January 2nd, 2014

Tell them what you drink…

…and they’ll tell you who you vote for.

What about me? I hardly drink anything. Perhaps that makes me politically weird, which I already knew.

13 Responses to “Tell them what you drink…”

  1. expat Says:

    I drink a glass of wine (both colors, depending on the meal) when I’m out for dinner. Otherwise, it’s a very small coke or, in summer, a glass of iced tea. My standard drink is hot black tea with milk and sugar. Coffee is good for a change. I never drink hard liquors.

  2. carl in atlanta Says:

    I can’t help but to note the upper left corner location on the chart of “Smoking Loon”…

  3. Lizzy Says:

    Oh, man, after this and other “fun” online surveys, such as the one that pegged my home town based on a 25 word choice questionnaire, is it any wonder that people are a little nervous about NSA snooping? Seems with the right models (such as these surveys) it’s pretty easy to determine a person’s background and current views based on something as simple as some email/texts and their credit card or Amazon purchases.

  4. turfmann Says:

    Smoking Loon!

    That has to be a plant – that’s way too funny!

  5. Gringo Says:

    Oh, man, after this and other “fun” online surveys, such as the one that pegged my home town based on a 25 word choice questionnaire, is it any wonder that people are a little nervous about NSA snooping?

    That 25 word questionnaire also pegged my home area, even though I have spent more than half my life thousands of miles away from it.

    Your point about credit card purchases is why some people have moved to cash- but not a path available with Amazon. A local liquor store gives a 5% discount for check or cash purchases.

    Not long ago I purchased some remainder books at a used book store, including one or two with an obviously anti-Obama title. The clerk taking my purchase happened to be black. I wondered if there would be any negative feedback or consequences for that.

    I occasionally have received mail soliciting money for Obama. One reason I didn’t bother to reply with a snarky comment was the fear of negative consequences. The subsequent revealing of IRS targeting showed I wasn’t far off.

    I like Kaluha, which is a Pub drink, but I make my own w coffee, vanilla, sugar, and vodka. Vodka is a Demo drink. Mixed loyalties?

  6. Ymarsakar Says:

    The subsequent revealing of IRS targeting showed I wasn’t far off.

    Some people have finely honed survival instincts. The rest of the human species likes to call them paranoid or crazy.

    Well, it really depends on which side of the lion’s jaw you are looking out from, concerning that pov.

  7. Roman Says:

    I will consume on various evenings (not too much, two drinks in an evening would be a lot) Scotch, Molson XXX Beer, various colors of Wine. I am always a Conservative, what does beverage have to do with that?

  8. neo-neocon Says:


    Back when I used to drink somewhat, one of my favorite drinks was the Black Russian (vodka and Kahlua). Was that a portent of political things to come in my life?

  9. Snackeater Says:

    Makers–they’re close on the turnout (never missed an election–even while deployed) but way off on the degree of conservatism (very conservative). And I don’t even see Lagavulin on there (I’ll assume it’s off the chart to the upper-right).

  10. Ymarsakar Says:

    Isn’t this just a finely honed demographics data gathering campaign on what people drink vs their lifestyles? Aren’t they just selling this information to advertisers?

  11. FOAF Says:

    A few years ago I started drinking scotch and bourbon, mostly “Repub” drinks. Now that I look back it coincides almost exactly with my move to the right.

  12. physicsguy Says:

    I change “colors” with the seasons. Right now, in the depths of winter, it’s usually Dewars on the rocks, and for those really cold, snowy nights, Bushmills straight up.

    As the weather turns milder, my favorite overall drink is the vodka martini (stirred NOT shaken! ). When the temps near the 90 degree mark, I switch to mojitos and T&T’s.

  13. Charles Says:

    I don’t drink either – so where does that place me?

    Oh, I know, throw ALL the bums out!

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