March 14th, 2014

This is what the young folks are reading these days

Basically, what they’re reading is a lot of what used to be called porn. And I don’t mean sneaking around to get it, or looking at it online. I mean that the young adult book market—books written expressively for young teenagers—has a certain segment that has become highly sexualized.

The idea of innocence, naivete, protecting children (or those just emerging from childhood) from matters that used to be considered adult seems to have fallen by the wayside. It wasn’t so very long ago that the relatively sedate Lady Chatterly’s Lover was still banned in the UK even for adults; the unexpurgated version couldn’t be published there till 1960.

And Lucy and Desi slept in those twin beds, at least in their TV lives. But oh, how far we’ve come since then!


22 Responses to “This is what the young folks are reading these days”

  1. Ymarsakar Says:

    As much as the mainstream business and social Japanese doesn’t like the sub culture of Otaku, I would have to say that otaku sub culture would provide a significant counter weight to Leftist hedonism.

  2. JuliB Says:

    If we look at the almost soft porn that passes for entertainment now, this really isn’t anything surprising. Miley, Rihanna, etc should be ashamed, but they don’t even consider the option.

  3. Sgt. Mom Says:

    Hooo-kay, then.
    I recall very clearly being a tween/teen/YA reader, and being bored to the point of tears at having to read books about kids in middle and high school and all their woes and pathologies. What was pushed on me as ‘relevant’ bored me to tears.
    I read books to escape from the ordinary and mundane. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that tweens and teens today want to escape from the mundane still. And thinly disguised porn on the excuse of being relevant is pretty mundane…

  4. Lizzy Says:

    Yikes, those books sound awful. ABC Family channel seems anything but family-oriented.

    The contradictions are so tiring: video games turn young boys into mass killers but gun-filled Hollywood movies don’t; sex-filled tween/teen books don’t turn kids into sluts (not there’s anything wrong with that, slut-shamer!) but apparently a chaste, sparkly vampire who protects his girl is harmful (above & beyond the bad writing). And what is the latest line on hip-hop music? Michelle tells us Beyonce is a empowered female, a role model, so it’s OK that she tells girls to bow down before her (bitchez!) and to perform oral sex in limos? And read reviews of the 50 Shades of Grey bondage porn books (that kids are no doubt borrowing from mom) that claim the male protagonist uses classic pedophile grooming techniques to get the virginal female to engage in deviant sex. It’s all just too much!

  5. KLSmith Says:

    A culture that won’t protect their children is not worth preserving. There is no way on God’s green earth my children would be given a cell phone that provided internet access. You can only protect them for so long, but I would be doing it for as long as they were under 18 and under my roof. And they wouldn’t be in public schools.

  6. George Pal Says:

    The essential feature of education from ‘sex ed’ to reading lists is initiation to moral degeneracy, sexual deviancy, and sexual uncertainty.

    The essential feature of gay marriage/families by adoption/surrogates is initiation to moral degeneracy, sexual deviancy, and sexual uncertainty.

    The essential feature of the Lib-Prog-Left social engineering is initiation to moral degeneracy, sexual deviancy, and sexual uncertainty.

    The essential purpose of moral degeneracy, sexual deviancy, and sexual uncertainty is to put an end to familial, religious, social, and cultural, orthodoxy. When you want omelets you crack some eggs; when you want a brave new world order you murder taboos.

  7. Tara Says:

    Ugh. I’m a big fan of middle grade and YA books — the best ones are almost always more straightforward, hopeful, and downright fun than the best adult novels — but trying to browse through the YA section at the library leaves me feeling physically ill. Rape, cancer, confused sexuality, abortion, depression, and drug abuse are par for the course, and if I never see another knockoff paranormal romance again it’ll be too soon.

    I keep browsing, though, because while Sturgeon’s Law dictates that 90% of everything is crud, I maintain that the remaining 10% is more than worth it.

  8. Nick Says:

    I think this is the fifth time in the past month that I’ve followed a link to a good article on The Federalist’s site. I’d never heard of it before. I need to make that site a regular of mine.

  9. q Says:

    I have two daughters in college and my society threw them to the wolves. My wife and I tried to protect them by teaching them and showing them to be sexually prudent (no, not prudish) but in school, tv, music, movies, magazines, they heard a different message.

    Growing up in in the late 60′s boys were overtly told to “have sex with as many girls as possible” and they are still being told that. Girls were told “make the boy’s pursue you, make them create a relationship” overtly, and then implicitly “then have sex”.

    today, girls (I use the term loosely) are told “have sex with as many boys (loose) as possible”; but also they still hear the message that they need to “get a relationship”. So, it seems they get the confusing signal that “sex will get them a relationship”. The boys have no conflict on this – sex is about sex. It is the girls that have it WRONG-ON-ALL-COUNTS. what it gets them is pregnant, ridiculed, diseased, and emotionally and intellectually scarred.

    Boy sees a girl and thinks “maybe I can screw her”, girl sees the boy and thinks “maybe he is the one, I need to have sex with him”. Our society has made it easy for the boys to abuse the girls.

    I want to punch so many freaking idiots Hollywood, the left, most university professors, most of California and the democrat party… damn you all to hell

  10. q Says:

    can you tell im pissed?

  11. Sgt. Mom Says:

    Would have never have guessed, q … but some time ago, I read the words of a cynic – who said that women wanted intimacy, and put up with sex to get it, and men wanted sex and faked intimacy to get it. I must be a cynic myself, because I pretty much agreed. And yes, I’d like to punch a lot of Hollywood idiots, myself.

