March 7th, 2014

De Blasio’s war on Success*

Mayor Bill di Blasio of New York has wasted little time in his attempt to destroy the charter schools which serve the low-income minorities of New York and provide at least some children of their number with a good education:

The very existence of charter schools is an implicit rebuke to the public schools. It means they are not succeeding, and something new must be tried. That something new won’t be perfect—no charter school is, and some are more imperfect than others—but people still line up to get into them. And there’s something to the wisdom of crowds. When a school exists for the students, you can tell. When it exists for the unions, you can tell that too.

A lot of this is about the unions; in New York City they are especially powerful and especially leftist, and have been for a long, long time.

There’s also an interesting blue-on-blue element shaping up:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is not politically inept, made clear this week that he will stand with the charter schools. Mr. de Blasio had come to Albany Tuesday on what is called lobbying day. He brought more than 1,000 people and held a rally to press state lawmakers to increase city income taxes to pay for prekindergarten education. Mr. Cuomo, who had already told Mr. de Blasio that he backs pre-K but not a tax hike, decided to hold his own rally. His crowd, full of charter school students, teachers and families, was much bigger than de Blasio’s. Mr. Cuomo had fiery words. “They say it’s cold out here, but I don’t feel cold, I feel hot. I feel fired up,” he said. “You are not alone. . . . We will save charter schools.”

There is not, and has never been any question, who and what di Blasio is. He’s a hard lefist. Period. New Yorkers elected him, and they will reap what they sowed, including the minorities of New York who supported him in overwhelming numbers.

[*NOTE: The charter schools di Blasio is trying to destroy are part of a group called "Success Academy Charter Schools," of which there are 22 in the city. The woman who runs the schools is Eva Moskowitz, an old political foe of di Blasio and the teachers' unions.]

29 Responses to “De Blasio’s war on Success*”

  1. KLSmith Says:

    DeBlasio is a Sandinista. Funny how the media ignored what that said about Obama choosing to campaign for him. Peas in a pod.

  2. Lurch Says:

    Didn’t Obama pull something similar regarding DC schools? Liberals seem to fear that poor kids, once they get a proper education, will be less likely to vote for Donks.

  3. artfldgr Says:

    the left has now moved to open statements that say that their point is to punish the wealthy, prevent others from getting there, and so on… from raising gas prices… to taxing by the mile… to deblasio making sure those kids (or my son and me) could enter the market and compete agianst his family… and on and on

    but here is the future:

    Members of the huge millennial generation are less religious, less likely to call themselves “patriotic” and significantly more‎ liberal than older generations, new research shows.

    Although adults aged 18-33 are much more likely to call themselves political independents than their elders are, they are also far more likely to vote Democratic. Their views favoring activist government, as well as their stands on social issues such as gay rights, reinforce that voting behavior


    The millennials are also the only generation of adults with more people who identify themselves as liberals than as conservatives. Just less than one-third of millennials call themselves liberals while about one-quarter identify as conservative. And nearly half say they have become more liberal as they have aged, with 57% saying their views on social issues have become more liberal over time.

    the ones that would be on the other side of the fence have been exterminated… 60 million so far, 10x hitler… this does not include those who thought they could not earn enough for it…

    with the most liberal coming from single mother homes who grew up needing the government after someone convinced women of statist math. what is statist math? statist math is that you can add hmos between doctor and patient and have more money. statist math is that you can split a family up, and they will both have more money to live on… (which is a major reason to split up… to live better, but the lie kind of makes it bad).. then infertility from STDs..

    basically… those that would be in traditional families, and have culture and learning, were mostly exterminated…

    those that were from the norm of broken homes, liberal single mothers, etc… want more freebies.. and didnd thing daddy state gave them enough

    [which was the point if you go back and read the works of others than cloward and piven. did you think they were the only ones? i ketp saying there are policy papers on this stuff... BUT NOT ONE PERSON ASKED WHERE TO FIND THEM in 9 years... but assurances were given that such facts unkown to the assurer, were not real]

    By contrast, among members of the baby boom generation, 41% call themselves conservative and only 21% identify as liberals. And baby boomers are more likely to say that growing older has made them more conservative. On this and most other issues, the views of Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980) fall between those of the baby boom and millennial generations, and the views of those born before the baby boom are more conservative.

    deblasio is following the DEMOGRAPHCAL Change

    i explained this. the progressives have ALWAYS switched sides to try to be on the winning side based on demographics.

    they have NEVER Been with blacks other than to use them, as their population is not enough. they USED To be with whites, till thepopulation collapsed, and so the trend would change, and they changed early so that 20 years later, they would be representing those.

