay-happy, and feminists are not feminine healthy, dead is still dead.

    The person that can deliver death by their own hand, even with a ranged weapon like a gun, without needing an authorization to do so, even if authority commands them to stop or else, that individual has broken free of the shackles of society. That person is dangerous. Society cannot control a person like that, thus it is dangerous. It is now like a rampaging animal. Society calls them sociopaths. The flip side of the sociopath is the hero. The guy that kills millions and is declared the savior of the nation. The guy that kills 5 kids in a row, that’s a monster. A significant difference there.

    Violence is just a tool. Society is the one that tries to determine whether violence is good or evil. It tries to put shackles on you to tell you what is right and what is wrong, what you are authorized to do or not. The thing is, a lot of this conditioning is subconscious and entrenched extremely deep in people’s psyches. So that when they hit a death and life encounter, it all comes out. What they were never conscious of, it all comes out, they get into an internal argument with themselves about legitimate ROE, and then the crim chops off their head and starts the barbecue party for the local voodoo club.

    Teaching a person how to fire accurately doesn’t take long. But getting a person to dig out their internal conditioning and restraints put on them by society, that’s extremely hard. If they are still under social authority when they are in a life and death situation, and they start looking for “society” to tell them “what to do”, chances are that they will die and not survive. The people who survive just chuck out all the human emotions, human social rules, and legalities and start doing what it takes to survive. This requires a human to trust in their own instincts, their own judgment.

    Many humans do not trust in their own judgment, their own intuition or instincts. They trust in society’s authority, in the Regime Lord’s authority, more. If Obama tells them it is right to bring up ObamaCare at Christmas and Thanksgiving, that’s what they will do. Come hell or high water. That’s not going to work for a person up against human predators or just youths looking for some polar bear knockout fun.

    It takes an extreme amount of time to dig out the emotional and spiritual land mines in a person’s head and heart, before they can become truly combat effective. Army training doesn’t necessarily do that either. It just makes people obey orders to shoot on command very quickly. That’s why soldiers die a lot more than people find reasonable, when the soldiers return from their tours and get shot by 1. the police, 2. thugs, 3. gang bangers and/or lawyers/politicians. They don’t fight back, because there’s no NCO or officer telling them to fight or kill. They weren’t trained to respond using their hands as lethal force either, they are always looking for their rifle and sidearm. The older veterans are different, but the younger ones are still almost perfectly conditioned via boot camp to follow orders. That’s not going to help civilians much though.

    You should teach courses in this.

    Personally I leave that to Target Focus Training, run by Tim Larkin and his crew. They are much better at it then me. At least if a drone strike lands on them, they can recover. If a drone strike lands on me, I don’t have a bunker. That’s a joke… maybe.

  36. rickl Says:

    Geoffrey Britain Says:
    December 28th, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Get together with some like minded friends and arrange to do regular shopping together, there’s safety in numbers. Do your shopping in the morning but after sunrise. Bad people are NOT early risers.

    If that doesn’t sound like advice for living in a Third World country, I don’t know what does.

  37. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    Under the present administration, we are living in a third world country. Laws are now ‘malleable’ after passage and enforced at the whim of Obama, who can now create law as he desires. A fundamental quality of third world nations is the rule of men, rather than laws.

    Under the rule of the left, the rule of the nomenklatura will become ever more pronounced.

    The Obama administration is averaging 68 new regulations per day. That’s almost 25,000 new regulations per year…then there’s the executive ‘orders’.

  38. Ymarsakar Says:

    What the Left sacrificed countless millions of lives in human history to achieve, is just as vulnerable as all the fallen nations turned to ash in their wake.

    The Leftist alliance, for all of their mind control powers and their rising dominance, cannot defeat one power that is out of their reach.

    Death. They can’t resurrect their human resources that are dead.

    Money they can regenerate. Elections they can re-steal. But they very well that once a freedom fighter is dead, that freedom fighter doesn’t come back up as a zombie to fight against the Left any more. There’s no dragon’s teeth there.

    But when people called me paranoid, i wonder what they would think some years afterwards, looking at things right now.