    On another note – in the noble cause of taking back the culture and in providing some alternative to the depressing spectacle of current YA reading – I am trying my hand at a YA book myself. Mostly aimed at tween/teen boys, at the suggestion of my daughter. Late last year, and following the debacle of the Lone Ranger movie, I posted that the only realistic hope for the franchise would be a total reboot, using some of the elements and re-doing it as a straight historical.
    I will have it as a print and e-book when I have scribbled another adventure or two, but I am posting them on my book website for comment and feedback.

    Take a look and let me know what you think –

    Better to light a candle and write a book, then curse the darkness and the paucity of current YA offerings, eh?

  12. Ymarsakar Says:

    And yes, I’d like to punch a lot of Hollywood idiots, myself.

    I’m not allowed to do things like that, since it would kill em.

    While the Left and their Hollywood child rapists may think they have a lock on mainstream culture and propaganda, it’s not because we lack alternatives.

    The 2 novels in that series were translated into English; I bought the second in the series from amazon.

    It was originally a youth novel series a Japanese professor wrote. Because her work got made into an anime or two, it reached people beyond the limit. Moribito didn’t feel like a young adult or shounen novel, marketed for that demographic. In retrospect it makes sense, given the adult protector but most of the events happen around those who are children.

    Most of the Left’s conditioning process is designed to ensure that people will distrust all authority other than the Left’s Divine Authority. The people will believe in and trust no gods other than Obama the Messiah and the Left’s Deux Ex Machina God. No other god, no other idol, no other worship will be allowed, on pain of fines and death.

    This is, of course, a program designed to produce livestock on a farm, not what one would normally term “human living”.

    Just as livestock has its health taken care of, its food provided, and shelter/protection given, it is still a livestock designed to be milked, prodded, and slaughtered at the convenience of the farmer. This is not the same as a human life. This is not designed for human life.

    As a human relies more upon external factors for support, weaknesses are produced. If a woman respects the authority of her boyfriend because she receives protection, support, and kindness from him, they own each other and mutually benefit from each other, then this will make it harder to condition her into Absolute Obedience as a livestock and slave to the Leftist Regime. Authority works better when there is only one valid authority. Having other sources of authority such as foreign gods, economic cults, or lovers needs to be… eliminated in order for the Leftist regime to accomplish its goals. The entire Leftist alliance does this in one way or another. The Black Panthers specialize in conditioning blacks and whites. Hollywood specializes in conditioning child stars into ready sex toys for Woody Allen and various other Hollywood directors on the high social status list, conveniently spreading that conditioning process to your children who also respect and/or watch Hollywood produced propaganda.

    The Renaissance and various Ancient philosophies focused on growth for adults. But what we are missing is the entire concept of adulthood to begin with, why it is valued, why people should strive for it, and why independence of movement, economy, and judgment matters.

  13. shirley elizabeth Says:

    Books I was required to read in High School (graduated nine years ago): Snow Falling on Cedars, Memoirs of a Geisha, Como Agua para Chocolate. If you are familiar with these, you know there are multiple and inappropriate for that age sex scenes. Also others, but none that come to mind as quickly as those three.

  14. Tonawanda Says:

    Ymarsakar at 9:18 PM – -

    Interesting post and Sake White is an interesting site.

    Another aspect of the ongoing Leftist conditioning program has to do with food.

    Because of the Left’s global warming type pseudo-science and constant propaganda, every day the population is bombarded with the implicit message that an individual can never arrive at the correct judgment about what to eat and drink.

    This used to be a matter of common sense, but many people now do not feel qualified to determine what they can “correctly” consume.

    By ignoring the propaganda, which always relies upon appeal to authority and never quite gets to the evidence stage, I have not been deprived of the salt, coffee, eggs, bacon, apples, red meat, and I forget what else that I wanted to eat, when I wanted to eat it and in the amounts I wanted to consume.

  15. Ymarsakar Says:


    I recommend perusing the research material from this source, Scott S. He’s an athletics trainer and fitness researcher, like many others who are making this kind of living in America’s sports enthused black oil economy.

    Unlike other resources, it gets right down to the principles of health and biomechanics, teaching the student how to be a researcher and developer. For those of us that wish to create our own health programs using the latest research, we must first understand that research and why data and theories do not always culminate in the preaching of the Authorities.

    A return back to classics means that each individual must be cross trained into various disciplines in order to understand them, if only at a theoretical or practical level. Those who are ignorant, which constitutes an increasing super majority of America, only have the choice of relying upon cultists, Global Warming luddites, and various other Leftists, technocrats, and aristocrats.

  16. q Says:

    sgt mom,

    your style is gripping and living in the texas hill country I would say your descriptions are vividly accurate… would attract teen readers if they stopped the xbox long enough to pick up a book.


    ps – alas, I read no fiction since circa 1990. to much real life that I want to know about

  17. pacsun coupons Says:

    Handy info. Privileged me personally I came across your web site by accident, that i’m amazed why this particular accident didn’t occurred ahead of time! My spouse and i book-marked them.

  18. Ymarsakar Says:

    Q, you know in Japan they have books on Playstation 2, 3, and portable right?

  19. Sgt. Mom Says:

    Thanks, q – I’m looking to entrance the juvenile readers who went mad for Harry Potter … so some of them have the potential for dropping the xbox!

  20. SCOTTtheBADGER Says:

    Go read Sgt Mom’s stories, they are quite enjoyable!

  21. q Says:


    I don’t know much about japan except that they are adopting the use of electronics and electonic communications faster than the USA…


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