    short of tying people up and dragging them down the street i could not make it more plain that this is all been planned out, you can read it, and it all makes sense.

    if its not making sense, confuses you, etc.
    then it means that your missing facts about things that reveal, or you refuse to acknowlege those facts and so are not included…

    ie. unless you understand the demographics made by feminism, open borders, abortion on demand, deseases, and so on… your not going to get that they know one side si exterminated, and that is not a future to appease for points.

    in germany 1938, would you side with jews as a future set of voters to depend on? of course not

    then you know why both sides dont

    for every white woman that did not have a baby because of feminism, another woman would have to have 5..

    thats just to keep a stagnant population!!!!

    so why all the socialism and all that?

    thats easy… you see… if your going to remove your competition that is just like you… and your going to use them to do it… your also going to have to lock them down so that when your done, they cant get rid of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    at some point the white population will drop that the women cant decide the vote and make sure that the underclass does not vote in their own people who are ot part of the game.

    by that time, you better have these tools locked down, so that their votes dont matter, they cant use their money, and you have it all with your ‘friends’…

    its THAT simple…

    remove the people that defend freedom, while locking down the idiots that vote in despotism so they cant do anything once they succeed.

  4. T Says:

    “[DeBlasio is] a hard lefist. Period. New Yorkers elected him . . . .”

    What amazes me is that even knowing this, only ~24% of the New York electorate showed up to vote. For a city that collectively thinks that civilization ends at the Hudson River, you’d think they would have learned that elections have consequences.

  5. Matt_SE Says:

    Note: Success Academy was featured in the documentary “Waiting for Superman.”

  6. neo-neocon Says:


    I think the low turnout reflected the fact that the Republican candidate was very lackluster and even those who didn’t like di Blasio couldn’t bring themselves to vote for him.

    I haven’t spoken to my New York friends and relatives—haven’t been able to muster up the courage to ask the question—so that’s just a guess. Actually, I’m afraid they’ll voice enthusiasm about di Blasio, and that conversation can’t possibly end well.

  7. T Says:

    Heh! At American Thinker

    Buyers’ remorse in NYC as De Blasio polling tanks {Thomas Lifson]

    I guess they’re finding out that elections do, indeed, have consequences!


    But there is still the issue of voting against what one opposes regardless of the charisma of whom one is voting for. I keep remembering Glenn Reynolds posts about voting for a syphilitic camel before voting for Obama. And what makes it even more egregious is that DeBlasio was absolutely up front about his ideology. New Yorkers knew what they’d be getting.

    Rudy Giuliani must be wondering “Why did I even bother?”

  8. KLSmith Says:

    T & neo: whether the candidate was lackluster or not, there are a lot of NY’ers that would probably cut off their right arm before they’d vote for a Republican.

  9. artfldgr Says:

    The poll found a significant racial divide, with black and Latino voters, Mr. de Blasio’s base, giving him significantly higher marks than white voters.

    could it be cause he is openly hostile to the escape goat class… white christian males?

    The poll showed 50% of black voters and 45% of Latino voters approve of Mr. de Blasio’s job performance, while 30% of white voters gave him positive marks

    Among African American voters, 50% approve of the job de Blasio is doing. 40% give him fair marks, and 7% rate his performance as poor

    While 78% of African American voters say they like de Blasio, 55% of Latino voters and 49% of white voters say the same.

    So the likability factor that the media is playing up in this poll only applies to minorities. In personal likability, he’s underwater among white voters even in that.

    imagine that…
    79% of African American voters and 64% of Latinos think de Blasio is a unifying force.

    and some wonder how detroit got that way… the racists that made it great, left when the real racists who hate them showed up and started beating on them, robbing them in the street and at the tax man, and so on..

    record numbers are leaving ny…
    (and deblasio will go nutters if the stock market leaves as that is the whole financial base of the city… (movies wont stay if stocks dont)

    take some time to read the demographics

    they are only trying to appeal to the greatest numbers and then use the women to cancel out the mens votes..

    Three white college students file racial discrimination complaint against professor over lesson on structural racism

    Open Letter to the Three White Students Who Filed a Discrimination Complaint Against Their Black Teacher

    Hi guys. Before you ask, I’m white too.

    start with a disarming statement

    I thought I’d take a moment to clear some things up, mano-a-mano. You know, Caucasian-a-Caucasian.

    mano a mano is man to man, not woman to persons
    and the second is the intimacy statement
    (very popular with feminist rags)

    Let me make something clear right up front: you have no real idea what it’s like to be discriminated against on the basis of race. Neither do I. You know why? Because we’re white. We’re white people in America, and that means almost every aspect of the country we live in is geared toward us: 99 percent of books, television, film, magazines, and even porn, is made for us and represents us.

    white is monolithic…

    there are no scholarships for whites that are not open to others. but there are others that are not open to whites… this has been true since the late 1970s

    all programs for SBA are for women and minorities..

    all the loan programs were for women and minorities too, with my wife and i upset that she is not a citizen, and so we cant have a home.

    we also cant get raise or promotions and so now are barren.. my family exterminted…

    and this after growing up in a slum with illiterate family, and working hard to go to bronx science..
    then to be told it dont count cause i am white.

    my family thinks that maybe staying with stalin would have been a better choice as we have been treated like people who have been here for hundreds of years when we just arrived here.