    The Left’s army is composed of several interesting units. But more importantly they have been conditioned and armored using modern military training and kill on sight authority triggers. Using modern psychological processes, humans have been successfully conditioned to pull the trigger when authorized to do so. This has resulted in confirmed extreme kill ratios for SWAT teams doing no knock raids in the dead of night, often against the wrong address and shooting everything in the house (including the pets).

    These are just training courses for the real targets. Which aren’t drug distributors.

    So Leftist re-engineering has actually flipped “off” the switch that would normally be flipped on for interspecies conflict. Instead they have so dehumanized parts of the species, using class warfare, that it is like the old tribal days where one Rwanda tribe thinks the other Rwanda tribe is a bunch of demons and needs to be cut into pieces. This isn’t natural. This is human societal re-engineering at work. They’ve been testing these processes for awhile, to put them to the final test in America.

    Well, whether people believe me or not doesn’t really matter any more. The Leftist alliance will do the convincing, as always.

  39. Ymarsakar Says:

    Just three blocks from our building, a crowd of some 200-300 of them surrounded a white man in a car and went apesh*t.

    Just some more “humans” out on the urban jungle like dear Tray, huh?

    Heh. The funny thing is, people who believe in equality and human rights look at that and say, “there are a few hundred voters, which mean societal favor will go with them”.

    What people miss out on is that humans are organized into hierarchies. The dumber people are, the more tools they need to do the dirty work. So that 300 is not a force which we must fight 300 times. They are only led by 3 people. You can see them too, because they have the loudspeakers and can coral the mob.

    Find them. Those are the targets. Like any army, once the NCOs and officers are dead, the rest are just mewling around looking for a grave to die in.

    Barbarian hordes are only slightly different.

  40. rickl Says:


    I know. That was my point.

  41. blert Says:

    It can — and will — be thwarted by software.

    As part of their security wi-fi — which will go everywhere — retailers/ malls/ places of public congregation — can IMPRESS upon the phone records of every (cell) instrument that crosses into the premisses… with a TIME STAMP on it.

    This will provide reasonable grounds for warrants — and back charges to the parents.

    It will take some doing for teens to abandon their cell phones, just to engage in a riot. Normally, such events are too emotional for pre-planning.

    Dialling the location of a given cell phone down to a particular retail store is well within technical means — the hows of which I will not drag out here.

    Also, it’s going to be possible to time-stamp cell phones with an impressed crime stamp — unique to location and system time — by simply having a limited range emitter.

    When coupled to digital video feeds, you’ll have grounds for warrants, and lawsuits.

    As for those on public assistance: make such antics grounds for expulsion from the rolls… said funds to be immediately diverted towards civil damages… like a garnishment of wages.

    Clipping EBT cards should be the first recourse for public policy.

    Bio-metrics are going to have to become pervasive to buttress IDs in this welfare era.

    Otherwise, America is going to be roundly abused in the manner of the Chicago Welfare Queen — of Reaganesque infame. (circa 1976)

  42. Lurker Says:

    Thanks for scaring the heck out of us. This brings to mind both Napoleon’s whiff of grapeshot and the Heraclitus quote:
    “Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”

  43. Mr. Frank Says:

    What we are seeing is many decades of black children growing up without married fathers in the home. Support comes from the government and minorities are victims that are not accountable. You’ll note that media stories leave out the race of the rioters.

    All white folks can do is avoid areas with large numbers of blacks. All merchants can do is spend money on heavy security. On line shopping will continue to grow.

  44. artfldgr Says:

    it wasalso a black man who saved denny
    he Saw what was on tv, went out, rescued him
    you dont get to hear denny talk about it though

  45. Richard Aubrey Says:

    I wondered about this when Devil’s Night was afflicting a town near where I used to live.
    The buffoon were surrounding firefighters putting out a car fire the buffoons had started. They were taunting and throwing rocks.
    Not speaking of justice, and not speaking of legality:
    What would society lose if everyone of those buffoons had been shot dead right there?
    Lives? People die every day. Driving accidents, leukemia, drowning, pneumonia, allergic reactions…. Something is lost when someone dies. “No man is an island.”
    So what is lost if the buffoons are shot down where they stand? Their futures, of course. Which involve…?
    As I say, not speaking of morality or legality, what would be lost to society?
    Those who think this is a horrid idea–and I agree for one reason or another–are invited to tell us what society would lose.