    But it’s not discrimination, boys. And here’s why.

    Because this is one classroom in your entire life. One speck of discomfort in an ocean that is your life of privilege. Because white supremacy dictates that your skin — and let’s not forget your maleness — will make things fundamentally easier for you than for a person (and especially a woman) of color. That feeling of being on the spot? Of being defined by the color of your skin? Of being blamed for things that other people of your color do, even if you have not done them yourself? That’s not a classroom for people of color. That’s life. There’s no walking out of class. There’s no transferring to a different professor. There is only more of the same, with the hope that dialogue, education, and activism will pull the collective ostrich head from the ground, bit by bit, until that structural racism that you don’t like talking about is eradicated.

    i grew up in the bronx in a black neighborhood. i had my head smashed open with a brick, nose broken 5 times, one stabbing, hair ripped out, and my knuckled dislocated… before i was 13

    thats not privelege.

    we were superindendents who took care of others garbage… i stayed inside and studied so i could help the family get out.

    even today, i am constantly having my life be taken away from me cause i am white…

    my family was not here for those years that woman talks about, nor any relatives… we were busy being murdered and tortured by nazis and soviets.

    like my granffather.. who the soviets cut his belly, nailed his intestines to a tree, then forced him to walk aorund the tree till he unravlled his entralis as my 7 year old father was forced to watch.


  10. neo-neocon Says:


    Of course—that, too, for some people.

    But I’m talking about the low turnout. Don’t forget that Bloomberg ran as a Republican (albeit a liberal one; the quintessential RINO) from 2001-2007, and an Independent after. Before that, Guiliani (an actual Republican) was mayor. That didn’t stop a lot of people from voting for them. New York has a tradition of liberal Republican mayors.

    No, it was something else with the recent election.

  11. KLSmith Says:

    neo: I imagine that The Lightbringer may have made a few people cynical about politicians and their promises by now. But they turned out for him in 2012, so who knows. My unfortunate conclusion is that the American public is dumber than I ever realized.

  12. blert Says:

    I thought “mano a mano” meant “hand to hand” and that Americans corrupted that meaning.

    In which case, the gals can go hand to hand, too.

  13. Charles Says:

    de Blasio – I’m enjoying schadenfreude to care; New Yorkers, may they reap what they sowed.

  14. Don Carlos Says:

    I wonder how many here know deBlasio has black biologic kids, Angela Davis wannabees by the looks of them. Bet the black NYC electorate knew. Black is beautiful, no?

  15. Charles Says:

    Don Carlos; of course the New York electorate knew – he paraded them out on his TV commercials as a big selling point – “hey everybody look at me I married a black woman and fathered her children, aren’t I Liberal?!”

    His daughter is now reported to have a drug abuse problem – funny that wasn’t mentioned at all during the campaign like the news media went on about Palin’s kids and their flaws.

    So it isn’t any surprise that “liberal” New York didn’t see beyond the color of his wife and his kids. To many liberals race is everything.

  16. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Charter schools are far more than merely a rebuke to public schools, they are an alternative to public schools. And most importantly for the left, they are an escape from the leftist indoctrination that is, ever more pervasively, a part of public schools.

    de Blasio did not bring a 1000 people to Albany “to press state lawmakers to increase city income taxes to pay for prekindergarten education” on a whim. de Blasio, Obama and the hard core left are making a concerted effort to fund prekindergarten education because they understand that the primary obstacle to indoctrination of the young is parental influence.

    President Obama Renews Call for Universal Preschool


    Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’

    Common Core math questions for sixth graders

    “Would you ever consider the question ‘Whom do you want to be president?’ to be asked of your third grader during a math class (or any class)? Would you expect your fourth grader to be asked to create a chart of presidents along with their political persuasions? Or, how about a discussion on whether the 2000 presidential election resulted in a “fair” outcome? Or, what if the teacher for your sixth grader was advised to “be prepared” to discuss the “politically charged” 2000 election – all during math.

    Common Core aligned, of course.