  46. rickl Says:

    Mr. Frank Says:
    December 28th, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    What we are seeing is many decades of black children growing up without married fathers in the home. Support comes from the government and minorities are victims that are not accountable. You’ll note that media stories leave out the race of the rioters.

    I should hasten to point out that the rate of unmarried childbirth is now increasing among whites as well.

    Look at England, where the welfare state is far more “advanced” than it is in America. They have a white underclass that exhibits each and every pathology that we associate with the black underclass in America. Every. Single. One. Multiple generations on welfare, no work ethic, no respect for others’ property, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, contempt for education, and on and on.

    As somebody pointed out, I don’t remember whether it was here or somewhere else, that also describes life on Indian reservations.

    Thanks, liberals.

  47. Promethea Says:

    Ymar @ 8:15 . . .

    You said:

    “What people miss out on is that humans are organized into hierarchies. The dumber people are, the more tools they need to do the dirty work. So that 300 is not a force which we must fight 300 times. They are only led by 3 people. You can see them too, because they have the loudspeakers and can coral the mob.

    Find them. Those are the targets. Like any army, once the NCOs and officers are dead, the rest are just mewling around looking for a grave to die in.”

    This is the key to everything.

    I’m not generally a “conspiracy theory” person, but I have to wonder about the helicopter shooting of Seal Team 6 and the murder of Chris Kyle. These warriors had the skills to do what you said.

    It doesn’t take a lot of strategizing to figure out who the “key monsters” are in the national nightmare we are living through.

  48. Promethea Says:

    blert @ 10:03 . . .

    You said:

    “As for those on public assistance: make such antics grounds for expulsion from the rolls… said funds to be immediately diverted towards civil damages… like a garnishment of wages.

    Clipping EBT cards should be the first recourse for public policy.”

    So simple, and so easy! This is how the people of Iceland maintained order during most of their history. They exiled wrong-doers. Exile is a death sentence, but law-abiding people didn’t have blood on their hands.

    Honestly, in ten minutes I can think of ways to control mob behavior and wilding mobs. I know that I’m just an ordinary American with a bit of reading ability and a vague understanding of basic economics. Most of the problems we now endure can be figured out by Tea Party types who read mass-market thrillers. Duh.

    We need to put the fascist/commie fru-fru mediocrities that they’re on notice. Pajama Boy will not win because he’s a wussie nothing boy, and he knows it.

    Check out Sultan Knish for a recent post on the mediocre idiots who think they rule America.

  49. Oldfyer Says:

    Well, I read every response up to this point, and they are interesting. I refer back to my own original response.

    There is solution in sight because there is no national will to impose one.

    Will we reach the point where law abiding citizens rise up, band together, and say enough?

    If that happened, it would certainly end.

    We do not seem to be close. Nope. We are focused on amnesty, and sanctuary cities; on extended unemployment benefits; on increasing the minimum wage to stress the small employer; on same sex marriage; on transgender rights; on eradicating all public vestiges of Christianity; on denying, in fact, that the Judeo-Christian heritage defined this country..

  50. Oldfyer Says:

    Oh shoot. No solution in sight.

  51. Ymarsakar Says:

    If that happened, it would certainly end.

    The Brits have actually tried that. Local militias banded together, with face masks, roaming the neighborhood looking for burglars, killers, rapists, and so forth.

    The UK national police tried to lock them up and then told them to disperse.

    The problem is, a lot of locals have no idea what a militia is, what a local self defense force is, nor how to execute the policies required for forming one. This wasn’t taught in public education or job training.

    People should not count on Democrats or Republicans to get the job done or show leadership. The only leadership that hasn’t been corrupted in the US, starts from the bottom up.

  52. Ymarsakar Says:


    PTSD comes from guilt primarily. The DMS is wrong, essentially.

    But to get back to the initial subject, from my loose analysis of events, data on the identities of the Seal Team that hit Pakistan were released by the Obama Regime. This eventually found its way to the Taliban through the Afghan network, or from AQ/Muslim Brotherhood associated operatives inside the Pentagon and the US capital. They then used their infiltrators in Afghanistan to leak operations knowledge of where the team was going or even come up with a fake mission parameter so that they would go towards a specific area. And the manpad used to shoot down the helicopter was imported from Libya, the same ones the Left sold to AQ in Libya to shoot down Qaddafi’s air force.

    Chris Kyle probably didn’t think a soldier or a Marine suffering from PTSD would shoot other people. Normally such individuals that suffer from the guilt of killing or from survivor’s guilt, shoot themselves if anyone. However, this was probably a misdiagnosis or at least the cause was misidentified. If the Marine is a Muslim infiltrator or operator, then the guilt he would have felt would have been in killing or helping to kill his comrades. If the Marine was brainwashed by the Left, then the Marine would have felt guilty for fighting for America, patriotism, or killing brown people. In both cases, motivation for exculpating this guilt by killing white people or a US patriot/warrior like Chris, would have developed depending on factors.

    The Leftist and Islamic propaganda and mind control techniques are dangerous. They are even more dangerous against people who have been trained to pull the trigger by an authority, and the conditioning removes the US from “authority” and replaces it with Islamic Jihad or the Leftist Utopia’s ideology. There is something about being a Democrat and obeying their authority, that destroys the mental health of individuals. We’ve seen that numerous times in various shootings. Either the crazies are attracted to the Demon faith or they become crazy after believing in the Leftist mantra. But their crazy is a specific kind of crazy, like jihad crazy.

    We have yet to figure out all the factors, because scientifically our side cannot reproduce the results. We can only produce trained soldiers that pull the trigger when commanded to or warriors that fight by themselves alone.

    The Left and Islam are much better at creating brainwashed assassins, criminals, rapists, mass murderers, and psychopaths.

  53. Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove Says:

    [...] neo-neocon wonders what the best response to flash mobs is [...]

  54. SteveH Says:

    Looks like malls need to deploy saggy pants recognition software.

  55. Mr. Frank Says:

    In days of old the British had the riot act to be read at unlawful assemblies. Once it was read to the crowd you had to go home or get badly hurt.

  56. Q Says:

    No solution comes to mind that causes less harm than the mob, but im confident that the worst answer is to have a flash mob shooting by soldiers, police, guards or folks like me with CHLs…

  57. kit Says:

    Richard Aubrey, society would lose nothing but evil. Society would gain.

    Ymarsakar, will the blood of Seal Team 6 ever be avenged?

    Beverly, my family loved Guiliani. He started at the bottom cleaning up the smaller crimes and immediately improved the quaility of life in NY. He did not pander and he meant business. You could walk in Penn Station again and not be accosted.
    My sister still lives in NYC and she says that people are fleeing and rentals are emptying because they are frightened of the new mayor.

    Yesterday, a Dem mayoral candidate in Minnesota was attacked by blacks in the Mall of America. A boy stole his phone while two girls tried to kill him. He says they are damaged beyound redemption. Do you think he will change parties? Why dont they get it?

  58. kit Says:

    Sorry, I cannot spell when i type.
    I need to preview, Neo

  59. ghost707 Says:

    Our government is lawless, so the youth have figured that laws do not apply to anyone anymore.

  60. Tonawanda Says:

    We have lost control and there is nothing we can do in the short term.

    Believe me, law enforcement is not the answer, it is a misleading palliative.

    The Left has spawned the rising tide of barbarism, but it took decades. It cannot be addressed effectively now.

    But a good start for a long term solution would be to get the government and unions out of the education business entirely, except for strings-free payment.

    The schools must revert to the common sense, wisdom, prudence and freedom of true local control in order to restore the proper place of discipline and respect all children need to learn.

  61. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Although the crime rate is reported to have been generally trending downward for the last 20 years, it seems like it is starting to become “open season” on whites, and things like the “knockout game” and “flash mobs” are increasing in frequency and spreading. With Obama and his Holder run “Department of Justice” in power, things look like they will only get worse.

    For those young and hearty enough to do so, I second the recommendation to, if at all possible, get you and your family out of the cities and into the countryside, where the threat level is generally far less now, and will be in the future if/when it all falls apart.

    The standard advice is to relocate to a rural area or small town somewhere West of the Missouri, where populations are far lower than on the extremely crowded coasts. Look for a small town or location that is at least, say, 100 and preferably a lot more miles from the nearest city, and a place that has abundant water, good soil, good weather, and a long growing season for growing crops and for raising farm animals. Rural areas are also best, since farmers already have a lot of the required skills, tools, and mindset.