    A curriculum developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics includes all of the above”

    Common Core assignment: Remove two amendments from ‘outdated’ Bill of Rights

    The assignment makes the assumption that the United States government has determined that the Bill of Rights “is outdated and may not remain in its current form any longer.”

    Common Core Architect’s Ties to Bill Ayers (What a Surprise!)

    Panelist at Podesta Think Tank on Common Core: ‘The Children Belong to All of Us’

    “In addressing criticism of the Common Core national education standards, a panelist at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank, said critics were a “tiny minority” who opposed standards altogether, which was unfair because “the children belong to all of us.””

    And ‘The March Through The Institutions’ continues…

  17. rickl Says:

    I don’t mean to make light of the situation, but I’m not writing off the Millennials just yet.

    Consider Churchill’s famous quote about being a conservative at 20 and a liberal at 40. The Millennials are all still young yet.

    They’ve been bombarded by Leftist propaganda their whole lives. Leftists still act as if they’re the counterculture speaking truth to power, when in fact they are the Establishment. They’re the ones with the power. Young people tend to be naturally rebellious towards authority. Do I have to draw a picture?

    The smarter ones must realize that the “white privilege” nonsense is a sick joke at their expense. Young whites, and white men in particular, are constantly discriminated against by affirmative action. They see less qualified minorities hired and promoted ahead of them, and are told that they deserve to go to the back of the line because of the color of their skin or the arrangement of their genitalia. This will spark a backlash at some point.

    Finally, they’ve grown up in material comfort for the most part, but that is going to change. Our unsustainable deficits make economic collapse a certainty. The only question is when. Poverty and privation tend to cause people to mature in a hurry.

  18. rickl Says:

    In other words, the Millenials are ripe to become a whole generation of “changers”.

  19. Geoffrey Britain Says:


    You may well be right about the millenials, they are in for a very rude awakening.

  20. MissJean Says:

    Yes, blert, “mano a mano” means hand-to-hand, and to make it even more inappropriate to artfdgr’s example, “hand” is feminine in gender (la mano).

    Speaking of Spanish, the whole spectacle in NY is horrifying because – get this – Mexico has been crushing their teaching class. That is, teachers are not just unionized, but were INHERITING their positions from their father or mother. How’s that for an ingrained monopoly and little care for students?

    So if Mexico can break its unions in order to save its children, why doesn’t diBlasio care at least half as much?

  21. MissJean Says:

    And I changed his name. I keep hearing people call him “Dee” and that to me is “di.” Sorry.

  22. Mike Says:

    New York is on its way to being Detroit. Good. It’s the bluest of blue and everyone there should suffer the consequences. The Charter School people no doubt voted 90% for Obama, and probably the same for Chavez on the Hudson.

    Do any of them have a complaint? No, they do not. They are getting what they asked for.

    May it do for them what they did to America.

  23. Matt_SE Says:

    @Geoffrey Britain

    There’s probably some of the “long march” in Pre-K programs, but I doubt its effectiveness.
    Instead, I think it’s more about government as surrogate husband. Pre-K is a bribe for the single mothers that they can use to facilitate their lifestyle. And it cuts across all races, so Dems are tapping into one of the biggest “minorities” there is.

  24. Don Carlos Says:

    Your complaint against the “Charter School people” of NYC is what, exactly? That they voted in a higher % for Obama than did AfroAms who never saw a black they didn’t like?

  25. Ymarsakar Says:

    Young people tend to be naturally rebellious towards authority.

    That’s a myth created by Leftists and their activist squads.

    Youths are very obedient to authority. The authority just isn’t adult authority, but instead is peer because peers are closer, more popular, and has more of an effect on a youth’s social circle.

  26. Mike Says:

    Don Carlos – I have no complaint.

    I have laughter.

    They voted for the devil thinking they’d get what he promised at the expense of others. I’m just laughing that they will get what the devil promises. Makes me believe again. Justice has its own rules.

  27. FOAF Says:

    Di Blasio is standing in the schoolhouse door in the tradition of another great Democrat, George Wallace.

  28. Ymarsakar Says:

    The Devil Comes Down to Georgia, cause he already put up shop in North.

  29. Jim Kearney Says:

    Eddy Koch and his wisdom comes to mind. When we voted for David (Tennis anyone) Dinkins over Koch he said,”The people have spoken and now they must be punished.”. I was a Fireman through the Koch, Dinkins and Guilani years. 4 more years of Dinkins would’ve destroyed the city. Can you imagine a 9/11 during Dinkins or De Blaz? I tremble for ny old city. I’m safely ensconced near Dallas now. Getting my conceal carry permit. Eeeha.

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