    In this kind of situation “operational security,” quietly going about your business as unobtrusively as possible, telling no one what you are doing, where you are relocating to, or about the preparations you are making and have made, is an absolute must.

    Things would also be a lot better if you had a small group of trusted, likeminded people and/or relatives to make the move with you, or to move in with, or living near to your new location.

    For those who are interested, I recommend looking at James Wesley Rawles’ quite thorough, which covers every aspect of the subject. For ideas about where to move to, take a look at Joel Skousen’s encyclopedic survey titled, “Strategic Relocation. ” For all sorts of advice, techniques, and recommendations about “kit,” check out the many books on the subject on Amazon.

    Rawles’ survivalist fiction cum manuals, starting with his book “Patriots,” whose initial section, describing the economic conditions leading to a general economic and social collapse here in the U. S. parallel–to a frightening degree—the policies and actions that have already been put in place by the Obama administration, is definitely worth a read.

  62. Mr. Frank Says:

    One thing that has been tried is loud, very high frequency sound that only teenagers can hear. It drives them away.

  63. Artfldgr Says:

    Flash Mob at Kings Plaza Mall

  64. Sergey Says:

    Corporal punishment. Pain is a quick teacher.

  65. NeoConScum Says:

    Here’s a nice solution for the Slugger Thugs which we can apply here in Florida:
    Baa-Daa-Bing!! (*…and get their brains all ovah your nice ivy league suit.*..Sonny Corleone) Like dat. (-:

  66. Ymarsakar Says:

    kit, hard to say about the team question. You’ll have to ask a higher power for that.

    Many people on the Left can’t leave the death cult even if they wanted to. People like Jim Jones will hurt them if they try. So they use the Left as shelter and protection, for the immediate future.

    As for the crime rate, I suspect that this is primarily because city police departments just don’t report crime any more. Especially minority crime. That’s how they can say to people that they can crack down on crime harder than Rudy in NY, yet the reality is…

    The secondary reason would be of course self defense training and weapons training. But because the Left corrupts the statistics, you can’t trust them too much.

  67. Ymarsakar Says:

    Such “flash mob” violence has also happened before social media; take any number of events which get out of hand. Your local teams wins – trash the cars nearby, your local team loses – trash the cars nearby! It is mischief night – set the place on fire!

    Different things. People who are emotionally heightened will lash out in a number of ways. But Facebook organizations are pre-meditated.

    It’s engineered. Because if it isn’t engineered, then what will the engineered false flag op look like?

  68. JKB Says:

    You don’t draw a firearm in a group melee. In any case, there doesn’t seem to have been a credible imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury. See imminent. Unless someone is in a direct attack.

    I’d think they should try using repulsive music. I remember Barry Manilow proved useful to keep teenagers to from loitering. Maybe they should have ‘Mandy’ cued up for emergency response. Or try a really imposing opera aria, at max volume. Might not work, but, these kids are very sensitive to their music taste rep.

  69. Mr. Frank Says:

    Country music would keep lots of these kids away.

  70. Artfldgr Says:

    The two teenagers accused of beating a Minneapolis mayoral candidate after a cohort stole his iPhone at the Mall of America had cased the Starbucks ahead of time, according to authorities.

    Mark Andrew, also a former Hennepin County commissioner, was beaten on the head with a metal baton after a juvenile male snatched his phone as he sat in Starbucks.

    Andrew received nine stitches at Fairview Southdale Hospital, where an ambulance took him after the attack around 7 p.m. Thursday.

    One of the women arrested, Letaija Shapree Cutler-Cain, 18, of Brooklyn Park, was charged with second-degree assault with a deadly weapon. The other woman was not identified because she is 17. The male who stole the phone was not identified.

    In the complaint, police said the male took off with the phone. When Andrew gave chase, the two women confronted him and kept him from leaving the store. The complaint said Cutler-Cain jumped on his back and the younger teen struck him repeatedly on the head with the baton. As Andrew struggled with the women, Cutler-Cain gouged his face with her fingernails, yelling at him: “I’m going to kill you, Let me go or I’m going to kill you!”

    Police said Andrew was struck with a metal baton and was bleeding profusely from a large cut on the top of his head and from his mouth. He also had bruises and abrasions on his face. …

    Even after authorities detained the attackers, the women told Andrew they would have him killed.

    (you can find photos if you care to see the victims)

    they are just doing what Oprah said to do… no?

  71. Ymarsakar Says:

    It wasn’t as bad as a hit on the head as the Southern representative did to a Republican abolitionist before the Civil War.

  72. expat Says:

    My point wih the pink paint was actually that we need to find a way to make these idiots totally uncool. We would actually need some help from Black celebrities to do this. Imagine a Bill Cosby making jokes about the pinks. We have let the victim and tough guy pictures become mainstream. We have to change that. Not only are these mobsters idiots, but they are hurting Blacks. They hav to be condemned and made fun of by their own.

  73. Dave Brickner Says:

    Ship em all back ……..

  74. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Flash mobs are the least of our problems.

    How about the “knockout game,” the epidemic of unprovoked attacks against whites by groups of blacks which is apparently spreading all over the U.S. and which is, as with Muslim crime, studiously ignored, minimized, or covered up by the MSM (here is an MSNBC reporter saying that the “knockout game” really doesn’t exist, and that this is the “most overrated story of 2013” and here its reported as being basically a “myth” in the New York Times ), and not seriously investigated by our politically correct “authorities”?

    A recent case in point, the reportedly unprovoked 1 AM attack on December 20th by three large black men, more than 6 feet tall and in their 20s or 30s, against a slight 140 pound white man and his girlfriend, both in their late 30s, who were walking along the widely touted, upscale, and supposedly “safe” downtown pedestrian Mall in Charlottesville, VA (see and and ) .
    According to reports, the three repeatedly punched and kicked the man and the guy lost a tooth, had cracked ribs, a broken ankle, black eyes and a concussion, the woman got punched and roughed up too, but managed to get some cell phone pictures of the attackers, including one pretty clear picture of one of the attacker’s faces.

    According to what the victims have said, they gave the police the cell phone pictures, but the police never released the pictures to the public to help identify the perps, police later claiming that they were waiting for possibly “better surveillance footage” from a local bank (footage they only requested on the 27th), the cops arrived some minutes after the attack, looked around and, finding no one in the area who looked like the attackers, basically said, “case closed,” and didn’t assign the case to a detective, telling the victims a few days later that the case was “suspended” for lack of evidence, and the police, apparently, haven’t done anything since.

    In addition, if you look at various blogs commenting on this incident, one commenter said that what looked like these same perps administered at least one prior beat down against a white person in the same Mall area a month or so ago, while other commenters said that this group of blacks also had confrontations with others in the Mall area on that night, and that there have been a number of such beatings of whites by groups of blacks in and around the Mall that have simply been swept under the rug by the authorities, who don’t want to destroy the town’s “image.”

    It appears that this same pattern of official “blindness” to these obvious and spreading hate crimes by blacks against whites is occurring all over the U.S.. Contrast this with how the authorities were so quick to catch and condemn the one knuckleheaded white guy who perpetrated a similar attack on an elderly black guy a couple of days ago.

    Talk about “equal treatment/protection under the law.”

  75. Ymarsakar Says:

    They’re just testing the waters for Rapeout games. And lynch out games. Various things will be coming along, free service.

    Survivalist community.

  76. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    A closer reading of some of the blog comments regarding this incident I referred to above shows that some commenters were alleging, not that there have been other black on white attacks that have been swept under the rug, but that that there have been a number of attacks in the Mall area, in general, by perps of various races, that they felt had not been adequately responded to.

    However, this particular story about the apparent “knockout game” beat down in Charlottesville, VA has gotten so hot on social media that the local police chief had to respond on December 30th by issuing a Press Release, saying that there had been a “breakdown” [in communications] somewhere along the line, and that this case was now going to be assigned to an “Investigator” (see .

  77. Wolla Dalbo Says:

    Attacks such as these are important reminders to always carry a cell phone and to know and to practice how to take pictures/videos using your equipment even in a high adrenaline/high stress situation, and if really paranoid, to arrange ways to have your pics immediately copied to a remote server, so that if they are “accidentally” erased, you still have copies of them.

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